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1000th Gillette Windbrook Daughter Classified EX In Canada

On April 10th Gillette Windbrook (Ex-97-Extra) had his 1000th daughter classify Excellent. Royolait Yasmine Windbrook (Ex-90) reached that milestone for him. Yasmine is bred and owned by Ferme Royolait Inc., Ange Gardien, Que., and is a third generation Excellent or Very Good. Windbrook now EX-90-4YR is Windbrook’s 1000 EX classified daughter. Pictured Yasmine’s owner Maxime Roy with Holstein Canada Classifier Remi Bernier. “Windbrook”, who is an “FBI” son from Gillette Blitz 2nd Wind (VG-88-72*), was bred by Ferme Gillette Inc., Embrun, Ont., and T-Wave Holsteins, Hokkaido, Japan, and spent his years in A.I. service at Semex. “Windbrook” joins an elite group of bulls in Canada who have sired 1000 Excellent daughters or more. They include Braedale Goldwyn who is at 3311 Excellent daughters, Picston Shottle-ET at 1057 Excellents, and Comestar Outside at 1005 Excellent daughters.

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