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2X World Dairy Expo Grand Champion Brown Heaven Glenn Fantasy EX-97 Passes

Our condolences to Brown Heaven Farm on the passing of Fantasy.  Dave Rousseau and wife Josée Charron recently shared this on their Brown Heaven Facebook page:

Last week, we had to take the worst decision we had to do since the beginning of Brown Heaven….
We had to put Fantasy down to sleep and send her to cow’s heaven with all the Brown Swiss breed’s legend…
We not only lost our best cow, we lost a family member….
She was the one that welcome everyone that was coming to the farm, hoping to get scratch while they were walking beside her boxstall. She was acting like a queen in every single day of her life…

During the last 9 years; she became a true legend;
She is the ONLY cow in America to be scored EX-97
She earned 8 différents Grand Champion title including 2 times at WDE and 4 times in a row the Canadian national show
She also earned 13 individual All American and All Canadian nominations & 7 group class nominations
Ending up her show career with 4 All American title, 5 All Canadian title and was part of the All Canadian Best 3 female 4 times
She is also the current #1 in Type in Canada (and is #1 since at least 3 years)
She was also a real milk truck as show her last milk record 
5-11 14 278 Kg 4,6%F 657kg 3,3%P 471kg 318-370-303
She was the Best Brown Swiss in the World from the current decade!!! 
She was dominating the show ring with the high and width her rear udder combining a lot of strength and dairy capacity, while keeping a strong top line strength 
She will influence the breed for decades to come through her 9 daughters and 4 sons in AI(Winning Formula, Fast & Furious, Famous and Fantale)

We will love you forever and cant thank you enough for everything you did for us!

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