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Dam of World Classic Sale Sale Topping Sire, Aristocrat, Scores VG-89-USA 1st lactation

Al-Lew Monterey Ashley 1346 now VG-89-USA 1st lactation

Al-Lew Monterey Ashley 1346 received the maximum classification score, VG-89,  for a 1st lactation cow in the USA.  Ashley is the highest scored cow right now in the breed with a direct son in the global GTPI Top ranking.  She is the dam of the popular sire Aristocrat (GTPI +2869 / PTAT +2.76). Aristocrat became one of the most spoken about bulls in the breed when he topped the World Classic Sale at $620.000. 

Edn-Ru Tequila Lilaes Lilac Now EX-95

Edn Ru Tequila Lilaes Lilac now EX-95

Edn Ru Tequila Lilaes Lilac is now EX95 for her owners Jasmari Jerseys, PA. Her Guapo Daughter ~Lil Carina is now Ex92 and her Excitation Daughter ~Lil Rockstar is now Ex90 as well as herSultan daughter~ Lil Sensation,less then a week fresh is VG88 at 2yr and last but certainly not least her Grayson Granddaughter Freedom is VG87.

A few of Lilac’s show winnings:

2013 PA All American 1st Milking Yearling

2013 PA All American Reserve Intermediate Champion

2013 Reserve All American Milking Yearling

2014 Reserve All American Sr. 2 year old


View their Facebook page for updates and highlights.

Suard-Red Jordan Irene Now EX-97

The two-time European champion Suard-Red Jordan Irene, at nearly 14 years of age has now received the ultimate score of EX-97. With over 100,000 kilos of milk in 7 lacations, this is a very special year for Irene. She became the first Swiss Red Holstein to receive the maximum score in their current classification system and is currently the highest classified Red & White cow in Europe. 

Tierneys Tequila Lada newest EX-95 Jersey


Tierneys Tequila Lada is now Excellent 95!!

Tierneys Farm Jerseys, NY has the newest EX-95 Jersey, Tierneys Tequila Lada at 7-04. Lada is a Tequila from Tierneys Jade Leta (EX-91), Reserve Grand Champion, Eastern States 2009. Next dams include EX-94 x VG-88 x EX-95 Linda Lou x EX-93 x VG-85 x EX-92.


Additional highlights include:

  • Tierneys Tequila Londa (EX-92), Grand Champion, Eastern States 2015
  • Tierneys Tequila Leticia (2nd lactation)
  • Tierneys Incentive Luau (2nd lact.)
  • Tierneys Impression Layla (3rd lact.)
  • Tierneys Breakaway Lysanne (4th lact.)
  • Tierneys Impression Laura (VG-86), 1st lact.

Two Full Sisters from Debutante Rae Family by Mogul Score EX-95

Mogul’s 2nd 95-point daughter, Kings-Ransom Mogul Cleo.

First, it was Kings-Ransom Mgl Cleavage who was Mogul’s First EX-95 daughter back in the spring, and then yesterday Mogul gained a second 95-point daughter….her full sister, Kings-Ransom Mogul Cleo. The mother of this exceptional pair of cows is a Goldwyn from Golden-Oaks Champ Rae EX-93, who was out of the Rubens sister to Debutante Rae.

MilkSource Scores Three EX-97 Cows in Three Different Breeds

Northeast Wisconsin’s MilkSource Genetics has achieved an unprecedented Triple Crown.

With the upgrading of Weeks Dundee Anika to the rare EX-97 classification, the family-owned show barn has reached the pinnacle score with cows from three major show breeds.

In 2014, the farm’s Blondin Redman Seisme became the first Red & White Holstein cow to achieve the milestone rating.

In February, another MSG cow, Musqie Iatola Martha, became the youngest Jersey in history to achieve the 97 score.

Now, Holstein Association USA has bestowed the landmark classification to Weeks Dundee Anika — a black-and-white Holstein.

“When Martha reached EX-97, I described it as ‘lighting striking twice.’ It was unforgettable,” said John Vosters, MilkSource Genetics partner. “But doing it again? There simply aren’t words to describe it.”

It is believed there are fewer than six cows living in North America with EX-97 scores and MilkSource Genetics is home to three of them.

MilkSource Genetics Partner Jim Ostrom notes the milestone moment solidifies Anika’s global reputation. “She is an impeccably proportioned mature cow,” he said. “Anika, now almost 8 years old, was a good cow when we bought her as a Junior 2-year-old and, since then, she has continued developing beautifully.

“Of all the cows we’ve been part of, she has been an industry favorite among people we respect as passionate cow enthusiasts. Anika is a rare animal with fans worldwide.”

Classification is based on a true-type scoring system. Anika — like Seisme and Martha before her — is as close to the ideal standards as possible. “Anika has a striking dairy frame like few others in the breed,” Vosters explained. “Her combination of dairyness, balance and strength makes her very unique. She has correct feet and legs, along with a firmly attached udder. She has had five offspring and is considered an aged cow.”

Bolstering her success, Anika also has transmitted her winning ways to offspring that have already begun making their mark in the show ring. For instance, Anika’s granddaughter, Milksource Dempsey Amour, just returned from the 2018 Wisconsin State Holstein Show as the Honorable Mention Junior Champion and 1st Place Fall Calf.

“Anika’s not only cemented her own legacy, but she’s passing on those great diary genetics to future generations,” Ostrom said.

Basking in her herdmate’s glow is another MilkSource Genetics’ cow, TK-Plainview-Ripley, which saw her own classification climb to EX-96 just days after being named Grand Champion of the State Show.

“Whether in the show ring or in the barn, cows don’t achieve results like this without the hands-on care and dedication of a great herd team,” Ostrom said. “Our manager Eddie Bue, his wife and partner-in-cow-care, Mandi, and their entire team work hard every day to bring out the best in these amazing animals. Their love for these cows is evident every day.”

Blondin knocks it out of the park with high scores in three different states/provinces



It was a busy week of classifications for Ferme Blondin of Saint-Placide, QC.  Leading the way was AL-SHAR DEMPSEY ALISON now scored EX-96-2E for Blondin and partner Yvon Sicard. While in Vermont Walkerbrae Doorman Locket scored EX-95 for Blondin and partner Borderview Genetics. She is a daughter of Gloryland-I Goldwyn Locket (2E-94), a 10th gen VG/EX from the Roxys. Doorman Locket was Nominated All-Canadian and All-American Junior 3yr Old in 2016 and was Grand Champion at the Vermont State Holstein Show in 2017. Meanwhile back home in Quebec they had success with the classifier as well, which included 25 VG 1st lactation cows.


BASTE AFTERSHOCK MARILOU VG-87-2YR (Owned with Patricia Fontaine)
HIGH POINT ROX VIVACIOUS VG-87-2YR (Owned with Ferme Glauser et Fils)
FORTALE DOORMAN ALYNA VG-86-2YR (Doorman X Alana owned with Ferme Fortale Holstein)
MS APPLE ANARA-RED-ET VG-86-2YR (Integral X Apple)
BRENLAND SOLOMON DEZI VG-2YR (Owned with Brenland Farms)


MACLAND HAMMER N CHISELD-ET VG-89 (Owned with Hodglynn Holsteins)
MS SHERONA-HILL RAIN-ET VG-88 (Owned with Hodglynn Holsteins Ltd)



11 VG 2yr Olds for COOKIECUTTER MOG HANKER in one day

Cookiecutter Mog Hanker, EX-94

Siemers Holsteins has recently completed one of their three annual classification runs with some fantastic results, including 50 new EX and 75 new VG 2yr olds.  Donor phenom COOKIECUTTER MOG HANKER-ET is credited with 11 of those new VG-2YR olds sired by five different bulls.

Excellents include:


Highlighting 2-YR-OLDS:


Siemers Holsteins is a 5th generation family farm in NE Wisconsin. RHA 2700 cows over 37,000M 1,400F 1,100P. Check out their website HERE.

The Milking Shorthorn breed has a new EX-96 point cow – Kuszmar Arkansas Mud EXP

The Milking Shorthorn breed has a new EX-96 point cow in Kuszmar Arkansas Mud EXP 4E-E96, All-American Lifetime Merit 2017.  

She is owned by Kuszlyk Cattle Co., of Batavia, New York.  Congratulations to the Kuszlyk Family!

3 gens EX-95+ in Northern Ireland

Priestland 4934 Goldwyn Ambrosia is now a 3rd Generation EX-95 

Priestland 4934 Goldwyn Ambrosia is now a 3rd Generation EX-95 for Priestland Farm of Northern Ireland.  Producing over 70,000kg milk to date, the Goldwyn-daughter is out of EK-Oseeana Ambrosia EX-95, who is a direct daughter of the great Tri-Day Ashlyn EX-96.

Two New 19th Generation Excellent Cows for Midway Dairy

Congratulations to Midway Dairy, Cloverdale, Oregon on their two new 19th generation Excellent cows. ROYLANE-KH 5G RITA-ET VVVEE EX-90 EX-91-MS @3-05 owned by Midway Dairy and Rasberry Futures, Cloverdale, OR Rita will be shown at next week’s Oregon State Show as a Senior Three Year Old. ROYLANE-KH TANGO RASS-ET VVVEE EX-90 EX-92-MS @3-08 owned by Rasberry Futures. Both are daughters of GOLDEN-ROSE RASBERRY-ET EX-91


Butlerview Aftersh April Breed’s Newest EX-95 for Hillpine Holsteins

Hillpine Holsteins, WI, recently classified with exciting results, including Butlerview Aftersh April scoring EX-95.  She was recently 2nd at Midwest Spring Show and is out of Brookvilla Jasper Aka (EX-92). 

More exciting results include:

Team Windbrook Maui now EX-92
Owned by: Ryan Lauber & Ben Wallace

Five new excellent cows:
Hillpine Ds Night Moves EX-92 (max)
Hillpine Brokaw Alexia-ET EX-90
Dam: Butlerview Aftersh April EX-95
Hillpine Reginald Chic EX-90
Hillpine Aftersh Laughter EX-91
Hillpine Cotton Sunrise EX-90

As well as some exciting new very good two year olds!
Team O Kaliber Mallorie VG-88
Owned by Ryan Lauber, Ben Wallace & Jeff Drendel
Hillpine Armani Amelia VG-87
Hillpine Brokaw Jessa VG-86
Honeycrest Camaro Gogo VG-85
Hillpine Defiant Kazoo VG-85

Michard Escale first EX 97 in France Ever

In early February, Michard Escale was the first cow in the French classification history to obtain the global score EX 97. Classified by Didier Thareau, classificator at Prim’Holstein France, working in Côtes-d’Armor (Brittany), this cow in 6th lactation is owned by Gaec Michard (22). A score that many thought unreachable.

Currently there are 1472 cows still alive to have obtained an EX global score in France. A figure that increases from year to year.

To tell the truth, there are 1471 cows to be divided from the EX90 to EX96 score, and only one cow, Michard Escale (Damion x Jenus) belonging to Gaec Michard (22), has just been awarded February and for the first time in Prim’Holstein History, the outstanding score of EX97.


Michard Escale  (Damion x Jenus)

72 261 liters produced in 5 completed lactations

Global Score Mammary Body Dairy Strength Legs and Feet
EX97 EX97 EX97 EX98 EX94


Michard Escale  classification score lactation by lactation :

1st lactation TB 88

2nd lactation TB 89

3rd lactation EX 92

4th lactation EX 94

5th lactation EX 96

6th lactation EX 97


Link to february 2018 best classification cows :


Arolene Goldwyn Divine New Member of the EX-95 Club

The newest member of the “95 Point Club” is AROLENE GOLDWYN DIVINE.  Divine was the Reserve All-American 4 year old & Nominated All-Canadian for owners Budjon Farms and Peter & Lyn Vail, WI. They purchased Devine when she topped the 2017 Rosedale Sale of Excellence sale for $92,000.

Swiss Expo Grand Champion – Rogy Goldwyn Ghardaia scores EX-95

Rogy Goldwyn Ghardaia now EX-95

Fresh of her 2018 Swiss Expo Grand Championship, Rogy Goldwyn Ghardaia, has now been classified EX-95 in Switzerland for her owner Joe Demierre.  The Supreme Champion from the ’18 Swiss Expo was also the Junior Expo Bulle ’17 Grand Champion.

Quality Atwood Missy is now EX-94

Quality Atwood Missy (EX-94)

Quality Holsteins, Vaughn, ON, recently had a small classification with exciting results. There were 2 new Excellents, 3 2E, & 1 3E. Other highlights include 3 VG-87-2yr olds, 1 VG-88-2nd calf and 2 new 94 point cows. Quality Goldwyn Fierce EX-94, is a 4th calf Goldwyn from Gibson Finsco EX-95 and Frantisco EX-96. Quality Atwood Missy is now EX-94, with a 96 Mammary. Missy is out of Valleyville Rae Lynn EX-95.

Visit their Facebook page HERE to learn more about the cows they are working with.

Musqie Iatola Martha became the youngest cow to score EX-97

At 6, Martha became the youngest cow — of any breed — to achieve a score of EX-97.

Musqie Iatola Martha – owned by MilkSource Genetics – is just the seventh Jersey in history to receive a EX 97 score from the American Jersey Cattle Association.  Martha became the youngest cow — of any breed — to achieve that score.

“I have said it before and I’ll say again, Martha is a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ cow. I could spend the rest of my life trying to find an animal as amazing as her, and I wouldn’t succeed,” said Jim Ostrom, a partner in MilkSource Genetics, which co-owns Martha with Guatemalan businessman Fernando Jarquin.

Musqie Iatola Martha – owned by MilkSource Genetics – is just the seventh Jersey in history to receive a EX 97 score from the American Jersey Cattle Association.

The decision culminates a historic, three-year run in international show cow competitions during which Martha was named a three-time consecutive Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Supreme Champion, two time World Dairy Expo Reserve Supreme Champion and WDE Supreme Champion.

In 2014, MilkSource Genetics made history when another cow — Blondin Redman Seisme — became the first Red & White Holstein cow ever to achieve an EX-97 score. “It’s unbelievably rare and just as spectacular,” said MSG Partner John Vosters. “This feels like lightning striking twice.”

In recent years, more than 10,000 guests — including visitors from every continent except Antarctica — visited MilkSource Genetics with the intention of seeing Martha in person. Her international reputation has earned her the nickname “The People’s Champion.” “This score reflects the professionalism and personal passion of MilkSource Genetics Herd Manager Eddie Bue, his wife and partner-in-cow-care, Mandi, and their entire team,” Ostrom said. “It is a privilege to work with them.”

To put Martha’s achievement into more accessible terms, she is to show cows what Hank Aaron was to baseball and Secretariat was to horse racing. “Simply stated, one of the best ever,” Vosters said.

Her career highlights include:

  • Supreme Champion, Royal Winter Fair, 2017
  • 1st Mature Cow, Senior Champion & Grand Champion, Royal Winter Fair Jersey Show, 2017
  • Reserve Supreme Champion, World Dairy Expo, 2017
  • 1st Aged Cow, Senior Champion & Grand Champion, International Jersey Show, 2017
  • 1st Aged Cow, Senior Champion of Open Show, Grand Champion & Best Udder of Show, WI State Jersey Show, 2017
  • Unanimous All-American Five-Year-Old, 2016
  • Unanimous All-Canadian Five-Year-Old, 2016
  • Supreme Champion Female, Royal Winter Fair, 2016
  • 1st Five-Year-Old & BU, Senior Champion, Grand Champion, Royal Winter Fair Jersey Show, 2016
  • Supreme Champion, World Dairy Expo, 2016
  • 1st Five Year Old, Senior Champion & Grand Champion Female, International Jersey Show, 2016
  • Unanimous All-American Four-Year-Old, 2015
  • Unanimous All-Canadian Four-Year-Old & All-Canadian Champion Cow, 2015
  • Supreme Champion, Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, 2015
  • Reserve Supreme Champion, World Dairy Expo, 2015
  • Grand Champion, Senior Champion, 1st Four-Year-Old & Best Udder, International Jersey Show, 2015
  • Supreme Champion Female, WI State Fair Junior Show, 2015
  • Grand Champion, Senior Champion, 1st Four-Year-Old, WI Spring Spectacular Jersey Show, 2015
  • Nominated All-American Senior Three-Year-Old, 2014
  • 3rd Senior Three-Year-Old, International Jersey Show, 2014

Kings-Ransom Mg Cleavage scores EX-95

Kings-Ransom MG Cleavage in her working clothes on classification day. Photo: Jeff King

Kings-Ransom Mg Cleavage-ET recently scored EX-95 for owner Jeff King of Kings-Ransom Farm, NY. She is the highest scored Mogul daughter and completes 10 generations of Excellent Roxys.

“She’s been game-changer for us and has really built a fan base for us,” commented Jeff King. “She was an early Mogul and was heavily advertised by both Select Sires and us and in turn has become well-known around the world. She’s opened the door to a lot of new relationships and customers and has just been lot of fun to work. We have a number of offspring from her on the farm and her older daughters just starting to calve in.” Jeff concluded, “We are just ecstatic with how her entire family has developed and are excited for the future.”

3-time All-Canadian nominee Comestar Lamadona Doorman now scored EX-94

Comestar Lamadona Doorman, the former VG-89-2yr and 3-time All-Canadian nominee, has now scored EX-94. Her Sudan-brother Comestar Lautrust is the Nr.3 LPI sire, whilst her Mogul-brother Comestar Lineman ranks at Nr.9 LPI. Their dam is Comestar Lautamai Man O Man VG-87-2yr from the world-renowned Laurie Sheik family. 

Windy Vale Contender Rose, Australia’s 2nd Ever EX95

First, it was Fairvale Morty Lady 51 and now it’s Windy Vale Contender Rose-ET, classifying EX95-2E following a revisit by Holstein Australia classifiers last month.

Classifier, Yolanda Low, says: “She is absolutely beautiful! Stands comfortably at all times, the mammary is just welded on and she is probably the most open and angular cow I’ve ever seen.”

Congratulations to the owners, Elm Banks Holsteins (the Gleeson family) in partnership with Declan Patten (Lightning Ridge Genetics) and Richard Quentin Hull (Eclipse Genetics). She was purchased at Bluechip Genetics’s ‘Big Bang’ sale in October 2016 and bred by Windy Vale Holsteins, SA.

Pictured with Windy Vale Contender Rose-ET are Chris and Mary Gleeson, with daughters (l-r) Hannah, Stacey, Olivia and Chloe. Thanks to Holstein Australia for the photo!

Holstein Association USA Recognizes Top BAA Herds

Holstein Association USA has released the lists of the top Holstein Breed Age Average (BAA%) herds for 2017 classifications. The BAA value provides a way to compare the score of a herd average to the average of the breed, taking into account age of the animal and stage of lactation. Herds participating in the Classic or Standard options of the Holstein Classification program receive an overall BAA for the herd.

Several lists have been created to recognize members of all herd sizes and all areas of the country. Find the 2017 Overall Top 200 BAA Herds, Top 25 BAA Herds by Region, Top 25 BAA Herds by Herd Size, and Top 10 BAA Herds for Colleges & Universities on . To appear on these lists, a herd must have at least 10 cows included in the BAA calculation. If a herd classified more than once during the year, only the most recent BAA was considered for inclusion. All eligible herds are automatically evaluated. 

The average BAA for all herds in 2017 was 106.5. Six herds had a BAA of over 114.0, and Matthew T. Mitchell of Tenn. earns the recognition of having the highest BAA in the U.S. last year at 116.5 on 10 cows. Rounding out the top five include Milk Source LLC, Wis.; Eaton Holsteins, N.Y.; Michael J. Garrow, N.Y.; Michael & Julie Duckett, Wis.; and Timothy M. & Sharyn W. Abbott, Vt. 

2017 Overall Top 200 BAA Herdsspacer

Rank Herd Name State BAA # Cows
1 Matthew T. Mitchell TN 116.5 10
2 Milk Source LLC WI 115.0 38
3 Eaton Holsteins NY 114.8 20
4 Michael J. Garrow NY 114.4 69
5 Michael & Julie Duckett WI 114.1 47
6 Timothy M. & Sharyn W Abbott VT 114.0 36
7 Triple-T Holsteins OH 113.7 18
8 Brian J. Oster NY 113.6 34
9 Gordon Jr. & Gordon Cook III MA 113.5 54
10 Dan Moon IA 113.4 49
11 Jeffrey Wallace Sharts NY 113.3 10
12 Rocco Cunningham CA 113.1 18
  Juniper Farm Inc ME 113.1 27
  Michael & Chris McCullough WI 113.1 54
  Ocean View Genetics WI 113.1 54
16 Esperanza Cattle Co. MN 113.0 13
  Kenneth & Charles McEvoy NY 113.0 26
  Topp-View Holsteins OH 113.0 28
19 Adam John Liddle NY 112.9 58
  Ridgedale Farm NY 112.9 100
  Willolea Holsteins MN 112.9 36
22 Lloyd M. & Denise M. Pease PA 112.8 42
23 Crisdhome Farm, Inc. WI 112.7 107
  Craig B. Krohlow WI 112.7 36
25 Erbacres Holsteins IL 112.6 50
  David K. Hoese MN 112.6 26
  Frederick & Dori Wolf CT 112.6 15
28 CLF, LLC NJ 112.4 42
  Paul S. Engleking IN 112.4 49
  Bruce R. Gingerich IN 112.4 38
  Ryan Griffin MN 112.4 10
  Jeffrey A. & Kate Hendrickson WI 112.4 102
  Kevin M. & Annetta R. Herrington NY 112.4 20
34 Vance Calvin Proctor, Jr. NC 112.3 22
  Rosedale Genetics Ltd WI 112.3 18
36 Douglas S. & Jennifer K. Boop PA 112.2 33
  Lookwell Farm IN 112.2 20
38 Ourway Holsteins WI 112.1 28
39 Richard Nisen IN 112.0 38
40 Lynn & Bonnie Miller PA 111.9 11
  Randell D. Rummage, Jr. TN 111.9 36
42 Arethusa Farm, LLC CT 111.8 75
  Gregory A. & Marcia L. Clark, JT NH 111.8 20
  Clover Hill Farms IA 111.8 36
  Wilstar Holsteins WI 111.8 55
46 Timothy Baker MI 111.7 59
47 Keith & Wendy Bott & Tiffany Bott MI 111.6 24
  Joseph A. Brantmeier WI 111.6 99
  Allen L. & Carolee McClure NY 111.6 32
  Hendrik W. Van Dyk WI 111.6 117
51 Bulldog Holsteins MD 111.5 44
  Joseph Pavelski PA 111.5 36
53 Mikel L. & Daniel Brasch MN 111.4 18
  Gary G. Van Doorn WI 111.4 14
  Humdinger Holsteins NY 111.4 35
  Thomas J. Kestell WI 111.4 126
  David C. & Julie P. Marcks WI 111.4 33
58 Brandon Ferry WI 111.3 69
  Scarlet Summer Holsteins PA 111.3 74
  Christopher J. Van Dyk WI 111.3 36
  Whittier Farms, Inc. MA 111.3 97
62 Dennis V. Christoph WI 111.2 75
  Nelson Dairy OH 111.2 13
  Daniel L. Vandertie WI 111.2 31
65 Gildale Holsteins WI 111.1 51
  Greg Resler IN 111.1 10
  Mark J. Ryan WI 111.1 82
68 Brian & Koral Harbaugh IA 111.0 55
  Riley Miller WI 111.0 19
  Pineland Farms, Inc. ME 111.0 84
71 Circle Drive Holsteins MN 110.9 15
  Thomas & Lisa Hurley MN 110.9 17
  Dean W. & Rebecca Jackson PA 110.9 76
  Mikelholm Holsteins NY 110.9 35
  Loren & Luke Olson MN 110.9 50
  Richard & Julie Vomastic WI 110.9 27
77 Trent Henkes IA 110.8 56
  Todd Adam Hoesly WI 110.8 66
  Dale & Sherri Rupprecht MN 110.8 49
  Justin R. Simpson PA 110.8 55
  Andrew D. Stuewe MN 110.8 82
82 Adam T. Borchert WI 110.7 67
  David E. Butler IL 110.7 81
  Dale J. Christoph WI 110.7 57
  Jeff Jauquet WI 110.7 55
  Plum-Line Holsteins PA 110.7 80
87 Sarah E. Campbell PA 110.6 25
  Anthony B. Crothers NY 110.6 18
  Trent & Kelsey Hendrickson WI 110.6 98
  Adam J. & Lisa Ann Sonnen PA 110.6 60
91 Eric W. Evans ID 110.5 29
  Weis Way Dairy WI 110.5 41
93 Mark O. Brantner PA 110.4 43
  Bur-Wall Holsteins WI 110.4 50
  Jessica L. Gatton-Dixon MO 110.4 12
  Thomas F Murphy MA 110.4 23
  William M. Neal, Jr. PA 110.4 27
  Michael A. & Kathy D. Stiles TN 110.4 35
  Walk-Era Farms, Inc. WI 110.4 101
100 Rick & Linda Frozene WI 110.3 18
  Howard W. Wolfe NY 110.3 81
102 Eric J. Havens LLC OH 110.2 35
  Randy E. Freeland MI 110.2 21
  Jim & Janet Kappers MN 110.2 45
  Jeffery Alan Knoop OH 110.2 57
  Cindy L. Krull WI 110.2 35
  Michael Lee McCullough WI 110.2 43
  Skyhart Farms WA 110.2 10
  Tim R. Smith WI 110.2 55
  David K. Stoltzfus PA 110.2 48
  Anna Titera MN 110.2 15
112 Kenneth John Beneke NY 110.1 93
  James R. Bertsch IN 110.1 18
  Michael A. Doody MD 110.1 15
  Rustin J. Herr PA 110.1 35
  Molly J. McGuire OH 110.1 17
  Ronny Rohloff WI 110.1 36
  Glenn Ubbelohde WI 110.1 59
119 Canary Dairy, LLC NY 110.0 47
  Ralph Lamar Petersheim WI 110.0 74
  Douglas & Joanne Wesneski PA 110.0 45
122 Duane Andrews PA 109.9 49
  Coltan Brown WI 109.9 10
  Nick Depew NY 109.9 23
  Glenmar-Dale Farms WI 109.9 39
  Steven & Debra Heuer MN 109.9 30
  Douglas James Lyons IA 109.9 45
  Richard A. Schweer SD 109.9 36
  Ben Sloan WA 109.9 16
  Van Dyk-K Holsteins WA 109.9 29
  Waterman Farms, Inc. ME 109.9 54
  John Mark Weaver OH 109.9 39
133 Charles L. & Brenda L. Charron, JT VT 109.8 45
  Lowell J., Jr. & Karen D. Davenport NY 109.8 13
  Jenna & Don Fahey WI 109.8 20
  Fischerdale Syndicate WI 109.8 65
  David T. & Donna Gaige NY 109.8 45
  S. Lee, Jr. & Dale L. Heizer VA 109.8 35
  Danny Hoover PA 109.8 31
  Iland-Acre Holsteins MN 109.8 46
  Irwindale Farms IL 109.8 26
  Steven R. Landis IN 109.8 26
  Glen F. Lyford IL 109.8 63
  James M. Ripp SD 109.8 10
  Shawn & Steven Styer WI 109.8 10
146 Angela Davis Brown WI 109.7 18
  Christopher Roth WI 109.7 18
  Denise V. Saxton NY 109.7 23
  Austen Schmidt WI 109.7 72
  Dale L. Zimmerman PA 109.7 90
151 Carpsdale Farms Ltd. VT 109.6 70
  Dogwood Farm, L.P., LLP VA 109.6 77
  Portmann Dairy Farm WA 109.6 99
  James R. Putman NY 109.6 89
  Joe Vanderfeltz PA 109.6 100
156 Lowell J., Jr. & Karen D. Davenport NY 109.5 46
  Elm-Spring Farm LLC NY 109.5 94
  Robert A. Johnson MD 109.5 22
  Eric & Lorelle Sherman NY 109.5 67
  William L. Stoltzfus ID 109.5 78
  Wide Open Holsteins WI 109.5 17
162 Bur-Le-Acres PA 109.4 28
  Harold K. Christensen, Jr. WI 109.4 63
  Robert H. Cramer, Jr. WI 109.4 43
  Daniel P. Esh PA 109.4 65
  Chris & Stephanie George NY 109.4 42
  James R. Hudson NY 109.4 18
  David L. Klingensmith OH 109.4 61
  James R. & Jeffrey B. McQuaide PA 109.4 58
  Velvet-View Farms OH 109.4 58
171 Louis Courtney IA 109.3 58
  Leroy C. Eggink IA 109.3 49
  Hooters Holstein VT 109.3 20
  Paul R. Meyer MI 109.3 63
  Kenneth & Julie Moret WI 109.3 18
  Greg Peters IN 109.3 36
  Eugene M. Poirier NY 109.3 67
  Douglas Post SD 109.3 36
  Alfred & Mark Schmitt MN 109.3 79
  William L. & Susan S. Sellers PA 109.3 21
  Walhowdon Farm, Inc. NH 109.3 46
182 Albert W. Buckbee II NY 109.2 41
  Dennis & Kalyn Buse SD 109.2 45
  William H. Calvert WI 109.2 69
  Boyd & Karen Ferguson IA 109.2 22
  Robert M. & Judi A. Hauck PA 109.2 45
  James T. Holland NY 109.2 25
  Gregory B. Johnson MN 109.2 66
  Joleanna Holsteins LLC NY 109.2 126
  Keystone Farm PA 109.2 62
  Don & Dianne Langmaid VT 109.2 40
  James A. & Dennis L. London PA 109.2 54
  Kaylen Rae Miller IL 109.2 18
  Kyle C. Reid NY 109.2 79
  David S. Sears MA 109.2 14
  Matt Watson PA 109.2 40
  Ronald C. Wood PA 109.2 114
198 R. Paul Buhr, Jr. WI 109.1 59
  Matt Conners MI 109.1 12
  John Slocum Bennett PA 109.1 25
  Lenkaitis Holsteins IL 109.1 36
  Robeth Holsteins, LLC VT 109.1 98
  Estate of John R. Stookey IN 109.1 42
  Utah State University UT 109.1 102
  Scott & Amanda Williams WI 109.1 44


3X Junior Grand Champion of the International Ayrshire Show, Cedarcut Burdette Clove Colata has maxed out at EX-94 95-MS


Cedarcut Burdette Clove Colata, now EX-94 95-MS

Cedarcut Farm, owned by the Curtis family located in Cazenovia, NY, reports on a great classification day. 3X Expo Grand Champion of the International Junior Ayrshire Show Cedarcut Burdette Clove Colata has maxed out at EX-94 95-MS.



Other highlights include:

2nd Lactation-1st Lactation-
Cedarcut Dream Red Baron, VG-85, 86MS
(Dreamer x Hanniabl)
Cedarcut DW Abby Allison, VG-85, 85MS
(Doublwhammy x Poker)
Cedarcut Burd Cayle Charlotte, VG-86, 86MS
(Burdette x Homerun)
Cedarcut Burd Cheyne Canyon, VG-86, 86MS
(Burdette x Poker)

Cedarcut DW Cheyne Casey, VG-87. 88MS
(Doublwhammy x Poker)

3rd Lactation-
Cedarcut Nemo Rcat Red Wine, VG-88, 88MS
(Nemo x Hanniabl)

4th Lactation-
Cedarcut Burdette Eliza Erica, EX-91, 91MS
(Burdette x Jackson)
Cedarcut Burdette Tori Tipsy, VG-88, 88MS
(Burdette x Poker)

5th Lactation-
Cedarcut Burdette Cierra Cassie, EX-91, 92MS
(Burdette x BBBK)
Cedarcut Burdet Cerise Chevelle, EX-94, 95MS 2E
(Burdette x Poker
Cedarcut Burdette Clove Colata, EX-94, 95MS
(Burdette x Ambush)

RIETJE BRAXTON first ever EX96 in Brazil.

For the first time ever there is an EX 96 cow in Brazil and her name is RIETJE BRAXTON.  Bred by the Kok family Rietje scored VG-87 in her first lactation.  Giving birth to twins as well as a retained placenta did not stop the development of Rietje thanks to the care she received from her breeders the Kok’s and her now owners, the De Boer’s. Rietje was a major champion in two of Brazil’s biggest exhibitions this year in her third lactation. And is now fresh 39 days in her 4th lactation when she scored 96 points.

Congratulations to Reinaldo and Margarida de Boer, Ronald de Boer, Frank de Boer and the whole team at Analândia de Boer

Elliotts Tequila Reese scores EX-95 for Juniper Farms

Elliotts Tequila Reese, now EX-95! Pictured LtoR: George Liberty, Shelby Crawford, Matt Hartle, and the infamous Ralph Gushee.

Elliotts Tequila Reese just scored EX-95 for Juniper Farm Inc., ME. Reese has a long list of accomplishments including being nominated All-American and All-Canadian 4-Year-Old in 2015.   She is a Tequila x Elliotts Vertigo Roxanne x EX-94 Deluxe x EX-91 First Prize x EX-91 Belles Expo.

Other accolades include:

  • 7th 5 Year Old International Jersey Show WDE 2015
  • Nominated All-American & All-Canadian 4 Year Old 2014
  • 4th 4 Year Old Royal Winter Fair Jersey Show 2014
  • 3rd 4 Year Old International Jersey Show WDE 2014
  • 1st 4 Year Old, Senior & Grand Champion Eastern States Expo Jersey Show 2014
  • 3rd 4 Year Old New York Spring Jersey Show 2014
  • Nominated All-Canadian Junior 3 Year Old 2013
  • 4th Junior 3 Year Old Royal Winter Fair Jersey Show 2013

Visit Juniper’s website HERE to learn more about the animals they are working with.

Jacobs Lauthority Loana now EX-96-2E

Congratulations to Ferme Jacobs on Jacobs Lauthority Loana scoring EX-96-2E in their recent classification round.  Loana was the recent Grand Champion at Le Supreme Laiter. Other exciting results include:

1st Calf / 1er veau
Damestar Doorman Brandy VG-88
Jacobs Doorman Barcelone VG-87
Jacobs Absolute Beigette VG-87
Jacobs Gold Chip Attorney VG-86
Jacobs Doorman Bomba VG
Elka Cantinale Dempsey Lea VG
Jacobs Doorman Beth VG
Burn Merrick Poli VG
Jacobs Gold Chip Atomic VG
Jacobs Mccutchen Olympia VG
Earlen Durbin Cheddar VG
Straitside Wildly Doorman VG
Jacobs Doorman Baya VG
Frasercle Presto Impression VG
Jacobs Gold Chip Lizard VG
Gracelyn Doorman VG
Jacobs Reginald Elodine VG
Jacobs Doorman Mayhem VG

EX cow / Vache EX
Jacobs Lauthority Loana EX-96-2E
Jacobs Goldwyn Lisamaree EX-94-2E
Blondin Goldwyn Golden EX-93-4E
Canhope Dempsey Brenlyssa EX-92
Jacobs Golswyn Beige EX-3E
Jacobs Goldwyn Noleta EX-3E
Jacobs Goldwyn Lovely EX-2E
Jacobs Sid Glory EX
Earlen Genimi Cheddar EX
Little River Harlo Ronda EX

2nd Calf / 2e veau
Pierstein Cicero Time Out VG-89
Chantal Cecile Attorney VG-88
Jacobs absolute Bima VG-87
Jacobs Goldwyn Blueberry VG-87

UNIQUE DEMPSEY CHEERS first cow in Canada to max score VG-89-2YR in her 1st lactation in over 2 years

UNIQUE DEMPSEY CHEERS scores VG-89-2YR (max). She is the first cow in Canada to max score VG-89-2YR in her 1st lactation in over 2 years!

In Canada to go VG-89-2YR (1st lactation) the cow must be:
✔️Previously scored in the lactation 
✔️Visited 3 separate times on different dates 
✔️The final revisit is with 3 classifiers. Two of them need to be Senior Classifiers and of those Sr. classifiers one must be a National Coordinator. 
✔️Cheers actually had 3 Senior Classifiers and of them 2 were National Coordinators.

Congratulations to her breeders & previous owners Unique Holsteins and also Jeff Stephens and partners. 
Congratulations to our partner on her Richard Villeneuve.
And congratulations to the group of 3 Holstein Canada classifiers who made this special evaluation.

CHEERS sells on December 19th at Ferme Blondin.

World Dairy Expo and Royal Red & White Grand Champion, Meadow Green Abso Fanny-Red now EX-95

Meadow Green Abso Fanny-Red-ET is the newest EX-95 cow in North America.  She is now just the 15th red and white cow in the US to achieve such a mark.  Fanny stole the hearts of dairy enthusiasts from across North America this year, earning Grand Champion honors at World Dairy Expo and the Royal Winter Fair. Fanny is owned by Triple-T Holsteins, Mike Berry, T & L Cattle, Frank & Diane Borba and Frank & Carol Borba, OH. 

Visit Triple-T Facebook page HERE to learn more about an exciting offering from Fanny in the Music City Celebration Sale!


21 new Excellent cows for Siemers Holsteins

Siemers Holsteins have recently classified with some exciting results. 21 new Excellent cows and 52 new VG-2YR olds were scored. Below are some more highlights:

Exciting Excellents:


Exciting 2-YR Olds:

    ( 2740G Delta x VG-85 Supersire x EX-93 Windbrook)

    • 4 Daughters over 2800G
    (Doorman x EX Sid x EX Sanchez)

    • Selling 3.82T 18Conf. Callen daughter in the Nashville Sale Dec. 11th
    (Monterey x EX-92 94-MS Mogul Hanker x VG-88 MOM Halo)

    • Dam of the #2 PTAT Heifer in the breed at 4.65T & 2683G
    ( 2705G Rubicon x EX-91 McCutch Roz x EX MOM Roz)

Siemers Holsteins is a 5th generation family farm in NE Wisconsin. RHA 2743 cows 37,894lbM 3.7%F 1391lbF 3.0%P 1136lbP

Tremendous Classification for Oakfield Corners Dairy

LONG-HAVEN SID CARLA, HM Grand Champion at CNY & WNY Regional Shows ’17, 1st place 5 Yr Old at the NY State Fair is now EX-94-2E EX-95 MS

Oakfield Corners Dairy, NY, recently had a tremendous classification with 6 EX, 21 VG (13 were 1st lactation), and 43 GP animals. Here’s a full listing and some pictures.

Highlights include:
— LONG-HAVEN SID CARLA, HM Grand Champion at CNY & WNY Regional Shows ’17, is now EX-94-2E EX-95 MS
— BUTZ-HILL MAGICAL MISSY-ET, now EX-93-EX-94 MS, grandam to many bulls in AI
— KEVETTA RDBRST LUCIOUS-RED, now EX-92 EX-93 MS, Grand Champion at WNY R&W Spring Show ’17 and 2nd place 4 Yr Old at NY Spring Show ’17
— OCD MOGUL JENNA FISCHER-ET, now EX-92 EX-93 MS, dam of 7HO13911 Flashy
— HOVDEN OCD SPRINKLE-ET, now EX-91, Sara’s highest scored daughter to date
— OAKFIELD WB TIFFANY-ET, now VG-89 EX-91 MS at 2 yrs, 1st place Jr 2 and Intermediate Champion at the NY State Fair. Our most exciting young cow in the barn today!!
— S-S-I SNOWMB MENNA 10054-ET, now VG-88, many grandsons in AI
— OCD RUBICON CAITLYN 4553-ET, now VG-87 at 2 yrs, +2727 GTPI, sons in AI
— OCD DELTA 33343-ET, now VG-86 at 2 yrs, +2766 GTPI, sons in AI and she will be featured in the January ’18 Holstein International!!
— OAKFIELD DLTA LOVEY 4254-ET, now VG-85 at 2 yrs, +2687 GTPI, sons in AI, from the Laurie Shiek’s
— OAKFIELD DLTA LOVEY 4250-ET, now VG-85 at 2 yrs, +2703 GTPI, sons in AI, from the Laurie Shiek’s
— OCD DELTA RAE 4278-ET, now VG-85 at 2 yrs, +2700 GTPI, sons in AI, maternal sister to 250HO12746 Rambo
— OCD KINGBOY RAE 3172-ET, GP-84 VG-MS at only 1 month fresh, full sister to 250HO12746 Rambo
— OCD DELTA LORALIE 33886-ET, GP-83 VG-MS at 2 yrs and only 3 weeks fresh, +2746 GTPI, sons in AI
— OCD DELTA FRANCES 34899-ET, GP-82 VG-MS at 2 yrs and fresh just 10 days!!!, +2796 GTPI, sons in AI, she is the highest GTPI milking daughter currently on the farm

Click here for complete results

First Australian cow to achieve EX97 – breaking news

Australia used to be a limited hunting ground for North American breeders or investors looking for new cows and cow families.

However, time has made the world a smaller place and the results are in that there is plenty to recommend Down Under when it comes to cows that can get “Up Over”.

One herd that has drawn more attention than many is Fairvale Holsteins, in Tasmania.

It towers over other Australian prefixes when it comes to breeding International Dairy Week (IDW) Grand Champions – even though it hasn’t shown in its own right since 2002, and has never shown in its own right at IDW.

Fairvale Morty Lady 51 EX97 Grand Champion at IDW in 2011 and 2014 (for Linsand Holsteins and Matt Templeton in 2011, and Linsand Holsteins in 2014).

Fairvale, owned by Ross and Leanne Dobson, has bred and reared three cows that have won IDW Grand Champion five times for three different exhibitors between 2005 and 2014.

Its achievement is more marked because their farm in Tasmania is separated from the mainland by 240 kilometres of ocean, and the first entries wearing a Fairvale prefix didn’t debut at IDW until 1998.

Fairvale is a double Master Breeder herd, which achieved its second mantle with 6000 points to spare.

 A standout in Canada

This year, Fairvale’s name went further than that – impacting in Canada – when a Doorman granddaughter of one of the two-time IDW Grand Champions Fairvale bred (Fairvale Jed Bonnie 94-ET – 2005 & 2007) won Junior Champion for her Ontario owners (Fraeland Holsteins and Jeff Stephens) at the Dufferin-Wellington County Holstein Show in September. 

This is made more significant, because a great granddaughter of Jed Bonnie in Australia (x Goldchip) was also Junior Champion at IDW in 2015 for Fairvale and Bluechip Genetics.

Fairvale Jed Bonnie 94-ET EX90 – IDW Grand Champion Holstein 2005 and 2007. Owned by Leslie Farms and Fraeland Holsteins (Canada). Bonnie was Reserve Champion IDW 2014 for Fairvale Holsteins and Bluechip Genetics. She was never beaten in an in-milk class at IDW.

Two descendants win JC in two hemispheres

It means two of Fairvale Jed Bonnie’s descendants – just one generation apart –  have won Junior Champion in two hemispheres in the past two years.  

It is also worth noting that the Doorman is out of an EX95 Goldwyn at Fraeland Holsteins – a worthy achievement in itself for an Australian embryo to develop into a highly-classified brood cow in Canada. The Goldwyn will celebrate her 11th birthday next spring, and will soon be flushed to Dempsey. She just surpassed 100,000kg of milk lifetime. 

International opportunity now beckons the world to Fairvale 

As Fairvale prepares to sell 275 of its best in Fairvale’s Farewell on November 17, the good news continues to roll in from around the globe on this herd.

Sells at the Sale of the Stars at The Royal

Doorman Bonnie (HM All-Canadian Junior Calf in 2016) is being prepared to show at The Royal this week. And, Doorman Bonnie’s maternal sister, Fraeland Black Beauty (x Bradnick), will sell fresh as an October milking yearling at Lot 63 in the Sale of the Stars.

Meanwhile, in Australia, another Fairvale-bred exponent has hit the news.

First Australian cow to achieve EX97 – breaking news

On November 9, Fairvale heard that they have bred the first cow in Australia to achieve EX97 points.

Fairvale Morty Lady 51 EX97 Grand Champion at IDW in 2011 and 2014 (for Linsand Holsteins and Matt Templeton in 2011, and Linsand Holsteins in 2014).

Morty Lady 51 – owned by the Thompson family and US cowman Willy McKay – is 12 years old. The powerhouse, who was first singled out of Fairvale’s paddock by Lisa Thompson, and she is a popular peoples’ choice to stand at the summit of Australia’s classification points.

And, Fairvale’s own final pre-sale classification on-farm this week included a new EX94 individual (who will sell), 11 new EX, 14 VG heifers (including several VG86 two-year-olds) and five VG88 second calvers (that’s one point off max points in Australia).

15 Talent daughters scored EX in one day

Good news on classification days is not new to Ross and Leanne – they once had 15 Talent daughters score EX in a single day. They have always said they breed and develop the raw product. They rely on others to take those individuals to the next level.

International profile names to buy at Fairvale

Five international names have bought into Fairvale animals – from the US, Canada, Spain and New Zealand. Steve Fraser and Joel Kietzmann were the first – both in 2004.

Steve bought Fairvale Jed Bonnie 94-ET EX with Leslie Farms in 2004. She would go on to be a two-time IDW Grand Champion in 2005 and 2007.

Joel Kietzmann, US, bought into Fairvale Leader Josie 5-ET EX93-2E, and she would win IDW in 2006.

Fairvale animals have impressed five international buyers enough to make them reach into their pockets since the Tasmanian double Master Breeder started showing at IDW in 1998. Among them has been Spain’s Alberto Medina (pictured), who bought into Fairvale Damion Melody 700 VG88 in 2015, the first year she showed after Bluechip, Toi Toi Genetics (NZL) and Averill Leslie (NZL) bought her straight from Fairvale’s paddock. Melody was twice an All-Australian finalist, and the All-Australian Four Year Old in 2015-2016 for the partnership. The Melody family has the biggest representation in Fairvale’s Farewell.

Alberto Medina, Spain, later bought into Fairvale Damion Melody 700 VG88, who won the four-year-old All-Australian in 2015-2016 for Bluechip Genetics, Averill Leslie (New Zealand), Toi Toi Genetics (NZ), and Alberto Medina (Spain) last year. Alberto’s ownership was cut short by Bluechip’s Big Bang dispersal before Melody could reach her full potential.  

Fraeland kicking goals with Australian family in Canada

Steve Fraser has been the one to establish a strong branch of the Bonnie family in North America. He had also seen Bonnie’s dam, Fairvale Lincoln Bonnie 55 EX-3E, win Honourable Mention Senior Champion at IDW in 2000. The Lincoln was the first Fairvale animal to show at IDW, and she was also the first partnership animal in what would become a successful 20-year alliance between Fairvale and Bluechip Genetics on Fairvale’s show animals.

“The initial draw to [Jed] Bonnie was her conformation,” Steve said. “I remember seeing her win as a two-year-old and I always appreciated her. I was also at IDW in 2000 when the Jed’s dam [Fairvale Lincoln Bonnie 55] was Honourable Mention.

“So, the Jed’s pedigree and ability to breed also appealed to me to at least show or market offspring in Australia.

“As far as buying something in another country, it is a big decision. For me it was quite easy at that time. I fell in love with Jed Bonnie and I had a tremendous relationship with the gang at Leslie Farms, where she was going to live. The ability to move embryos nowadays is quite simple, so purchasing in other countries is now quite intriguing.

“This gives people in North America that opportunity to get into new families. There are definitely world-class families in Australia. For me, I always admired the Bonnies, the Nonis and the Jessicas, to name a few off the top of my head. I would put them up against any family in the world for breeding superior females.”

From small things, big things grow

Steve says the Bonnies are Fraeland’s most reliable breeding family at the farm today.

“You can never predict how things will go but as I said, with cows like Lincoln Bonnie and Jed Bonnie in the pedigree, your chances of breeding something are greatly increased. There is usually a timing factor to these stories, and having Goldwyn available at this point was a major key for us.

“He was able to add that dairy quality and silky hide, which helped keep this family modern. It is kind of amazing how competitive this family is in 2017 with the Jed and Lincoln still so close in the pedigree. It is testament to how good the females are in this family. Of all the offspring, I cannot say we have any that are disappointments.”

Pierre Boulet also buys in

Steve said they had marketed an Aftershock to Pierre Boulet. They had also sold a Sid daughter from the Goldwyn to their neighbours, who classified EX92, and Quality Holsteins recently bought an Alonzo yearling granddaughter of the Sid.

“Ari Ekstein will tell you that he is very ‘interested’ and a fan of the Bonnies,” Steve said. 

Marketing edge

The Bonnie family has given Fraeland something different from their established families in the Lila Zs, Spendors, Valiant Aprils, and Roses

2005 & 2007 – Fairvale Jed Bonnie 94-ET EX (for Leslie Farms and Fraeland Holsteins, Canada). Bonnie was Reserve Champion in 2004 (for Fairvale and Bluechip Genetics).
2006 – Fairvale Leader Josie 5-ET EX93-2E (for Fairvale, Bluechip Genetics and Joel Kietzmann, USA).
2011 & 2014 – Fairvale Morty Lady 51 EX95-4E (Linsand Holsteins and Matt Templeton in 2011, and Linsand Holsteins in 2014).

“It is a nice marketing edge. Also, for me growing up in the era of cow families correlating to certain farms, like Laurie Sheik (Comestar) and Elegance (Budjon) for example, it would be neat to have the Bonnies known as Fraeland’s lead family someday. Although, that will be hard since the offspring are so fancy and in demand.

“We have now stopped selling embryos from Goldwyn Bonnie, and we are implanting for ourselves. Early on, I did market as many embryos from her as I could.” 

With the highest North American profile names now active in Australia – including Frank and Diane Borba – the timing has never been better for investing in Australian genetics.

And, anyone who has travelled to IDW with an appreciation for Holsteins uniformly reports that Fairvale is the herd they’d most like the key to.

Click here for the link to Fairvale’s sale catalogue –

Anyone from around the world can watch and/or bid online at Fairvale’s Farewell on November 17 by going to

If you are interested in buying, or need Australian connections to organise housing opportunities, please contact the sale manager, Dean Malcolm through Facebook or on email or phone +61 417 302 037.

Picston Shottle 1,000th Excellent classified daughter in Canada

On October 19th Picston Shottle-ET (Ex-96-GBR-Extra-GM) recorded his 1000th Excellent classified daughter in Canada. She is Baertsch Shottle Barbara (Ex-90), a 7-year-old “Shottle” daughter bred and owned by Ferme Baertsch Enr., Thurso, Que. Shottle was a “Mtoto” son from Condon Aero Sharon (Ex-91-GBR-68*), the Canadian bred “Aerostar” daughter. Born and initially proven in the United Kingdom, “Shottle” was owned by Genus/ABS Global Inc. and died at 15 years of age in March 2015. “Shottle” was a Millionaire sire, a former number one Lifetime Performance Index (LPI) leader here in Canada and has had a major influence in Holstein breeding programs around the world.

The Holstein breed has another EX-96 cow – Team Durham Morgan

1st place Production Cow

It’s official, the Holstein breed has another EX-96 cow! Team Durham Morgan-ET joined the EX-96 club for owner Michael Garrow, NY. Morgan topped the Lindale and Team Holsteins Dispersal in 2015, and was the anchor of the Team show string for years. Including winning 1st place Production Cow at The MIDWEST NATIONAL SPRING SHOW in 2016.  Congratulations to her breeders Jeff Drendel and Kevin Kriegel of Team Holsteins, IL.

Bella-Rosa GW Sara scores EX-95 for Oakfield Corners

Bella-Rosa GW Sara scored EX-95 yesterday for owners Jonathan & Alicia Lamb of Oakfield Corners in NY. She is a Goldwyn x EX Spirit x All-American Beaumond Splendid Spirit EX-95. Congratulations to her breeders and everyone that has helped her develop along the way!

Sara was purchased in the 2013 National Holstein Convention Sale and has gone on to have several tremendous accomplishments including:

  • Reserve Grand Champion, CNY Holstein Show 2017
  • Grand Champion Holstein and Supreme Champion, WNY Spring Preview Show 2017
  • 1st place Aged Cow, Grand Champion and Supreme Champion, WNY Regional Show 2017
  • 2nd place Aged Cow, Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion, CNY Regional Show 2017
  • 2nd place Aged Cow, NY State Fair 2017
  • All-NY Aged Cow 2016
  • Grand Champion, WNY Regional Show 2016
  • Grand and Supreme Champion, WNY Spring Preview Show 2016



Strans-Jen-D Tequila-RED scores EX-96!

It was a great day for Milksource genetics as the classifier visited and awarded some of the herd favorites top scores.  Leading the way was two time World Dairy Expo R&W Grand Champion Strans-Jen-D Tequila-Red EX-96 an outstanding score of EX-96. Also scoring high was the Reserve All-American Four Year Old from 2016  TK-Plain-View Ripley who is newly reclassified EX-95.  Be sure to check out their Facebook page for the latest details

Two time World Dairy Expo Grand Champion Flambeau Manor RO Lauren newest Guernsey to score EX-95

Two time World Dairy Expo Grand Champion Flambeau Manor RO Lauren has officially scored EX-95 for owner Steven Van Doorn, WI. Lauren was Grand Champion in both 2013 and 2016 and is the dam of Ladys Man at Select Sires. Congratulations to the family on the outstanding achievement!

Berautec Gold Fanta scores Max VG-88 for Lookout Holsteins and Jerseys

Berautec Gold Fanta VG-88 MAX on revisit from classifiers
1st Jr 2, Reserve Intermediate and HM Grand Champion, Atlantic Summer Show

The classifiers have been busy at Lookout Holsteins and Jerseys recently! Callum McKinven shared these exciting results on some of the cows that will be in his string at World Dairy Expo next week!

Berautec Gold Fanta VG-88 MAX on revisit from classifiers
1st Jr 2, Reserve Intermediate and HM Grand Champion, Atlantic Summer Show

Rolling River Press Release VG-88 
1st Sr 2, Grand Champion Jersey and Supreme Champion, Brome Fair
Congrats to owners Adam Fraley , Eddie Sekerak and Daniel and Patti Kitchen

Lookout Tequilla Gotcha VG-87
Recently fresh Jr 2

Lookout Olympian Allstar VG-87 Jr 2

Iroquois Acres Jong Calli VG-87
Recently fresh Jr 2 Swiss

Lookout River Baby VG-87
Jr 2 Jersey

Jersey breeds newest 95 point cow- Cowbell Guapo Ricochet

The Jersey breed has a new EX-95 point cow and she calls  River Valley Farms, home. Cowbell Guapo Ricochet is the latest to achieve the accolade of 95 points and River Valley’s 12th 95 point cow.  She’s the dam of ROCKSTAR -at Semex and will compete on the colored shavings at World Dairy Expo this fall.

MS Absolute Bliss scores EX-94 Max Score

MS Absolute Bliss, the Intermediate Champion from the 2017 NY Spring Dairy Carousel, has maxed out at EX-94 with a 96 MS at just three years old.  Bliss has been the HM. ALL-CANADIAN MILKING 1-YR in 2015 and NOM. ALL-AMERICAN SR.2-YR in 2016.  Her 2nd dam is MS EXELS DUNDEE BEAUTY the 2012 and 2011 All-American Aged Cow. Look for her at World Dairy Expo

J&K-Vue Goldwyn Glamour-ET is now EX-96 3E

J&K-Vue Goldwyn Glamour-ET is now EX-96 3E at 9-02 for owner Douglas Boop, PA. Glamour was Grand Champion of the All-American Junior Holstein Show in 2016, and then went on to be selected Junior All-American & HHM All-American 150,000 Lb Cow. Congratulations to the Boop family on her continued success!

#2 NM$ sire JoSuper’s dam scores EX

In an age when many bull mothers don’t even see the classifier, last week Uecker Supersire JoSuper, the breed’s most extreme production bull, classified EX. JoSuper is currently Nr.3 for TPI and Nr.2 for Net Merit among all daughter-proven sires, and has a production proof of 3129 milk, 104 fat and 91 protein. His dam, Uecker Beacon Joyfully, is now scored EX-90 while the 2nd dam, Uecker Jango Joyful, scored EX-92. Sisters to JoSuper also received classification scores with JoSleet scoring VG-88, JoChill VG-87 and JoSolo VG-87.

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