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Comestar Holstein reports great classification


Comestar Holsteins, Victoriaville, Quebec, had a recent from the classifier with exciting results including two of Lautamie’s daughters going 89 pts on their 2nd Calf!!! For more information and photos, you can visit their website here or Facebook page here.

**VG 1st Calf**
Comestar Lautamichou Windbrook VG-86
Comestar Lautelliama Epic VG-86
Comestar Lautaminet GoldChip VG-86
Jolibois Splendide Lexor VG-86
Comestar Annya Fever VG
Burn Jordan Naja VG
Del-Hollow Absolute Joy VG
Lookout Pesce Nissa VG

**VG 2nd calf and more**
Comestar Lau Damion VG-89 2nd Calf
Comestar Lautellia Goldwyn VG-89 2nd Calf
Comestar Mirish Sanchez VG-88
Comestar Lautamigay Garrett VG-88
Comestar Lautary Altaross VG-87
Comestar Lautamiga Garrett VG-87
Comestar Model Larrina Jasper VG-87
Skyreach DPR S Joyride VG-87
An’Udder Atticus Apple VG-86
Brigeen Tom Kate VG-86
Charpentier Sanchez Toscanie VG-86
Comestar Lautamicha Sanchez VG-86
Comestar Lautamily Jordan VG-86
Regwall Sanchez Galene VG-86
Belu Jordan Licorne VG
Brigeen Shelby VG
Comestar Kiss Me Sid VG
Comestar Lautabijou Beacon VG

Belli-Star Annabel Exclusive EX
Cowtown A Betty Blue EX-92
Comestar Drallya Goldwyn EX 2E
Comestar Splash Lofficiel EX 2E
Comestar Monia Modest EX 3E

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