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World Dairy Expo and Royal Red & White Grand Champion, Meadow Green Abso Fanny-Red now EX-95

Meadow Green Abso Fanny-Red-ET is the newest EX-95 cow in North America.  She is now just the 15th red and white cow in the US to achieve such a mark.  Fanny stole the hearts of dairy enthusiasts from across North America this year, earning Grand Champion honors at World Dairy Expo and the Royal Winter Fair. Fanny is owned by Triple-T Holsteins, Mike Berry, T & L Cattle, Frank & Diane Borba and Frank & Carol Borba, OH. 

Visit Triple-T Facebook page HERE to learn more about an exciting offering from Fanny in the Music City Celebration Sale!


21 new Excellent cows for Siemers Holsteins

Siemers Holsteins have recently classified with some exciting results. 21 new Excellent cows and 52 new VG-2YR olds were scored. Below are some more highlights:

Exciting Excellents:


Exciting 2-YR Olds:

    ( 2740G Delta x VG-85 Supersire x EX-93 Windbrook)

    • 4 Daughters over 2800G
    (Doorman x EX Sid x EX Sanchez)

    • Selling 3.82T 18Conf. Callen daughter in the Nashville Sale Dec. 11th
    (Monterey x EX-92 94-MS Mogul Hanker x VG-88 MOM Halo)

    • Dam of the #2 PTAT Heifer in the breed at 4.65T & 2683G
    ( 2705G Rubicon x EX-91 McCutch Roz x EX MOM Roz)

Siemers Holsteins is a 5th generation family farm in NE Wisconsin. RHA 2743 cows 37,894lbM 3.7%F 1391lbF 3.0%P 1136lbP

Tremendous Classification for Oakfield Corners Dairy

LONG-HAVEN SID CARLA, HM Grand Champion at CNY & WNY Regional Shows ’17, 1st place 5 Yr Old at the NY State Fair is now EX-94-2E EX-95 MS

Oakfield Corners Dairy, NY, recently had a tremendous classification with 6 EX, 21 VG (13 were 1st lactation), and 43 GP animals. Here’s a full listing and some pictures.

Highlights include:
— LONG-HAVEN SID CARLA, HM Grand Champion at CNY & WNY Regional Shows ’17, is now EX-94-2E EX-95 MS
— BUTZ-HILL MAGICAL MISSY-ET, now EX-93-EX-94 MS, grandam to many bulls in AI
— KEVETTA RDBRST LUCIOUS-RED, now EX-92 EX-93 MS, Grand Champion at WNY R&W Spring Show ’17 and 2nd place 4 Yr Old at NY Spring Show ’17
— OCD MOGUL JENNA FISCHER-ET, now EX-92 EX-93 MS, dam of 7HO13911 Flashy
— HOVDEN OCD SPRINKLE-ET, now EX-91, Sara’s highest scored daughter to date
— OAKFIELD WB TIFFANY-ET, now VG-89 EX-91 MS at 2 yrs, 1st place Jr 2 and Intermediate Champion at the NY State Fair. Our most exciting young cow in the barn today!!
— S-S-I SNOWMB MENNA 10054-ET, now VG-88, many grandsons in AI
— OCD RUBICON CAITLYN 4553-ET, now VG-87 at 2 yrs, +2727 GTPI, sons in AI
— OCD DELTA 33343-ET, now VG-86 at 2 yrs, +2766 GTPI, sons in AI and she will be featured in the January ’18 Holstein International!!
— OAKFIELD DLTA LOVEY 4254-ET, now VG-85 at 2 yrs, +2687 GTPI, sons in AI, from the Laurie Shiek’s
— OAKFIELD DLTA LOVEY 4250-ET, now VG-85 at 2 yrs, +2703 GTPI, sons in AI, from the Laurie Shiek’s
— OCD DELTA RAE 4278-ET, now VG-85 at 2 yrs, +2700 GTPI, sons in AI, maternal sister to 250HO12746 Rambo
— OCD KINGBOY RAE 3172-ET, GP-84 VG-MS at only 1 month fresh, full sister to 250HO12746 Rambo
— OCD DELTA LORALIE 33886-ET, GP-83 VG-MS at 2 yrs and only 3 weeks fresh, +2746 GTPI, sons in AI
— OCD DELTA FRANCES 34899-ET, GP-82 VG-MS at 2 yrs and fresh just 10 days!!!, +2796 GTPI, sons in AI, she is the highest GTPI milking daughter currently on the farm

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First Australian cow to achieve EX97 – breaking news

Australia used to be a limited hunting ground for North American breeders or investors looking for new cows and cow families.

However, time has made the world a smaller place and the results are in that there is plenty to recommend Down Under when it comes to cows that can get “Up Over”.

One herd that has drawn more attention than many is Fairvale Holsteins, in Tasmania.

It towers over other Australian prefixes when it comes to breeding International Dairy Week (IDW) Grand Champions – even though it hasn’t shown in its own right since 2002, and has never shown in its own right at IDW.

Fairvale Morty Lady 51 EX97 Grand Champion at IDW in 2011 and 2014 (for Linsand Holsteins and Matt Templeton in 2011, and Linsand Holsteins in 2014).

Fairvale, owned by Ross and Leanne Dobson, has bred and reared three cows that have won IDW Grand Champion five times for three different exhibitors between 2005 and 2014.

Its achievement is more marked because their farm in Tasmania is separated from the mainland by 240 kilometres of ocean, and the first entries wearing a Fairvale prefix didn’t debut at IDW until 1998.

Fairvale is a double Master Breeder herd, which achieved its second mantle with 6000 points to spare.

 A standout in Canada

This year, Fairvale’s name went further than that – impacting in Canada – when a Doorman granddaughter of one of the two-time IDW Grand Champions Fairvale bred (Fairvale Jed Bonnie 94-ET – 2005 & 2007) won Junior Champion for her Ontario owners (Fraeland Holsteins and Jeff Stephens) at the Dufferin-Wellington County Holstein Show in September. 

This is made more significant, because a great granddaughter of Jed Bonnie in Australia (x Goldchip) was also Junior Champion at IDW in 2015 for Fairvale and Bluechip Genetics.

Fairvale Jed Bonnie 94-ET EX90 – IDW Grand Champion Holstein 2005 and 2007. Owned by Leslie Farms and Fraeland Holsteins (Canada). Bonnie was Reserve Champion IDW 2014 for Fairvale Holsteins and Bluechip Genetics. She was never beaten in an in-milk class at IDW.

Two descendants win JC in two hemispheres

It means two of Fairvale Jed Bonnie’s descendants – just one generation apart –  have won Junior Champion in two hemispheres in the past two years.  

It is also worth noting that the Doorman is out of an EX95 Goldwyn at Fraeland Holsteins – a worthy achievement in itself for an Australian embryo to develop into a highly-classified brood cow in Canada. The Goldwyn will celebrate her 11th birthday next spring, and will soon be flushed to Dempsey. She just surpassed 100,000kg of milk lifetime. 

International opportunity now beckons the world to Fairvale 

As Fairvale prepares to sell 275 of its best in Fairvale’s Farewell on November 17, the good news continues to roll in from around the globe on this herd.

Sells at the Sale of the Stars at The Royal

Doorman Bonnie (HM All-Canadian Junior Calf in 2016) is being prepared to show at The Royal this week. And, Doorman Bonnie’s maternal sister, Fraeland Black Beauty (x Bradnick), will sell fresh as an October milking yearling at Lot 63 in the Sale of the Stars.

Meanwhile, in Australia, another Fairvale-bred exponent has hit the news.

First Australian cow to achieve EX97 – breaking news

On November 9, Fairvale heard that they have bred the first cow in Australia to achieve EX97 points.

Fairvale Morty Lady 51 EX97 Grand Champion at IDW in 2011 and 2014 (for Linsand Holsteins and Matt Templeton in 2011, and Linsand Holsteins in 2014).

Morty Lady 51 – owned by the Thompson family and US cowman Willy McKay – is 12 years old. The powerhouse, who was first singled out of Fairvale’s paddock by Lisa Thompson, and she is a popular peoples’ choice to stand at the summit of Australia’s classification points.

And, Fairvale’s own final pre-sale classification on-farm this week included a new EX94 individual (who will sell), 11 new EX, 14 VG heifers (including several VG86 two-year-olds) and five VG88 second calvers (that’s one point off max points in Australia).

15 Talent daughters scored EX in one day

Good news on classification days is not new to Ross and Leanne – they once had 15 Talent daughters score EX in a single day. They have always said they breed and develop the raw product. They rely on others to take those individuals to the next level.

International profile names to buy at Fairvale

Five international names have bought into Fairvale animals – from the US, Canada, Spain and New Zealand. Steve Fraser and Joel Kietzmann were the first – both in 2004.

Steve bought Fairvale Jed Bonnie 94-ET EX with Leslie Farms in 2004. She would go on to be a two-time IDW Grand Champion in 2005 and 2007.

Joel Kietzmann, US, bought into Fairvale Leader Josie 5-ET EX93-2E, and she would win IDW in 2006.

Fairvale animals have impressed five international buyers enough to make them reach into their pockets since the Tasmanian double Master Breeder started showing at IDW in 1998. Among them has been Spain’s Alberto Medina (pictured), who bought into Fairvale Damion Melody 700 VG88 in 2015, the first year she showed after Bluechip, Toi Toi Genetics (NZL) and Averill Leslie (NZL) bought her straight from Fairvale’s paddock. Melody was twice an All-Australian finalist, and the All-Australian Four Year Old in 2015-2016 for the partnership. The Melody family has the biggest representation in Fairvale’s Farewell.

Alberto Medina, Spain, later bought into Fairvale Damion Melody 700 VG88, who won the four-year-old All-Australian in 2015-2016 for Bluechip Genetics, Averill Leslie (New Zealand), Toi Toi Genetics (NZ), and Alberto Medina (Spain) last year. Alberto’s ownership was cut short by Bluechip’s Big Bang dispersal before Melody could reach her full potential.  

Fraeland kicking goals with Australian family in Canada

Steve Fraser has been the one to establish a strong branch of the Bonnie family in North America. He had also seen Bonnie’s dam, Fairvale Lincoln Bonnie 55 EX-3E, win Honourable Mention Senior Champion at IDW in 2000. The Lincoln was the first Fairvale animal to show at IDW, and she was also the first partnership animal in what would become a successful 20-year alliance between Fairvale and Bluechip Genetics on Fairvale’s show animals.

“The initial draw to [Jed] Bonnie was her conformation,” Steve said. “I remember seeing her win as a two-year-old and I always appreciated her. I was also at IDW in 2000 when the Jed’s dam [Fairvale Lincoln Bonnie 55] was Honourable Mention.

“So, the Jed’s pedigree and ability to breed also appealed to me to at least show or market offspring in Australia.

“As far as buying something in another country, it is a big decision. For me it was quite easy at that time. I fell in love with Jed Bonnie and I had a tremendous relationship with the gang at Leslie Farms, where she was going to live. The ability to move embryos nowadays is quite simple, so purchasing in other countries is now quite intriguing.

“This gives people in North America that opportunity to get into new families. There are definitely world-class families in Australia. For me, I always admired the Bonnies, the Nonis and the Jessicas, to name a few off the top of my head. I would put them up against any family in the world for breeding superior females.”

From small things, big things grow

Steve says the Bonnies are Fraeland’s most reliable breeding family at the farm today.

“You can never predict how things will go but as I said, with cows like Lincoln Bonnie and Jed Bonnie in the pedigree, your chances of breeding something are greatly increased. There is usually a timing factor to these stories, and having Goldwyn available at this point was a major key for us.

“He was able to add that dairy quality and silky hide, which helped keep this family modern. It is kind of amazing how competitive this family is in 2017 with the Jed and Lincoln still so close in the pedigree. It is testament to how good the females are in this family. Of all the offspring, I cannot say we have any that are disappointments.”

Pierre Boulet also buys in

Steve said they had marketed an Aftershock to Pierre Boulet. They had also sold a Sid daughter from the Goldwyn to their neighbours, who classified EX92, and Quality Holsteins recently bought an Alonzo yearling granddaughter of the Sid.

“Ari Ekstein will tell you that he is very ‘interested’ and a fan of the Bonnies,” Steve said. 

Marketing edge

The Bonnie family has given Fraeland something different from their established families in the Lila Zs, Spendors, Valiant Aprils, and Roses

2005 & 2007 – Fairvale Jed Bonnie 94-ET EX (for Leslie Farms and Fraeland Holsteins, Canada). Bonnie was Reserve Champion in 2004 (for Fairvale and Bluechip Genetics).
2006 – Fairvale Leader Josie 5-ET EX93-2E (for Fairvale, Bluechip Genetics and Joel Kietzmann, USA).
2011 & 2014 – Fairvale Morty Lady 51 EX95-4E (Linsand Holsteins and Matt Templeton in 2011, and Linsand Holsteins in 2014).

“It is a nice marketing edge. Also, for me growing up in the era of cow families correlating to certain farms, like Laurie Sheik (Comestar) and Elegance (Budjon) for example, it would be neat to have the Bonnies known as Fraeland’s lead family someday. Although, that will be hard since the offspring are so fancy and in demand.

“We have now stopped selling embryos from Goldwyn Bonnie, and we are implanting for ourselves. Early on, I did market as many embryos from her as I could.” 

With the highest North American profile names now active in Australia – including Frank and Diane Borba – the timing has never been better for investing in Australian genetics.

And, anyone who has travelled to IDW with an appreciation for Holsteins uniformly reports that Fairvale is the herd they’d most like the key to.

Click here for the link to Fairvale’s sale catalogue –

Anyone from around the world can watch and/or bid online at Fairvale’s Farewell on November 17 by going to

If you are interested in buying, or need Australian connections to organise housing opportunities, please contact the sale manager, Dean Malcolm through Facebook or on email or phone +61 417 302 037.

Picston Shottle 1,000th Excellent classified daughter in Canada

On October 19th Picston Shottle-ET (Ex-96-GBR-Extra-GM) recorded his 1000th Excellent classified daughter in Canada. She is Baertsch Shottle Barbara (Ex-90), a 7-year-old “Shottle” daughter bred and owned by Ferme Baertsch Enr., Thurso, Que. Shottle was a “Mtoto” son from Condon Aero Sharon (Ex-91-GBR-68*), the Canadian bred “Aerostar” daughter. Born and initially proven in the United Kingdom, “Shottle” was owned by Genus/ABS Global Inc. and died at 15 years of age in March 2015. “Shottle” was a Millionaire sire, a former number one Lifetime Performance Index (LPI) leader here in Canada and has had a major influence in Holstein breeding programs around the world.

The Holstein breed has another EX-96 cow – Team Durham Morgan

1st place Production Cow

It’s official, the Holstein breed has another EX-96 cow! Team Durham Morgan-ET joined the EX-96 club for owner Michael Garrow, NY. Morgan topped the Lindale and Team Holsteins Dispersal in 2015, and was the anchor of the Team show string for years. Including winning 1st place Production Cow at The MIDWEST NATIONAL SPRING SHOW in 2016.  Congratulations to her breeders Jeff Drendel and Kevin Kriegel of Team Holsteins, IL.

Bella-Rosa GW Sara scores EX-95 for Oakfield Corners

Bella-Rosa GW Sara scored EX-95 yesterday for owners Jonathan & Alicia Lamb of Oakfield Corners in NY. She is a Goldwyn x EX Spirit x All-American Beaumond Splendid Spirit EX-95. Congratulations to her breeders and everyone that has helped her develop along the way!

Sara was purchased in the 2013 National Holstein Convention Sale and has gone on to have several tremendous accomplishments including:

  • Reserve Grand Champion, CNY Holstein Show 2017
  • Grand Champion Holstein and Supreme Champion, WNY Spring Preview Show 2017
  • 1st place Aged Cow, Grand Champion and Supreme Champion, WNY Regional Show 2017
  • 2nd place Aged Cow, Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion, CNY Regional Show 2017
  • 2nd place Aged Cow, NY State Fair 2017
  • All-NY Aged Cow 2016
  • Grand Champion, WNY Regional Show 2016
  • Grand and Supreme Champion, WNY Spring Preview Show 2016



Strans-Jen-D Tequila-RED scores EX-96!

It was a great day for Milksource genetics as the classifier visited and awarded some of the herd favorites top scores.  Leading the way was two time World Dairy Expo R&W Grand Champion Strans-Jen-D Tequila-Red EX-96 an outstanding score of EX-96. Also scoring high was the Reserve All-American Four Year Old from 2016  TK-Plain-View Ripley who is newly reclassified EX-95.  Be sure to check out their Facebook page for the latest details

Two time World Dairy Expo Grand Champion Flambeau Manor RO Lauren newest Guernsey to score EX-95

Two time World Dairy Expo Grand Champion Flambeau Manor RO Lauren has officially scored EX-95 for owner Steven Van Doorn, WI. Lauren was Grand Champion in both 2013 and 2016 and is the dam of Ladys Man at Select Sires. Congratulations to the family on the outstanding achievement!

Berautec Gold Fanta scores Max VG-88 for Lookout Holsteins and Jerseys

Berautec Gold Fanta VG-88 MAX on revisit from classifiers
1st Jr 2, Reserve Intermediate and HM Grand Champion, Atlantic Summer Show

The classifiers have been busy at Lookout Holsteins and Jerseys recently! Callum McKinven shared these exciting results on some of the cows that will be in his string at World Dairy Expo next week!

Berautec Gold Fanta VG-88 MAX on revisit from classifiers
1st Jr 2, Reserve Intermediate and HM Grand Champion, Atlantic Summer Show

Rolling River Press Release VG-88 
1st Sr 2, Grand Champion Jersey and Supreme Champion, Brome Fair
Congrats to owners Adam Fraley , Eddie Sekerak and Daniel and Patti Kitchen

Lookout Tequilla Gotcha VG-87
Recently fresh Jr 2

Lookout Olympian Allstar VG-87 Jr 2

Iroquois Acres Jong Calli VG-87
Recently fresh Jr 2 Swiss

Lookout River Baby VG-87
Jr 2 Jersey

Jersey breeds newest 95 point cow- Cowbell Guapo Ricochet

The Jersey breed has a new EX-95 point cow and she calls  River Valley Farms, home. Cowbell Guapo Ricochet is the latest to achieve the accolade of 95 points and River Valley’s 12th 95 point cow.  She’s the dam of ROCKSTAR -at Semex and will compete on the colored shavings at World Dairy Expo this fall.

MS Absolute Bliss scores EX-94 Max Score

MS Absolute Bliss, the Intermediate Champion from the 2017 NY Spring Dairy Carousel, has maxed out at EX-94 with a 96 MS at just three years old.  Bliss has been the HM. ALL-CANADIAN MILKING 1-YR in 2015 and NOM. ALL-AMERICAN SR.2-YR in 2016.  Her 2nd dam is MS EXELS DUNDEE BEAUTY the 2012 and 2011 All-American Aged Cow. Look for her at World Dairy Expo

J&K-Vue Goldwyn Glamour-ET is now EX-96 3E

J&K-Vue Goldwyn Glamour-ET is now EX-96 3E at 9-02 for owner Douglas Boop, PA. Glamour was Grand Champion of the All-American Junior Holstein Show in 2016, and then went on to be selected Junior All-American & HHM All-American 150,000 Lb Cow. Congratulations to the Boop family on her continued success!

#2 NM$ sire JoSuper’s dam scores EX

In an age when many bull mothers don’t even see the classifier, last week Uecker Supersire JoSuper, the breed’s most extreme production bull, classified EX. JoSuper is currently Nr.3 for TPI and Nr.2 for Net Merit among all daughter-proven sires, and has a production proof of 3129 milk, 104 fat and 91 protein. His dam, Uecker Beacon Joyfully, is now scored EX-90 while the 2nd dam, Uecker Jango Joyful, scored EX-92. Sisters to JoSuper also received classification scores with JoSleet scoring VG-88, JoChill VG-87 and JoSolo VG-87.

Three new EX-94 cows for Kings-Ransom Farm

Kings-Ransom Farm shares exciting classification news.  Highlights of the day include three new EX-94 cows bringing their total to 8 EX-94 cows on the farm! 

  • Kings-Ransom Spch Devora: Misty Spring Speech-ET x EX-91 Goldwyn x EX-93 DOM Ricecrest Marshall x  VG-85 GMD x VG-87 GMD x VG-85 DOM x VG-85 GMD DOM x VG-85
  • Kings-Ransom McCut Diva:  One of the highest scored McCutchens in the US! McCutchen x Kings-Ransom Dorc Dextra-ET (EX-93 DOM) x VG-88 GMD DOM Mtoto x 2E-91 GMD DOM x EX-91 GMD DOM x VG-87 GMD DOM x VG-85 GMD DOM x VG-87 GMD DOM x VG-88 GMD DOM x VG-87 GMD x EX-90 GMD
  • Kings-Ransom Mg Cleavage: One of Mogul’s highest scored daughters! Mogul x EX-92 Goldwyn x Golden-Oaks Champ Rae-ET (3E-93)

Other highlights include:

  • 11 new Excellents
  • 5 VG-88 2yr Old sired by Olympian, Kingboy, Supershot, Kian, and Yode

Knonaudale Jasmine goes EX-95 4E for Kingsway Farm

The classifier recently visited Kingsway Farm with exciting results. Visit their Facebook HERE to view more photos from classification as well!

Classification results for EX cows

– Knonaudale Jasmine EX-95 4E (pictured) – Kingsway Sanchez Armadillo EX-94 2E (Nom All Am 5yr, daughter of Abrakazoo EX-91). Jasmine was the 1st Production Cow at the recent Ontario Summer Holstein Show
– Kingsway Windhammer Alga EX-93 (1st Milking Yearling Autumn Opp, daughter of Allie EX-95)
– Knonaudale Muddy EX-93 (Daughter of Jasmine EX-95, owned by Knonaudale)
– Upper Canada Atwood Delight EX-93 (2nd 4yr Ont Summer show, great grand daughter of Skychief Delight EX-95)
– Kingsway Dempsey Ruth Anne EX-92 (3rd 5yr Ont Summer show)
– Kingsway Lauthority Delilah EX-92 2E (Daughter of Deli EX-94)
– Kingsway Shadow Violet EX-91
-Kingsway Sanchez Academy EX91 2E
-Kingsway Atwood Assure EX91 2E
– Kingsway Sid Arena EX-90 (Daughter of Abba Dabba EX-94)
– Kingsway Fever Simmer EX-90
– Grillsdale Sexy Sid EX-90 (Nom All Ont Jr 3yr, owned with Matt Forestell, Trentward)
– Kingsway Goldwyn Dallas EX-90 (Daughter of Drumstick EX-95, owned with Trent Valley, Mell)
– Kingsway Brazen Marguerite EX-90
– Serenity Hill Niagra Roz EX-90 2E (Grand-dam of Unstopabull-Red)
– Kingsway Sid Karen EX-90 2E

2nd lactation classification highlights

– Kingsway Airlift Gosling VG-89 (All Cdn Int Yearling, 5th Sr 2yr WDE)
– Kingsway Windbrook Jazz VG-89 (1st 4yr Ont Summer show, daughter of Jasmine EX-95)
– Kingsway Goldwyn Elsie VG-88 (Nom All Am Milking Yearling, daughter of Lizabeth EX-96, owned with Millen)
– Kingsway Doorman Ace VG-88 (Nom All Cdn Sr Calf, owned with JPB)
– Kingsway Uno Electra VG-87 (Daughter of Lizabeth EX-96)
– Kingsway Windbrook Eleanor VG-87 (Daughter of Lizabeth EX-96)
– Kingsway Aftershock Dingaling VG-87
– Kingsway Goldwyn Auzzie VG-87 (Daughter of Abracadabra EX)
– Kingsway Windbrook Zola VG-87 (Daughter of Abrakazoo EX-91)
– Kingsway Windbrook Coffee VG-86
– Kingsway Uno Greta VG-86

Love Me is the newest VG-89 2yr Old – But that is only half the story

ZBW Corvette Love Me is the Holstein breed’s newest VG-89 2yr Old, owned by Mason Ziemba, NY. This impressive 2yr Old scored VG-89 EEEEV (her maximum score) at just 2-03. 

But the story behind this cow is equally as impressive Kevin Ziemba shares it with us:

Looking back brings us to the present and takes us into the future for an amazing cow family. First, let me introduce ZBW Corvette Love Me, our new VG-89 Jr 2 Yr Old. Love Me went 89 on Monday @ 2-3 EEEEV.

In 2005 classifier Lynn Catter told us about a Durham he had just made EX going dry at Bill Browns. She was Stone-Rise Durham Lizzy. Dev Hurley (Gail Arnold) and I looked at Lizzy dry and liked her, but knew she needed work. Barb then negotiated a deal to buy half of Lizzy and bring her to ZBW. That year after calving she was All-NY 4 Yr Old. Lizzy went on in 2007 to be 3rd at Madison and be named HHM All-American that year. That same year classifier Richard Wright put Lizzy up for committee and she was raised to 95. Lizzy finished with 13 EX daughters, but being an early Durham who made 2 50,000 pound milk records with a VG-88 Blackstars Indy dam she caught the eye of sire analyst Rick VerBeek. Lizzy was flushed multiple times for son’s to go to Select. She had 2 Ramos sons, 1 Toystory, 1 Spearmint and a Goldwyn go to Select Sires. The Toystory son Lifestory was a relatively well sold young sire.

The Toystory mating though made Lizzy’s most influential daughter SRF-ZBW TS Louana. Louana had the dairy femininity from Toystory, but the size and rear udder from Lizzy. We showed Louana at Madison as a Winter Calf in 2007 where she placed middle of the class, but she caught the eye of many international visitors and the Genex team since her mother had just placed 3rd. Louana was flushed extensively to many of the top TPI bulls of the time. She made VG and EX daughters by Dorcy, Shottle, Atwood, Paddy and Observer. The Shottle mating made a high type bull Lupe that went to Genex and the Observer mating made a bull Lennon that went to Accelerated. Louana herself went 89 as a 2 Yr Old and was Reserve All-NY 2 Yr Old. In 2011 she calved with her second calf as a 4 Yr Old. David Crackstopped in and loved her. He bought half of her with Ferme Lejeune. She then moved to Jack Lomeo Jr to be prepped for movement to Quebec and while there maxed out in score at EX-92 before heading north.

The deal taking Louana to Quebec was that we got 5 embryos in return. We decided to mate her to Gold Chip and Dempsey since all of her previous matings were for bull or embryo contracts. This one was for us. We ended up with one heifer from each mating. Lucky for sure! Little did we know how lucky we were.

The Dempsey calf was pretty wicked. She was a Spring Calf in 2013. I almost sold her 2 different times, but Barb always had a special feeling about her. ZBW Dempsey Louana as a Jr 2 in 2015 was 1st and Reserve Intermediate Champion at NY State Fair. She scored 89 that year. She is on her second lactation now and is EX-92, was HM Grand Champion at NY Spring Jr Show and is due back in September to Brewmaster.

Dempsey Louana when she calved in 2015, we calved her in the horse pens at our new place and she delivered our first heifer calf after leaving managing Woodcrest Dairy. The calf she had was an off age silky black hided Corvette. Mason immediately named her “Love Me”. I remember Brian Oster and I looking at the calf and just saying wow.

Now I’m not going to over hype this nice young cow. I’m not declaring her the one. Time will tell and many will probably have an opinion. That’s fine! What I do know is that she has a great future. She herself calved with an off age Beemer heifer. We genomic tested that calf…2200 GTPI and 3.7 Type. Love Me is on service to Chill. The Story could just be starting on this modern day type cow family. Love Me has sisters by Solomon and Beemer. The Beemer Summer Yearling (Light Beem)is high type and was 1st at NY Spring Jr Show. Light Been has pregnancies by King Doc. The Fall Calf Beemer is a November model and she was just Reserve Jr Champion open and Jr Champion Jr Show at Oneida County. She’s 3.6 Type and 2300 GTPI. The Solomon March calf is pretty special and is also over 3.5 for type. Dempsey Louana also has pregnancies by Crush, Slater, Capture and Avalanche. The family is for me the focus and the culmination of a lot of decisions and luck along the way that we are quite proud of. If you’ve actually read this to the end I thank you

Super classification results for Ferme Petitclerc

Anastasia VG 88 2Y
***Junior 2 years ol

Congratulations to Ferme Petitclerc, QC, who shared their recent classification news. You can see more photos by visiting their Facebook page HERE

-Petitclerc Goldwyn Anouk EX-93, she’s on IVF program!!!
-Massico Windbrook Charly EX-93 2E
-Petitclerc Goldwyn Annabel EX-92 2E
-Petitclerc Goldwyn Margo EX-92 3E
-Petitclerc Goldwyn Shadow EX-91 2E
-Petitclerc Shottle Satin EX-92 2E
-Petitclerc Goldwyn Venus EX 2E

VG 2nd calf
VG 1st calf
-Petitclerc Doorman Anastasia VG-88, Daughter of Anouk & pictured
-Petitclerc Sid Souky VG-86, daughter of Goldwyn Silver EX-92 3Y US-MAX score
-Petitclerc Doorman A-Game VG, Daughter of Anouk
-Petitclerc Sid Aruba VG
-Petitclerc McCutchen Nirvana VG
-Petitclerc Reginald Allisa VG
-Petitclerc Artistic Attina VG

– Pierstein Windbrook Tibout VG- 89 91-MS Max score, daughter of Pineland Goldwyn Tidbit.
-Petitclerc Atwood Atlas VG-88, sister to Anouk
-Lingle Goldchip Féline VG-88
-Petitclerc Goldwyn Arrow VG-87, Anouk family
-Petitclerc Aftershock Scottie VG-87, daughter of Goldwyn Sidney VG-87 2Y, 2nd dam Spades !
-Petitclerc Mascalese Adonia VG
-Petitclerc Windbrook Smily VG

New Excellent Red 2-Year-Old!!

It does not happen that often because in the US cows must be calved a 2nd time before being elegible for the EX score. However, with the current practice of calving heifers much younger, it is now not quite so rare. The latest cow to achieve the EX score as a 2-year-old is Sunnyside Candy Heztry-Red. Bred by the Borgwardt family at Sunnyside Dairy Farms in Wisconsin, she won the Milking Yearling class at the World Dairy Expo for them last fall before being named All-American. This spring she sold to Stransky and T&L Cattle of Minnesota in the Quest for Success sale. Candy is a Heztry daughter out of an EX Destin backed by a Redlou and a Rampage.

NEW EX-96-2E at Ferme Jacobs!

Ferme Jacobs shares their excitement about their newest home bred EX-96-2E point cow JACOBS FEVER CAEL EX-95.  Cael was grand champion at last years Trios Rivieres show as well as HM. ALL-CANADIAN 4-YR 2016.

Other classifications results include:
1er veau / 1st calf
2e veau / 2nd calf
3e veau et plus / 3rd calf or more

Musquie Iatola Martha Scores EX 96

Musquie Iatola Martha, who has won three consecutive Supreme Champion titles at the World Dairy Expo and The Royal Winter Agricultural Fair, has added to her growing list of accomplishments.

She is newly classified as EX-96, the first Jersey cow in the MilkSource Genetics herd to achieve such heights.

“Martha has tremendous style and balance throughout,” said John Vosters, MilkSource Genetics partner. “She is long from nose to tail and walks on a wonderful set of feet and legs. But her incredible mammary system is her calling card that enables her to consistently top her competition. With an extremely high and wide rear udder, a long smoothly attached fore udder, a strong center crease and terrific udder quality, she is truly second to none right now.”

Martha was named Supreme Champion of The Royal during both the 2015 and 2016 shows. In between, she garnered the same honor at the 2016 World Dairy Expo. Martha was named a unanimous All-American and All-Canadian Cow in both 2015 and 2016, as well.

Martha joins elite company in the MilkSource Genetics herd where Blondin Redman Seisme (a Red & White) reached EX-97 and Lovhill Goldwyn Katrysha (Holstein) preceded her to the EX-96 classification.

“Martha is a beautiful cow,” said Jim Ostrom, MilkSource Genetics partner. “She’s a born champion who continues to display the disposition and qualities that make her stand out among some of the most amazing animals in the world.”

The First Ever EX-97 Brown Swiss is Two Time World Dairy Expo Grand Champion – Brown Heaven Glenn Fantasy

Brown Heaven Glenn Fantasy now  EX-97!

History was written today when two-time World Dairy Expo Grand Champion, Brown Heaven Glenn Fantasy is the first Brown Swiss cow to score EX-97.  Her impressive show record is:

1st Junior Heifer Expo Quebec 2010 & H.M. Jr Champion
4th Junior Heifer Royal 2010
Nominated All-Candian Junior Heifer 2010
1st Jr. Yrlg & Junior Champion SIL 2011
1st Jr. Yrlg & Junior Champion Expo Quebec 2011
4th Jr. Yrlg Madison 2011
2nd Jr. Yrlg Royal 2011
1st Jr. 2-Yr-Old World Dairy Expo, Madison 2012
1st Jr. 2-Yr-Old, Intermediate Champion, H.M. Grand Champion & Champion Bred and Owned Royal 2012
2nd Jr. 3-Yr-Old WDE, Madison 2013
1st 4-Yr-Old best udder & Bred owned WDE, Madison 2014 & Reserve Grand Champion WDE 2014
All American & All Canadian 4-Yr-Old
1st 5-Yr-Old best udder & Bred owned WDE, Madison 2015
Grand Champion WDE 2015
1st 5-Yr-Old Best udder & Bred owned Supreme Dairy Showcase 2015
Grand Champion Supreme Dairy Showcase 2015
Unanimous All American 2015 5 Yr-Old
1st 6-Yr-Old Best udder & Bred owned WDE 2016
Grand Champion WDE 2016
1st 6-Yr-Old best udder & bred & owned
Grand Champion Supreme Dairy Showcase 2016
Supreme Champion Suprême Laitier 206
Unanimous All American 2016 Mature Cow

WALK ERA DUNDEE ANNELISE the breeds newest 95 point cow

The breeds newest 95 point cow is WALK ERA DUNDEE ANNELISE. Congratulations to her breeders Marci L Walker Alli Walker and everyone at Walk Era farms and to her owners Budjon and partners Tim & Sharyn Abbott. Annalise was the Junior All-American Jr. 2-Yr.-Old in 2014 as well as nominated All-American that year.

Maternal Sisters Go VG-89-2YR at Reyncrest

Reyncrest Hez Gold Chain now VG-89-2yr

For many breeders, they dream of breeding a VG-89-2yr old in the career, but at Reyncrest in New York, they had two maternal sisters achieve this success on the same day. Reyncrest Hez Gold Chain (by Heztry) and Reyncrest WB Gold Ring (by Windbrook) were both 2 years and 8 months old when scored, and are out of the Goldwyn daughter Reyncrest Gold Locket. Behind that is an EX-94 Rubens and then a Red Marker and a Juror.  Reyncrest is owned and operated by The Reyonlds family, John and Shelley Reynolds along with their family Tyler, Mackenzie and Andrewm and are from Western New York, and milk 1200-cow.

Briar-Berry Cntdr Tabby-Red Newest EX-95 Red Cow in the USA

Briar Berry Cntnd Tabby-Red now EX-95

This just in! Briar-Berry Cntdr Tabby-Red was just classified, EX-95 @ 6-05!

Tabby has been nominated All-American THREE times!

Sired by Contender, Tabby’s dam is a VG-88 Advent, her next dam an EX-91 Charles.

Congratulations, to her owner, Todd Whittier!


Outside passes 1,000 Excellent Daughters in Canada

Comestar Outside, who would have turned 23 this year, now has 1000 EX daughters in Canada. Outside is now the 2nd sire to accomplish this feat with Braedale Goldwyn passing the 1,000 EX mark in Canada back in November 2012 and now stands at 3133 EX daughters in Canada (Read more: GOLDWYN FIRST EVER TO 1000 EX DAUGHTERS IN CANADA).  

Millionaire sire, Comestar Outside EX-95-CAN    GM’12 EXTRA’98

 The 1,000th EX daughter was HOWLAND OUTSIDE PATTY  who went EX-90 for her owners SARMAR Holsteins in Atwood Ontario.  Her dam was a G-79 STEEPLEHIGH CAFFERY daughter.   Outside was the third Millionaire Sire from the Laurie Sheik family, being a Ronnybrook Prelude son x Blackstar full sister to icons Comestar Leader and Comestar Lee. Thier dam was COMESTAR L OR BLACK VG-87-5YR-CAN 16*, then one of the greatest breeding cows in history COMESTAR LAURIE SHEIKVG-88-5YR-CAN 23*, Holstein Canada Cow of the Year 1995.

Avonlea Gator Kimber now Max Score EX 94

Arethusa Farm of Litchfield, CT recently hosted the Jersey classifier for a great classification day, featuring several new maximum lactation score cows.

Highlights from the May 2017 classification included:
Avonlea Gator Kimber EX94 max
Arethusa HG Victoria EX93 max
Arethusa Ringmstr Corinne EX93 max
Arethusa Comerica Veda EX92
Maple Croft Tequila Violet EX92, owned by Coutu
Arethusa HG Svana EX91 max
Arethusa Impression Sunshine EX 91 max
Arethusa Imp Villeneuve EX91 max
Arethusa Impression Juno EX91 max, owned by Coutu & Miller
Arethusa Vespera EX91 max
Arethusa HG Verity EX90
Arethusa Excitation Vanessa EX90
Maple Croft Tequila Vixen VG89 2Y max, owned by Coutu
Arethusa Tequila Express VG88 2Y
Sterling’s Premier Style VG87 2Y, owned by the Sterling Sydicate
Arethusa Excitement Erica VG86 2Y
Arethusa Excitement Viper VG86 2Y

Results from their August 2016 Classification:

High Scoring Individuals
Page-Crest Excitation Karlie EX95 (max score)
Arethusa Vixens Presto EX94 (max score)
Arethusa Tequila Vanna EX93 (max score)
Knappway BRC Bang A Gong EX93 (max score)
Avonlea Gator Kimber EX93 (max score)

Excellent Three Year Olds
Payneside Mac N Cheese EX91 (max score)
Arethusa Mini Vee EX91 (max score)
Arethusa Ringmaster Corinne EX91 (max score)
Elliotts Sterling Impression EX90
Maplecroft Tequila Violet EX90
Arethusa HG Valley EX90

Very Good Two Year Olds
Arethusa Impression Sunshine VG89
Arethusa Vespera VG89
Arethusa Impression Villenueve – VG88
Arethusa HG Svana VG88
Arethusa Impression Solaris VG87
Arethusa Reford Pricilla VG87
Karlies Response Keatin VG87
Arethusa Scout Lila VG86
Arethusa Impression Veramonte VG86
Arethusa Excitation Vanessa VG85
Karlies Giller Kesha VG85
Arethusa Impression Juno VG85

High Scoring Individuals
Arethusa Sanchez Viona EX94
Ernest-Anthony Accolade EX94
Crovalley Knowledge Akika EX94
Arethusa Ambition Daisy EX92
Ms Tri Dee Atwood Tara EX92
Crovalley Gold Rapcity EX90

Excellent Three Year Olds
Arethusa Goldsun Abby EX91
Arethusa Sid Anetia EX90
Arethusa Goldsun Ingrid EX90
Arethusa Windbrook Lucy EX90
Arethusa Windbrook Zig Zag EX90

Very Good Two Year Olds
Arethusa Goldsun Tia VG88
Arethusa Brokaw Vestah VG88
Arethusa Absolute Destiny VG87
Lake-Point Atlantic Lila – VG87
Arethusa Goldchip Valesca VG87
Arethusa Atwood Vannora VG87
Arethusa Perseus Alana VG86
Arethusa Goldsun Disaronno VG86
Arethusa Sid Astra VG86
Arethusa Windbrook Acacia VG85
Arethusa Goldchip Alahanna VG86
Arethusa Perseus Alora VG85
Arethusa Goldchip Aneko VG85
Arethusa Goldchip Mio VG85
Arethusa Goldchip Tristan VG85

Co-Vale Dempsey Dina Now Max Score Ex-94

Co-Vale Dempsey Dina, the Intermediate Champion from the 2015 Royal Winter Fair is now maxed score Ex-94 with a 95 mammary systems.     Dina was also the 1st place Sr 2yr at the International Holstein Show in 2015 and is fresh about 7 weeks and looks amazing and is a 3rd calf 4yr old for this year’s show season.  Dina is owned by Ransom Rail Holstein and Bob Landis and is houses at Triple T Holsteins.

Ridgedale-T Raichu-Red now EX-96 4E

Ridgedale-T Raichu-Red EX-96 4-E

When the classifiers visited Ridgedale in New York last week Raichu became EX-96 4-E at over 12 years old. Raichu was named Grand Champion 10th annual Premier National Junior Events at the 2013 All-American Dairy Show in Harrisburg for her owners W. Cyrus Conrad, Sharon Springs, N.Y. Raichu is sired by Talent and has a red EX-95 Advent sister in the herd. Their dam is an EX-93 Arnell Elegant backed by a Milestone from the Roxy family. Ridgedale currently has 71 EX animals in a herd of just over 100 milking cows.

The TANK: Peak Goldwyn Rhapsody newest EX-97 cow in the breed!

Peak Goldwyn Rhapsody aka The Tank has gone EX 97. She recently won the UK Dairy Expo, for the 2nd time.

The breed’s newest EX-97 point cow is Peak Goldwyn Rhapsody, aka: “the TANK”!. She Is owned by Peak &  Sterndale Holsteins. She recently won the UK Dairy Expo, for the 2nd time and was named Supreme Champion at the UK Dairy Expo in 2017.  Peak Goldwyn Rhapsody is the 13th generation of Excellent in a row, carries THE “golden” cross with Goldwyn out of a Shottle dam and goes back on the American Audrey Posch cow family through Pinehurst breeding program.

Peak Goldwyn Rhapsody newest EX-97

Siemers Holsteins Enjoys Great Classification Day

Siemers Holsteins reports of a great classification day with 43 new Excellent cows, and over 50 new Very Good 2 year olds. In the herd there are currently over 1000 VG and EX cows.




SIEMERS BOOKEM ROZ 18034 2344G EX-93 93-MS (Merjack son headed to Semex)

SIEMERS MOGUL APPLE-STAR-ET*RC *TV 2260G 3.47T EX-91 EX-MS (Sons at Semex, Select, and Blondin) SIEMERS MCCUTCH ROZ-ET 2521G EX-90 92-MS









SIEMERS CRWNP APPLESTAR-RED *PO 2159G 3.3T VG-85 VG-MS (High Type Brash sons headed to AI)











Siemers Holsteins is a 5th generation family farm in NE Wisconsin. RHA 2746 cows 37,564 3.7% 1377 3.0% 1108

2X R&W All-American, Cleland Advent Alexia-Red, Newest EX95

Golden Oaks Farm of Wauconda, IL is happy to announce that the two-time R&W All-American Cleland Advnt Alexia-Red has been approved by the Holstein USA Classification Committee for EX95.

Cleland Advnt Alexia-Red, newly approved for EX95, pictured here as the winner of the 125K Pound Cow Class at the 2016 WDE.
In addition to her two All-American titles, in 2016 as a Production Cow and in 2015 as an Aged Cow, Alexia was the Reserve Senior Champion of the International Red & White Show at World Dairy Expo in 2016, and was HM Senior Champion there in 2015. She has also taken home the Senior & Grand Champion banners, as well as the Best Udder Award, at the 2015 Midwest Spring National Red & White Show.

Alexia, who will turn nine in September, is ready to make a run at a third Unanimous All-American title in the production cow class. Bred by Jason Cleland, WI, she is an Advent from an EX94-DOM show-winning dam in her own right, Cleland SS Alexis. Alexis is a September Storm from a VG85 Allegro, followed by a VG87 Red Marker out of an EX91 full sister to Tri-Day Ashlyn EX96-2E-GMD-DOM.

Congratulations to Golden Oaks, the Cleland family and all involved in Alexia’s successes.

Canada’s Newest EX-96 Cow – MYSTIQUE BEACON BARB

Congratulations to ferme AROLENE on MYSTIQUE BEACON BARB scoring EX-96-2E-CAN.  Barb scored 96 Rump, 96 Mammary System, 95 feet and legs and 97 dairy strength.  Bred by ferme Blondin and Ferme Mystique Barb is a END-ROAD BEACON from a VG-88 2yr Toystory REGANCREST TS BENSHAE who is a daughter from nonother than REGANCREST-PR BARBIE (Read more: Regancrest PR Barbie).

Three New VG-89-2YR USA in the past 30 days


Over the past 30 days, there have been three new VG-89 2-year-olds.  They are COMESTAR HOPRA ATWOOD who had been the 4th place Milking Yearling at World Dairy Expo this past year for owners Budjon and Vail (Read more: International Holstein Show – World Dairy Expo 2016).  Also, achieving the maximum score are WILLOWS-EDGE ATWOOD BELIEVE for Jordan & Claire Van Dyk and CONANT-ACRES ATWOD LOGAN for Kaicey Conant.

NameID%RHAUdder ScoreFeet & Legs ScoreFinal ScoreAgeOwnerState
WILLOWS-EDGE ATWOOD BELIEVE301431618810090858911-FebJordan & Claire Van DykWI
COMESTAR HOPRA ATWOOD-ET10910673810091888906-FebPeter & Lyn Vail & Budjon FarmsWI
CONANT-ACRES ATWOD LOGAN-ET7269790910088908906-FebKaicey ConantME
GOFF MOGUL 48048736258329390858810-FebGoff DairyNM
RYAN-VU CHELIOS MOCHA312406380710090858810-FebDylan & Cameron RyanWI
CONANT-ACRES BUXTON DARLA7269789010090858809-FebDuane W. ConantME
OUR-FAVORITE BARBRAE-RED-ET14305883410088878809-FebGary SellWI
WILLOWS-EDGE GD FRANKIE301431619510088878809-FebHendrik W. Van DykWI
SPOTS-PRIDE MCHTCHEN GALAXY30134951449990858807-FebEmily Yeiser & Amy Yeiser LeslieMD
HILLPINE DS NIGHT MOVES7416223110090878806-FebMegan R LauberWI
INTENSE ABSOLUTE TWITTY-RED-ET10896142310090858806-FebDawson & Kylie NickelsWI
KIKO MOGUL MARA 1095741785289988868806-FebGarrett W. Schmidt & Jessica PeterWI
MD-MAPLE-DELL GOLD INOLA-ET7190026910088868806-FebChase Logan SavageMD
MD-MAPLE-DELL GOLD INGA-ET7190027510088888805-FebDerek PatrickMD
FLOWER-BROOK DEL-RAE-RED-ET7412932110090848804-FebAndrew D. StueweMN
DRIFTLINE ADVENT JEZELL-RED14326441510089868803-FebAllen & Shirley SellWI
EDEN-VIEW ATWOOD ELVIRA7334305010090888803-FebEric NiswanderPA
MAPEL WOOD KINGBOY LACEY-ET121868799989878803-FebJacob R SiemersWI
BRIGEEN ANAHEIM REGINA-ET312775408410092848802-FebBrigeen Farms, Inc.ME
NEHLS-VALLEY DECLAN EMPIRE733509041008988882-00Brandon J. NehlsWI
GOFF MOGUL 47834733781259686878711-FebGoff DairyNM
HOLBRIC ELEGANT COMET301323258610085898711-FebMark R. OlbrichIL
KRULL AVATAR DJ-RED301313861110087878711-FebCarley KrullWI
LARS-ACRES FELICES FLYER-ET726738179987858711-FebLarson Acres, Inc.WI
MS R-VU G W ATWOOD DELIVERY312406380610085838711-FebChad & Mark RyanWI
WILDWEED BRADNICK TOUCHE14293188610088848711-FebJames L. BehlingWI
WILLOWS-EDGE GD PRAYER301431618910087838711-FebHendrik W. Van DykWI
GRASS-RIDGE JEYAL DOORMAN30137727769689848710-FebGrass Ridge Farm LLCWI
IHG TANGO VARSITY 55689-ET301035443610086868710-FebRickert Brothers LLCWI
HILLPINE AVATAR MASTER7274632110087868709-FebLauber FarmWI
HOEK-TEX GABOR 7059730724098786878709-FebGerard HoekmanTX
KMH BROKAW JEM-TW14330628110088878709-FebBrian Edward RohloffWI
LINERWAY-CM ABSOL SASSY-ET7369943110085868709-FebNicholas A. & Jessica SarbackerWI
OCD ATWOOD TEXAS-ET301346455410087858709-FebEric Sneller & Kleeland DairyMI
ROUSELL-FMS AR ALLISON-RED313090793410087868709-FebKenneth R. Rousell Jr.NY
SAVAGE-LEIGH ABSOLUTE LIGHT300781072510086878709-FebAllison GaltonNY
SCENIC-EDGE JEZABELLE-RED7173071910088838709-FebMatthew & Valerie C KramerWI
SIEMERS DEFIANT LAUREN-ET312373829810087848709-FebCooper GaltonNY
SMITH-CREST ADONIS ISSY14322259010088858709-FebMatt & Travis SmithWI
SUNNY-VALLEY FOXY-RED-ET300450865310087838709-FebWayne R. DeBuhrWI
WEIS-WAY ATWOOD COLBY-ET7325100210088878709-FebWeis Way DairyWI
WEIS-WAY RAINEY MAGIC7425316310088868709-FebWeis Way DairyWI
CLELAND ABSOLTLY ACTIVE-RED14305492410087868708-FebJason J. ClelandWI
DIRIGO CORVETTE JORJA7269790210088858708-FebBrian R. KeeneME
GOLDEN-OAKS LET ME DREAM-ET301387414510087888708-FebGolden Oaks FarmIL
KRULL EXCUSE ME301313864310086878708-FebCarley KrullWI
RO-MAR-CO G CHIP PUNKIE14307147510088858708-FebRoy M. & Emma L. CordellPA
WILLOWS-EDGE GD VANGUARD301431620410087858708-FebHendrik W. Van DykWI
BRIGEEN GOLDCHIP S RILLA312602575810088858707-FebBrigeen Farms, Inc.ME
GOLDEN-OAKS DOOR BECCA30138741739987848707-FebGolden Oaks FarmIL
GOLDEN-OAKS DOORMAN LYNSEY30138741859987868707-FebTy Daniel RossAZ
GROSS-FARM SANCHEZ LOTTA312359872110088878707-FebNorman GrossMI
LEANINGHOUSE ANAHM 21101-ET7414685210086868707-FebRock Hill Dairy LLCNM
MDF GABOR 41627365949610090788707-FebMason Dairy Farm LLCOK
MILGENE HALO JIGGY WITH IT301386326710088858707-FebHildebrandt Family Farm LLCWI
WILDWEED LADD MARGARITA-RED14323608710086878707-FebBudjon FarmsWI
BUTLERVIEW AT ALBANY-ET312594455510087838706-FebMakayla OsingaTX
CONANT-ACRES CORVETTE CROWN7269791310088858706-FebConant Acres, Inc.ME
FUHRMANN-VU ATWOOD GINGER312522953710086858706-FebSophia Fuhrmann & Bryce GingerichIN
HARMONY-HO GW ATWOOD ULTIMA7283975610090858706-FebRalph A. Bredl, Jr.WI
INSPIRACRES DSTRY JALEN-RED313038781310087868706-FebJustin PattersonWI
JACOBS GOLDWYN CHASE-ET1088242129888868706-FebGolden Oaks FarmIL
LARS-ACRES GWATWD LANDI-ET312400347110088868706-FebBrooke M, Dane J & Luke E TrustemWI
MACLAND HAMMER N CHISELD-ET301228310510088848706-FebHammertime HolsteinsWI
MDF G W ATWOOD 1297201168610087858706-FebMason Dairy Farm LLCOK
MISS CHARM CITY-ET312648255510086868706-FebNathan Heim,Charles Zook & Davis SchwartzbeckMD
MS APPLE ANZLEE-ET312455401910087888706-FebErnest W. KueffnerMD
MS D ANGEL DAELYN-ET31252117009988838706-FebStanley J. HaedgeTX
NEHLS-VALLEY CHIKO-RED-TW7335089010088868706-FebSeth NehlsWI
PIERSTEIN RMH WIND AUTUMN-ET1144600110087878706-FebHoward E. Binder, Jr.CO
RICKLAND MONTROSS 5321-ET30150308929987868706-FebRickert Brothers LLCWI
RODEMSAY ATWOOD ANNA-ET10867500410088868706-FebTrevor Tuman & Chandler BeningMN
SAVAGELEE-TM ACTON BLUSH-ET312483799910086878706-FebThomas T. MercuroMD
SAVAGELEE-TM BRITA-RED-ET312379685310087868706-FebKendall A. WelshMD
SCARLET-MAPLE ATWOD TISBURY7278720810088858706-FebDaniel P. EshPA
SUNNYSIDE CANDY HEZTRY-RED312601042810088878706-FebSunnyside Dairy Farms, LLCWI
CONANT VALLEYVILLE DSY JINX7269791910088868705-FebConant Acres Inc & Frizzells Valleyville Fm InME
GOLD-BARBARA BURGUNDY-ET301295873410087858705-FebGlaz-Way Enterprises LLCCA
MS MD-MAPLE-DELL DRCY IDRIS7444752010086888705-FebChip Savage, Dennis Patrick & Sean JohnsonMD
WEIS-WAY ATWOOD JASMIN7425315210088868705-FebGreta WeisWI
WILLOWS-EDGE GD JASMINE312646009610087858705-FebJordan & Claire Van DykWI
CONANT-ACRES ATWOOD LADY-ET312765914410086908704-FebKaicey ConantME
BRIGEEN BOMBERO GIGI-ET312775404110088858703-FebVivian BriggsME
JMK MAYFIELD 26017458208410087868703-FebNina KosterTX
MS APPLE AMIRAH-RED-ET312691849910089878703-FebEugene M. PoirierNY
WARGO-ACRES PROSPECT MINER7065439610087878703-FebWargo AcresWI
CO-OP WINDSOR APPLE 7366-ET30130016929988858611-FebRalph A. Bredl, Jr.WI
GRAYSTAR CHELIOS KERRY1195597310086858611-FebHidden Hills DairyMI
HARGRAVE DP ASHLEY-RED-TW14294064010087848611-FebDennis Allen SnyderNY
INSPIRACRES LTHORITY HANNAH313038780010087848611-FebSteve & Sharon PattersonWI
LEANINGHOUSE DOM 207657345028310087858611-FebRock Hill Dairy LLCNM
MAR-RAND CHELIOS MISTY7355416910086848611-FebRandy L. BruinsWI
MDF BRADNICK 4100736594348786858611-FebMason Dairy Farm LLCOK
OCEAN-VIEW ATWOOD DOMINO14338406110085878611-FebJanelle BrunerWI
RISER-4 GABOR 6802312462762210088838611-FebJocelyn Rose RiserPA
BATTIST AIRLIFT CHERUB7287305510085868610-FebBattist Farms, Inc.WI
BER-SHER TANGO LOCKET LOIS7360745510085858610-FebRonald Brinks & Kenda Brinks RiveraMI
HOLGER-LRS SANCHEZ BRITTANY300897830010086838610-FebHolger-LRS Farm LLCMI
IHG TANGO VARSITY 55691-ET301035443810087828610-FebThomas T. MercuroMD
WARGO-ACRES DELECTABLE740636059987838610-FebWargo AcresWI
BRIALEX ATWOOD BON BON7524551010086858609-FebMilton A. BeatoTX
BRUINS-DALE SID BROOKE7174982010087828609-FebByron W. BruinsWI
BULLDOG DESTRY TAWNY7230296310086858609-FebShelby IagerMD
GOLDEN-OAKS U CHARDONNAY-ET301387409810087828609-FebGolden Oaks FarmIL
HILLPINE REGINALD CHIC7274632510090848609-FebLauber FarmWI
JIMKA PALERMO ADELINA7335263710086868609-FebJimka HolsteinsWI
JIMKA SHOT TEQUILA7335263510087848609-FebJimka HolsteinsWI
MAN-LEN TUGOOD CORAL-RED14324015410086848609-FebJohn & Julie Schmitz & Lenkaitis HolsteinsMN
MS ELLEE ATWOOD EVE-ET14396478010087858609-FebMike Heath, Mike Berry & Richard SchwartzbeckMD
OAKFIELD ABS SNOOZER-RED-ET312402452110086848609-FebNorman W. Voss, Jr.DE
OURWAY ATWOOD LUCKY14328019810086858609-FebMason Dairy Farm LLCOK
SIEMERS MCCUTCH BERRINA31237381869986858609-FebJordan C. & Connor J. SiemersWI
SUNNY-VALLEY FIONA-RED-ET300450865210085878609-FebWayne R. DeBuhrWI
WALK-ERA G CHIP ALLIJEAN7189621510087838609-FebWalk-Era Farms, Inc.WI
WEIS-WAY ATWOOD CALYPSO-ET7325100610085858609-FebWeis Way DairyWI
YONKMAN-S-D WATSON 206830073007219987838609-FebSamuel J. YonkmanMI
COLDSPRINGS DENALI 58917291952210086848608-FebMatthew M. HoffMD
GOFF DAVINCI 48435736262199788798608-FebGoff DairyNM
GOFF OLEGANT 48455736262399387838608-FebGoff DairyNM
HOEK-TEX GABOR 7093730724438786828608-FebGerard HoekmanTX
HOEK-TEX GULF 581733105476886828608-FebGerard HoekmanTX
KEVI-CA BOLTON 61743770655085868608-FebKevin D MartinMD
KLINGENDALE DEMPSEY DARBY14366970610086868608-FebJohn KlingensmithOH
LADYS-MANOR O SHINDIG-ET312377499810088838608-FebLadys Manor LLCMD
NISE-N-FANCY FIRECRACKR-RED14326429110086858608-FebAnna, Noah, Oliver & Owen NisenIN
R-VISION BRADNICK LIBERTY7342126210087848608-FebBrock IrwinIL
SAVAGE-LEIGH ARMANI BEAUTY312379682210085868608-FebSavage-Leigh FarmMD
SENLAND DEFENDER SONIYA14302290310086858608-FebJames P. SennWI
SIEMERS MOREGOLD ASHLEYGAL312373841210086868608-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
TA-LEONARD CALIBER BOPEEP7189492310087838608-FebTimothy J. & Amy M. LeonardMN
VAZDALE ABSOLUTE SARADA-RED312389351910085848608-FebAndrew Vaz, Jr.NM
WELCOME MONTROSS PURSE-ET301436604810088878608-FebLadys Manor LLCMD
WOODCREST SUPERSIRE FAYE301321749510087858608-FebWoodcrest Dairy LLCNY
APPEALING JACEY NOVA736256329987858607-FebS. Scott & April D. CooperPA
ARB-FLO-SPR JASPER HAZE7392827010085878607-FebJamie ArbaughMD
COLDSPRINGS RAINY 59837291961410086868607-FebMatthew M. HoffMD
HOLYLAND EXCITE 2501-ET31240180909987838607-FebSummit Farms LLCWI
LARS-ACRES BOOKEM GLORIOUS31240033669987838607-FebLarson Acres, Inc.WI
LEANINGHOUSE A 21292-RED-ET312458493510086838607-FebRock Hill Dairy LLCNM
RICKLAND MONTROSS 5278-ET301503084910086868607-FebRickert Brothers LLCWI
T-SPRUCE GREENWAY 8486-ET734556749986838607-FebT-SpruceMN
WARGO-ACRES SM MOUNTAIN-ET7406367510090808607-FebWargo AcresWI
WEIS-WAY RAINEY MAGGIE7425314610085848607-FebWeis Way DairyWI
WILLOWS-EDGE ATTIC VACATION301431620710086858607-FebHendrik W. Van DykWI
BATTIST MALONE MIKAYLA312647977210085868606-FebBattist Farms, Inc.WI
BLONDIN ARMANI STELLA ARTO-RED10904595710087848606-FebMichael & Laura J RammerWI
CURR-VALE BROKAW HARLEY-ET7232778010086868606-FebJacyie & McKenna Kerrick William & Kathryn SimDE
DAL-ANN JACKMAN PORT733430399990818606-FebDale E. NiswanderPA
G&S ARMANI ANGELINA-ET312599355610087848606-FebGregory Warren KnutsenDE
GOFF SHOT 489687362675210087858606-FebGoff DairyNM
GOLDEN-OAKS ASHOCK DEVIA301387420910086858606-FebLillian M. HelbigIL
HO-CRAWF BIG TIME RUSH7393582010086828606-FebShelby R. CrawfordPA
HYDEAWAY SANCHEZ MADELYNN7304166110087838606-FebMakayla OsingaTX
J&S JMK ATWOOD 25177418854610086858606-FebJohn KosterTX
KMH SANCHEZ ELSA14402850010086848606-FebEloise A & Edward K RohloffWI
LADIES-RUN AS KARINA-ET14321759810087858606-FebKari Michalovich & Linda BehlingWI
LADYS-MANOR KGIRL OH-ET31266371359987858606-FebLadys Manor LLCMD
LARS-ACRES GWAT TRENDING-ET312400347810083868606-FebLarson Acres, Inc.WI
LEANINGHOUSE O 21104-RED-ET7414685510087828606-FebRock Hill Dairy LLCNM
MD-HARMONY CLT 45 VICKY-RED7303883710087858606-FebGregory W. Knutsen & Harmony Farms LLCDE
MD-MAPLE-DELL BERKO AUSTEN7190026410086858606-FebMaple Dell FarmsMD
MDF DEFIANT 1357201169210087788606-FebMason Dairy Farm LLCOK
MISS ATWOOD HAMSTER312558467610086858606-FebK. & S. Loehr & J., S. & A. BuchholzWI
MS A-BOOK-ET736777299987858606-FebThomas J. KestellWI
MS CURR-VALE ATWD MOONSHINE7232777010085858606-FebLawayne MartinMD
MS ZIEMS ATWOOD HARMONY-ET7277329310086848606-FebZiems Fms, Kevin & Barb & Tim & Leah ZiembaNY
NEHLS-VALLEY CHICKY-TW7335089110087868606-FebSeth NehlsWI
PEACE&PLENTY WDBR REGAL-ET14314014610086868606-FebTaylor SchwartzbeckMD
PHEASANT-ECHOS BRDNK DEBBIE14314727310085868606-FebTrinity Kaye MillerMD
ROSEDALE FOXY CLEOPATRA301348684310086838606-FebJanelle BrunerWI
SAVAGE-LEIGH LUSHS WB-ET300781065710086858606-FebConnor Lane Savage & Drew J BenferMD
SAVAGELEE-TM BILLI-RED-ET312379685210087818606-FebJacey Sue RossAZ
SIEMERS DOORMAN 2234031237386299687858606-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SPOTS-PRIDE BRKAW GOOGLE-ET301349515110087838606-FebEmily Yeiser & Amy Yeiser LeslieMD
STARWARD MALONE JYPSIE-RED14309355610086848606-FebWalter GremelMI
VO-MI ATWOOD 1310312558561310086858606-FebMark VossekuilWI
WALK-ERA AFTERSCK MARVELL312602583610086858606-FebWalk-Era Farms, Inc.WI
WALK-ERA ATWD SUNNYDAY312602584210086858606-FebWalk-Era Farms, Inc.WI
WEIS-WAY RAINEY ALICE7425314910085878606-FebWeis Way DairyWI
WILLOWS-EDGE GD LAVENDER312646008910087858606-FebHendrik W. Van DykWI
WILLOWS-EDGE SID LIAISON312646009010086858606-FebJordan & Claire Van DykWI
WILLOWS-EDGE STANLEY ATHENA301318322410086838606-FebHendrik W. Van DykWI
WOODCREST CORVETTE LINDY312624323910085858606-FebWoodcrest Dairy LLCNY
WVA-GREYSTONE TGO SULTRY-ET301317909610086858606-FebFrancis W. Daniel IIIWV
APPEALING OLYMPIAN KATY7362564010087868605-FebW. Maxwell CooperPA
B-ENTERPRISE D LILAC-ET31260257969985878605-FebMichael MaloneyNY
DF DONTELO HART A 1967312682261210087828605-FebDaisy Farms LLCTX
END-ROAD TATUM 2091-ET312389140810086858605-FebEnd Road FarmMI
KLINGENDALE DEMPSEY ATLANTA14366976010086868605-FebJohn KlingensmithOH
MD-MAPLE-DELL GOLD INDRA-ET7190028010086858605-FebDerek PatrickMD
OKDS 4350 4350735346569386828605-FebOK DairyWA
PEACE&PLENTY BAR CASH14313364710086858605-FebPeace & Plenty Farms LLCMD
WEBB-VUE G W ATWOOD 75197415573310085888605-FebSummit Farms LLCWI
B-ENTERPRISE GLDCHP S LILAC312602582710087848604-FebBrigeen Farms, Inc.ME
MD-MAPLE-DELL BERKO SAUNDRA7444752510085868604-FebDerek PatrickMD
PROSPEROUS YANCE 49207344005110086848604-FebRobert, Michael & Matthew CnossenMI
RAKEN BGOOD CATELYN724957859986818604-FebSchefers Bros.MN
S-S-I TATUM MANILA 11079-ET312682269310087818604-FebT-SpruceMN
SIEMERS LTOMX S-ROZANNE-ET312551965410086848604-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
CROSSLANE OD KRINGLE-RED7402815510087858603-FebMandy J PeirickWI
GOLDEN-OAKS KB LOVINA-ET31273595029984868603-FebGolden Oaks FarmIL
HEADWATER AFTER BROOKLYN14337081910085848603-FebMichaela Reading
KNH-ENDRES BRADNICK OASIS1433935269986858603-FebTyler, Cole & Mikayla EndresWI
KRULL HVEZDA HEAVENLY-RED301313865610087848603-FebCarley KrullWI
LADYS-MANOR GOLD ASI-ET312663717810086868603-FebEliza FreemanMD
LADYS-MANOR MONTEREY SONG31266371769987838603-FebLadys Manor LLCMD
MILGENE AT CHRISMUKKAH301386327710087848603-FebHildebrandt Family Farm LLCWI
PRO-UNLIMITED DOM MILANO1432122679986838603-FebProduction Unlimited LLCWI
ROSEDALE ATWOOD HONEY301313864610087868603-FebCarley KrullWI
ROSEDALE IMA CHATTERBOX-RED301348685310085878603-FebRosedale Genetics LtdWI
SIEMERS KINGBOYS-ROZINI-ET31255198049986858603-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SIEMERS RGD HAYA-SPARKLE-ET312551970510086868603-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SLATTERY RAFAEL PETY 644R7400529910086868603-FebDan SlatteryWI
WEIS-WAY ATWOOD PIPER742531609887868603-FebWeis Way DairyWI
WILL-O-CREST ATWD SATINE-ET7398643710085868603-FebBarbara L. YoungNY
A-LOGANSWAY MCCUTCHEN CARI731527849988868602-FebZachary LoganOH
BRIGEEN BOMBERO B IDA312775408910086868602-FebBrigeen Farms, Inc.ME
BRIGEEN PRESIDENT GIGGLE-ET312775408010086848602-FebBrigeen Farms, Inc.ME
DF MOGUL PANDIA A 216531276095569987828602-FebDaisy Farms LLCTX
MD-DELIGHT ATWOOD SURI7379030510084868602-FebGary M. & Crystal Annie DellMD
NEHLS-VALLEY BRBWIRE LOWKEE7335090010086858602-FebBrandon J. NehlsWI
WILLOWS-EDGE G DREAM RASCAL312646011310086858602-FebHendrik W. Van DykWI
WOODCREST PETY LINDLEY312624373710086858602-FebWoodcrest Dairy LLCNY
BRIGEEN DOORMAN A ROLENE-ET31277540989985828601-FebBrigeen Farms, Inc.ME
LEANINGHOUSE BMBRO 21149-ET7414690010087858601-FebRock Hill Dairy LLCNM
POWERS-HAVEN ALL ABOUT CAMI1433188249987838601-FebJonathan L. PowersWI
LEANINGHOUSE LTTMX 21161-ET741469121008685862-00Rock Hill Dairy LLCNM
LEANINGHOUSE MNTRY 21682-ET3129136238998585862-00Rock Hill Dairy LLCNM
SIEMERS RGND TANASGIRL-ET31261261681008885862-00Siemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
V-VIEW CNTNDR MALIBU-RED-ET1433775531008682862-00McKenzie & Ryleigh EndvickWI
BENTZ-HOLLOW SHOT SUGAR-ET14321501910085818511-FebMichael R. & Anita L. HainesMD
BER-SHER MACK TANYA TAINT7360745210085858511-FebRonald Brinks & Kenda Brinks RiveraMI
CLELAND S CORRALED P-RED-ET14305353010085838511-FebJim & Vicky ClelandWI
CRYSTAL-STAR BRADEL 57914303070210090788511-FebLawayne MartinMD
DF SPERSRE LAVERNE 1558-ET312402900710085828511-FebDaisy Farms LLCTX
DLK-ACRES CHELIOS NABISCO7192072610085858511-FebDean L. & LaDonia KyleWI
GLEN-TOCTIN MACK LOVISTA-ET7352232510085848511-FebGlen-Toctin FarmMD
GOLDEN-OAKS CRIMSON-RED-ET301387404610086818511-FebGolden Oaks FarmIL
HEINZE IMPRESSION 2637733954829387858511-FebMark & Beth HeinzeWI
HEMONDS MONEYMAKER KATIE7309032110086848511-FebR.E. Hemond Farm Inc.ME
HOEK-TEX PADLOCK 7047730723978786818511-FebGerard HoekmanTX
KDZ G W ATWOOD VELEDA7336811010084858511-FebKyle & Mariah ZimdarsWI
KEVI-CA GOLD C NITELIT-ET7437705910087858511-FebKevin D MartinMD
LADYS-MANOR HALOGN THEME-ET312377494310085868511-FebLadys Manor LLCMD
MD-DELIGHT BUXTON LANE7379027510085868511-FebGary M. & Crystal Annie DellMD
MDF BRADNICK 41017365943510087858511-FebMason Dairy Farm LLCOK
MELARRY RODGERS ADA-ET737385039983868511-FebKen D GruenesMN
MS OVERSIDE WIRE RAE-RED-ET7304163510085828511-FebJoseph Osinga & John KosterTX
OVERSIDE BROKAW MYCALA7304163610085828511-FebJoseph W. OsingaTX
PENN-ENGLAND ECHO 10532-ET7313881410086818511-FebBarry M. & Diane H. EnglandPA
PENN-ENGLAND MALOR 10525731388079985828511-FebPenn England LLCPA
POLLACK-VU MOGUL J 11-5-ET14291975010085868511-FebPollack-Vu Dairy, LLCWI
PROGENESIS TANGO FANCY-ET1203891410087818511-FebJohn & Karen WellerMI
RANCHMI ANCHOR STAR1089201349988788511-FebHidden Hills DairyMI
S-S-I PETY 8452 10654-ET312388588410090858511-FebWoodcrest Dairy LLCNY
SIEMERS MCCUTCH GLAMORIZE31237379649984858511-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
STRAUSSDALE MOGUL 16427357120110084858511-FebStraussdale Holsteins LLCWI
SUNNYSIDE MARG ATWOOD301366027710086818511-FebSunnyside Dairy Farms, LLCWI
UNDERWOOD LADDP TASHA-RED14289720510085828511-FebJ. Steven ArbaughMD
VIR-CLAR WATSON 11767730452939384868511-FebGary BoykeWI
VIR-CLAR YANCE 11749730452759988828511-FebGary BoykeWI
VO-MI WATSON 12647305713910085838511-FebMark VossekuilWI
WARGO-ACRES DOORMAN CASHTON731934359985828511-FebWargo AcresWI
WARGO-ACRES MATILDA-ET7319342510086818511-FebWargo AcresWI
WARGO-ACRES S MELINDA7319342610086828511-FebWargo AcresWI
WOODCREST HALOGEN CANADA-ET301321707210085858511-FebWoodcrest Dairy LLCNY
BRAE-O-PERT BOWMAN BEATRICE716971399685868510-FebTempleton Farms LLCWI
GOLDEN-OAKS OAK BEYONCE30138740609986818510-FebGolden Oaks FarmIL
GOLDEN-OAKS RUN-R-OVER30138740709985858510-FebGolden Oaks FarmIL
GRANDCLOS ALEXANDER HEMELINE10874314310085858510-FebHidden Hills DairyMI
HURTGENLEA CARESS-RED7176780210086838510-FebHurtgenlea Holsteins LtdWI
HURTGENLEA EXPL MANDY ADAMS717678089984828510-FebHurtgenlea Holsteins LtdWI
JMK REGINALD 2453735430599385838510-FebJohn KosterTX
L-MAPLES ATWOOD CHARLIE7357018410086828510-FebTom R. LyonWI
LADYS-MANOR OLYMP AMUSE-ET312377496010086818510-FebLadys Manor LLCMD
LADYS-MANOR OLYMP SWAN-ET312377495710084848510-FebLadys Manor LLCMD
LEPAK DIRK DIMPLE736352719987808510-FebLaverne LepakWI
MACW DOWNTOWN LILA1151235010087818510-FebHidden Hills DairyMI
MS WELCOME MONTROSS TARA-ET301436597810085868510-FebBig Dog Dairy, LLCNY
NEHLS-VALLEY AVATAR CARUMBA7335087810087828510-FebShawn NehlsWI
POLLACK-VU MOGUL J 11-7-ET14291977810085868510-FebPollack-Vu Dairy, LLCWI
ROPUT SID HALO-TW7297124710086838510-FebJames R. PutmanNY
SIEMERS MCCUTCH HIA-GLAM31237380999985818510-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SILDAHL JACEY MOUND 8598-ET30110015029985838510-FebLarson Acres, Inc.WI
STARWARD ATWOOD JADE14299207610085838510-FebDarwin D. SnellerMI
VISION-AIRE EMERALD BEZ730750839987838510-FebVision-Aire Farms, LLCWI
WEBB-VUE DIENER 7372735640449385838510-FebVir-Clar Farms LLCWI
WILLOWS-EDGE ATWOD FAITH-ET301431619310087808510-FebHendrik W. Van DykWI
WVA-GREYSTONE ATWOOD SHINE301317907810086848510-FebFrancis W. Daniel IIIWV
ARB-FLO-SPR DFNT HARRIET-ET7336261710084858509-FebJamie ArbaughMD
ARB-FLO-SPR DUDE DINKY733626087487828509-FebJ. Steven ArbaughMD
B-THERE FREEZE MALIBU14305790910085828509-FebRobert & Therese GuentherWI
BEAVER-FLATS ATW CANDYCANE7362914410084848509-FebScott E. HamiltonNY
BLUE-GENE WALLY WAFER7235018810085828509-FebEugene M. PoirierNY
BRIGEEN HUNGER S RHONDA7348243810086828509-FebBrigeen Farms, Inc.ME
BUR-RODZ GW ATWOOD BAY301447330810086838509-FebRodney A. ZietlowWI
BUR-RODZ GW ATWOOD GRACES301447330610082838509-FebRodney A. ZietlowWI
CHRISLEACRES AFTER BONANZA727073409986818509-FebChris-Le-Acres,Leo A. & Chris KramerWI
COLDSPRINGS HERO 58427291947310085828509-FebMatthew M. HoffMD
CRESTLAWN TAX 817734213508483858509-FebMatthew & Melynda HoppelNY
DF MACK BARB A 1652-ET31240289139986828509-FebDaisy Farms LLCTX
FARNEAR-TBR AFTR BEYONCE-ET7274631910086818509-FebNicholas I Schuster & Ryan D LauberWI
GOLDEN-OAKS SS DELILIA301387409410086838509-FebGolden Oaks FarmIL
GROSS-FARM SHAMROCK LARSEN312359869610086858509-FebSteve H. GrossMI
HASS-ACRES SENECA MELROSE7352066310088828509-FebJohn L. HassWI
HEADWATER BROKAW CHRIS-TW14300806210086838509-FebEric & Lorelle ShermanNY
HEADWATER BROKAW CROSS-TW14318404510083868509-FebEric & Lorelle ShermanNY
HILLPINE DEFIANT NIKKI7274632710087818509-FebLauber FarmWI
HILLPINE UMBRELLA-RED7274632610086818509-FebLauber FarmWI
HILLTOP-LLC BRENDAL 667331248366139685838509-FebHilltop Dairy LLCWI
HOLBRIC ACTION CHILL-RED301323259110082858509-FebMorgan OlbrichIL
HOLBRIC AFTERSHOCK SWEET-ET301323259210085848509-FebBrian & Mark OlbrichIL
J-REN SID VIGNETTE312456198410086828509-FebJessica R. MankeWI
JOOK PETRONE 15080312381527010085858509-FebLester C. Jones & Sons, Inc.MD
K-K-ROSE MADE TO WIN312347539310088828509-FebKayla R. WrightWI
KERNDTWAY DEFEND DIXIE 4650312383529010086828509-FebRock Hill Dairy LLCNM
KNOB-VIEW ANCHOR KAY313266476310085868509-FebRichard F. KeplerMD
LADYS-MANOR OLYMP DIOR-ET312377496610086838509-FebLadys Manor LLCMD
LARS-ACRES JABIR TEAPOT31240031279983858509-FebLarson Acres, Inc.WI
LEANINGHOUSE HALGN 20802-ET7345032010085878509-FebRock Hill Dairy LLCNM
LEAWOOD RAINY7361845510086848509-FebJustin PattersonWI
LYN-VALE SANCHEZ GAZELLA301385509710085838509-FebJanelle BrunerWI
MD-MILLSTONE BAR BISCUIT14315078710086838509-FebAmelia MillerMD
MILGENE SHOTTLE TIAGO-ET301386326110086858509-FebHildebrandt Family Farm LLCWI
MS AMANDA OLYMPIAN AMARA-ET312476521010086788509-FebAmanda PartnersWI
MS BUTLERVIEW GLDUST ANA-ET312458470710086828509-FebCharles D., Sybil & Dane T. ThompsonWI
NISE-N-FANCY CENTRFIELD-RED14326428210084848509-FebAnna, Noah, Oliver & Owen NisenIN
POLLACK-VU MERIDIAN TAHITI1430313109885858509-FebPollack-Vu Dairy, LLCWI
REDCARPET JETT AIR OUT-ET313038376510085858509-FebJohnathan HeinsohnIL
RICHVALE ABSOLUT MILLIE-TW7326467910086828509-FebRichvale Farm LLCMD
ROKEYROAD G W ATWOOD SILKY301300130310085838509-FebMason Dairy Farm LLCOK
SAVAGE-LEIGH LADD STACE-ET312379680910085858509-FebJami Leigh SavageMD
SCENERY-VIEW ANN732869419686838509-FebWilliam D III & Benjamin Casey JonesPA
SEAGULL-BAY SUNLINE-ET312472051910087838509-FebTrans-Ova GeneticsIA
SIEMERS HLGN APPLE-DREAM-ET312373824810085858509-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
STELTE BRAXTON ELLIE312382676410084858509-FebDaniel M. StelselWI
T-SPRUCE HALOGEN 8325-ET734555139984858509-FebT-SpruceMN
TRIPLECROWN ALMIRAH-ET735170149985828509-FebPeak GeneticsWI
VISION-QUEST BASIL SAINT314037483110086838509-FebNathaniel B. HillIL
WALK-ERA AS MALIFICENT7189621410086828509-FebJohn T. SteffenNE
WALK-ERA G CHIP APPARENT7189621610086828509-FebWalk-Era Farms, Inc.WI
WARGO-ACRES UNO MS MALLORY7406361710086818509-FebWargo AcresWI
WELCOME GREGARIOUS PATZ30143659969986828509-FebDaisy Farms LLCTX
WELCOME-TEL JABIR LARINE-ET30143660069986818509-FebDaisy Farms LLCTX
WIKMAN DURHAM 146-RED7357020610085868509-FebTom R. LyonWI
WILLOWS-EDGE ATWOOD REESE301431619410085858509-FebHendrik W. Van DykWI
WINTERFIELD ATTIC JADE-TW312975315210085848509-FebWinterfield FarmMI
WOODCREST MOGUL JULIE301321737210086838509-FebWoodcrest Dairy LLCNY
APPEALING OT CATALPA-P7362562810084868508-FebS. Scott & April D. CooperPA
BATTIST BROKAW DELTA7287306710086838508-FebBattist Farms, Inc.WI
BER-SHER HALOGEN ROO RANCE7360747010085848508-FebRonald Brinks & Kenda Brinks RiveraMI
BREEZY-FARMS CHELIOS LILITH7293472410087808508-FebBreezy FarmsPA
BROOMS-BLOOM AFTRSHOCK LILA312363770710086878508-FebJosephine DallamMD
CAR-BON DURHAM ABBYJEAN-ET14311135110086818508-FebCarl WernerWI
CAR-BON DURHAM ADDY-ET14311136010086828508-FebCarl WernerWI
CHRISLEACRES ATWOOD EMBRACE312624472510086828508-FebChris-Le-Acres,Leo A. & Chris KramerWI
COLDSPRINGS DEFENDR 5926-ET7291955710086848508-FebMatthew M. HoffMD
COLDSPRINGS SPECTR 5893-RED7291952410086828508-FebMatthew M. HoffMD
DAVIDSONVIEW CHELIOS DUCAN14303184210086838508-FebAndrew S. DavidsonIL
DF MCCTCHN FONDA A 171831240288479985788508-FebDaisy Farms LLCTX
DF SPERSRE EIRE A 1711-ET312402885410085818508-FebDaisy Farms LLCTX
ENGLAND-AMMON MSSEY BETH-ET7314113210087838508-FebPenn England LLC & Barry M. & Diane H. EnglandPA
GOLDEN-OAKS UNO MBABY-ET301387413010085828508-FebGolden Oaks FarmIL
HEINZE CHELIOS PILSNER7339552510085868508-FebMark & Beth HeinzeWI
HELMERS ATWOOD JAYNE7394412010085858508-FebHelmer Dairy Farm, Inc.WI
HILLTOP-LLC BOWMAN 671931248366599385838508-FebHilltop Dairy LLCWI
HILLTOP-LLC OBSRVR 6739-ET312483667910084858508-FebHilltop Dairy LLCWI
JO-CLAR CONTENDER PATSY-RED14324018110087828508-FebAngela Dawn & Danny PeirickWI
KLINGENDALE SANCHEZ ABILENE14366969410085838508-FebDavid L. KlingensmithOH
KOEPKE JETT AIR GAIN7366264310086828508-FebKoepke Farms, Inc.WI
LADYS-MANOR GREG DOVE-ET312377499110086858508-FebLadys Manor LLCMD
LARS-ACRES CASUAL PARTEE31240032399986808508-FebLarson Acres, Inc.WI
LEANINGHOUSE GREENDAY 208507345036810085838508-FebRock Hill Dairy LLCNM
LEANINGHOUSE HALOGEN 208557345037310086858508-FebRock Hill Dairy LLCNM
LEANINGHOUSE SUPRSIR 208837345040110089808508-FebRock Hill Dairy LLCNM
MAR-RAND DIENER NICHOLE7355421710085838508-FebRandy L. BruinsWI
MARTIN-PLACE GC TRUST-ET14307669410084818508-FebAshley Mariah MartinME
MD-LOCUSTCREST MULTPLR TUTU14313509610086858508-FebMD Locust Crest IncMD
MS HY-RY ATW ADRENALINE-ET312458495110085828508-FebAndrew R GreenfieldWI
MYSTIK-KREEK ATW HOLIDAY-ET14382177110085858508-FebMystik-Kreek Farm, LLCWI
NEHLS-VALLEY LOOPY ESSENCE7335088310085868508-FebShawn & Seth NehlsWI
ROPUT AFTERSHOCK NICHOLE7297125310086818508-FebJames R. PutmanNY
S-FINE 5034 OBSERVER OREGON312521782310085828508-FebSo-Fine Bovines LLCWI
SIEMERS ATWOOD SCAR-LET-ETS312373837810086828508-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SIEMERS DOORMAN ASHLEYMAE31237383699984828508-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SIEMERS HVZ JUBI-LEA-RED-ET312373839710085858508-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SIEMERS MCCUTCH GREAT31237384619987828508-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SIEMERS MOREGOLD HOPES-GAL312373841510086838508-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SIEMERS MOREGOLD MARABEL312373837010086818508-FebCrystal Siemers-Peterman & Jordan C. SiemersWI
SIEMERS MOSES SADIE-RED312373843910085878508-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SMITH-CREST CHELIOS ROSE-TW312624261710085848508-FebMatt & Travis SmithWI
STARWARD DEFIANT BUFFY14309350110086858508-FebDarwin D. SnellerMI
SWEET-WILLOW BUXTON LAURIE6618954110086838508-FebScott E. HamiltonNY
SYLVANDALE CHELIOS TINA FEY5938383910085838508-FebGene & Patricia LauderdaleWI
TEX-STEIN MCCUTCH TEXAS1431087179987808508-FebTony & Nicole VanderploegMI
UNDERWOOD CFLOW JODY-RED14336162610084858508-FebJ. Steven ArbaughMD
VIR-CLAR DIENER 119687304549410086838508-FebGary BoykeWI
VIR-CLAR GILLESPY 11920730454469986838508-FebGary BoykeWI
WARGO-ACRES AFTERSHOCK 1940740636449385838508-FebWargo AcresWI
WARGO-ACRES D ELECTRIC7406363210085868508-FebWargo AcresWI
WARGO-ACRES SAVE SERAPHINE7406363810086838508-FebWargo AcresWI
WILDWEED GS KANDY KRUSH14307222510087828508-FebJames L. BehlingWI
WILLOWS-EDGE FRANCO IMPROVE301431620310086838508-FebHendrik W. Van DykWI
WILLOWS-EDGE GOLD IMPEND-ET312646009110084848508-FebHendrik W. Van DykWI
WILLOWS-EDGE SANCH FRANTIC301431620110085838508-FebJordan & Claire Van DykWI
WOODCREST SID ETERNITY-ET301321747610086838508-FebWoodcrest Dairy LLCNY
ZIM-LEA VISE PEGGY7257808010085858508-FebJoel L. & Kaylene B. WisePA
B-THERE RUNNER SCHNAUZER14317405710085858507-FebRobert & Therese GuentherWI
BATTIST GW ATWOOD WENDIE7287307310085868507-FebBattist Farms, Inc.WI
COLDSPRINGS FAVRE 59667291959710086848507-FebMatthew M. HoffMD
GOLDEN-OAKS SHANS PALMA-RED30138741949985838507-FebGolden Oaks FarmIL
HEADWATER DELUXE CLARABELL14318418410085838507-FebEric & Lorelle ShermanNY
HILLPINE CHELIOS CLAIRE-ET7274633010085838507-FebLauber FarmWI
HILLPINE CHELIOS CORAL-ET7274633110086858507-FebLauber FarmWI
HOEK-TEX GABOR 71087307245810086808507-FebGerard HoekmanTX
JIMKA BRAWLER DEWETTA7335264210084888507-FebJimka HolsteinsWI
JK-MAY-WAY DICKEY TACI14310553610087838507-FebJeremy & Kelsi MayerWI
KMH ABSOLUTE VELVET14330631110086818507-FebBrian Edward RohloffWI
LARS-ACRES TANGO FIT-ET31240033339986858507-FebLarson Acres, Inc.WI
LARS-ACRES TANGO FUN-ET31240033319986848507-FebLarson Acres, Inc.WI
LEANINGHOUSE ANAHM 21293-ET312458493310087808507-FebRock Hill Dairy LLCNM
LEANINGHOUSE MASSEY 208707345038810085848507-FebRock Hill Dairy LLCNM
LEANINGHOUSE MOGUL 209117414666210085828507-FebRock Hill Dairy LLCNM
MD-LOCUSTCREST SBIA BUBBLES14313484410086838507-FebNicole MartinMD
MD-MAPLE-DELL BERKO BOBBI7190026210084858507-FebDerek PatrickMD
MDF 728 41417365947510085868507-FebMason Dairy Farm LLCOK
PEACE&PLENTY BARBWIRE PESKY14313353510084848507-FebNona B. SchwartzbeckMD
PENN-ENGLAND ERIN 11046739578079986828507-FebPenn England LLCPA
RISING-RAINBOW APPLE CAMERO7414709110086828507-FebVir-Clar Farms LLCWI
RISING-RAINBOW GPP POGO-RED7414708510086838507-FebVir-Clar Farms LLCWI
SIEMERS DOORMAN 2219431237384839985828507-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SIEMERS KINGBOYROZ-ET31237385039986858507-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SIEMERS PURE REAL-PRETTY-ET31237384729986828507-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
VIR-CLAR CARSON 119987304552410086828507-FebGary BoykeWI
VIR-CLAR DEFIANT 11986730455129686828507-FebGary BoykeWI
WARMKA ODEN MAMBALISA 171131264340579685828507-FebRuss WarmkaWI
WEBB-VUE MANDALAY 74477356411910086828507-FebVir-Clar Farms LLCWI
WEBB-VUE MONTROSS 7441-ET7356411310086858507-FebSummit Farms LLCWI
WEBB-VUE MONTROSS 7442-ET7356411410086838507-FebSummit Farms LLCWI
WEBB-VUE MYRIAD-ET7356411610085858507-FebPeak GeneticsWI
WOODCREST ATWOOD FREESIA301321753810087858507-FebWoodcrest Dairy LLCNY
WOODCREST ATWOOD PITHON301321763010085858507-FebWoodcrest Dairy LLCNY
ALAMANA ATWOOD NADYA7316946110084868506-FebL. Alan LobdellNY
APPEALING HALOGEN HOROSCOPE7362563610087828506-FebS. Scott & April D. CooperPA
AUTUMN-VALLEY LANCE ANGEL301257143810086798506-FebCraig M. KellerWI
BREIT-BROOK ROSABELL-RED5665294010086818506-FebBen WolterWI
BRIDGEVIEW JESSIC GWYNETH1208435510084838506-FebHidden Hills DairyMI
CAR-BON DURHAM ADA-ET14316821410085818506-FebCarl WernerWI
COMESTR MODEL FIDELA SID10910673110085818506-FebMakayla OsingaTX
CRYSTAL-STAR DEMAN 639-ET14314433710086838506-FebLawayne MartinMD
DAVIDSONVIEW HVZDA DIAMOND14315501810085868506-FebAndrew S. DavidsonIL
DF OAK MISSY A 1901-ET31255739769986818506-FebDaisy Farms LLCTX
DUCKETT ARMANI LUCK-RED-ET312401575210086828506-FebMelissa SprecherWI
EHRHARDT MCCKTN LIPSTICK733562589985858506-FebElan Gerard EhrhardtMD
END-A-LANE GULF 11817340893110085838506-FebOwen, Brant & Damion BontekoeMI
ENGLAND-AMMON TATM BRITA-ET7314114410085858506-FebPenn England LLC & Barry M. & Diane H. EnglandPA
ERBACRES BROKAW DORINDA-ET312455402310083868506-FebKristen Renee BaileyOK
ERNEST-ANTHONY L AMRITA-ET313848080810085838506-FebErnest W. KueffnerMD
GOLD-BARBARA ABSLT BRAVO-ET301295873210086828506-FebGolden Oaks FarmIL
GOLDEN-OAKS EMERALD CUT-ET30138742119986828506-FebGolden Oaks FarmIL
HARMONY-HAVEN ELECT ELITA14318146210086828506-FebHarmony Haven FarmNY
HE-KE AIRLIFT TONI7389426510084858506-FebC K Kerrick III & Jerrel HeatwoleDE
HURTGENLEA DELTA MALT7434588110085868506-FebHurtgenlea Holsteins LtdWI
JENNY-LOU MACK 390030142276379985868506-FebVir-Clar Farms LLCWI
JUST-N-RUST WB CHARISMA-ET7276514010085848506-FebEugene M. PoirierNY
KULP-GALTON OLYMP ALISON-ET312735941510086828506-FebRock Hill Dairy LLCNM
LADYS-MANOR GLD ALDEA-ET312377502010085838506-FebLadys Manor LLCMD
LADYS-MANOR GLD ALERA-ET312377502210085838506-FebEliza FreemanMD
LADYS-MANOR GLD ALIAH-ET312377500810086828506-FebLadys Manor LLCMD
LADYS-MANOR KBOY SASHAY-ET31266371269986828506-FebLadys Manor LLCMD
LADYS-MANOR PUR SAMARA-ET312377501310087838506-FebLadys Manor LLCMD
LARS-ACRES OAK PIONEER31240034859986848506-FebLarson Acres, Inc.WI
LEANINGHOUSE TANGO 209417414669210086838506-FebRock Hill Dairy LLCNM
LEASEWAY UMAN EXPRESSO313717016810086828506-FebDerek LeaseMD
LINERWAY TEACHER GABBY-ET7369947310085838506-FebJeff & Dan LinerWI
LINERWAY TEACHER GAIL-ET7369947610087838506-FebJeff & Dan LinerWI
LUXURY ST CUP SHAYLA7293474710086818506-FebEric L. StinePA
MAR-LINDA-K BROKAW FORTEI31234754129985868506-FebMar-Linda-K Holsteins LLCWI
MCGK WINDBROOK MYRA312599355810085848506-FebMark D Cain & Gregg W KnutsenDE
MD-DELIGHT CLARK ANNIE7379028710084858506-FebAnnie Catherine DellMD
MD-DELIGHT CLARK E7379028610085868506-FebGary M. & Crystal Annie DellMD
MD-MAPLE-DELL ARM AMIE-ET7190026710085868506-FebDerek PatrickMD
MD-MAPLE-DELL GOLD IONA-ET7190027010085868506-FebDerek PatrickMD
MD-MAPLE-LAWN ALORA-ET301386549910087848506-FebMaple Lawn Farms, Inc.MD
MDF DEFIANT 4192736595269386788506-FebMason Dairy Farm LLCOK
MDF DEFIANT 4197-RED736595319385858506-FebMason Dairy Farm LLCOK
MDF GABOR 4182736595168787828506-FebMason Dairy Farm LLCOK
MILKSOURCE SID AHEAD-ET7320094810087828506-FebByron W. BruinsWI
MS SWEETWILLOW FEVER SID-ET6618954310086848506-FebScott E. HamiltonNY
MURANDA SPECTRUM MAGIC7225284710085838506-FebThomas J. & Nancy C. MurrayNY
NBC ARMANI MITZI-RED-ET14314746010085838506-FebBarney & Crystal Stambaugh & Nick RaggiMD
PA-IDEALS ASHOCK OLLIE7334303810086838506-FebDale E. NiswanderPA
PEACE&PLENTY ARM BLEXWEX-ET14314015510085848506-FebPeace & Plenty Farms LLCMD
PHEASANT-ECHOS DECLAN TANGO14308731110085848506-FebByron & Deborah StambaughMD
POWERS-HAVEN BOOKEM SIERRA1433187499985858506-FebJonathan L. PowersWI
R-JOHN AFTERSHOCK LANDEN312554548210085838506-FebChristian CunninghamCA
RICKLAND KINGBOY 5349-ET30150309209985858506-FebRickert Brothers LLCWI
ROSEDALE CHANDELIER301348684110086858506-FebRosedale Genetics LtdWI
ROSEDALE ETERNAL-ROSE-ET301348684510085828506-FebRosedale Genetics LtdWI
S&S-CREST SHOCK SAMMY-ET313061631010086848506-FebParker PittmanAR
SAVAGE-LEIGH ACME STAR312379683210085848506-FebJami Leigh SavageMD
SAVAGE-LEIGH ATWOOD REESE312379683310085848506-FebSavage-Leigh FarmMD
SAVAGELEE-TM LADD BELLA-ET312379684810085848506-FebSavage-Leigh FarmMD
SCENERY-VIEW MARIS-ET7328697410086838506-FebWilliam D III & Benjamin Casey JonesPA
SIEMERS ALTAOAK HAYDENS31237386289986848506-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SIEMERS CORVETTE ASHLYN-ET312373858410085838506-FebJacob, Logan & Madison HarbaughWI
SIEMERS DOORMAN LESINA31237385609985838506-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SIEMERS JUBILEE-SKY-RED-ET312373859310085858506-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SIEMERS KINGBOY ROZANNE-ET31237387569986828506-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SIEMERS MIKEN ANGEL-KAY312373856110086828506-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SIEMERS MOREGOLD ADMIRE312373866710085878506-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SILDAJAK PHOENIX SPACE-ET114833909985838506-FebMatthew J CracraftWI
STARWARD BRADNICK LINCOLN14309357410085848506-FebWalter GremelMI
STARWARD CORVETTE MODEL-TW14309356510085858506-FebDarwin D. SnellerMI
T-SPRUCE CAMERO 8530-ET741178249986838506-FebT-SpruceMN
TJR ADELINE REFL 54368-ET30103531159986818506-FebRock Hill Dairy LLCNM
VIETHSONS BOLTON PEG BRIELL7415035110085868506-FebJerry ViethTX
VIETHSONS GABOR PEG ELLA7415036310087788506-FebJerry ViethTX
VIETHSONS SUPERSIRE PEG HON7307140210087828506-FebJerry ViethTX
VIR-CLAR BOOKEM 12068730455949387838506-FebGary BoykeWI
WARGO-ACRES B DESTINEE-TW7406368810086828506-FebWargo AcresWI
WARGO-ACRES D DIRECTION-ET7065433210086828506-FebWargo AcresWI
WARGO-ACRES NOMINEE MARIAM740636959985858506-FebWargo AcresWI
WARGO-ACRES SNOW MAKER-ET7406367410085828506-FebWargo AcresWI
WARGO-N-JD DEFENDER DEE7406370310085858506-FebWargo AcresWI
WARGO-N-JD DELUX DANCER-ET740636969986828506-FebWargo AcresWI
WEDGWOOD ABSOLUTE MISSY1208904610085828506-FebKalista, Kaianne & Kaydence HodorffWI
WILLOWS-EDGE AIRLIFT POETRY312646009510087838506-FebHendrik W. Van DykWI
WILLOWS-EDGE FAVRE IMBIBE312646008410085828506-FebHendrik W. Van DykWI
WILLOWS-EDGE SID MINSTREL312646008510087828506-FebBonnie L. Van DykWI
WILSONDALE AFTRSHOCK TADLEY14316686510085828506-FebMichaela E. DavisME
ZIELLAND ATWOOD SARAH7438168010084878506-FebMark ZielMI
ZIEMS ATWOOD ELANI-ET7277329510087848506-FebZiems Farms & Tim & Leah ZiembaWI
ZINSER RAINY PENNY7151308610085828506-FebJoseph E. ZinserWI
ARB-FLO-SPR CLR CUT DEIDRA739283329985838505-FebAryn N BlackMD
BATTIST GW ATWOOD HONOR312647978010083858505-FebPhilip BattistWI
BEAVER-TOP ATWOOD SURPRISE7362915710087828505-FebBrown Sheep LPPA
BRIGEEN RACER GLOW-ET31260257939986828505-FebVivian BriggsME
CHAN-LEE TEACHER G MISSY7440298210085858505-FebCharles L. & Anne B. LethbridgeMD
CHARL-OAKS MERRICK 458330146658699686838505-FebCarlson DairyMN
FROZENES REGI ASHONTY312454961810085828505-FebRick FrozeneWI
GOFF CARSON 49221741447189386868505-FebGoff DairyNM
GUIDED-PATH IMPRESSION 21087425553610087828505-FebDaniel E. & Penny S. UlmerPA
HARMONY-HO LANCOME VARSHA312623042210086828505-FebMartine E. Bredl-LueckWI
HOEK-TEX GABOR 7192730725428785828505-FebGerard HoekmanTX
JOBO 7014312666764710085818505-FebJoBo Farm LLCPA
JOOK MONTROSS 15472312381566210086848505-FebLester C. Jones & Sons, Inc.MD
KOEPKE JETT AIR MAURA743534979986848505-FebKoepke Farms, Inc.WI
LADYS-MANOR SEAGL TATUM-ET312663715210086838505-FebLadys Manor LLCMD
LADYS-MANOR SEGUL TALIA-ET312663715310086838505-FebLadys Manor LLCMD
LEANINGHOUSE DEFENDER 209727414672310085868505-FebRock Hill Dairy LLCNM
LIN-RO WIND PRINCESS-ET7412224310086808505-FebRobert L. SensenigPA
LOCUST-AYR TANGO AMELIA14321505510085848505-FebMichael R. & Anita L. HainesMD
MOOR DAMARTINI CARSON 201997181983510085838505-FebChristopher DavisWI
MS ALLADINS LAMP312670094110086848505-FebC. K. Kerrick IIIDE
MS SIEMERS GEORGIE-ET312551956010086858505-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
OKDS 4353 4353735346597586818505-FebDaisy Farms LLCTX
OVERLAND AJ GRAFFITI-RED14323128810084858505-FebMcKenna & Coltin CoffeenWI
POWERS-HAVEN DEMPSEY SHAYNA1433187859986828505-FebJonathan L. PowersWI
PROSPEROUS PLANET 48917344002210085828505-FebRobert, Michael & Matthew CnossenMI
S-S-I MODESTO GLORY 1106531268228279986858505-FebSummit Farms LLCWI
SIEMERS BALTIMOR ASHLEYMAE312551945810085858505-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SIEMERS BRKW LOVELY-HAYA-ET312551946510086838505-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SIEMERS DFNT MIRRORSTAR-RED312551947010085838505-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SIEMERS DOORMAN 2259631255194897485858505-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SIEMERS GWYN GLAM-RITE-ET312551949610085838505-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SIEMERS HALOGEN HALLINA312551944910086838505-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SIEMERS UNO TANA-LEE312551945110085868505-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SIEMERS WNDBK SCAR-LITO-ET312551953710086828505-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
VIETHSONS GABOR TRACEY741504039685818505-FebJerry ViethTX
VIETHSONS PLANET PEG BELLE7415036910085828505-FebJerry ViethTX
WALK-ERA ATTIC MONTEGO312602584310085828505-FebWalk-Era Farms, Inc.WI
WALK-ERA ATWD MARTINA312602584410086828505-FebWalk-Era Farms, Inc.WI
WARGO-ACRES S DOVE-RING-ET312894043610086838505-FebWargo AcresWI
WEBB-VUE TATUM 7526-ET7415574010087848505-FebSummit Farms LLCWI
WEBB-VUE TATUM 7533-ET7415574710086838505-FebRock Hill Dairy LLCNM
WEIS-WAY RAINEY MARIBEL7425315110086838505-FebWeis Way DairyWI
WILDWEED LADD FIESTA14320436510086828505-FebJames L. BehlingWI
WILLOWS-EDGE ARMANI AVA-RED312646009910086838505-FebClaire M. Van DykWI
WILLOWS-EDGE ATWOOD MARLENA312646010210084868505-FebJordan A. Van DykWI
WILLOWS-EDGE AVATAR VANTAGE312646009310083858505-FebJordan & Claire Van DykWI
WINTERFIELD SANCHEZ SALSA312975314310084858505-FebDevin & Kieran HartnagleMI
YONKMAN-S-D G W ATWOOD 217231260755269986858505-FebSamuel J. YonkmanMI
BODNAR ALEX SEEK THERAPY14313912010085858504-FebLouis E. BodnarNY
ENGLAND-AMMON BARBR11427-ET7429059710086858504-FebPenn England LLC & Barry M. & Diane H. EnglandPA
FRANVIEW BRAXTON DIVINE14338355610086828504-FebPatrick F. SmithWI
HEINZE ANAHIEM LULI7418804110085858504-FebMark & Beth HeinzeWI
HOLLY-BROOKS NAUTICA-RED313065539210085838504-FebJerry G. HarrisPA
KOEPKE TANGO RICA743535129985848504-FebKoepke Farms, Inc.WI
LEANINGHOUSE RACER 21011741467629985868504-FebRock Hill Dairy LLCNM
MAR-RAND ACTION IMONI7436436810086828504-FebRandy L. BruinsWI
MD-MAPLE-DELL 5-G BRISA7444752410086878504-FebDerek PatrickMD
MDF BROKAW 4253742594548785858504-FebMason Dairy Farm LLCOK
MDF BROKAW 4266742594678785838504-FebMason Dairy Farm LLCOK
MDF G W ATWOOD 42787425947910087818504-FebMason Dairy Farm LLCOK
OVERSIDE MCCUTCHEN SABRINA730416759985858504-FebJoseph W. OsingaTX
PENN-ENGLAND MIRELA11446-ET7429061610086838504-FebPenn England LLCPA
POLCHIN PHOENIX TEE TATE14346730410086808504-FebJohn T. PolchinOH
PRO-UNLIMITED KRUSADE PARTY14321219110085888504-FebProduction Unlimited LLCWI
RAKEN BGOOD KIX724957849986868504-FebSchefers Bros.MN
RI-VAL-RE HALOGEN VISA-ET736393529985868504-FebT-SpruceMN
RICETON IMPRESSION BUGSY7315277410086848504-FebDavid P. RiceOH
S-S-I SUPEROR MARCI11074-ET31268227249986838504-FebSummit Farms LLCWI
SENLAND DORCY FINELLA14320020410085828504-FebJames P. SennWI
SIEMERS CRWNP APPLESTAR-RED312551959410086858504-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
TRIPOD-DE TANGO JAMIE 60957395972410087808504-FebEric S & Donald W AushermanMD
WARGO-ACRES TANGO DANCE7065436610085828504-FebWargo AcresWI
WILD-WINGS SANCHEZ MARKIE7336817710084858504-FebGreg ZimdarsWI
WILLOWS-EDGE AIRLIFT FALLON312646010710086828504-FebHendrik W. Van DykWI
WILLOWS-EDGE GOLD CHP VINYL312646010310085868504-FebHendrik W. Van DykWI
WOODCREST GDREAMS MAYDAY-ET312624349810086858504-FebWoodcrest Dairy LLCNY
ARB-FLO-SPR AIRLIFT MARISSA7435297210085858503-FebAryn N BlackMD
ARETHUSA DOM ANGIE-ET7230296410085858503-FebMichael C., Matthew E. & Mark E. IagerMD
BATTIST RECHARGE REBECCA312647980310086858503-FebJodie BobolzWI
BLUE-GENE ABSOLT-RD ANNIE7235020210086858503-FebEugene M. PoirierNY
BLUE-GENE WDBROOK WENT-ET7458675610086848503-FebEugene M. PoirierNY
BRAE-O-PERT AIR ARIEL716971959986858503-FebTempleton Farms LLCWI
BRIGEEN CANCUN F ROXET312775404410086858503-FebMary Mosher BriggsME
CHAMP-VIEW TOLIDAY312666770610083908503-FebEllie G. WidermanPA
COOK-LANE BROKAW ECO7396737010085838503-FebStephanie R. CookWI
EVER-GREEN-VIEW LEA-ET742018389987838503-FebThomas J. KestellWI
FLICKSTEAD DEFENDER 18847313107810086818503-FebD. Richard FlickingerMD
GOLDEN-OAKS AT FAMOUSLY-ET312735950110087868503-FebGolden Oaks FarmIL
GROSS-FARM SANCHEZ JODY-2312703779610086828503-FebNorman GrossMI
HOLBRIC BENJI FRAGRANCE312691840510084828503-FebAdam OlbrichIL
HURTGENLEA DURANGO MORISOT727732999985838503-FebHurtgenlea Holsteins LtdWI
INTENSE GEN DOORMAN ANABELLE1089614419983858503-FebNina KosterTX
KHW OLYMPIAN AQUEST-RED-ET7393148810085838503-FebAndrew & Sarah LenkaitisIL
LARS-ACRES DEMPSEY TERIYAKI31240037719985858503-FebLarson Acres, Inc.WI
LINERWAY FRANCHISE ANNIE7369951410085858503-FebJeff & Dan LinerWI
MD-DELIGHT BROKAW JACE7379030010086828503-FebGabe Matthew DellMD
MD-MAPLE-DELL ABSOLUTE INGA7444753010085828503-FebMichael D. PatrickMD
MD-MAPLE-DELL GOLD AVA-ET7444752810085858503-FebMaple Dell FarmsMD
MS WINTERFIELD ARM SALENRAE312975313910083848503-FebSasha SyndicateMI
NISE-N-FANCY CHIKIN BISKIT14326433010086838503-FebAnna & Oliver NisenIN
OCD GOLDEN DREAMS MEDUSA-ET312742165410086858503-FebBryce Gingerich, Kirsten Lambert & Brad FuhrmaIN
RIVER-BRIDGE BROKAW SHADOW312361705510084858503-FebRiver Bridge Holsteins, LLCWI
RIVER-BRIDGE UPTOWN SHUTTER312361706410084858503-FebRiver Bridge Holsteins, LLCWI
ROCKLAN RALLA-ET312551976510086828503-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SAVAGE-LEIGH GOLD LEE-ET300781066010085868503-FebChase Logan SavageMD
SENLAND DORCY NOVELLA14320024010085858503-FebJames P. SennWI
SIEMERS ALTA5G 2283231255197259385858503-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SIEMERS ALTA5G TEA312551973510086858503-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SIEMERS ATWOOD BOMBIE 1312551976810084868503-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SIEMERS BROKAW HAYAS-JOY-ET312551972910085858503-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SIEMERS CORVET TANA-HOT-ET312551967410085848503-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SIEMERS DURGANGO FEARLESS31255198739986858503-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SIEMERS UNIX 2296931255198629886868503-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SILVER-SKY GARMAN TITANIC729136169986838503-FebCarson Acres LLCMI
SLATTERY RUMLE SKYMONT 638R7400529310086838503-FebLee SlatteryWI
ST-YLE-SA GUTHRIE ALEXUS-ET7227840610086888503-FebTrace JohnsonIL
STADE ATWOOD MIATA312556725010086828503-FebSeven Star FarmWI
TEAM DEFIANT MERRY301433126410086858503-FebHoward E. Binder, Jr.CO
VIR-CLAR METEOR 122937304581910085828503-FebGary BoykeWI
WALK-ERA SANCHEZ KAYCIE-TW312602584810085858503-FebAlli WalkerWI
WARGO-ACRES BRIG LOVELY-ET706543939983858503-FebWargo AcresWI
WARMKA MOREY JACKELYN 1793312643413910087848503-FebRuss WarmkaWI
WEIS-WAY BROKAW JUBILEE7425315410088788503-FebGreta WeisWI
ZBW KINGBOY FRENZY-ET31263625269983888503-FebRobert L. SensenigPA
2ND-LOOK LANCOME 12623312864799510085828502-FebSecond-Look Holsteins LLCWI
BELLA-RIDGE BLACK BEAUTY-ET312558465510086838502-FebJacob, Logan & Madison Harbaugh & Adella LoehrWI
CRANEHILL SID CHAMP-ET312813902310085828502-FebGolden Oaks FarmIL
GOLDEN-OAKS LANCE 685931273595179986828502-FebGolden Oaks FarmIL
KRULL CONTENDER EMALINE-RED301313864510086828502-FebCarley KrullWI
LEANINGHOUSE KGBOY 21127-ET741468789986798502-FebRock Hill Dairy LLCNM
LEANINGHOUSE KNGBY 21132-ET741468839986838502-FebRock Hill Dairy LLCNM
LEANINGHOUSE MNTRY 21126-ET741468779987838502-FebRock Hill Dairy LLCNM
MD-MAPLE-DELL ABSOLUTE DEE7444753710084858502-FebDerek PatrickMD
MDF ATWOOD 43407461177110087828502-FebMason Dairy Farm LLCOK
MDF DEFIANT 43517461178210086848502-FebMason Dairy Farm LLCOK
MURANDA ATTIC LEMON312776006010083868502-FebThomas J. & Nancy C. MurrayNY
POWERS-HAVEN ATWOOD POLLY1433188159985858502-FebJonathan L. PowersWI
R-A-PALMYRA GC SAPHIRE301349518110085838502-FebRyan William ShankMD
RI-VAL-RE ERASER PEAR-ET736974469986838502-FebBrown Sheep LPPA
SIEMERS 1STCLAS D-ROZETT-ET31261259839986868502-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SIEMERS ALTA5G HALLEY312612594010085868502-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SIEMERS DURBIN FILLYSTAR31261260099985858502-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SIEMERS MCCUTCH ALEXI-WOW31261259919984858502-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
SIEMERS MONTEREY BROOKE-ET31261259939986828502-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
WARGO-ACRES DURBIN TIA31289405049987858502-FebWargo AcresWI
WARMKA MOREY NIJELLE 179831264341448786828502-FebRuss WarmkaWI
WILLOWS-EDGE CHIP PAUSE312646011210085838502-FebJordan & Claire Van DykWI
WOODCREST PRESIDENT BRINLEY312624378410085838502-FebWoodcrest Dairy LLCNY
BRIGEEN DOOR A ROLANDE-ET31277540969986828501-FebBrigeen Farms, Inc.ME
KULP-GALTON KNGBY 21140-ET741468919985848501-FebRock Hill Dairy LLCNM
LEANINGHOUSE BMBRO 21134-ET7414688510085848501-FebRock Hill Dairy LLCNM
LEANINGHOUSE HALOGEN 21313312913586910085868501-FebRock Hill Dairy LLCNM
LEANINGHOUSE RACER 2132731291358839984858501-FebRock Hill Dairy LLCNM
LEANINGHOUSE SILVR 21154-ET7414690510086858501-FebRock Hill Dairy LLCNM
SIEMERS KINGBY BROOKE-K4-ET31261260299986868501-FebSiemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
WILLOWS-EDGE ATWOOD FIBBER312646011810085858501-FebHendrik W. Van DykWI
CRAIGCREST SASKATOON143339632998584852-00Anna,Noah,Oliver,Addison & Lydia NisenIN
DF KINGBOY CMILA B 2325-ET3128398800998782852-00Daisy Farms LLCTX
GRASS-RIDGE GEMINIO MALINGR31287695781008585852-00Grass Ridge Farm LLCWI
GUIDED-PATH RUBICON 2171742555991008682852-00Daniel E. & Penny S. UlmerPA
JOOK DELTA 157323123815922998684852-00Lester C. Jones & Sons, Inc.MD
LEANINGHOUSE KNGBY 21175-ET74146926998386852-00Rock Hill Dairy LLCNM
LEANINGHOUSE KNGBY 21185-ET74146936998681852-00Rock Hill Dairy LLCNM
LEANINGHOUSE LTTMX 21162-ET741469131008778852-00Rock Hill Dairy LLCNM
LEANINGHOUSE LTTMX 21163-ET741469141008583852-00Rock Hill Dairy LLCNM
LEANINGHOUSE LTTMX 21168-ET741469191008583852-00Rock Hill Dairy LLCNM
LEANINGHOUSE RACER 213663129135922998587852-00Rock Hill Dairy LLCNM
MURANDA KING LAP DANCE-ET3127760063998583852-00Blane Thomas MurrayNY
MURANDA KING TAP DANCE-ET3127760062998685852-00Blane Thomas MurrayNY
PUTNAM-FARM DOORMAN ADALINE3126243955998586852-00Woodcrest Dairy LLCNY
SIEMERS BRIGHM D-ROZETTE-ET3126126186998782852-00Siemers Holstein Farms, Inc.WI
VIR-CLAR MCCUTCHEN 1246873045994998582852-00Angela Marie BoykeWI
WOODCREST MCCUTCHEN GODIVA31315102949986868510-JanWoodcrest Dairy LLCNY

Source: Holstein USA

3 New Excellents and 16 New Very Goods For ferme Jacobs

Another successful classification round for ferme Jacobs.  The herd now consists of; 24 EX-multiple, 23 EX, 120 VG/TB, 51 GP/BP

New EX

New VG

Also our 2E-3E results / également nos vaches 2E-3E:

First Ever 9th Generation Homebred Canadian EX at Altona Lea

The first ever 9th generation Canadian excellent was scored yesterday. Altona Lea Windbrook Jezebel Ex-91 Completes 9 gens Ex (while giving 74kg 3 weeks fresh) all home bred at Altona Lea from Altona Lea Mr Sam Jessica EX90-2E going back to Altona Lea Starlite Harriett EX. This family represents over 50 years of breeding in the Barkey family.  75% or more of our herd goes back to this cow.

Other highlights from classification
Vg 2yr olds
AL Razor Alana Vg-86
AL Dempsey fawn Vg-85
AL Fever Janelle Vg-85
AL Brekem Andie Vg-85
Redlodge Snow Patty Vg-85
Average score of 1st calvers 84.3

Second calf
AL Atwood Katie Vg-88
AL Snow Krazy Vg-87

New Ex
AL Braxton Dandelion Ex-92
AL Windbrook Jezebel Ex-91
AL Goldwyn Jaymie Ex-90

Additional points and E
AL Goldwyn Jessalyn Ex-91
AL Goldwyn Jenna Ex-92 4E
AL RedLou Windy-red Ex 5E
AL Duplex Brenna Ex-91 2E

27 new VG-2YR olds for Ferme Blondin

Ferme Blondin of Saint-Placide, QC enjoyed a successful day with the Holstein Canada classifier recently.

After a revisit from the classifier, Ferme Blondin has some great results to share, including 27 new VG-2YR olds!

Blondin Monterey Cayo Coco-VG-87-2YR
Blondin Sid Keira-VG-87-2YR
Blondin Joyride Lottery-VG-87-2YR
Boisblanc Soprano Fantasia-VG-87-2YR
Extondable Braille Bianca-VG-87-2YR
Quinndale Doorman Joaner-VG-87-2YR
Blondin Sid Jazz-VG-86-2YR
Blondin Goldwyn Beethoven-VG-86-2YR
Blondin DaVinci Appletini-VG-86-2YR
Boisblanc Sid Venise-VG-86-2YR
Blondin Atwood Jellybean-VG-85-2YR
Blondin Windbreak Lizzie-VG-85-2YR
Blondin Epic Calamari-VG-85-2YR
Blondin Doorman Covergirl-VG-85-2YR
Blondin Careyprice Dallas-VG-85-2YR
Blondin Goldwyn Reena-VG-85-2YR
Blondin Cancun Ava-VG-85-2YR
Blondin Racer Cranberry-VG-85-2YR
Blondin Atwood Lovesong-VG-85-2YR
Belle-Riviere Impres Salvador-VG-85-2YR
Don-Hope Brawl Sasha-VG-85-2YR
Elrecois Reginald Florenge-VG-85-2YR
Idee Goldwyn Lizette-VG-85-2YR
Kawartha Brawler Crystal-VG-85-2YR
Ranchdale Attorney Texto-VG-85-2YR
Regwall Atwood Laurette-VG-85-2YR
Vriesdale Embargo Little Girl-VG-85-2YR

Musthaven Goldwyn Jaelyn P-VG-89-3YR
Blondin Goldwyn Shine-VG-88-3YR
Blondin Aftershock Borduas-VG-87-3YR
Blondin Aftershock Latisha-VG-87-3YR
Blondin Uno Isabella-VG-87-3YR
Blondin Windbreak Adore-VG-87-3YR
Blondin Attitude Sany Red-VG-87-3YR
ADI009 Mr Burns Avery Red-VG-87-3YR
Helmcrest Alexander Hope-VG-87-3YR
Blondin Aftershock Lolita-VG-85-3YR

Blondin Windbreak Chang-EX-93
Blondin Braxton Kansas-EX-93-2E
Blondin Goldwyn Samara-EX-92-3E
Blondin Goldwyn Beautifully-EX-92-3E-2*
Belle-Riviere Virginia-EX-93
Tolamika Sid Adorable-EX-92
Hicklee Goldwyn Nellie-EX-91

9 New VG+ Two Year Olds for Kingsway

Kingsway Goldwyn Riddler VG-88 2yr , VG 89 Rump VG-88 Mammary VG-89 Dairy Strength, VG-88 Feet and Legs

Kingsway Farms of Hastings, ON recently hosted the classifier, and has some great results to share!

2 Year Olds
Kingsway Goldwyn Riddler VG-88 2yr owned with Hodglynn
Kingsway Doorman Wanda VG-87 2yr
Kingsway Sid Vinnie VG-87 2yr
Sprucecho Chelios Lolita VG-86 2yr owned with Lindsay Oxby
Kingsway Juggernaut Mittens VG 2yr
Milvalea Uno Nickie VG 2yr
Kingsway Goldwyn Reba VG 2yr
Kingsway Brokaw Marlyn VG 2yr
Granvale Brady Kenzie VG 2yr owned with Grant Armstrong

2nd Lact

Kingsway Lumi Smashing VG-89 3yr
Kingsway Windbrook Courage VG-88 3yr
Kingsway Goldwyn Lipsmack VG-88 3yr
Kingsway Stanley Macy VG-88 3yr
Kingsway Windbrook Zenith VG-87 3yr
Kingsway Goldwyn Dixie VG-87 3yr

Mature Cows

Kingsway Goldwyn Gogie EX-90
Kingsway Atwood Devie EX-91
Kingsway Fever Connie EX-93 2E
Kingsway Sanchez Cross Check EX-90 2E
Kingsway Goldwyn Gamer EX-91 2E
Sprucecho Shottle Ali EX-91 2E
Tolamika Fever Gamourizd EX-90 2E
Kingsway Goldwyn Dandy EX-93 3E
Kingsway Goldwyn Mellow EX-93 4E
Kingsway Dundee Deli EX-94 6E



Three New EX-95 Cows in France



The year is off to a great start for Prim Holstein in France.  Already in January alone there have been three new EX-95 cows.  Leading the way was the Grand Champion from the 2016 Space Show, Chouette (Shottle) owned by Gwenn Holsteins; Hot-Bombe (Cypripede) owned by Caron; and the Red Holstein Coulinge Cyred (September) owned by Girard.

Great classifications for Currat-Piller-Papaux with three VG 2 year olds.

CPP Atwood Riahna

Currat-Piller-Papaux had an outstanding classification round; with CPP Atwood Riahna who had recently been third at Swiss Expo scoring VG-87 and herdmates, Atwood Roxette and Gold Chip Radieuse scoring VG-86 and VG-86 respectively. 

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