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2X World Champion – RF GOLDWYN HAILEY Passes

It is with great sadness we share the passing of RF GOLDWYN HAILEY EX-97-5E 6* at 12 years old.  Hailey was the youngest Goldwyn to ever score EX-97.  She was a 2 time World Champion and 15 time Grand Champion, including two times at World Dairy Expo and The Royal Winter Fair (’12 & ’14).  She is one of only 7 cows to ever be Grand Champion at World Dairy Expo twice (Wind Drift Countess Nora (70, 72), Brookview Tony Charity (82, 84, 85, 87), Merkley Starbuck Whitney (92, 93), Rainyridge Tony Beauty (95, 99), Vandyk-K Integrity Paradise (00, 02) and Harvue Roy Frosty (09, 10)). Hailey was nominated All-Canadian or All-American 15 times and produced over 110,000 kg of milk in her lifetime.  She had 4 EX daughters and all of her 9 classified daughters are GP or better. Hailey was bred by Chilliwack Cattle Company and R&F Livestock and exhibited by Mario Comtois and Family from Gen-Com Holsteins.

Maxim Comtois (Gen-Com Holsteins) shares the following memories: 

“Looking back today, I would say it was the three visit from Holstein Canada needed to class her EX-97. 3 visits in 4 days. We bagged her for comfortable hours to reduce her stress. Before the last visit, we milked her at night so she would be 12:00 as classifiers would come and let her free in the pasture for the night. 

So the morning after, I put the halter on her and went to the to washing parlour. SURPRISE! Classifiers were an hour an a half early to see how she was doing… The funny part is that she was still dirty so I didn’t want to classifiers to judge her still dirty from the pasture. Bruno Jubinville asked me to leave so they could debate between classifiers.

The final decision to classify her 97 was actually taken in the washing parlour at Gen-Com’s and the cow was still dirty from pasture as the classifiers were taking pictures of a dirty cow…😅Then having to tell my dad I couldn’t wash her before the examination was hilarious.

It actually wasn’t a bad thing to show her in her true clothes as she shown in natural, at 12:00 by the end decision.”

Katie Kearns (Show manager at Gen-Com during Hailey’s time there) shares:

“She was a once in a lifetime! She was a cow that loved to show and everything that came with it, which for those of us who love the show just as much, made her that much more special to work with!””

Kelly Cull (Budjon Farms) shares:

“Hailey was very special to us at Budjon as there has never been another cow in this day and age that has done what she has in the show ring. Everyone knows the banners, the purple ribbons, the garland of roses she has brought home to Gen Com. BUT Her true character was each and every time this cow walked in the ring…..She demanded your attention and had show ring presence like no other! Working with her during her winning streak….and now at the end of her career will be an honor and a privilege we have never taken for granted. ”

She was one of the World greatest show cows in the past decade. Hailey was a truly legend and many people’s favourite! 

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