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3 Things to Continue in 2018

If you’ve already Googled New Year’s Resolution Ideas, this is what you probably saw: eat less, sit less, spend less, read more, play more, meditate more, pick up a new hobby.

For so many, New Year’s Resolutions conjure up the overwhelming idea of a complete lifestyle overhaul. Truth be told, it’s likely that many of your current habits can simply be reinforced to get you to a healthier you.

Our New Year’s Resolution Idea? Milk, Cheese, and Yogurt.

Keep Drinking Milk. Drinking milk doesn’t have to just be a big pour in your breakfast cereal and a tall glass with your dinner. Try keeping a fresh gallon in your fridge for:

Coffee: Add a splash to your morning cup or order sugar-free lattes instead of Americanos when you’re out.

Soups: Substitute half of your recipe for soup stock with milk, it not only adds creaminess, but substitutes sodium for protein.

Breakfast basics: Add a bit of milk to your oatmeal instead of finishing it with water. Milk contributes quality protein to a breakfast meal.

Warm it up: Hot chocolate, Chai tea lattes, and tea with milk taste great warm all day.

Keep Enjoying Cheese. An ounce of cheese (or about a standard slice) counts as a serving. Most find it irresistible by itself; but for those looking for some variety, try:

Enhancing a vegetable dish: Shred a dash of cheese over cooked vegetables instead of salt, try a hard parmesan cheese over roasted Brussel sprouts or a sharp cheddar over cooked green beans.

Melt it: Sandwiches (name your favorite) tend to be tastier warmed up. Toast slices of whole wheat bread in the toaster, add a thin slice of cheese then add your favorite toppings. Cheese keeps the bread soft and turns any office toaster into a deluxe afternoon lunch tool.

Keep Yogurt in the Fridge. Yogurt provides a nutrition punch and a healthy serving of protein. Keep individual containers or a full quart of your favorite flavor in your fridge for:

Breakfast parfaits. Keep some shelf stable staples around so you always have the makings for a protein-packed breakfast or afternoon snack. Granola, raisins, chopped nuts and honey all store well and taste great layered between scoops of yogurt.
Start blending. Since you already have fresh milk, add a splash to a few scoops of yogurt, frozen fruit and a small handful of fresh greens, bananas or other fresh fruits for a blended healthy treat.

Dip: Add fixings to yogurt instead of mayonnaise.

Substitute: Plain yogurt for sour cream in recipes (chili, beef stroganoff, etc.) or buttermilk (pancakes, muffins, scones, etc.)

Three servings of dairy a day is a part of a healthy lifestyle, that provides not just the nutrients but the taste you need to MAINTAIN a healthy lifestyle.


Source: Dairy Farmers

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