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Cogent Breeding announces important partnership with Blondin Sires Inc

Blondin_2The market leader in bovine genetics, innovation and selection, Cogent Breeding Ltd, has announced an important partnership with the newly formed, type merit specialist, Blondin Sires Inc. The move, which creates a dedicated partnership in the supply of breed leading Holstein type sires, follows Cogent’s recent expansion in the global market.

Commenting on the announcement, Owain Harries, Genetic Procurement Manager at Cogent said “With this newly formed partnership, what we now have is a dedicated supply of breed leading type sires exclusively available through Cogent. The Blondin name is synonymous with farmers and breeders not only in Canada but globally and we know that through our growing international presence we will be able to bring these leading genetics to customers all over the world.”

He continued “In a world where many of our competitors are closing the link between breeders and their companies, Cogent values the importance of working with the best Breeders to supply top end genetics. A common theme between the two companies is the belief that even with genomics, we must also place focus on the sire stacks and especially the cow families that bulls are selected from. Strong cow families that are proven to deliver results will be a key feature of this elite offering, based on evidence both companies have experienced through their mainstream programmes.”


Commenting on behalf of Blondin Sires Inc, Dann Brady – Sales and Marketing Manager at Ferme Blondin said “Through our newly formed partnership with Cogent Breeding Ltd, we can now create a focus within our breeding program to supply the bulls that a big segment of the Holstein market is asking for. We will continue to work with the very best animals from within our own herd, but we will also continue to invest in the best females globally to supply this program and look to purchase leading bulls from other breeders.”


“The bulls ultimately selected to be sold under this brand will be focused towards the higher end type market. Providing not only a show focus but bringing back the art of breeding for longevity and balance all combined with solid cow families.”

CogentMiddleGeneral Manager at Cogent Canada, David Brand, summarised the partnership as “a perfect fit” with both companies demonstrating the vision to breed and supply the best available bulls for each segment of the market that they are involved in. Whilst the core focus of our market is following a more index focused breeding philosophy, there are others who are looking to breed a different type of cow, or use a different type of sire to bring about the best cow for their individual needs. As a genetic provider, we respect that there are many different types of cows that can be profitable on farm, and we continue to strive to offer the best within each segment.

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