Think you have what it takes to predict the results of the 2014 World Dairy Expo Holstein Show?  Anyone can do it 1 week before but a true tanbark trail expert can predict them in March.  The contest is simple.  Enter two animals in each of the cow classes below (full registration name please).  Winner at the 2014 World Dairy will earn 10 points, 2nd 9 points, down to 10th place which will earn 1 point. Junior, Intermediate and Senior Champion will earn a 10 point bonus, with reserve earning 8 points in bonus and honorable getting 6 bonus points.

Who do you pick to win?


Yearling in Milk

Junior Two-Year-Old Cow

Senior Two-Year-Old Cow

Junior Three-Year-Old Cow

Senior Three-Year-Old Cow

Four-Year-Old Cow

Five-Year-Old Cow

Six-Year-Old & Older Cow

125,000 Lb. Production Cow