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Apple and Hailey Progeny Top Meier’s Holstein Sale in Switzerland

The Meier’s Holstein Sale last Saturday in Kyburg, CH was a very special experience. Not only the animals were in top condition, but also auctioneer Andreas Aebi was on top form when he presented the animals in Schwizerdytsch with Thomas Ender on stage. 65 catalog numbers sold, an average price of CHF 3,742.06 and a top seller sold for CHF 17,000. A direct daughter from Regiment Apple and a granddaughter to Goldwyn Hailey achieved the top prices. Roc Nohl R App, an Addiction from Apple, brought 17,000 CHF. A Solomon-Braxton from Hailey left the ring for 11,000 CHF. 

Other notables:

  • # 37 HAM Jordy APPLEBEE-Red  CHF 7,200.- 
  • # 11 Meier’s Bankroll TAMIRA CHF 6,200 .- 
  • # 26 K & L IC SINEA CHF 5,400.- 
  • # 1 Meier’s Kingboy FELLY CHF 5,200.- 
  • # 28 Anwil’s Jacot INJA-Red CHF 5,050.- 
  • # 56 HAM Solomon KATRYSHA CHF 5.000.- 
  • # 5 Meier’s Mccutchen FANNY CHF 4.800.- 
  • # 64 Meier’s Adagio CHIARA PP  CHF 4.750.-

Doorman From Kingsway Sanchez Anrangtang Sells For $87,000 at The Focus on Fall Sale

1st place Fall Yearling in Milk
2017 Eastern States National

Kingsway Doorman Andrea EX-91 a Doorman daughter of  Kingsway Sanchez Anrangtang EX-95 sold for $87,000 at the Focus on Fall Sale (Wisconsin). The sales was hosted and managed by Sherona-Hill (Michael Deaver) in partnership with The Cattle Exchange and Earnie Kueffner and Terri Packard. Andrea had been the 1st place Fall Yearling in Milk at the 2017 Eastern States National and is fresh and ready to go for 2018 for new owners Glamourview. The second highest lot ($20,000) became MS Barb Beauty Red EX-91 (< Action).


Lot 123 … $87,000 …. Kingsway Doorman Andrea-ET (EX-91) – Grand Champion, CT State Show ’18. Doorman x Kingsway Sanchez Arangatang (2E-95-CAN) x 4 more EX dams from Terrason Allie family!
Buyer: Glamourview, MD

Lot 1 … $20,000 … Ms Barb Act Beauty-Red-ET (EX-91) – Grand Champion, CA State R&W Show and Western Spring Nat’l R&W Show ’18. Action x MDF Talent Barb-2-ET (VG-87) x RF Outside Breeze-ET (2E-95).

Lot 50 … $14,000 … Butlerview Atw Ariel-ET (EX-90) – Nom. All-American Milking Yearling ’16. Atwood x All-American & All-Canadian Micheret Alexandra Sid (2E-94)

Lot 24 … $13,300 … Gold-Barbara Diamond Boo-ET – 10/17 Diamondback x Butz-Butler Gold Barbara-ET (2E-95 GMD )

Lot 23 … $8800 … Gold-Barbara Beloved-ET – 3/17 Defiant x Butz-Butler Gold Barbara-ET (2E-95 GMD )

Lot A … $8000 … 1st Choice Doorman x RuAnn Sidney Jean-85880-ET (EX-90) – 9 maternal sisters to choice scored VG as 2yr olds! Backed by 7 more VG/EX dams from Nunesdale Original Jeannie (4E-95) family!

Lot 12 … $7750 … Grai-Rose Dimepiece-Red-ET – #6 Type R&W Heifer of the Breed! 8/17 Jordy x Lake-Breeze Act Dee-Red-ET (EX-91) x Budjon-Vail Deidra-Red-ET (EX-94)

Lot 21 … $7700 … Gold-Barbara Bliss-ET – 8/17 Doorman x Butz-Butler Gold Barbara-ET (2E-95 GMD )

Lot 4 … $7700 … OCD Absolute 35796-Red (VG-88) – 2nd Sr 2, WI Championship R&W Show ’18. Absolute from 10 generations VG/EX from D-R-A August & Sellcrest T Roseann-Red (EX-93) family

Lot 91 … $7100 … Apple-Pts Arrie Awesome – 4/17 Sid x Ms Apple Arrie-ET (VG-89), Res. All-American Senior 2yr Old ’17 x EX-96 Apple

Lot 22 … $7000 … Gold-Barbara D Bettina-ET *RC – 3/17 Defiant x 2E-95 GMD Gold Barbara

Lot B … $7000 … 1st Choice Unstopabull x Miss Apple Aria-Red-ET (EX-94) – Aria was Reserve Grand Champion, CA State R&W Show & Western Spring Nat’l R&W Show 2018! Next dam is EX-96 Apple!

See more prices on Cowbuyer

Red’s Top Impressive Brasserie sale

The sale of the Brasserie which took place on August 17 in Plomelin was a great success, all the lots present were sold during the sale. The Sale average of €5416.Of particular note was that three of the top five sellers where Red and white including the top seller Garay LB Bim Red who sold for 14,200 euros to Switzerland. She is an Awesome-Red daughter of Willowhaven Goldwyn Bliss.

Top price: Garay LB Bim Red, sold for 14200 euros.

The 2nd highest seller was Genosource-LB Andorra-Red, a Jordy from the Apple family, who sold for €9600.  Also selling for that price was  Jeltje 1600 (Extra-AltaSpring). Awesome daughter Savage-Leigh Alexia-Red and Solomon daughter Budjon-LB Suze each sold for €9200.

Detail of the sale with the hammer price and the names of the buyers:

Average: 5,416 euros / animal and 900 euros / embryo. For embryos, price per embryo.

N°Lot Nom du lot Prix
1 GS Alliance Doorman O’Karina RC 8200 Nicolas Tirilly /GAEC Toullec (29)
2 CAPJ Obaya 4100 GAEC des Lauriers (29)
3 Genosource LB Andorra Red 9600 GAEC Toullec (29)
4 Garay LB Bim Red 14200 ChriPhiFarm/PA Suchet/Nicolas Tirilly (Suisse)
5 Garay LB Bubble RC Absente  
6 Jeltje 1600 9200 Jean Baillaud / GAEC Toullec (29)
7 Oana-Figa 4500 Elitest (88)
8 CAPJ Osca 5100 Elitest (88)
9 Neige de Grimidou 7100 GAEC de Lambrumen/GAEC Seite Laot/ GAEC du Menhir (29)
10 Arethusa LB Vodka 8800 Manfred Uhrig (Allemagne)
11 Jers’Hys Joel Noria Absente  
12 3 Embryons sexés Joel x Arethusa Veronicas Comet EX-95-USA 1250 GAEC de Kerlastre (29)
13 Rapidbay-UK Shakiras Response 2500 Perle Genetics  / ILY Genetics (35)
14 Budjon LB Suze 9200 Fitz Gibbon (Irlande)
15 Pierstein LB Rose 5600 David Taylor (Grande-Bretagne)
16 ARGH LB Adeena 7200 GAEC Follezou (22)
17 Genosource LB Arya RC 4100 Alexandre Ricollet (44)
18 Genosource LB Allie Red 6200 EARL des P’tites Normandes/GAEC de la Neretz (14)
19 Savage-Leigh Alexia Red 9200 Ignaz Fink (Autriche)
20 3 Embryons Denver sexé x Iwyn Vray EX-90-FR 2100 GAEC Leroy Berthou (29)
21 Drakkar Hot Manon 5600 GAEC Toullec (29)
22 Pom Supra 5100 GAEC Govadec (22)
23 Drakkar Hot Balerina 3800 GAEC du Resto (56)
24 JB Toullec Chief Roxy 4500 GAEC de la Menehais (35)
25 JB Toullec Novo Roxy 4500 David Taylor (Grande-Bretagne)
26 3 Embryons Denver sexé x JB Toullec Roy Roxy VG-88-FR EX-90-MS 850 GAEC Ferme Morel (01)
27 Lindenright LB Missy 3600 EARL du Mezou (29)
28 Pierstein LB Gabriela 5000 GAEC des Horizons (53)
29 3 doses de Braedale Goldwyn 350 GAEC Nogre (22)
30 Lilicool des P’tites Normandes NC 2300 GAEC des Barbures (53)
31 JB Toullec Dream Roxy NC 3500 Triangle Holstein (Espagne)
32 JB Toullec Medalenn NC 4900 David Taylor (Grande-Bretagne)
33 JB Toullec Jelsia VG-87-FR 3600 Triangle Holstein (Espagne)
34 3 Embryons sexés Unix x Carf Emeraude EX-91-NL 450 GAEC Botrel (22)
35 3 Embryons sexés de Jordy Red x RZH Brescia-P-Red VG-88-NL 700 GAEC Ferme Pig No Red (53)
36 Favi Orani PP 4100 GAEC des Rosaies (56)
37 Ondine 4600 Christian Le Barzic (22)
38 Drakkar Ingrid 3100 Coopelia Pierry (51)
39 AGH Nissa 3400 Nosbisch Holstein (Allemagne)
40 LB Blexy 2400 Bastien Prigent (22)
41 LB Bailey 3500 GAEC Leyour (22)
42 JB Toullec Noo Cherry 4700 GAEC Le Cam (29)
43 AGH Nigeria 5000 GAEC des Deux Vallées (29)
44 3 embryons sexés Solomon x Sondeler Kadabra 750 GAEC Ferme Morel (01)
45 2 embryons sexés de Chill x Tifool Ali VG-86-FR VG-87-MS 550 Alexandre Ricollet (44)
46 JB Toullec Lice Bere VG-86-FR VG-88-MS 2yr. 3000 Triangle Holstein (Espagne)



Eastriver Dempsey Coralie 556 Tops The East Coast Style 2018 Sale at $50,500

The East Coast Style 2018 Sale averaged an outstanding $5502 (unofficial) on 132 Holstein and Jersey consignments Held on August 10th and managed and hosted by Weeksdale Holsteins, Pleasant Valley, P.E.I..

(Photo by Atlantic Holstein News)

The top seller at $50,500 was Eastriver Dempsey Coralie 556, a December 2017 “Dempsey” daughter who had junior champion at the P.E.I. Premier Heifer Show and first intermediate calf and honourable mention junior champion at the Atlantic Spring Showcase this year. Backed by four generations of Excellent or Very Good dams, she is from an Excellent-92 “Windhammer” dam, followed by a Very Good-86, 2-Star “Goldwyn” and then Floydholm Outside Coralie (Ex-94-4E). Consigned by Weeksdale Holsteins, Rocky Allen, Cobargo, New South Wales, Australia, and MB Luckylady Farm, Modesto, Calif., Coralie was purchased by Glamourview, Walkersville, Maryland.

The 2nd highest seller was, Brigeen Brash Paddy, who sold for $46,000. This intermediate yearling by Mr Brash-ET was junior champion at the Atlantic Spring Showcase and first and reserve junior champion at Expo-Printemps Holstein Quebec this past spring. Bred to “Kingpin” and due in December, she is from an Excellent-93-2E-USA “Final Cut” dam who traces to Vandyk-K Integ Paradise 2-ETN (VG-89-2y-USA), the “Integrity” clone who was All-American senior 2-year-old in 2005. Paddy was consigned by Weeksdale Holsteins, Frank A. & Diane Borba, Modesto, Calif., George Morasci, Modesto, Calif., Michael Heath, Westminster, Md., and Dusty Schirm, Loudonville, Ohio, and was purchased by Glamourview.

The third highest seller was Pierstein Uno Julyana who sold for  $26,000. A January 2018 “Numero Uno” heifer calf consigned by Pierre Boulet, Montmagny, Que., Kevin Jay Doeberiener, West Salem, Ohio, and Diamond Genetics Australia, Jasper Bush, Australia and was purchased by Westcoast Holsteins, Chilliwack, B.C., this calf is a daughter of Loyalyn Goldwyn June (Ex-97-5E-1*), the “Goldwyn” who was grand champion at this year’s Expo-Printemps Holstein Quebec and was All-Canadian longtime production cow in 2016 and Reserve All-Canadian and Reserve All-American mature cow in 2014.


Phoenix & Weaver to Manage 2018 Royal Winter Fair Sale of Stars

The Royal Winter Fair is welcoming a new management team for this year’s Sale of Stars. Barclay Phoenix and John Weaver (Weavercroft International) will be managing this year’s sale, which will also move to an afternoon time slot in the Semex Ring of Excellence. In addition to high quality Holsteins on offer, the sale will also include a Jersey line up this year. The sale will take place November 8, 2018, at 1:30 PM.

For more information about consignments please contact:
Barclay Phoenix: 905-431-8340 or email:
John Weaver: 519-318-6302 or email:

#2 GTPI Modesty in the breed tops US National Holstein Convention Sale at $91,000

The U.S. National Holstein Convention Sale averaged 11,903 dollars per lot with a gross of $1,037,050.  The sale was held on Monday, July 2nd at the Grand Traverse Resort in Acme, Mich., with Dave Rama calling the sale and Daniel Brandt reading pedigrees. On-line bidding was available on Cowbuyer.

Topping the sale was Lot 1 at $91,000, she is the #2 GTPI Modesty in the breed at +2904, out of a Delta daughter of a VG87 Supersire from the Misty Springs Shottle Satin VG86 family. 
The highest selling cow was  Lot 43 at $19,500, an EX93 3rd calf Windbrook daughter of Craigcrest Rubies Gold Rejoice EX94, 3x All-American & All-Canadian. 
Other notables:
  • Lot 10…$85,000…a +2841GTPI King Doc, his highest daughter, from a Jedi from the Laurie Sheik family  
  • Lot 3…$60,000…choice of two Pontiffs (the numer 2 and 3 Pontiffs at +2876GTPI and 2857GTPI) from the +2764GTPI Profit dam of Pursuit, from a VG87 Supersire followed by 9 VG& EX dams of the OCD Robust Shimmer EX90-DOM family
  • Lot 6…$55,000 the #1 Hodedoe daughter at +2860GTPI from a +2751GTPI Jedi from 9 generations of VG & EX dams
  • Lot 2…$51,000…a +2870GTPI Pinnacle out of a +2833GPTI Jedi
  • Lot 15…$40,000…rights to control IVF sessions from a +2827GTPI +133F Achiever from a GP83 Octoberfest  


K&L OH Monica (Argonaut-Josuper) Tops German Selection sale at €25,000

K&L OH Monica was the topseller at the German Selection Sale last Saturday. This +2800 GTPI Rubi Agronaut daughter hail from the Seagull-Bay Oman Mirror VG-86 family and sold for € 25.000,- to Masterrind. The number 2 of the sale is PrismaGen Kir Royal-Red, a +162 GRZG Pace-Red daughter from the Wilder Kanu 111 RDC VG-88 family, and the number 3 is CCC-Hu Emilio Clairi. Clairi scores +4.23 PTAT (preliminary), hails from the Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92 family and is the current #2 PTAT in Europe!


Lot Name Price Buyer
Lot 10 K&L OH Monica € 25.000,- Masterrind
Lot 49 PrismaGen Kir Royal-Red € 20.000,- Twente Investments
Lot 118 CCC-Hu Emilio Clairi € 12.500,- Colonia Cows
Lot 72 PH Alisa P € 7.500,- Heinrich Gewers
Lot 65 Batouwe Ailisha Salva Red € 6.800,- BWN Holsteins & GenHotel
Lot 1 Wilder Dafne Lucky PP Red € 6.800,- Heinz Meier


Billings Impression Of Booboo tops the 2018 Define Your Destiny sale at $89,000

Budjon Farms opened their doors ones again to co-manage the 2018 Define Your Destiny sale with PEAK Genetics, and was assisted by Great Northern Land & Cattle Co., Inc . From high genomic lots to show winning cattle there was something for everyone.

Topping the sale was Billings Impression Of Booboo at $89,000.  Scored VG-89 as a two year old, she is the All-American (ABA) Junior 2 Year Old 2017 and was 1st Jr. 2 Year Old & BU International Show 2017.

The 2nd highest seller was the All-American Sr. 2 Year Old from 2016 and  Intermediate Champion International Show in 2016 LINGLE GOLD FREAKY GIRL  at $50,000.  Now classified EX-92 as 3 year old, Freaky Girl was Res. Int. Champion WI Championship Show in 2017.

 Rounding out the top sellers was PAMPRD-ACRES AB IVY-RED at $40,000.  This donor dam was 2nd 4 Year Old Midwest Spring R&W Show 2018, Unanimous All-American R&W Sr. 2 Yr Old 2016 and 1st Sr 2 Year Old International R&W Show 2016.

For a complete sale results list click here.


EX-92 Bradnick Daughter tops Jo-Costa Holsteins Complete Dispersal

Photo: Top seller Costa-View Bradnick 48763 EX-92.

The Jo-Costa Holsteins Complete Dispersal was held Saturday, May 12, 2018, in Turlock, CA, averaging $2452 on 93 head. The sale was managed by Turlock Livestock Auction Yard and Cowbuyer was on-hand.

Costa-View Bradnick 48763 EX-92 was the highest seller, selling for $15,500 to Gilbert & Robert Teixeira and Joseph Azevedo, CA. She was 4th Aged Cow at the 2018 CA State Show and sold due in October to Sandor.

Second top at $10,250 was Deslacs Lotus Applejuic-Red-ET VG-87-2yr, a daughter of Apple’s clone KHW Regment Apple C VG-89-3yr.  She sold bred in early April to sexed Diamondback.

Lot 91, Dar-Lynda McCutchen 56402 (VG-88), sold for $9000. She is from the same family as Charwill Attic Marcy (EX-95). She sold fresh in December and pregnant to an April service to Atwood.

Ms Goldwyn Harper 62568-ET, Lot 2, sold for $6300. She is a potential milking yearling due in September to Undenied. Her dam is Shylane Jasper Harriet (2E-95 2* CAN), Nom. All-American Aged Cow 2012.

Lot 54, Jo-Costa Dor Divine (VG-87 2Y), sold for $5400. She is a Doorman x EX-90 Bradnick from the same family as Mapeley Goldwyn Julia (VG-88-2Y-CAN), 1st Sr 2, NY Spring Show ’17.

See a complete list of results here 

Fantastic Kiss Tops New Zealand’s Fantastic Day Out sale

The top price was $12,000 for Lot 29 – Fantastic Attwood Kiss, who is pictured below with her vendor, purchaser, sales crew, auctioneers and a few others.

Fantastic Kiss topped the At New Zealand’s Fantastic Day Out sale, selling for NZ$12,000. The promising Atwood-daughter is backed by a VG-88 Windbrook, EX Goldwyn, EX Prelude. 2nd top at NZ$9,500 was Fantastic Windbrook Currie who is out of the Canadian cow Bradner Curry Goldwyn EX-93. Currie’s full-sister was the best 2 year old at the North Island Championships (NZ) this year.  The sale averaged $2,510 over 38 live animals, with 24 incalf heifers averaging $2,765 and 14 ylg heifers averaging $2,073. 

Fancy Red Sr 3 Year old tops the Celebration at Silver Mist sale

MS Apple MS Adra-Red VG-87 topped the Celebration at Silver Mist sale at  $19,000. The Olympian daughter straight out of KHW Regiment Apple EX-96 was Reserve Intermediate Champion at the 2017 Ohio State Fair Red & White Show.


NZ calf sells for $35,000 – Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

Ohoka holstein breeder Peter Sherriff says buying New Zealand’s most expensive ($35,000) heifer calf is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Sherriff, who runs the Sherraine Holstein stud with his wife Rhonda, daughter Olivia and her husband Jared Cahill, recently paid $35,000 for six-week-old Busy Brook Doorman Hailstorm.

Born at Duntroon’s Busy Brook Holstein stud from an imported embryo, she is the daughter of the two-time World Dairy Expo and Royal Winter Fair Grand Champion RF Goldwyn Hailey.

Sherriff said he will make a detailed plan of how best to use the heifer, to be renamed Hailey, but will probably start flushing her for embryos from 14 – 16 months age.

“We’ve had three lots of NZ enquiries already. Because she’s the only progeny of that cow family in the southern hemisphere there’ll also be Australian interest. That’s where we can market the embryos.

“We’ll keep some of her first embryos as insurance in case something goes wrong.

“There’ll be some on the market and then we’ll calve her and hopefully she will be as good as her mother.”

Under the North American classification system, the calf’s mother, RF Goldwyn Hailey, has been rated three times as excellent 97. Sherriff says that is the highest any cow’s been classified in the world and to get it three times is “unheard of”.

“It’s also unheard of for a cow to win twice at that type of show; that’s the best of the best.”

With a grin, Sherriff admits you can’t see the $35,000 just by looking at the calf.

“What you’re buying is potential — marketing ability,” he says. “There’s certainly nothing wrong with her; she’s extremely correct. If she wasn’t, if she didn’t look right, we wouldn’t have bothered buying her.”

Sherriff says he is not known for going out and buying stock.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity really, to be able to get a calf like this.”

While proud of his purchase, Sherriff is just as proud of another calf, born in April on his own farm from genetics best described as historic.

He said he has three straws of semen still in storage, dated 1969, from MMB Linmack, a bull he described as the number-one in Australasia in the 1970s. Linmack is known to have sired at least 100 cows rated as excellent.

He decided to give one straw a try and the result is a healthy female calf, which he has dubbed Sherraine Linmack Molly.

Sherriff’s farm is 150ha, milking 140 – 180 cows year-round from staggered calving, averaging 9000L per milking and about 650kgMS/cow.

“Our focus is on larger, high-producing cows,” he said.

It’s a small and intensive farm on which nutrient leaching is no more than 20.

“We keep all our young stock. Everything’s grazed and produced onfarm including maize; we buy in only wheat that we feed in the shed.”

Sherriff says the industry has been “under the hammer” with its push to high stocking rates, but environmental challenges will cause a return to valuing production per cow.

His philosophy is that one heavy cow could produce as much milk as two light ones, and with less environmental loading.

“I’m really enthusiastic about the future of the Holstein Friesian breed.”


Stunning Premiere for Nohl’s Excellence Sale

High Seller was Jacobs Nohl Liana who sold for €14,800. She was purchased by Ferme Wit and Ferme Intense.

The Nohl’s Excellence Sale stunning premiere took place in Luxembourg on May 5th, 2018. With 64 fantastic lots, they averaged a substantial €5029.00. Sale topper was Jacobs Nohl Lyana at €14,800. That Control daughter out of Jacobs Gold Liann sold to a French-Canadian syndicate, Ferme Wit and Ferme Intense. Second-most expensive lot was Nohl-Avala Vray, a direct Redburst daughter out of KHW Regiment Apple, who went to a German buyer for €14,300. Just slightly lower was the successful bid for Strans Nohl Tyffa. That Awesome sister to two-time Madison Champion Strans-Jen-D Tequila fetched €14,000.


1 Jacobs Nohl RB € 7,000
2 LB Corona € 6,000
3 Nohl Chipa € 6,000
6 Nohl Arca € 3,400
7 HAM O Kadabra 2 € 7,000
8 Nellievray € 8,200
9 Nelis-Vray € 8,500
11 3 Embryos € 1,050
12 SHG Joel Claire € 4,300
13 HBL Jodely RED € 4,650
14 HAM Brady Amorillo € 3,400
15 DS North € 10,000
16 Roccafarm Ladd Brelady € 2,000
17 HBL Hille € 1,000
18 VBW Cirsten 895 € 2,600
19 Coolea Nohl Liza € 2,350
20 Butler Nohl Adyna € 2,700
21 RIS Alley € 3,100
22 AMH RIS Alia € 2,300
23 Beemer Roulette € 4,200
24 Val Bisson Nohl Diva € 2,850
24a Val Bisson Nohl Dina € 2,300
25 Blondin Nohl Loket € 11,000
26 PJP Manific € 6,000
27 PJP Noria € 4,000
28 PJP Liberté € 4,600
30 PJP Julia € 2,200
31 Lovhill HWL Beemer Kate € 4,400
32 HBL Maryse € 2,600
33 CSH Penny € 1,900
34 Nohl Avala € 14,300
35 Miss Apple Nohl Alana € 2,400
37 RIS Audrina 9686 RDC € 2,500
38 3 Embryos € 900
39 3 Embryos € 900
40 Starmark Nohl Hotma € 7,500
41 Quality Nohl Abel € 5,000
41a 5 Doses € 450
42 HBL Flayour € 5,200
43 Wilt Desire € 3,300
43a Wilt Ebène € 2,200
44 Wilt Ymia € 1,200
45 Nater-Vray € 5,100
46 Neslyn-Vray € 3,750
46a Neslyn-Vray € 5,500
47 DS Aura € 3,000
48 RIS Doorman Trinny € 4,400
49 Gen Com Nohl Haly € 8,000
50 Nohl Hangy € 8,050
51 DS Haily € 4,700
52 Gen Com Nohl Hiley € 2,300
53 Quality Nohl Bissy € 2,000
54 DS Nebra € 3,600
56 JK Eder DG RIS Emilio Elisa € 4,800
57 Blondin Nohl Kaza € 3,400
58 Strans Nohl Tyffa € 14,000
59 Jacobs Nohl Anita € 2,850
60 Naya-Vray € 8,000
61 4 Embryos € 800
62 PJP Neffe € 4,000
63 PJP Nickel € 3,050
65 DS Marty € 3,600
66 3 Heifer Calves € 6,000
67 Nohl Tuvy € 9,200
68 Jacobs Nohl Liana € 14,800

World Class Genetics and Racing Legends Highlight the Run for the Roses Sale

Attendees to the Run for the Roses Sale where treated to a tour of the majestic Taylor Made Farms to see racing legend California Chrome followed by the sales hosted by Winstar & GenoSource. This world-class event showcased some of the World’s biggest genetics. The sale averaged $18,600 on 88 lots.

Topping the sale was Genosource Remorse 80110 at $118,000 by ABS Global.  This August 17, Merry Josuper Frazzled daughter has high production traits and great health as well and a GTPI of +2827.  From the Sandy-V+alley Robust Ruby cow family that has produced such sires as Rubicon, her dam is currently milking over 101lbs a day and delivering on the promise of her strong genomic tests. 

The 2nd highest seller of the day was Brabantdale Medley Sangria at $95,000 by Peak Genetics.  This March ’18 ABS MEDLEY daughter is from Jedi then a Kingboy followed by DES-Y-GEN PLANET SILK. She is A2A2 and haplotype/recessive free with a GTPI of +2872. She was consigned by Brabantdale Farms Ltd., ON.

Rounding out the top sellers was Ms 9882 Achiever 4512 at $81,000 by Peak Genetics.  This Oct ’17 ABS ACHIEVER-ET 3128557482 daughter has breed leading GTPI and NM$ for her age group.  With a GTPI of +2856 she traces back to the great Ammon-Peachey Shana.  She was consigned by the 9882 Partners, ID, 

20 lots each sold for over $20,000.

91 ABS Global DeForest WI  $118,000
92 Peak Genetics Watertown  WI  $95,000
1 Peak Genetics Watertown  WI  $81,000
2 Winstar Genetics Shelley ID  $70,000
52 Select Sires Plain City OH  $52,000
90 Select Sires Plain City OH  $51,000
49 ABS Global DeForest WI  $49,000
19 Peak Genetics Watertown  WI  $42,000
6 Higher Ransom Holstiens Valley Falls NY  $41,000
17 ST Genetics Navasota TX  $40,000
25 Peak Genetics Watertown  WI  $34,000
44 ST Genetics Navasota TX  $30,000
86 Jason Lamoreaux Ada MI  $30,000
80 ST Genetics Navasota TX  $27,500
14 Select Sires Plain City OH  $27,000
29 Peak Genetics Watertown  WI  $25,500
5 ST Genetics Navasota TX  $24,500
56 AOT Genetics Valley Falls NY  $24,000
21 Pine Tree Dairy Marshalville OH  $22,000
8 Winstar Genetics Shelley ID  $20,000

See complete results here.

RF Goldwyn Hailey decedent tops Busy-Brook Sale in New Zealand

With a pedigree that that traces back to the Canadian Royal champion RF Goldwyn Hailey, Busy-Brook Doorman Hailstorm, 6 weeks old, became the sale topper (NZ$35,000) of the Busy-Brook Sale in New Zealand. The second highest (NZ$18,000) was a Windbrook daughter of another RWF Champion, Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy.

Riptide Tops Favorites of Fairmont at $33,750

Fairmount Holsteins of East Montpelier VT hosted the Favourites of Fairmount sales this past week.  Every detail of the sale was done amazingly and was a celebration for all with wine beer and cheese socials before the sale and a post-sale evening celebration at Landon Street Tavern after the sale. The sale had an unofficial average of $5600.

Topping the sale was Fairmont Romero Riptide who went for $33,750.00 This #3 Romero in the breed was consigned by Fairmont LLC. She is a complete outcross, no Delta, Jedi, or Modesty and is ready to IVF.  Riptide had a  GTPI of +2778.

The 2nd highest seller was Peak Traci Genius 20665-ET at $14,500.   Her dam is RI-VAL-RE TRACI, a Delta daughter due in April and is showing great promise. 20665 is a A2A2 heifer and sold with a 5 embryo contract at $2300/embryo to Genetics Hokkaido. 

Rounding out the top sellers  Cookiecutter Bren Hifive-ET at $12,000.  Hifive is a 11/17 Brennan daughter from COOKIECUTTER MEGASIRE HIKE VG-85.  She is the Highest GTPI Hike daughter and goes back to Cookiecutter Mom Halo.

For complete sale results click here. 


Tynevalley Rubi A Bambi sells for £21,500 at Perfection Collection Sale

A packed ringside of buyers was treated to a breed spectacle as more than 90 animals strutted down a catwalk with flashing lights and a smoke machine kicking off at the all-new Perfection Collection sale with an £4,600 average.  The event was the brainchild of young breeders Richard Bostock, James Doherty and Tom Lomas, who said the sale would be something “never seen before” in the UK – and it didn’t disappoint.  The highest seller was Tynevalley Rubi A Bambi was £21,500. Bidding went crazy for this 15 week old Holstein calf. This January 2018-born Mr Rubi Agronaut heifer boasts a massive PLI of £737 – fifth highest in the world and the second highest ever to sell. Her dam is Tynevalley Supershot Bambi who sold for €23,000 in the German Masters sale, who is descendant of Gen-I-Beq Shottle Bombi. Buyer was Messrs Robertson, Ashlea Farm, Bristol.  

Second top was Red & White show-cow Riverdane Aikman Ghost Red VG89-3yr at £17,000. From Mark Nutsford, Cheshire,this four-year-old is by Gen-I-Beq Aikman and is out of Riverdane Roses Ghost Red VG85. She is currently giving 45.8kg daily at 4.59% fat and 3.25% protein and sold in calf to Woodcrest King Doc. Buyer was NJ and LC Sercombe, Lutterworth.

Just shy of this and selling in absence to a South African bidder Martin Voight for 16,000gns was the highly anticipated January 2018-born heifer calf Bel Bag2 Capi-Margot (Lot 44) from Bel Holsteins, Italy. Sired by Oh-River-SYC Byway, her dam is Du Bont Vent Inkapi Ex90, who won intermediate champion at Swiss Expo and Cremona in 2016.

Making 11,000gns and selling to Peter Prior of Designer Holsteins, Essex, was VeTech Atwood Elegance 2 (Lot 26) from VeTech Holsteins, Strandhead. She is sired by Atwood and is believed to be the only animal in the world bred from three generations of dams classified Ex96.

The Action Heats Up at the Taste of Ontario Sale

Muddy weather and cold rain did not stop the action at the 10th edition of the Taste of Ontario Sale.  Hosted by James and Doug Cranston and co-managed by Jeff Stephens this years edition saw the sale move indoors from the traditional tent into a new facility built by Cranston farms. The attendees where warm and the action hot as the sale averaged $4,150 on 85 lots.

Topping the sale at #11,000 was Duckett Drack Gabby $11,000.  Due in June this Sr 2 for ’18 is bred sexed Butz-Butler Atwood Brody. Gabby was consigned by Jeff Stephens and purchased by Embrdale Holsteins. The second highest seller of the day at #10,100 was a choice of 6 sisters from Fraeland Goldwyn Bonnie.  Her Doorman daughter, Fraeland Doorman Bonnie, the HM ALl-Canadian Jr Calf in ’16, is one of the most talked about Junior Two-Year-old prospects for ’18.  Rounding out the top sellers was Cobequid BD Doberman Avery at $10,000.  This DG Doberman daughter is a big ring contender for 2018 in the Junior Yearling Class.

Redburst daughter KHW Regiment Apple Red tops RedFest With a Touch of Black 2018

The Wendorf family of Crescentmead Holsteins hosted The RedFest With a Touch of Black 2018 on April 14 in Ixonia, WI.  58 lots sold for an average of $2225.

Lot 1, Apple-Pts Rb Areva-Red, is a Redburst Summer yearling x EX-96 Apple. She sold for $8300 to Sweet Peas Holsteins,

Topping the sale was Lot 1, Apple-Pts RB Ateva-Red-ET, selling for $8300 to Sweet Peas Holsteins, PA. The Redburst Summer Yearling is a daughter of EX-96 Apple and a full sister to All-American Miss Snapple Apple-Red (EX-94) She was consigned by Apple Partners, IL.

The 2nd highest seller at $5,400 was Crave Diamond Autumn 10587, sold to Cody Waller, IA. The Diamondback Spring yearling is out of a VG-85-2Y Atwood x EX-91 Zenith x EX-91 x EX-92. A full sister to the dam, Crave Atwood Anna 9121,  was All-WI & HM Junior All-American Spring Yearling in 2016, and her grandam was HM All-American Spring Yearling in 2007. She was consigned by Crave Brothers Farm LLC, WI.

Rounding out the top sellers at  $5000 was Lot 19, DJLPurePride Arlft Aleve-ET, consigned by Pure Pride Show Cattle, WI. The Airlift Summer Yearling is from a VG-88 Golden x EX-90 Braxton x EX-94 Durham with 7 more VG/EX dams behind her. She was purchased by Eric Wachtendonk & Zach Evenson, WI.

See a complete sale results list here.

Red “Heztry” tops Valmar Dispersal

It was a cold and windy day but that did not stop a good size crowd to attend the Valmar Dispersal in Brantford, Ont.   The sale averaged $2452 (unofficial) on 83 head. 

Topping the dispersal at $7250 was Valmar Heztry Lana (Ex-91), a 5-year-old red “Heztry” daughter who was purchased by Allarway Holsteins, Brantford, Ont. All-Ontario Red & White Senior Cow in 2017, Lana was projected to 11,543 kg milk, 356 kg fat, 355 kg protein (237-198-229) in her current lactation. Four of the five dams behind her are Very Good or Excellent

Doorman x ’17 Unanimous All-American 5 Year Old Tops The Milksource Select Sale

Everyone fell in love with Milksource Doorman RSVP the March ’17 Doorman daughter of the great TK-PLAIN-VIEW RIPLEY EX-95, the Unanimous All-American Five year old from last year.  RSVP sold for $36,000 and topped the 2017 Milksource Select Sale, hosted at the genetics farm in Kaukauna, Wisconsin.  With Chris Hill and Roger Turner in the box the sale average $4,284.

The second highest seller of the day at $17,250, as MILKSOURCE RIVAL KYRA, a Sept ’15 Archrival from the ’15 World Dairy Expo Supreme Champion, Lovhill Goldwyn Katrysha EX-96-2E.  Fresh since the 1st of March Kyra is looking to follow her mothers great footsteps and make her own mark on the tanbark trail.

Rounding out the top sellers was a heifer to catch many a judges eye MS MILKSOURCE DRMAN EMMA, a June ’17 Doorman from Nova-TMJ Atwood Estra EX-92, the 1st Jr 2 year old from the ’16 Wisconsin State show. Emma sold for $17,000.  

For a complete listing of sale results click here.

Kingsway Sanchez Arangatang Granddaughter Tops The Exclusive Opportunity Sale

It was cold outside but the action was hot inside The Exclusive Opportunity Sale with an unofficial average of $6,046.  Sale hosts Aaron Eaton and Jamie Black along with co-managers Md-Hillbrook had an outstanding line-up of high-type and deep pedigreed animals from across the United States and Canada.

Trent Valley Sid Aly – 10th Jr 2 Year old WDE ’17

Topping the sale at $20,500 was Trent Valley Sid Aly. The Junior 3, fresh in March, was consigned by Thomas, Heath & Cummings of Ohio, she was purchased by Casey, Chloe and Chase Vander Eyk of Tipton, California. Aly is a Sid daughter of a VG-85 Goldwyn daughter of the 95-2E Kingsway Sanchez Arangatang, the All-Canadian honoree backed by seven more generations of Excellent or Very Good dams. 

Second high-seller at $20,000 was a Senior 3-Year-Old Dempsy daughter, Teebrook Dempsey Rebecca, scored VG-88 in Canada. Consigned by Aaron Eaton and was purchased by Dalton Furis of Ontario.  Rebecca sold just fresh six weeks and will certainly be one to shine on the tanbark.

Rounding out the top sellers at $19,00 was Petitclerc Solomon Tropic, consigned by Ferme Jean-Paul Peticerc & Fils Inc. of Quebec and purchased by Noah Bilz of Wisconsin.  Tropic is a fancy, dairy September 2017 Solomon daughter out of a VG-89 Windbrook from the award-winning Pineland Goldwyn Tidbit-ET EX-91 multiple All-American and All-Canadian family.

See complete sale results here.

Fancy Joel daughter tops the Best of Triple T & Heath Jerseys 2nd Edition sale

Topping the Best of Triple T & Heath Jerseys 2nd Edition sale was Lot 7 for $35,000, Batiscan Joel Sabrina (VG-89-3Y-CAN). Fresh in February, she is backed by 2 EX dams. She was consigned by Triple-T and Michael Heath and purchased by River Valley, IL. The sale averaged $5273 on 90 lots and managed by Nathan and Jenny Thomas and Michael Heath.

The 2nd highest seller of the day was JASMARI ACTION LIL REPLAY-ET who sold for $16,500.  Replay is a maternal sister to JASMARI VERB LIL VERONA VG-89% the ABA All-American Senior 2-Year-Old 2017.  Their dam EDN-RU TEQUILA LILAES LILAC EX-94% was Reserve All-American Senior 2-Year-Old 2014 and Reserve All-American Milking Yearling 2013.

Rounding out the top sellers at $15,000 was STONEY POINT VERB BLUSH  EX-94%  who was Nominated ABA All-American 4-Year-Old 2017.  Blush was 1st 4-Year-Old & Reserve Grand Champion, NY Spring Show 2017.

For a complete listing of sale results click here.


Solomon out of Ryan-Vu Regin Raz a Taz Tops The Pursuit of Excellence Sale

Ryan-Vu Raz-a-Taz (Dam of the top seller)

Topping The Pursuit of Excellence Sale (Wisconsin, US) at $8000 was Ryan-Mvloo Response, a young Solomon out of Ryan-Vu Regin Raz a Taz EX-93 (Reginald). Response is the sister to Ryan-Mvloo Beemer Rapture VG-2YR , who’s son Blondin Raptor is one of the top type sires in the world at +4.46 PTAT. For a red factor Diamondback daughter of Liddleholme Resur Lu-Red EX-96, the 2017 Reserve All-American Aged Cow,  $7000 was paid. A red Defiant out of Ridgedale-T Raidu EX-96 sold for $6900. Rounding out the top sellers was Ridgedale Reputation-Red, at $6,900.  Reputation-Red is a Defiant daughter of 5x All-American R&W Nominee, Ridgedale-T Raichu-Red EX-96 4E.  The sale was presented by Ridgedale, Ryan-Vu, Glenn-Ann, OValto, Plum Line, Liddleholme and Jeffrey Way and was managed by Great Nothern Land and Cattle Co.   See complete sale results here.

Doorman from the great Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy tops 2018 Westcoast Classic sale

Topping the 2018 Westcoast Classic sale at $120,000 ($60,000 for part ownership) was an own daughter of the great Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy EX-95 2E, the ’11 Grand Champion from the Royal Winter Fair and World Dairy Expo, by Doorman.  50% interest in MORSAN DOORMAN MISSY 3362__PB Benbie & Partners with Westcoast retaining 2nd half.  Fresh since December she will be one to watch for this show season. The was managed by Westcoast Holsteins Chris Lindhout, Barclay Phoenix and Gary Vanderpost and averaged $8977.  John Copithorne was the auctioneer and Norm Nabholz handled the pedigrees.  

The 2nd highest seller of the sale was AARDEMA SUGAR MOON at $115,000.  Sugar Moon is a Nov ’17 Endco Viewpoint (SilverxSupersire) from Triplecrown Delta 64 (Delta x Platinum) from the Seagull-Bay Manat Mirage EX 90 cow family.  She has genomic tests of +2897 $1017NM and +10.4PL.  She was consigned by Double A Dairy.

Rounding out the top sellers was Cedarwal Kingdoc Jitters (King Doc x Doorsopen then Seagull Bay S Jillian VG-87) at $49,000.  Jitters is the only heifer in the world over GTPI +2725 & PTAT +4.00. 

For complete sale results list click here

Gold Chip Sr 2-Year-Old Tops Spring Genomic and Type Spotlight Sale

It was a fast-paced sale as 125 lots went through the ring in Wapakoneta, OH with Daniel Brandt reading pedigrees and Jason Lamoreaux handling the auctioneering. 

Topping the sale at $9,500 was Lot 29  Bertke GC Bentley, a VG-86 Gold Chip out of an EX-92 Bradnick backed by 6 generations of VG or EX dams.  Bently was the 4th Sr 2-Year-Old, Mid-East Sprg Nat’l 2017. She was consigned by Damon Bertke and Edge Genetics was the buyer.

The second high seller at $8,700 was Lot 1 Quietcove Foxys Quesa-ET. She is due in April to sexed Crush and is out of  EX-91 Foxy Lady out of the Valient Fawn family. She was purchased by Dan Trbovich. 

Lot 41 was the third high seller at $8,500 consigned by Troy Yoder. She is a Imax daughter with a GTPI 2849 and was purchased by Jim Stanton.

Cowbuyer has a complete list of prices.


Bandares from Blondin MOM Arkansas EX-93-CAN family tops Germany’s European Classic Sunrise sale at €30,000

Baronin (<Bandares) sold for a top of €30,000.

The 23rd edition of Germany’s European Classic Sunrise sale was an resounding success, with 3 lots selling for over €21,000.  In 2017 the top price reached €17,000, however this year 3 lots brought over €20,000. Top seller at €30,000 was Baronin (2812 gTPI), a Bandares-Rubicon-Silver-Blondin MOM Arkansas EX-93-CAN from the Smithden Allison family. Second highest at €26,000 was Wil Fantasy (Modesty-Jedi-Silver) with 156 gRZG. Second top at €26,000 was another high genomic lot, Wil Fantasy (Modesty-Jedi-Silver) who has a gRZG of 156. Rounding off the top-3 prices at €21,000 was Venezia from the Lila Z family, who is sired by the popular Modeco-son Malinus.

The March Madness Sale Highlights

The high seller was Lot 1 at $41,000, Campbell-Run GChip Amelia with Westcoast Holsteins as the buyer.

The 2018 March Madness Sale was held Friday, March 16th in Frederick, MD, at the Clarion Inn Event Center. MD-Hillbrook was managed the sale while Tim Abbott handled the pedigrees. Topping the sale was Campbell-Run GChip Amelia topped at $41,000. She was consigned by Weeks, Hawbaker, Hill, Borba & Parrabel and purchased by Westcoast. She is the 2017 All-American Spring Yearling and sold due to Solomon at the end of March. The sale took place March 16 in Frederick, MD, hosted by MD-Hillbrook. The sale averaged $5,400 on 101 lots with over 300 people in attendance and 400 watching on Cowbuyer.  

Here are some of the sale highlights:

Lot 3 $13,000 Butlerview Lotus Queen B

Lot 6  $12,500 Ran-Can Alonzo Cliché-ET

Lot 9 $11,400 AHD Dooman Silk

Lot 10 $10,500 Jacobs Solomon Brism

Lot 16 $14,500 Miss Hot Mess-Red-ET

Lot 18 $10,100 Milksource DFiant Safari-Red

Lot 26 $11,000 MD-Maple-Lawn Doorm  Cor

Lot 30 $13,600 Warwick Manor LS Sky-ET

Lot 34 $10,600 MS Avant-Grande M Chica-ET

 Check out all the details, the online catalogue when you click HERE.  Find a complete list of prices on

High index Modesty heifer tops Ohio Holstein sale

Dam of highest seller, S-S-I Platinum Marke VG-88 from the Seagull-Bay Oman Mirror family.

Topping the sale at $25,000 was Lot 1, Ten-Penny Modesty Markit, the highest genomic heifer offered in an Ohio Holstein sale at +2868 GTPI. Consigned by Peter Spike of Delaware, Ohio, she was purchased by Pine-Tree Farms. Ten-Penny Modesty Markit is backed by 11 VG/EX dams. At $5,800, the second highest seller was a choice of 4 calves sired by Doorman from the All-American, All-Canadian, Dubeau Dundee Hezbollah EX-92. The unofficial average is $2347. Click here for complete results.

Joy for Jeanlu Holsteins after classifiers visit

Jeanlu Holsteins, QC, shared the results of an amazing classification at the farm from last week including 11 VG 2 year old cow and 4 new EX cows.


1st calf:
– BUTLERVIEW ANTH CANDY-VG-2YR (Camomille daughter only 3 weeks fresh) Owned with Declan Patten

2nd Calf:
– LITTLECREEK ATWOOD PANDORA-VG-87 (Owned by Ariane France)

New EX cows:

We classified 18 two years old averaging 84,1
Nous avons classifié 18 premiers veaux avec une moyenne de 84,1

Herd Classification: 32EX – 94VG – 8GP

Judge Announced for National Ayrshire Show at UK Dairy Day

UK Dairy Day is thrilled to welcome back the National Ayrshire Show for the second year running. The show will form part of UK Dairy Day’s larger cattle show which features the National Holstein Show, National Brown Swiss Show as well as showing classes for Dairy Shorthorn, Guernsey and Jersey.

This year the Ayrshire Cattle Society of Great Britain and Ireland are delighted to announce the judge of their prestigious national show as Lisa Window-Walker. Lisa, from Bromsgrove in the West Midlands, has been a partner and owner of the World renowned Hunnington Ayrshire herd for the last 30 years along with her late father Chris Window. Lisa is assisted by the next generation of Windows, her nephew, Chris Window junior.

The Hunnington Prefix needs no introduction and has been successful at both local and national levels for many years. Highlights in the show ring over the years have been Interbreed Champion at the Royal Welsh, Dairy Event, South West Dairy Show, Welsh Dairy Show and Breed Champion at the Royal Show. The Window family have always welcomed visitors from home and abroad to view their wonderful herd and many of the Hunningtonbloodlines can be seen in herds all over the UK. Hunnington bulls have been used extensively and successfully worldwide, with Hunnington Admiral, Hunnington Mandella and more recently Hunnington Famous dominating global markets.

Lisa has been on the Ayrshire judge’s panel for 25 years and has judged throughout the UK and Ireland. Some of her highlights include the Royal Highland, Agriscot, Royal Yorkshire, Royal Norfolk, Royal Cornwall and Balmoral. Internationally Lisa has judged at the Sydney Royal in Australia, the New Zealand Dairy Event, and the Finland National Show.

UK Ayrshire’s Breed Manager, Duncan Hunter, commented; “We are thrilled that Lisa has accepted our invitation to officiate at the 2018 National Ayrshire Show in September this year. The Show is a highlight for many of our members where they get together to promote the Ayrshire breed to the industry, exhibiting the very best of UK Ayrshires to the home countries and internationally. We wish Lisa all the best in her role as National Ayrshire Show Judge for 2018”.

Formed in 1877, the Ayrshire Cattle Society of Great Britain and Ireland is a forward thinking, highly motivated breed society dedicated to keeping the Ayrshire at the forefront of modern dairying. The Ayrshire cow is becoming ever more popular as an alternative breed due to her excellent foraging ability and economical milk production. 

The Ayrshire Cattle Society is responsible for all ancestry recording in its computerised Herd Book and along with other breeds uses the data and services of NBDC for type classification with the results contributing to linear proofs and type analysis for individuals as well as the whole Ayrshire population. It is also responsible to protect the heritage of the breed through its Breed Heritage programme. 

Lynden Bustard, UK Dairy Day Cattle Show Manager and Chief Steward, said; “It is with great pleasure that we welcome back the National Ayrshire Show to UK Dairy Day. Last year this was a fantastic part of our main Cattle Show with a tremendous amount of support from Ayrshire breeders, competitors, and supporters. The Ayrshire Cattle Society is one of our leading societies in the UK and their support of UK Dairy Day is invaluable.”

Gillette Cleamagic tops the Fun-in-the-Sun-Sale at $153,000

The worldwide Nr.6 (2916 gTPI) Robson (<Rubicon) daughter, Gillette Cleamagic from the family of Clear-Echo 822 Laud1266, was the top-seller ($153,000) at the Fun-in-the-Sun-Sale in Florida. Aurora Reason, who, with 2944 gTPI, became the highest calf ever sold at an open auction, brought $145,000. The impressive average for 47 lots: $26,400.

Highest Gymnast Daughter in the World Tops Masterrind Exclusive Sale at € 120.000

WEH Perfection, the highest Gymnast daughter in the world set a new European Record at the Masterrind Exclusive Sale when she sold for € 120.000. Bred by the Hintze family (WEH Holsteins), Perfection has a GTPI of +2863, with a very high RZG, gPFT. Her dam is DG Pandora, which sold through the Eurogenes Sale (European Classic Sale), DG Pandora is the full sister of the popular, high RZG sires Ibsen @ Vost and Mr. Puma @ AI Total. 3rd highest price (€ 21.000) was paid for Xanthippe, bred by Ludger Eiting, a GTPI >2800 Modesty daughter from a Doorsopen, Xanthippe’s dam was sold through the Eurogenes Sale (European Classic Sale) as well. EUR 20.000 was paid for NH Sunview Hearthlove, a GTPI +2786 / RZG 160 Bandares daughter.

One of Highest NM$ Heifers to Ever Sell at Public Action Tops Wisconsin Convention Futures sale

Pine-Tree Monica Planeta VG-86, 3.dam of Pine-Tree 5976 Achi 7691.

Topping the Wisconsin Convention Futures sale at $49,000 was Pine-Tree 5976 Achi 7691, one of the highest NM$ heifers to sell at public auction. The Achiever-daughter is out of the 2873 gTPI Sandy-Valley No Limit by Delta, who traces back to the great Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy.  Consigned by Pine-Tree Dairy and purchased by Sexing Technologies, this consignment also set a new Futures Sale record for top-seller.

Sponsored by Wisconsin Holstein’s Young Adult Committee, averaged $4,500 on 31 lots that included heifers, choices and embryos from some of the industry’s most prominent cow families.

Second high seller was lot 2 from Siemers Holstein Farms, Newton at $6,100. Siemers Flgship Brooke 28130, comes from Goldwyn’s maternal line and is +2814 GTPI and +4.4 DPR. She sold to Jason Faria of Dumas, TX.

Rounding out the top three was Lot 4 at $5,900, Langs-Twin-Elm Dtr Aries-ET consigned by Floyd & Lloyd Baumann, Marathon. This June 2017 Detour daughter is +935NM$, +2771 GTPI, +153 CFP, +8.1PL, +2.2 DPR, +2.01 UDC. Her dam, View-Home Jo Amanda-ET has a +2890 GTPI son. Sexing Technologies was the buyer.

An added element to this year’s sale were numerous embryos lots. The high seller among these was lot A, a package of four embryos from Our-Favorite Unlimited EX-93, two by Crush and two by King Doc, at $4,400. Lot A was consigned by Todd Stanek, Fall Creek.

2017 Unanimous ABA All-American Milking Yearling Tops Kash-In on Valentine’s Day Sale at $169,000

The Kash-In on Valentines Day Sale took place Wednesday, February 14th, 2018 in Tulare, Ca. The sale was hosted by Rancho Teresita Dairy Kash-In, Kasbergen family,  and was co-managed by Mike Berry and Dusty & Nicole Shcirm. Over 1 million in gross on 111 live lots and a sale average of $$9,360.00. The Jersey lots saw an average of $12,207.00 

Topping the sale at $169,000 was River Valley Excitation Flawless-ET VG-89 2-01 , the 1st Milking Yearling World Dairy Expo, 1st Milking Yearling All American Jersey Show ‘17 and was named Unanimous ABA All-American Milking Yearling 2017.   Flawless as consigned by Kash-In Jerseys & River Valley and was purchased by David Hogan from Tillamook.

A syndication was formed for a bull that was the 2nd highest seller at $100,000.  JX Kash-In Got Maid 71794 has  CDCB GPTA 1/2/2018 of  1104M 69f 50p 729CM$ 692CM$ 610FM$ 597GM$
8.4PL  1.2 GJuI 13.2GJPI.   He was consigned by Rancho Teresita Dairy. Each of 5 members will receive 5 equal shares. Each Share will receive 200 units of semen. All Syndicate Members will share in earned royalties. Semen will not be available to the general public until after the Syndicate Members receive their shares. JX Kash-In Got Maid 71794 {6}-ET will be marketed through ST Genetics.

Rounding out the top sellers was Jx aardema Barbs Destiny {4} at $57,000.  Consigned by Twin Ridge Genetics, Jx aaRDeMa BaRBs Destiny has indexes of 920M 83F 50P 781cm$ 739NM$ 642fm$ 638gm$ 8.2PL .6liv -.2dpr .4ccr 1.8hcr 2.78scs ajca 1/2/2018 gptat 70%r 2.0 gjui 22.9 gjpi 64%R 220.

For a complete list of sale results click here

Fancy Solomon from Barbies tops Missouri State Convention sale

Regancrest-GV Breena EX-91 by Dorcy, dam of highest seller.

Regancrest-PR Barbie provided the most exclusive lot at the Missouri State Convention sale (US) with her great-grand-daughter, Groves-Vu Bluebell (Solomon-Dorcy), bringing the top price of $4,500. Bluebell is a Solomon-daughter out of an EX-91 Dorcy who is from Barbie’s Shottle-daughter, Breya EX-90. Second top was the show cow Robthom Lilyana VG-88 (Defiant-BW Marshall) at $3,900, who is ready to show as a 4-year-old this year.

International Dairy Week: Guernsey heifer sets new breed record

A BREED record was set at International Dairy Week yesterday when a Guernsey heifer was sold to an overseas buyer for $16,000.

Kearla Latimer Koala was the pick of a pair offered by Kevin and Carla Gass, of Simpson, Victoria, with the winning bid eventually made by a representative for Mansour Al Dhaheri, of the United Arab Emirates.

The price is the highest paid for an unjoined Guernsey heifer, surpassing the previous record of $7800.

Kearla Latimer Koala, who is by Coulee Crest Fame Latimer and out of Global Guernsey of the Year Florando SD Koala 7th EX94, was purchased by phone by Trevor Robbins of Australia’s Livestock Exporters in Dubai with David Ninness, of Semex, making the bids at the sale.

Mr Robbins said the heifer would remain in Australia “for some time” with embryo transfer to be done before travelling to the UAE.

Mr Al Dhaheri also picked up another heifer — West Australian Colin Gilbert’s Gilbert Alstar Hetty — for $5700.

Mr Gilbert had several lots on offer with one, Gilbert Sigrid 20, matching the previous record for an unjoined Guernsey heifer sold in Australia at $7800, the second highest winning bid for the sale.

The heifer was bought by G Norris and United Kingdom Guernsey Cattle.

He sold another, Gilbert Tori, for $4800 to R and R Butler, of Glencoe.

Allan and Julie Clark, of Lismore, NSW, sold the first lot — Sunny Valley Latimer Bess — for $5000 to Martin Downs, of Numbaa.

Other buyers came from Taree, Moama, Finley and Dorrigo.

The sale average set another breed record with 10 live lots selling for $5630.

Breeders from around the Midwest attended the Tri-Koebel Dispersal

Many breeders from around the Midwest attended the Tri-Koebel Dispersal that was held at the MSU Livestock Pavilion in East Lansing on Thursday, December 21, 2017.  Terry and Jennie Koebel and their daughters Greta, Ava and Tera Baker of Three Oaks, MI., had been breeding, exhibiting and marketing Registered cattle for thirty years.  The sale was managed by CanAm Sales.  Topping the sale was an VG-2YR Atwood from Tri-Koebel Aspen Elke VG-88, who sold for $2,800.   Cowbuyer provided online bidding and a list of prices can be found here.

Eldorado daughter tops PEAKing at Christmas Tag Sale at $65,000

Peak Excta 80719 was nr.1 in the catalogue of the PEAKing at Christmas Tag Sale and topped the sale at $65,000. Excta 80719 (2873 gTPI) is sired by DG Albero Eldorado (Montross). Her dam is Endco Exacta, a successful Denver daughter of Royal-Vista Balisto Exta (mgs Epic). Foundation dam is GBM Durham Annabel. Excta 80719 has a TPI of +2873 and a NM$+968.  The 2nd highest seller was lot #82 Welcome Luxury a Silver X EX Tango X VG O-Style x Nifty, who sold for $20,000.  She has a TPI of +2728 and a NM$+839.

 62 lots were sold with a gross of over $400,000 on the first day. See complete results here

Unique Dempsey Cheers Tops the Blondin and Partners Sale at $155,000

Despite heavy snow weather, a large crowd was on hand at ferme Blondin as they say goodbye to longtime herd manager Richard Villeneuve, who has decided to pursue other endeavours.  Villeneuve was also a partner in many of their top show animals, and those animals plus some select partner consignments where sold.  The sale averaged $9097 on over 100 live lots.

Unique Dempsey Cheers who recently classified VG-89-2yr old (The first cow to do so in over 2 years in Canada) sold for $155,000 to Budjon, Vail, Abbott and Woodmansee.  Cheer’s was the 2nd 2yr old and best udder at World Dairy Expo this year and has been nominated All-Canadian and All-American.  Cheer’s is a 10th generation VG or EX going back tot he Meaford Starbuck Chrissy EX-CAN 17*  and is due April 2018 to Wilt Emilio (female).

The 2nd highest seller was MUSTHAVEN GOLDWYN JAELYN P EX-92 – the 1st Sr 3 yr old and Res Grand Champion from last years Quebec spring show sold for $45,000.  She was the All-Canadian Sr 2yr old last year as well as 1st Sr 2yr old at the Royal in 2016.

Allstar LM Durbing Angel VG-88-2yr, the 1st Sr 2yr old from Quebec Spring Show and Ontario Summer Show was the third highest seller, at $38,000.  From The Adeen Family Durbin Angel completes 7 generations VG or EX.

Selling for $35,000 was the 3rd place Jr Year Old from The Royal Winter Fair, Kawartha Armani Memory.  Consigned by Blondin, Villeneuve and Riverdown Holsteins, she was purchased by Agropecuaria Las Ventas and Select Farm Exports.  Memory was also 2nd Junior Two Year old at the International Red and White show and is due to Unstopabull in August. 

Elmbridge Atwood Angelina a VG-86-2yr due in July sold for $34,000.  She is an Atwood from the Adeen family was the 9th milking yearling at the Royal this year.

Rounding out the top Sellers was Skycrest Minico Prickles at $31,000. Prickles was purchased by Liddleholm Holstein of NY.  She was the 1st Senior Three Year Old at the Ontario Summer Show this year and has also been Nominated All-Canadian and All-American.   

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