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Atrocious Day for Commodities in Chicago

On the Chicago Mercantile Exchange commodities across the board had an atrocious day. Class III milk futures showed no mercy today.  April tumbled 49 cents to $14.83.  May milk had 72 cents ripped out to $13.15 per cwt.  June milk was the biggest loser, finishing limit down at $13.25.  Second half 2020 lost 30-67 cents and is now averaging $14.75 per cwt.  

Class IV milk was not spared in the dairy beatdown.  April, May, and June did not have any trades today.  July milk suffered a 66-cent loss to $12.18 per cwt.  August fell 38 cents to $12.85.  September milk finished limit down to $12.75 per cwt.  Second half 2020 is now averaging $12.96 per cwt.

It was an absolute train wreck in the CME Dairy Product trade today as blocks where down $0.1525 at $1.4375. Barrels down $0.04 at $1.30.  Six trades were made, with a range of $1.2950 to $1.30. Butter $0.09 lower at $1.3975. Nonfat dry milk down $0.0250 at $0.8950.  Thirty-one trades made, ranging $0.8725 to $0.8950. Dry whey steady at $0.33. 


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