Genetic diversity is a critical problem in the Holstein dairy cattle breeding industry.  On the one hand, the rate of genetic gain has accelerated but also has the rate of inbreeding.  With $23 lifetime cost per percent inbreeding, it is easy to overreact and try to avoid inbreeding at all costs. The trick is not to use sires that are inferior, but rather to have a balance of genetic improvement and enough of an outcross not to accelerate the inbreeding.   These 16 sires will do just that and help control the rate of inbreeding in your herd.

Overall Improvement Sires

When it comes to the top overall sires, Robust, Man-O-Man and Shottle are very well represented.  Here are three sires that are among the top bulls, but will help limit the inbreeding in your herd.


Bacon-Hill Montross-ET   TY
Mogul x Bolton x AltaRolex

Sire: Mountfield Ssi Dcy Mogul-ET TR TV TL TY TD
Dam: Unique-Style Bolton Money EX-93 2E DOM
03-01 3x 365d 38430m 4.2 1614f 3.2 1247p
MGS: Sandy-Valley Bolton-ET BY TV TL EX-90
MGD: Pasen Rolex Mummy EX-90
06-02 2x 365d 26160m 4.0 1043f 3.2 848p
MGGS: Latuch Rolex-ET TV TL EX-92
MGGD: Pasen Trent Mermaid-ET VG-85
03-04 2x 305d 24240m 3.8 909f 3.3 805p

If you are looking for a high genomic sire that offers overall improvement and is still an outcross, Montross will fit the bill.  For some, considering a Mogul son is a challenge. But you need to look deeper at Montross. his Genomic Future Inbreeding values at6.9% GFI are much lower than all the other top Balanced Sires and especially compared to the top active sire over a year of age, and active, Jedi, who is a +8.0 for GFI. Montross’s dam, UNIQUE-STYLE BOLTON MONEY EX-91 DOM, has certainly become a popular bull mother, with 15 sons at five different AI units. Montross is a high milk sire, +2412 lbs Milk, with strong protein improvement, +66 lbs protein, and is a very solid 2.47 for PTAT. There is no question that MONTROSS will offer an excellent production kick and have enough durability, health and fertility to last. At over two points for UDC and FLC, MONTROSS has strong functional type but should be protected for straightness of rear legs and overall frame and capacity traits. However, as we have seen from research in the past, you don’t need extreme frame traits to achieve extreme lifetime production. (Read more: She Ain’t Pretty – She Just Milks That Way!).  Montross is certainly going to be a very impactful sire, especially through his sons.


Mountfield SSI Dcy Mogul  TR TY
Dorcy BY x Marsh x O Man

Sire: Coyne-Farms Dorcy-ET BY TV TL
Dam: Mountfield Marsh Maxine-ET VG-88 DOM
02-03 2x 159d 14320m 4.3 611f 3.2 454p
MGS: Pasen Marsh-ET TR TV TL TY
MGD: Pine-Tree Missy Miranda-ET VG-86 DOM
03-08 3x 365d 35550m 4.9 1730f 3.7 1325p
MGGS: O-Bee Manfred Justice-ET TR TV TL TD EX-94
MGGD: Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy-ET TV EX-92 3E GMD DOM
04-11 3x 365d 40880m 4.1 1665f 3.2 1308p

While most progressive breeders who are looking for an outcross genomic sire to use, would have probably already gone heavy on Mogul. However, breeders waiting to use only proven sires should indeed add Mogul to their lists now.  This Dorcy son gets a substantial contribution to his genetics from his sire.  As one of the first ART program bulls from Select Sires, it will be interesting to see how well Mogul does as a proven sire.  (Read more: Select Sires vs. Semex – A Contrast in Cooperatives).  Mogul is one of the all-around solid sires that has solid numbers in all aspects of his evaluation. Hence, his popularity as a sire of sons and bull mothers. You will need to watch the SCS score as well as the DPR when using Mogul.


Schreur Altacasual P  RC PC TY T
Supersire x Lawn Boy P-Red x Shottle

Sire: Seagull-Bay Supersire-ET TV TL TY TD
Dam: Verhages Bos Candlelight-ET
MGS: Aggravation Lawn Boy P-Red EX-93 GM
MGD: Ri-Val-Re Shtle Caralie-ET RC TV VG-87
02-01 2x 365d 37690m 4.8 1795f 3.1 1154p
MGGS: Picston Shottle-ET TV TL TY EX-95
MGGD: Ms Ri-Val-Re Max Selsy-ET VG-87
02-01 2x 365d 27470m 3.8 1032f 3.1 853p

For those looking to go a little further along the path, there is AltaCasual.  This polled red carrier Supersire son certainly has lots to offer. Even though you may not think of Supersire as an outcross sire, the maternal side of AltaCasual’s pedigree certainly brings the outcross.  Altacasual traces back to the great red show cow Continental Scarlet-Red (3E-95 GMD) who was Grand Champion of the ‘82 Royal.  AltaCasual has some impressive numbers.  With over +1700 of Milk, +110 lbs of combined Fat and Protein, and over a point on all composite type traits.  You will certainly need to protect him on his undesirable set, somewhat straight and toeing out slightly, to his rear legs as well as his overall body depth, but as we have learned, these traits don’t always connect to longevity. (Read more: She Ain’t Pretty – She Just Milks That Way!).

Production Improvement Sires

If you are a dairy farmer, you are in the milk business.  That business begins and ends with how much milk you produce.  Here are three sires that can certainly help you increase your overall production while limiting your inbreeding.


S-S-I Montross Jett-ET
Montross x Supersire x Bookem

Sire: Bacon-Hill Montross-ET
Dam: S-S-I Suprsire Miri 8679-ET
MGS: Seagull-Bay Supersire-ET TV TL TY TD
MGD: S-S-I Bookem Modesto7269-ET VG-85
02-00 3x 305d 22450m 3.9 876f 3.3 742p
MGGS: De-Su 521 Bookem-ET TR TV TL TY TD VG-86
MGGD: Roylane Shot Mindy 2079-ET VG-86
02-02 3x 305d 28730m 4.4 1263f 3.4 964p

From the Roylane Shot Mindy 2079 family comes Jett from the ART program at Select Sires. (Read more: Should A.I. Companies Own Females?)  Jet’s dam S-S-I Suprsire Miri 8679 has already produced five sons over 2700 TPI.  It’s pretty hard to find a top production sire that does not have Supersire or Robust in the pedigree, but at least in Jett’s case, it is one generation back with the outcross overall improvement sire Montross as his sire.  At +828 NM$, +2117 PTAM, +66 lbs PTAP, Jett will certainly give a strong production increase. Combine that with over 2 points on type and solid composites and Jett will certainly be an impact sire.  As well, I wonder if he will be a sire of sons, based on the high percentage of his genomic values that come from his maternal line.  This is a trend, which impact sires of sons typically get a more significant contribution of their genetics from the paternal line than their maternal line, has indeed proven to indicate top sires of sons. (Read more: Why Braedale Goldwyn Wasn’t a Great Sire of Sons)


Marbri Facebook  TR TV TL TY TD
Man-O-Man x Airraid x Shottle

Sire: Long-Langs Oman Oman-ET TV TL TY VG-86
Dam: Serenityhill Airraid Fawn
02-02 2x 307d 17886m 4.1 728f 2.9 519p
MGS: Sildahl Airraid TV TL EX-94
MGD: Marbri Shottle Fiona-Ets
02-00 2x 365d 32800m 3.8 1243f 2.9 965p
MGGS: Picston Shottle-ET TV TL TY EX-95
MGGD: Gleneil Finley Fair Isle

If you are looking for a proven sire that is a little different and offers a production shot, consider Facebook.  Contrary to the productivity killer, this sire provides significant production improvement.  With over +1200 lbs of Milk and 132 lbs of combined Fat and Protein, Facebook will give you the production punch that you need. Facebook daughters are tall and dairy with adequate strength and body depth.  He will need to be protected on pins, as his genomic test, sire stack and daughter information all confirm his high pins.

600HO06003APOLL P

Schreur Apoll P  PO TV TL TY
Aikman*RC x Lawn Boy P-Red x Shottle

Sire: Gen-I-Beq Aikman RC TV TL
Dam: Verhages Bos Candlelight-ET
MGS: Aggravation Lawn Boy P-Red EX-93 GM
MGD: Ri-Val-Re Shtle Caralie-ET RC TV VG-87
02-01 2x 365d 37690m 4.8 1795f 3.1 1154p
MGGS: Picston Shottle-ET TV TL TY EX-95
MGGD: Ms Ri-Val-Re Max Selsy-ET VG-87
02-01 2x 365d 27470m 3.8 1032f 3.1 853p

If a slight walk off of the beaten path is not enough, then let’s talk a full road trip with Apoll P.  His sire stack is not common at all, Aikman x Lawn Boy.  In most cases, you are not going to find too many top production sires with this stack.  Especially if you want to find something to mate your high production Supersires to.  Apoll P is polled and is a brother to AltaCausual, again tracing back to the great red show cow Continental Scarlet-Red (3E-95 GMD), who was Grand Champion of the ‘82 Royal.  At almost 2000 lbs of Milk and over 100 lbs of combined fat and protein, Apoll P is a non Supersire production blast.  While his daughters will not wow you with their overall frames and chest width, they will have outstanding udders and sound feet and legs.

Longevity Improvement

For those of you that are looking to breed cattle that last lactation after lactation or if you are having problems with your two-year-olds not coming back for a 2nd lactation, we recommend the following outcross sires:


Co-Op Achilles-ET  RC TY
Cabriolet x Colt P-Red x Super

Sire: Co-Op Robust Cabriolet-ET TV TL TY TD
Dam: Richlawn Aneska Cri-ET
MGS: Sandy-Valley Colt P-Red-TW PO TV TL TY TD
MGD: Richlawn Super April Apple GP-84
02-00 2x 365d 33750m 3.6 1219f 3.1 1049p
MGGS: Charlesdale Superstition-ET TR TV TL TY
MGGD: Co-Op Zade Lana April-ET EX-90
04-10 2x 365d 44130m 4.0 1748f 3.0 1302p

While he is not a Greek hero, Co-Op Achilles is certainly going to be a hero to breeders looking to achieve greater longevity.  At +10.9 for a productive life, Achilles is the breed leader.  Also, you can add to that the fact that he is an outcross to virtually all of the top pedigrees.   His Achilles heel is his components.  At -.1% fat and -.04% protein, he will need to be protected there.  He does offer sound production improvement at +1274 and strong feet and legs and mammary system improvement.  For those looking to breed VG-2YR olds, you will want to protect him on his body depth and angularity.  But for those who are just wanting cattle that last a lifetime, his outstanding legs and udders will get the job done.  It is interesting to note, for those looking to breed the next great outlier sire, that Achilles is a sire that should offer the right combination to achieve this goal.


Pine-Tree Freddie Wright-ET   TY
Freddie x Wizard x Rudolph

Sire: Badger-Bluff Fanny Freddie TV TL TY
Dam: Pine-Tree Missy Wanda-ET EX-90
02-00 3x 365d 33310m 3.5 1158f 3.2 1051p
MGS: Norz-Hill Form Wizard-ET TV TL TY VG-87
MGD: Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy-ET TV EX-92 3E GMD DOM
04-11 3x 365d 40880m 4.1 1665f 3.2 1308p
MGGS: Startmore Rudolph-ET TV TL EX-CAN
MGGD: Wesswood Elton Mimi TL EX-90 GMD DOM
03-05 2x 365d 35380m 3.3 1160f 3.0 1054p

You can’t go wrong with Wright.  And you can’t go wrong using a plus proven sire with 90% reliability.  Wright is a Freddie son from a Wizard daughter of Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy herself.  His below average -0.16 PTAT might have you thinking they will not last, but daughter evaluation for a productive life of +9.1 certainly tells a different story. (Read more: She Ain’t Pretty – She Just Milks That Way!)  What he does have is decent production numbers and strong udders with high fertility – thus producing the modern dairy cow.  Areas to protect him on are his depth and angularity, as well as his overall production.

014HO07525JAX P*RC

Dangie S-Sire Jax P-TW RC PC TY T
Supersire x Colt P-Red x Lawn Boy P-Red

Sire: Seagull-Bay Supersire-ET TV TL TY TD
Dam: Dangie Colt P Jazzmin-Red PO GP-83
01-09 3x 305d 20880m 2.9 601f 3.3 695p
MGS: Sandy-Valley Colt P-Red-TW PO TV TL TY TD
MGD: Ms Lund-Lane-Rh Lb Jazzy-ET GP-80
02-02 3x 289d 22640m 3.6 819f 3.2 716p
MGGS: Aggravation Lawn Boy P-Red EX-93 GM
MGGD: Lund-Lane-Rh Mngr Jeni-ET GP-83

It’s hard not to get jacked on Jax.  This high ranking polled sire is also a red carrier and has phenomenal health traits and extremely low SCS.  No wonder he has a +8.2 Productive Life score.  He does this with a unique sire stack (Supersire x Colt P-Red x Lawn Boy P-Red x Manager x Finley x Aaron). JAX P was bred by Dan and Angie Reider of Monroe, Wisconsin, where they milk more than 100 Holstein, Red & Whites and Brown Swiss cows that average close to 90 pounds per day. Jax P’s dam, Jazzmin, and granddam, Jazzy, can be found in the herd today and have been productive, hard-working and trouble-free cows for the Reiders. Dangie Colt P Jazzmin Red PO calved in at one year nine months with a set of twin bull calves – one being Jax P. Although being stressed by having twins and being young at calving, she completed a record more than 20,000 pounds of milk and bred right back. Jazzmin P Red is a homozygous polled daughter of Sandy Valley Colt P Red-TW.  Expect Jax P to offer reliable production improvement to go with his excellent durability.  He also offers great health and fertility improvement (+2.5 DPR, +2.67 SCS).  Jax daughters will not be tall, and certainly not overly framey, but will be great in commercial milk production environments.


Health and Fertility

While there is no question that every breeder knows that more pregnancies equal more profits, many of the top TPI ranking sires have negative values for critical health and fertility traits.   In addition to Wright, mentioned above, here are three sires that can certainly help you buck that the trend of not being able to combine production, type as well as health and fertility.


Co-Op Jabir Testarossa-ET
Jabir x Day x Planet

Sire: Coyne-Farms Jabir-ET
Dam: Co-Op Day Tasket 6827-ET
MGS: Minnigan-Hills Day-ET TV TL TY
MGD: Ms Pride Plnt Tasket 788-ET TY VG-85
02-01 2x 365d 33940m 3.9 1326f 3.2 1083p
MGGS: Ensenada Taboo Planet-ET TR TV TL TY TD EX-90
MGGD: Mspride Shotle Ticker594-ET VG-86 DOM
03-02 2x 365d 29940m 4.1 1222f 3.1 935p

From the Co-Op program at Genex, Testarossa is bred to be a little different.  And different he is.  Testarossa is a Jabir from a Day now that is an outcross.    Testarossa has an outstanding +6.2 DPR, +4.2 HCR, and a +7.7 CCR. Combine that with an SCS score of +2.67 and he is certainly a health and fertility specialist.  Testorossa does offer decent production improvement (+1249 Milk, +43 Fat +40 Protein) and sound conformation numbers and outstanding productive life (+8.3).  Expect Testarossa to sire excellent mammary system improvement and sound legs, but he will need to be protected on angularity and rump angle.


Rosylane-LLC Altastewart-ET   TY
Super x Ramos x O Man

Sire: Charlesdale Superstition-ET TR TV TL TY
Dam: Rosylane-LLC Ramos 3435
04-03 3x 305d 37240m 4.5 1676f 3.4 1268p
MGD: Rosylane-LLC Oman 2965
02-11 3x 305d 45540m 4.1 1869f 3.0 1368p
MGGS: O-Bee Manfred Justice-ET TR TV TL TD EX-94
MGGD: Rosylane-LLC orion 1946
01-09 3x 365d 38210m 3.5 1328f 2.7 1026p

Not known for following the herd, Rosylane Holsteins has certainly looked at things a little differently.  (Read more: ROSY-LANE HOLSTEINS – “DON’T FOLLOW THE HERD!”)  A great example of that is the outcross sire AltaStewart, who is a Superstition from a Ramos dam.   He has excellent sire fertility (+5.5 DPR) and favorable calving ease (+5.6 CE).  He is also a breed outlier for Productive Life +7.9.  He will need to be protected on his overall production, as well as rump angle.


DG Dyment Solate-ET
Latimer x Colt P-Red x Socrates

Sire: Genervations Latimer TV TL
Dam: Capnation Sosecret P Colt
MGS: Sandy-Valley Colt P-Red-TW PO TV TL TY TD
MGD: Socret
MGGS: Velvet-View-KJ Socrates-ET TR TV TL TD EX-94
MGGD: Gen-I-Beq Goldwyn Secret-ET RC VG-87
02-00 2x 365d 25593m 4.8 1236f 3.4 868p

From the very popular Gen-I-Beq Goldwyn Secret *RC VG-87-CAN 2yr. 6* family, Solate is something a little different.  He is a GenerVations Latimer from the high index red cow Capnation Sosecret P Colt *RC *P GP-FR 2yr.  His sister DG Dyment Earnsecret *PP is believed to be the #1 HOMOZYGOUS POLLED heifer in Europe (12/14).  Solate is a significant health and fertility improver (+3.9 DPR and SCS of +2.71).  He is also a favorable calving ease sire +6.2 SCE and +4.3 DCE.  He will certainly need to be protected on his overall production as well as his body depth and angularity.  But for those looking for an outcross sire that gives a strong kick of health and fertility, Solate is a polled sire that will do just that.

Other Notable Outcross Sires To Consider

    Ladys-Manor Octoberfest-ET TR TY
    Altaoak x Dorcy BY x Auden
    Good all around sire, with solid production, health and fertility.
  • DENVER 1426
    Mr Mogul Denver 1426-ET TY
    Mogul x Robust x Planet
    While his sire stack would say that he is not an outcross, he has a EFI (Expected Future Inbreeding) of +6.4% and a GFI (Genomic Future Inbreeding) of +6.8%.  Both very low values among the top available sires.
    Pen-Col Ss Bobby-ET TY
    Supersire x Grafeeti x Super
    Yes he is a Supersire and there are a lot of Supersire sons, but his maternal line if very much an outcross.
    Ocd Jabir Heisenberg-ET
    Jabir x Moonboy x Hero
    Certainly a sire stack you are not going to see every day, especially at the top of the TPI lists.  With a gTPI of +2657 he is certainly a sire to take note of considering he is well above he parent average and an extreme outlier.

The Bullvine Bottom Line

The trick is not to eliminate inbreeding but rather manage it and account for it when you make your breeding decisions.  These 16 sires will allow you to do just that.



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