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Fitzsimmons named Director of Sales

Monday, August 18th, 2014

St. Jacobs ABC is pleased to announce that Robert Fitzsimmons of East Montpelier, VT will be joining their staff as Director of Sales. In his new role, Fitzsimmons will be responsible for the growth of business in all aspects of St. Jacobs ABC’s product lines through the growth of St. Jacobs ABC sire programs. He will work directly with the ABS/St. Jacobs ABC sales team as a resource to provide more information and support to the customer, spending a great deal of time on farms working with breeders on the St. Jacobs ABC programs. In addition, he will be responsible for developing new markets for embryos and cattle for the St. Jacobs ABC elite female program as well.

Bob has been involved in the cattle breeding business his entire life, starting with roles at Dreamstreet Holsteins and with Holstein USA as Director of Classification. Bob went on to manage the elite breeding and marketing programs of Lylehaven Farms in VT and Carrousel Farms in IL. In these roles, Bob helped develop two of the most elite show herds in the world, garnering many honors including Premier Breeder and Exhibitor banners along with championships at both the Royal Winter Fair and the World Dairy Expo. Most recently, Bob has spent time in sales in the AI Industry.

Bob is an accomplished judge and has had assignments in many countries around the world and has judged at the World Dairy Expo and the Royal Winter Fair. Currently, he serves as an official for Holstein USA’s judges training program and has been a leader in training new judges through many programs.

“Bob is one of the most experienced cow men we know. He has dedicated his life to the industry and is world renowned for his ability to breed, select, and judge cattle. He is the perfect fit for our program that is focused on providing the best type genetics in the world,” says St. Jacobs owner, Tim Abbott. Tim added, “To be able to add the knowledge and experience of Bob to our team will help our business grow and take our commitment to customer satisfaction to the next level.” Fitzsimmons is excited to be a part of the team as well. “I have watched the St. Jacobs ABC program grow with great admiration over the past decade. Their bulls such as DUNDEE, DESTRY*RC, BUXTON, and AFTERSHOCK are all breed leaders. Their sampling programs, such as Judge’s Choice, are the most creative in the industry and their ownership of cows like Dundee Hezbollah, Gold Barbara, and Cameron add a unique piece to their business. I look forward to helping St. Jacobs ABC meet their goal of becoming the industry leader for elite Type genetics,” states Fitzsimmons.

Located in Franklin, Vermont, St. Jacobs ABC has been in the development of elite dairy genetics since 1958. St. Jacobs ABC is the supplier of some of ABS’ most prestigious genetics. Headquartered in DeForest, Wisconsin, ABS Global is the world leader in bovine genetics, reproduction services and technologies. ABS has been at the forefront of animal genetics and technology since its founding in 1941. ABS Global is a division of Genus plc.

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The August Sire Summary 2014 was a very exciting one for MASTERRIND and has seen many new additions to the top of our MASTERPROVEN and MASTERGEN lineups. With 31 bulls each in the German Top-100 for proven and genomic sires every third Elite bull originates from MASTERRIND, Germany’s leading Holstein breeding program. Our large group of new graduates provides numerous options for tremendous sires from alternative blood lines to fit the breeding goals of our worldwide customer base.


Our breed-leading Baxter sonBakombre Bakombre from the Markwell Blackstar Raven family remained in the German Top 5 for RZG (#4) with outstanding proof levels for production and type while adding 748 (!) new daughters for production and 169 daughters for type (RZG 140, RZE 121, 2122 TPI, 2,10 PTAT).

The newcomer to be named first is Jucator Jucator, who gave an excellent debut as #9 of the German Top 10 proven sires at a Total Merit index of RZG 138. With his outstanding proof for milk production along with functional type and good fitness traits he also ranks extremely high on US base at TPI 2173 (PTAT, 1,58). Juca-
tor offers with Jeeves x Buckeye x Titanic x Rudolph an outcross pedigree hailing back to Braedale Gypsy Grand VG-88, the former Global Cow of the year from Canada. His daughters are of medium-size with sufficient strength & power and are built to last under all kind of management systems.

Particularly noteworthy among the MASTERRIND group of Top ranking Planet sons (Planty (#6), Planay , Planay (#18),Pikeur (#39) is PIONEER PIONEER (Planet x Shottle x Durham) since he was popular as a genomic young sire and used as sire of sons within the MASTERRIND breeding program. Pioneer received his first daughter proof based on 275 milking daughters and landed strong at a Total Merit index of RZG 131 (TPI 2160). The intriguing Planet son originates from the famous US cow family of Hendel Durham Mitzi EX-90 and sires medium stature, durable cows with plenty of strength, very sound feet & legs and quality udders. Pioneer is also popular for his great fitness traits including a daughter fertility score of RZR 118 and an exceptional calving ease score of CEd 117.

Joining the ranks of Germanys elite daughter proven sires in August is our first Man-O-Man son Marsian Marsian (Man-O-Man x Shottle x Ito) who started at #26 position with a Total Merit Index of 133 RZG (2043 TPI). The previously used MASTERGEN sire offers solid figures all across the board and belongs to the Regancrest Ito Isa VG-86 branch of the Snow-N Denises Dellia EX-95 cow family.

Shining on the newcomer stage this round is Hafnar, who offers with Hayden x Laudan x Jurmel x Ronald another exciting outcross pedigree. Hafnar is a high Sire fertility bull and debuts with a good level of production (RZG 128, TPI 1902) plus the ability to sire trouble free, profitable cows with great udders (RZE 123, PTAT 1.26). He traces back to the same well-respected Dutch Barnkamper Marilyn family, that al-
ready developed our Elite Bolton son Barnkamper Björk kamper Björk (Bolton x Oman x Sierra) who maintained great ratings for production, type and udder health (RZG 131, TPI 1926).

Two more uniquely pedigreed bulls who entered the proven stage this round are Boenisch (Bolivia x September x Ronald) and Calgary (Captain x EX-93 Outside x EX-92 Convincer x EX-92 Emory). Boenisch is a great foot and leg bull and combines that with a good level of production (+1475 kg milk), functional type and that hard to find 561 Triple A score (RZG 128). Calgary is a member of the well-known Melvina EX-93 family at Our-Favorite Holsteins and is a great type source (RZE 125, PTAT 2.56) as he transmits outstanding body traits, perfect rumps (Body 122) and beautiful attached udders (Udder 125, UDC 2.46).

Grabbing most of the attention among the new release type sires is Matulla, (Mac x Shottle x EX-94 Morty) who arrived strong at 130 RZG (2106 TPI) with impressive scores for overall type (PTAT +3.03) and udders (Udder 132, UDC 3.10). Matulla makes these stylish, angular, long necked cows and is truly an udder specialist. He is a straight son of the high testing Golden-N-Oaks Marbella VG-89 GMD DOM and additionally displays desirable values for all major fitness traits, particularly longevity and daughter fertility.


The MASTERGEN bulls continue to dominate the German genomic Top list in August. MASTERRIND’s hot genomic graduate Sunview Gold Sunview GoldDolph (Liquid Gold x Snowman x Atwood) from the Roxy family did catapult himself into the #3 position of the German genomic Top rankings with exceptional values for milk, fat and protein yield as well as excellent type and longevity (RZG 161, RZE 134). Closely following on his heels in #5 position is Pirlo (Picanto x Planet x Goldwyn) out of the Dutch Ebony family who is a production improver with outstanding marks for longevity (RZN 136) and calving ease (CEd 132 !) as well.

The previous RZG leader, Teemar Marce Astonishing (Maurice x Bookem x Shottle) slipped only one point to RZG 159 and sits now at #6 position with exceptional proofs for milk solids, fitness traits and udders (2307 GTPI, 812 NM$). Completing the German genomic Top 10 is Wendland Holstein Genestar Wendland Holstein Genestar (Genesis x Dorcy x Goldwyn x Shottle), the popular sire of sons, who performs well on all different country scales, boasting high production along with superior type and breath-taking fitness traits.

The major news, however, is the arrival of our three Elite Red Carrier bulls, penetrating into the German Top 30, all with the ability to improve a large number of traits for both Black and White & Red and White Holsteins. The Cashcoin son Mr Sunview Coin Sunfish Mr Sunview Coin Sunfish RF is the #1 Red Carrier bull in Germany from a VG-87 Snowman out of the popular flush cow, Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk EX-90 (RZG 156, GTPI 2383, PTAT 3.23). Filou RDC (Fanatic x Elburn x Malvoy) arrives as the #2 Red Carrier sire and transmits similar to his popular MASTERGEN sire Fanatic Fanatic Fanatic outstanding fitness traits (RZG 155, RZN 135, RZR 127). Piano RDC (Phoenix x Beacon x Baxter) complements that illustrious group at RZG 154 offering tremendous production and the cow family of Kamps-HollowAltitude-ET *RC EX-95.

With Stantons Skydome Stantons Skydome (Sympatico x Man-O-Man x Shottle) MASTERRIND offers the #1 Sympatico son in Germany who is also one of the highest ranked genomic sires for longevity available in the German Top list (RZN 141 !). His Shottle granddam Wabash-Way Shottle Ellyn-VG-86 is a full sister to Wabash-Way Emilyann VG-88, the former #1 GTPI and CTPI cow in the Breed.

Our breed-leading genomic sires Mikkel (Mixer x Super x Berryridge Shottle 1270-ET EX-92) and Uecker Sire Joclassic Sire Joclassic(Supersire x Beacon x Jango), both moved up one and three RZG points, respectively. Mikkel offers a powerful genetic package of high production (+1582 Milk kg), great body traits along with superb scores for longevity (RZN 129) and Daughter Pregnancy (RZR 113). He is a super star also on US base with 2496 GTPI along with 2.9 DPR, providing a rare blend of high productivity and reproductive health.

Joclassic ranks high on both systems at 152 RZG and 2455 GTPI plus he has that very balanced genomic profile specializing in production, udder quality and health traits. The famous Wind-Knoll View Promis EX-95 family stands behind the three intriguing MASTERGEN sires, Willsbro Naberg (Numero Uno x Baxter x Durham; RZG 141, GTPI 2313), Willsbro Merandy (Meridian x Man-O-Man Pammy x Baxter; RZG 151, RZE 129) and Mr. President Drointon (Mogul x Man-O-Man Pammy x Baxter; RZG 150, GTPI 2389), who all have the ability to breed outstanding cattle. Naberg is straight out of Willsbro Baxter Pammy, VG-87, the dam of Man-O-Man Pammy and a direct daughter of Windy-Knoll-View Pammy EX-95-USA, the former Reserve All-American cow. This is the source for their great type transmission as Naberg boasts a RZE of 133 and PTAT 3.51 while Drointon ranks at RZE 131 (PTAT 2.83).

Stantons Earn Energy Stantons Earn EnergyP (Earnhardt P x Snowman x Shottle) sprinted into the MASTERGEN Polled line-up in August 2014 as the #1 Polled sire in the German RZG Black &White rankings at 147 RZG (2227 GTPI) and is a first class member of the high testing cow family of Whittier-Farms Lead Mae EX-95-USA. Energy P is an elite production & protein sire that sports that quality pedigree together with good type and body traits (RZE 126, PTAT 2.73). Also of interest is the remarkable debut of another Polled MASTERGEN sire, Mr.Sizzle M izzle M izzle MoneyP (Cashmoney x Shottbolt x Goldwyn) from the Hickorymea breeding. Money P has the ability to improve type (RZE 130, PTAT, 3.04), components & heath traits all at once (RZG 142, GTPI 2163).

The Snow RF sons Burnet Red (Snow RF x Destry x Mr. Burns) and Soko-Red (Snow RF x Gerard x Mr.Burns) making the Red headlines this round as the #1 & #2 Red genomic type sires in Germany at 141 and 138 RZE, respectively. The high demand Sire of sons One-Red VCR Red VCR (Numero Uno x Aftershock x Goldwyn)completes the group of Germanys leading Red genomic type sires at 138 RZE & striking 147 RZG. All three “Red musketeers” display an attractive blend of high type, great production and desirable fitness traits.

Please enjoy studying our new active proof lists from August and let us know if you have any questions.

MASTERRIND Germany Proof lists here
MASTERRIND US Proven Holstein bulls here


Provided by MASTERRIND/MasterProof

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Trend in Sire Usage by Age Category1

Trend in Sire Usage by Age Category2

Source: CDN

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AI Total bulls are ready for the future!

Friday, August 15th, 2014

The April proof run has brought great news for AI Total. AI Total is excited that their highranking sires did very well and is pleased to announce a few exciting new bullsthat fit the needs of commercial dairy farmers around the globe.

AI Total is excited that Vendairy Wonder *cv did well this proof run after adding 308daughters to his proof. Wonder continues to be one of the highest sons ofShottle and farmers who are milking Wonder daughters are extremely pleased withthe results. The daughters continue to impress with great frames, outstandingrumps and fantastic udders. Which was confirmed by his progeny group at the All-Holland Dairy Show end of June, where his group was voted as one of the best progeny groups! CLICK HERE for a short YouTube clip of the Wonder daughters at the All-Holland Dairy Show (NRM 2014).

Vendairy Wonder progeny group

Already on the list was GlamourCarlo (Mogul x Robust) from the Larcrest cow family, Carlo scores GTPI+2453 including >1000 Lbs Milk, +150Lbs combined fat and protein, great health traits, compact cows with great udders and feet and legs.

From the same family is the new addition DG Condor (Mogul x Larcrest CaleVG-89-2YR). Conder sires the type of cows which is appreciated by manycommercial dairy farmers. Compact sized cows with great udders, good feet andlegs combined with great fitness and nearly +150 Lbs combined fat and protein

Another really exciting new addition to the line-up is Broeks Modius (Mogul x Toystory x Ronelee Outside Dabble). His completeprofile including >2000Lbs Milk, >3points on type, including averagedsized cows with great rumps, udders and good feet and legs and easy calving’sare making Modius an easy bull to use.

Another bull with dazzling production numbers is Anderstrup Heavey (Massey x Snowman xShottle), Heavey scores GTPI+2418 with dazzling production numbers including+160 combined fat and protein, good somatic cell score and all round type. Heavey is the #1 GTPI Massey son in the Breed!

From the Altitude family AI Total has the high Allround GTPIRED sire RH DG Adam-Red available soon. Adam scores nearly +1000Lbs for milk,positive components resulting in over +122 Lbs combined fat + protein. He hasan impressive linear profile with positive scores on nearly all traitsincluding fantastic rumps, great combination of strength and dairy and isflawless on the fitness traits. And with his maternal line he can be used on alot of the Red/*RC pedigrees!

For more information about AI Total contact or call with the office: +31 (0) 38 46044311.

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Jetstream Genetics has an enhanced offering with the August 2014 Sire Summary. New sires are now available – sires with added reliability, with top-ranked daughter- proven sires now fulfilling the pedigrees. With Jetstream Genetics, on-line ordering is open 24 hours day (online ordering available only in the U.S.), available to make your orders ready when you are:

The genetic release on August 12, 2014 powered the following headliners.

  • 534HO00031 POWERBALL P (Earnhardt x Robust): For Polled sires, he is the #1 GTPI, #1 GLPI and #1 RZG sire in the breed. POWERBALL P has changed the landscape on Polled genetics as he exceeds all the trait thresholds for Milk +1642, Protein +72, and Type +2.65. He’s from the Productive Life (+4.9 PL) crafted family Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy EX 92 DOM GMD.
  • 534HO00032 KOOL (Cashcoin x MOM): KOOL comes to you as an early release CASHCOIN son. From the company that delivered you CASHCOIN, it is pleasing to deliver you this +158 RZG sire. Boosting at +2438 GTPI, +3225 GLPI, what is not to like about a new release sire that has the added feature of A2A2 milk? Pedigree is as genuine as it comes, going back to the Art-Acres Kay Family. This exciting Cashcoin x VG87 MOM x EX Shottle x VG88 BWM x VG Patron x VG Aerostar x VG Ned Boy x VG Chairman x VG A. Chief x EX Elevation x VG Ivanhoe could be as complete as any new release sire on the market today.
  • 534HO00025 MARDI GRAS (Mogul x Planet): He is Jetstream’s top available GTPI sire at +2480. He boasts +152 RZG in Germany and his CDN figures in Canada are extreme with +3177 GLPI. The Rudy Missy EX92 family continues to deliver top-end performance with MARDI GRAS. This Mogul son gained GTPI points, rising to +2480. He fits nicely with his brother, 534HO00012 MODEL, also offered by Jetstream.
  • 534HO00026 DEMAN (Mogul x Atwood): Very few sires have the CDN type breakdown that DEMAN offers: +16 Type, +15 Udder and +13 Feet and Legs. In Italy he tops in at +3246 GPFT making him a global attraction. The Debutante EX92 branch of this family has many high-ranked daughter-proven sires, like Destry. DEMAN joins his popular brother, DELTA, at Jetstream Genetics.
  • 534HO00017 DELTA (Snowman x Atwood): Jetstream’s #2 type sire stands at +4.06 Type and +19 Conformation in Canada. DELTA’s sire, Snowman, recently claimed the #1 GLPI daughter-proven sire in Canada. The Queen of the Breed, Roxy, is behind this masterpiece sire, combining type, production and cow family.
  • 534HO11310 GOLDDUST (Goldchip x Damion): His famous dam Sonnek Damion Charlie is now EX 94, GOLDDUST rings in at +4.51 Type. His Canadian CDN figures are just as impressive, as he scores +19 Conformation and +17 Mammary System. He is backed by great linage: EX 94 Damion x VG Shottle x EX Morty x EX Rudolph x EX Supersire x VG Elton. His Udder Composite and Type with Frame keep GOLDDUST at the top of the type charts. His Sire Gold Chip continues as a renowned Type specialist.
  • 534HO00008 COLT 45 RC PO (Colt P-Red x Shottle): His early offspring are eye-catching individuals that are acquiring top prices in numerous sales and auctions. This RC PO sire is over +2.66 Type. The Chassity family continues to generate superior breeding with this own son and maternal brother to the popular Gold Chip and 534HO00001 CARSON. This cow family stamps them true and built to last. Plus he can make them Red and Polled.
  • 534HO00010 CASHCOIN and 534HO00009 CASHMONEY (Observer X Goldwyn) the Cash bros: Science meets reality with these genomic leaders. They have experienced tremendous fertility results worldwide, numerous CE observations make them perfect SCE sires at 6.1% & 6.8%. Their early offspring are appearing at the top of all the young genomic progeny tested lists and the beautiful calves are sure to impress. Jetstream will soon be offering elite CASHCOIN sons in the line up that are among the best in the world.

The new August 2014 Sire Portfolios are available by contacting Roger Turner: or 608-770-0012.

Jetstream Genetics provides breed-defining sires through the upper echelon of genomics, whether those genetics are from deep-pedigreed cow families or high numbers, extreme type or extreme production, Red or Polled, or the very best bulls that combine these attributes. In a rapidly changing and evolving AI marketplace, Jetstream secures the most sought-after genetics and offers competitive and favorable contracts for customers, which allows them their greatest return. Jetstream Genetics is the catalyst in moving genetics forward.

For more information, go to: or call 1.855.4JETSTREAM (855-453-8787).

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In this run, many new bulls excel in efficiency and health. Delta Atlantic consolidates his number 1 position in black-and-white and moreover makes his mark as a bull sire and grandsire, for both red-and-white and black-and-white. 
Delta Atlantic (Ramos x O Man) is leading the black-and-white ranking head and shoulders above the rest. His NVI has increased by 14 points to a fantastic score of +332, with a towering longevity of +829 days. No wonder Atlantic is currently by far the most widely used CRV bull.

Atlantic-impact on red-and-white and black-and-white
While Atlantic is leading the ranking of black-and-white breeding bulls, red-and-white has the scoop of the first grandson becoming available worldwide. This is InSire Top Bull Delegate vd Peul (325 NVI, Deputy x Atlantic). Just like his grandsire, Delegate passes on superb practical traits, such as udder health (109), claw health (104) and longevity (+806 days), thus contributing to a healthy herd (+7%). With an extremely high NVI of 325 points, Delegate passes on high contents (+0.26% fat and +0.19% protein) and high efficiency (+8%). With an overall score of 113 for conformation, with 113 for udder, Delegate is a bull that is a good match for any modern herd, either red-and-white or black-and-white.

Delegate van de Peul

Atlantic’s dam is also the dam of Arroyo, Delta Colorado’s sire. Delta Colorado (299 NVI, Arroyo x Lawn Boy P) is a red-and-white InSire Top Bull with an excellent conformation inheritance (116), with 115 points for udder. Colorado passes on great efficiency (+7%) and health (+4%), with very high scores for udder health (107) and claw health (105).

Delta Sissy (dam of Colorado)

Quatro Patrick (309 NVI, Atlantic x Onedin) is a black-and-white Atlantic son that presents himself. Based on his genomic breeding values, this InSire Top Bull scores no less than +10% for Better Life Health, which allows him, just like his sire, to do a very good job for breeding a healthy herd. A herd that is therefore easy to manage, as is also proven by his inheritance for fertility (105), udder health (105) and claw health (108).

Quatro Patrick (s: Atlantic)

Top bulls for efficiency
Apina Norman (265 NVI, Numero Uno x Ramos) is topping the ranking in Great Britain. He is a real udder improver (111) and excels in health (+8%) and longevity (+619 days). The Numero Uno son scores high on all major health and management traits, like udder health (103), fertility (105), claw health (105) and calving ease (107). Norman also transmits a solid milk production (+994 kg) and he gives an extreme boost to the efficiency of the herd (+10%).

Apina Norman (s. Numero Uno)

De Vrendt Reality (221 NVI, Fiction x Gogo) is new on the list of red-and-white daughter-tested bulls. Just looking at his bloodline, Reality is a versatile bull that can be used in many herds. This former InSire Top Bull has many benefits. He gives the efficiency of the milk production (+8%) and the health of the cows (+5%) a great boost. His daughter produce a lot of milk (+1138 kg) and fat and protein (+72 kg). Reality daughters have a superb type (108) and good udders (108).

Delta Rosa 1 (s. Reality)

With the Dutch-Flemish ranking of red-and-white genomic Bulls, we find Delta Detective (304 NVI, Sherlock RF x Jerudo) in fourth place. He passes on a great milk production to his descendants, which will moreover be achieved very efficiently (+8%). In addition, Detective passes on a top conformation with an overall score of 115 with 114 for udder and 112 for legs. Detective achieves a high score for udder health (106), and with his profile, he is a very interesting bull to build a profitable herd.

Delta Detective (s: Sherlock RF)

An absolute specialist in efficiency is the red-and-white InSire Top bull Bronkhorster Dapper (279 NVI, Dakker x Fidelity). With an extreme score of +12% for Better Life Efficiency, he makes sure his descendants will produce much milk (+1552 kg) and much fat and protein (+106 kg) very efficiently. Dapper also passes on great udders (109) and good udder health (104).

Bronkhorster Dapper (s: Dakker)

Daughter-tested Bertil sons
In this index run, a number of daughter-tested Bertil sons draw the attention. One of those sons is
De Biesheuvel Bertoli
(Bertil x O-Man, 223 NVI). He passes on a good milk production (+743 kg), with very high contents (+0.27% fat and +0.24% protein). This combination enables him to increase the efficiency of the herd (+5%). Bertoli’s pedigree is free of O-Man and he scores high for udder health (+105) and claw health (+105). His daughters have great dairy strength (108), and their body condition continues to be very good. Both Bertoli’s dam, De Biesheuvel Javina 3 VG87, and granddam, De Biesheuvel Javina VG88, are still alive and have high lifetime productions.

Tineke 156 (s. Bertoli)

Delta Lambert (221 NVI, Bertil x Win395) is a Bertil son with an interesting bloodline. With no fewer than seven CRV bulls in his pedigree, Lambert can be traced back to Sunny Boy. With +1715 kg, this bull passes on a very high milk production. In addition, Lambert daughters produce a lot of fat and protein (+110 kg). Lambert is perfect to use on (too) large cows. Moreover, Lambert is an excellent bull to use for leg improvement (111) in the herd.

Corrie 130 (s. lambert)

After a very good performance at the NRM in June this year, Aurora Jeroen (245 NVI, Bertil x O Man) shows that he is in firm control. He combines an excellent milk inheritance (+973 kg) with high contents and this great combination results in a very high Inet (€374) and many kilograms of fat and protein (+117 kg). His daughters keep his breeding values stable, which will only increase interest in Jeroen.

Hennie 44 (s. Jeroen)

Second crop for MRIJ
For MRIJ, Marijn (147 NVI, Matthijs x Nw Weert 7) consolidates his position in this run thanks to his second crop daughters increasing his NVI by 16 points. Marijn passes on high contents (+0.35% fat and +0.18% protein) and great health (+5%). His daughters are fertile (104) and have healthy udders (104) and strong claws (107). Moreover, Marijn’s calves are born easily (104) as well.

Harte 18 (s. Marijn)

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Select Sires logoTop-10 GTPISM sire, 7HO10848 Ladys-Manor Rd GRAFEETI-ET (+2226 GTPI) and popular Showcase Selections™ sire, 7HO10999 Regancrest-GV S BRADNICK-ET (EX-94) (+3.89 PTAT) lead the Select Sires graduating class this proof run. This class of new release sires offers a wide variety of pedigrees and specialties for operations of all types and sizes.

Elite FeedPRO® sires
GRAFEETI debuts in the active lineup as a high reliability sire with outstanding Net Merit (NM$) (+697) and Cheese Merit (CM$) (+774) with outstanding Type (+2.53). His daughters produce excellent components (+.19% Fat, +71 Fat, +.05% Protein) and are moderate in stature with exceptional udders (+2.75 Udder Composite) and feet and legs (+2.56 Feet and Leg Composite). His low Somatic Cell Score (SCS) (2.70) and high Productive Life (PL) (+4.8) and positive Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) earn him the HealthMark™ designation. With over 4,000 observations, GRAFEETI is a Calving Ease sire (7.1%DBH).

7HO8081 Ensenada Taboo PLANET-ET (EX-90-GM) son, 7HO10937 King-Emerling FUTURE-ET (VG-88) graduates at +2148 GTPI and +669 NM$. His daughters fill the tank with Milk (+1,839M) and components (+131 Combined Fat and Protein) and are long-living (+5.1 PL) cows with high, wide rear udder attachments and deep clefts.

New graduate, 7HO10970 End-Road Planet BRICK-ET (VG-85) is from the same family as lineup sire 7HO10277 End-Road Bolton BRANCH-ET (EX-94). BRICK transmits exceptional production and component yields (+1,801M, +110 CFP). His daughters are medium-sized, open, dairy cows with plenty of rump width and well-attached udders. At 7.3%DBH, BRICK is a Calving Ease sire.

7HO10884 De-Su AVERY 643-ET (VG-87) joins his maternal brothers 7HO10272 De-Su FORK-ET (EX-92) and 7HO10723 De-Su 527 SPUR-ET (EX-92) in the active lineup. A 7HO8221 Golden-Oaks St ALEXANDER-ET (EX-94) son, he is a highly reliable graduate that transmits solid Type (+2.20), outstanding feet and legs (+2.56 FLC) and longevity (+3.2 PL). AVERY daughters are moderate in stature, track straight and have shallow udders with tight udder attachments. He is a Calving Ease (5.5%DBH) specialist and DIAMOND SELECTion™ sire.

Outcross genetics
A Dotson son from a Very Good (88) Airraid dam, 7HO10947 Clear-Echo Dotson INSPECT joins the lineup at +2113 GTPI. His daughters standout for their conformation (+2.35 PTAT, +2.78 FLC, +2.18 UDC) and for their Fat production (+.13%F, +65F). INSPECT’s outstanding DPR (+1.9), PL (+3.4) and SCS (2.81) earn him the HealthMark designation while his low 6.8%DBH makes him a Calving Ease sire.

With a pedigree stack of Burt x 9HO2575 Peckenstein Form BRET-ET (EX-94) x Lynch, 7HO10895 Pine-Tree Burt BANCO-ET (VG-87) is a great mating for today’s popular bloodlines. He is a HealthMark specialist (2.56 SCS, +2.8 PL) and FeedPRO sire that ranks well for GTPI (+2083), NM$ (+610), CM$ (+702) and CFP (+112). BANCO daughters are medium-sized with outstanding feet and legs (+2.41 FLC).

7HO10976 Paradise-R Dorne DRAPER (VG-87) is a Dorne son from a Very Good (85) Burt daughter. A FeedPRO sire, he transmits production (+1,053M), Fat (+.11%F, +68F), low SCS (2.76) and sound Type (+2.22). His daughters are open and dairy with wide rumps, shallow udders, high and wide rear udders and central teat placement.

Trio of SANCHEZ sons enter lineup
A popular Super Sampler™ and Showcase Selections™ sire, BRADNICK is a highly reliable Type sire at +3.89 PTAT, +3.30 UDC and +3.30 FLC. His daughters are tall, open, strong, deep and wide so it is no surprise they perform in the showring. BRADNICK transmits excellent production (+1,307M) and with a Sire Conception Rate (SCR) of +3.0 he can create a high number of pregnancies.

At +3.54 PTAT, 7HO10796 Twin-Crik Schez SHAMAN-ET follows in his father’s footsteps. His daughters are tall, open, strong and deep with outstanding udders (+2.48). SHAMAN, a DIAMOND SELECTion sire, transmits positive components (+.08%F, +.04%P) and longevity (+2.6 PL).

7HO10998 Pine-Shelter Cesar SAN-ET (EX-91) is a grandson of World Dairy Expo grand champion, Pine-Shelter Cheyenne (EX-95-3E-EX-MS-DOM). A feet and leg improver (+2.69 FLC), he also increases production (+1,049M) and components (+.01%F, +.03%P). SAN is a HealthMark sire (+2.9 PL, 2.95 SCS) and a Superior Settler™ (+3.0 SCR).

For the complete list of Select Sires’ new graduates as well as the full breed-leading Holstein lineup, visit or contact your Select Sires sales representative today.

Based in Plain City, Ohio, Select Sires Inc., is North America’s largest A.I. organization and is comprised of nine farmer-owned and -controlled cooperatives. As the industry leader, it provides highly fertile semen as well as excellence in service and programs to achieve its basic objective of supplying dairy and beef producers with North America’s best genetics at a reasonable price.

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Semex’s Facebook Now World’s #1 TPI Sire!

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

Semex’s Genomax™ sires meet the industry’s most rigorous genomic young standards. This results in some of the most in-demand genomic and progeny proven bulls in the world. The newest graduate of this program, 0200HO03753 Marbri Facebook, now ranks as the world’s #1 TPI sire!

Facebook joined Semex’s elite Genomax lineup as the #3 GTPI sire in December 2010. Identified quickly as a top sire, Semex sampled 17 sons that have now entered the Genomax program themselves. They are now some of the most highly respected and in-demand genomic sires in the breed including 0200HO02870 Mr Lookout P Enforcer and 0200HO03877 Coyne-Farms Jabir who have each been at the top of the GLPI and GTPI charts.

Now as a progeny proven sire, Facebook’s international demand will only increase as his #1 TPI and #1 MACE LPI rankings combined with his Immunity+™ status make him one of the most valuable sires in the world. With impressive statistics of +2356 GTPI/+3469 MACE GLPI, +2.49 PTAT, breed-leading +172 lbs combined Fat and Protein, moderate stature and fantastic udder traits of +3.04 RUH, +2.80 RUW and +2.90 UC, Facebook and his sons are only just beginning.

“Facebook is exactly the kind of bull our clients are looking for,” says Brad Sayles, Vice President, Global Marketing. “He was an extremely popular Genomax young sire who has proven himself through his milking daughters. He is truly more than a triple-threat sire, being Immunity+, a high fertility Repromax™ sire, Calving Ease™ and HealthSmart™. He’s got everything our global clients are looking for to be profitable at the farm gate.”

For more information on Semex, Genetics for Life, Immunity+, Genomax, Repromax, Calving Ease or HealthSmart sires visit


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Genetics for Life is all about ensuring that our customers everywhere have the tools they need to be successful. For our clients who are seeking a non-invasive solution to dehorning, the polled gene is extremely valuable. Semex recognizes the potential of the polled gene and we’re working with our customers worldwide to find the best possible polled genes for them.

New to the Semex Polled™ and Genomax™ lineups in August is the #1 homozygous polled bull available in the world, 0200HO10157 Calbrett Blueprint PP. He’s an impressive +2124 GTPI with a +4.6 PL, +1.10 DPR, +2.09 PTAT with a great +2.68 RUH, +2.47 RUW and 573 NM$ and is also designated a HealthSmart™ sire.

A son of the popular Earnhardt P and from the well-known PR Barbie maternal line, Blueprint’s pedigree is extremely popular and valuable. His dam is VG-85-2YR Cherry Crest Colt Bambi P, a Colt P from a VG-88 Alexander, Lookout Pesce A Brava, from VG-87 2* Regancrest MB Breyell then EX-90 GMD DOM 3* Breya, a Shottle from PR Barbie herself.

“We have seen the remarkable increased interest in polled genetics over the past few years,” says Brad Sayles, Vice President Global Marketing. “As the genetic merit of these sires increase so does the demand. Our clients are looking for homozygous polled sires with a high genetic value, and Blueprint is certainly one of those sires! This is his first semen available for use anywhere and we’re excited about the potential it holds for our clients worldwide.”

Available worldwide beginning September 1, Blueprint is priced at $150 with no minimum purchase required.

For more information on Semex, Genetics for Life, Genomax, Polled sires or any of Semex’s brands visit:


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The discovery of high immune response (HIR) and Semex’s release of Immunity+™ sires was a game-changer for the bovine industry. With a 25% heritability, Immunity+ sires can help improve a herd’s overall health and longevity.

Regardless of herd size or management style, Immunity+ sires are a valuable tool for breeding a healthy herd of profitable and efficient cows.

Based on the HIR technology developed by Dr. Bonnie Mallard and her colleagues at the University of Guelph, the research surrounding this technology spans decades. It shows that HIR cows have 19-30% lower disease incidence compared to herd averages. These cows also respond better to commercial vaccines and produce higher quality colostrum. As a result, they are more profitable by bringing in more revenue, lowering costs and wasting less of the dairyman’s time. And, most importantly, Immunity+ works.

“We’ve been excited to hear from dairymen real life examples of Immunity+ sired daughters being healthier than their herdmates,” says Jay Shannon, Semex Global Dairy Solutions Manager. “For example, recently a dairyman using bulls from several studs reported that a bug hit his dairy’s calf pen. Unfortunately, he lost 11% of the daughters from other sires, but none of his Immunity+ sired calves were lost.”

Joining the proven Immunity+ lineup following the August 2014 genetic evaluation are:


The following Genomax™ bulls are also designated Immunity+:


​​For more information on Semex, Genetics for Life, Immunity+, Genomax sires or any of Semex’s brands visit:


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With the August genetic evaluation, Semex once again reaffirmed our commitment to our clients and their drive for profitable genetics. We’re more confident than ever that our programs offer our clients everywhere what they’re looking for through our lineup of newly released daughter proven sires, high reliability sires and the very youngest and brightest genomic superstars.

Semex highlights include its Genomax™ program graduating 0200HO00402 Marbri Facebook (Man-O-Man x Airraid) who received his first official proof ranking him as the #1 TPI sire and #1 MACE LPI in the world! He joins Millionaire Sire 0200HO00402 Manistream Manifold, 0200HO0528 Sildahl Jett Air and another new graduate 0200HO02690 Stantons Empress (Man-O-Man x Outside) in the top 25 GTPI sires in the world.

Led by household names including 0200HO07450 Amighetti Numero Uno and the program’s most famous graduate to date, Facebook, our rigorous selection standards ensure that Semex’s Genomax sires are the industry’s finest, most desirable and profitable young bulls available anywhere:

  • 0200HO10072    CLAYNOOK DIECAST…    DAY x BEACON
  • 0200HO10085    SANDY-VALLEY DIVO…    DAY x METEOR
  • 0200HO06621    VELTHUIS B LUNDI…    DAY x PLANET
  • 0200HO07781    GO-FARM TAKOR…    MOGUL x MOSAIC
  • 0200HO07784    HAH ROVER…    MOGUL x ROSS
  • 0200HO06628    ELI023 MASTERFUL…    MOGUL x SNOWMAN

Repromax is the world’s only international fertility evaluation, with designated sires having a 2.5% higher conception rate. These sires provide immediate financial benefits to a dairy’s reproductive performance and profitability. Joining this group of fertility leaders following the August evaluations are:

  • 0200JE00163    GREENMOOR JAG…        IATOLA x COUNCILLER
  • 0200HO06254    AMITIES MICKEY *RC…    MITEY-P *RC x FBI
  • 0200HO06255    BOFRAN ROCKER…        BOGART x GOLDWYN
  • 0200HO06217    DES-Y-GEN SOLERO…    PLANET x BOLTON
  • 0200HO07801    DUC…                                MR BURNS *RC x O MAN
  • 0200HO06170    GEN-I-BEQ BARBER…    ONWARD x SHOTTLE
  • 0200HO06267    GEN-I-BEQ LAVAMAN…    MAN-O-MAN x GOLDWYN
  • 0200HO06247    LORKA TITAN…        ASHLAR x BOLTON
  • 0200HO06205    MR DAMOCLES…        MILLION x GOLDWYN
  • 0200HO06223    PARILE LOTO…        PLANET x GOLDWYN
  • 0200HO06213    RALMA CAREFUL…        MILLION x GOLDWYN

For more information on Semex, Genetics for Life, Genomax or Repromax sires visit


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Jack HippenSexing Technologies has named dairy industry veteran Jack Hippen as its National Sales and Production Director. In his newly created position, Hippen will lead the company’s sales and marketing teams and oversee distribution of the semen needed to prove high genomic bulls in Sexing Technologies’ Young Sire Program.

He was raised on a dairy, beef and crop farm in northern Illinois and has almost 30 years of experience in corporate management, marketing and sales — most of it with dairy-related and livestock reproductive services companies.

 “We are extremely pleased and excited to have a man of Jack’s caliber joining Sexing Technologies,” said company Co-CEO Maurice Rosenstein. “I can’t think of a better person to harness the genetic potential of our young sires and ultimately develop the best bulls possible to meet the needs of the dairy world.”

Before joining Sexing Technologies, Hippen held senior management positions with DeLaval, ABS, Alta Genetics and BouMatic. He will be based at Sexing Technologies’ Vienna, Wisc. facility.

“I’m excited to be a part of a company which represents innovation via genetic technologies and products to the dairy producers across the globe,” Hippen said. “There are many challenges facing the livestock reproduction industry today and Sexing Technologies has positioned itself to be a global leader in providing solutions to these challenges, particularly those involving genetics. Our goal is to deliver products and information that will assist dairies in maximizing their profitability and reaching their goal of producing high quality milk.”

Hippen earned a bachelor of science degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and an MBA from Edgewood College in Madison, Wisc.

Sexing Technologies is a worldwide leader in livestock reproductive services, including sex sorted semen and embryo production. 

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VH Tirsvad Goldwyn Grafit
In new bull proofs released by Dairyco today (Tue 12 Aug), the highest Profitable Lifetime Index (PLI) sire, VH Tirsvad Goldwyn Grafit, is rated +£623 PLI, £44 ahead of second place. Other important traits score +1.74 UK type, +2.26 legs and feet, -19% SCC and +10.5 fertility.
 Grafit daughter
Semen is available immediately from Sterling Sires and Sterling Bulls Online, along with top ranked bull for Dairyco’s new multi-breed Spring Calving Index (SCI), Danish VJ Tester. He scores +£437 SCI, and sires moderate sized cattle with -14% SCC and +12.5 fertility index.
For the growing number of farmers adopting spring calving, milk-from-grazing systems, the new SCI demonstrates great innovation and market orientation by its developer Dairyco, according to Sterling Sires director Paul Westaway.
“For the first time, these farmers can select bulls specifically for their production system based on UK figures,” he says. “Dairyco deserves great credit for upgrading PLI and introducing SCI. As a result, both indexes offer more accurate measurement of genetics-based profitability gains, for both mainstream and spring calving farmers.”
Primary UK distribution rights for both bulls are held by ABA Viking, from whom semen can also be purchased.


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O’Keefe joins AI Total team

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

10341981_10204114294556589_5951538533284139810_n[1]AI Total is pleased to announce the hiring of Kathleen O’Keefe as US Account Manager for the company. In this role, Kathleen will be responsible for building and supplying a network of independent semen distributors to sell the AI Total product line and also for developing and implementing the print and digital marketing campaign for AI Total USA.

Most recently, Kathleen spent 7 years with DairyBusiness Communications as a Livestock Advertising Account Representative for HolsteinWorld. Her previous industry experience includes working as a Regional Representative for Holstein USA, extensive administrative work with sale managers and production of hundreds of sale catalogs. A graduate of Northwestern University, Kathleen was born and raised on Feather Field Farm in Thorp, WI where her family bred and developed a herd of high-type Registered Holsteins.

“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce AI Total sires to the US market following the August run. Carefully chosen and developed from the most respected cow families in the world, these high-quality and high-fertility bulls truly offer the complete production and type package. I’m most excited to be working with our new customers and distributors around the country and look forward to building long-term, beneficial relationships with them.”

Kathleen will be working out of the AI Total office in Hudson, WI. She can be reached at 715-808-8652 or email her at

Currently marketing semen in over 25 countries worldwide, AI Total was founded in 2010 and sources genetics from the best Holsteins in the world. The bulls are carefully chosen from elite cow families proven over multiple generations and in various environments in order to produce the most profitable cows possible for our customers.

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Accelerated - AMP logoAccelerated Genetics is pleased to introduce AMP Genetics, the most complete genomic testing service in the industry.

Increase your genetic profitability averages in your herd with AMP Genetics. AMP Genetics uses female selection, which has the largest genomic benefit in herds for reducing generation interval and increasing reliability. Trait evaluations are conducted for production, health, longevity and appearance.

Using this genomic testing service you can predict the future performance of your herd and invest wisely in herd replacements. But not only do you get the testing service, AMP Genetics also provides the consultant to help analyze your herd’s data and help develop those matings that will ultimately increase your profitability.

“At Accelerated Genetics we realize the value of your herd’s genetics and its important impact on making financially sound management decisions,” says Joel Groskreutz, President and CEO. “Through AMP Genetics, your herd will get a complete genetic analysis along with a trained genetic consultant to support your genetic goals.”

Not only does Accelerated Genetics supply a trained genetics consultant with your use of AMP Genetics, but also a way to easily manage your herd’s genomic results. AMP Genetics users can login to Accelerated Genetics industry-leading website ( for their individual female proof updates and results storage. No more waiting for an email on evaluation days or having to track multiple result files! It’s all in one place. AMP Genetics users also have access to instant analytic and genetic progress tracking features to easily interpret results.

The AMP Genetics process is simple:

1) Order a free test kit by calling 1-800-451-9275 or email
2) Collect your hair sample(s). (For instructions to properly collect hair samples go to: how to pull hair samples)
3) Mail in your sample(s) to be tested.
4) Receive your secure test results via
5) Work with an Accelerated Genetics Consultant to evaluate your results and develop a mating recommendation based on your herd goals and priorities.

Contact one of Accelerated Genetics dedicated Representatives today and let us help you spend more time on the things that matter. Get started and order your free test kit today by calling 1-800-451-9275 or email or go to

Accelerated logoAccelerated Genetics is a global provider of bovine genetics and research, reproductive services, and solution-based animal health products. With a focus on People, Products and Pride, the Accelerated Genetics vision is to be the producer’s trusted first choice.

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Three winners have been selected in the fourth annual ABS Global, Inc. photo contest. These winners will have their photo featured on the ABS Global, Inc. 2015 dairy calendar. Taking home first place was Janus Katsman with a beautiful photo of Jerseys grazing around mid-day in front of a pond. Second place was awarded to Bill Foster of the United Kingdom, who snapped an amazing picture of a herd of Holsteins walking toward him. Phil Wait captured third place honors with an adorable picture of a 29HO14142 DORCY heifer calf. Honorable mentions went to Caylei Arnold, Kajsa Johansson and Ashley Yager, whose photos will also be featured on the 2015 dairy calendar.


 Calendar picture

Entries for the ABS Global photo contest were collected through June 2014. ABS would like to thank all participants. Please be sure to watch the ABS Global Inc. website, LIKE the ABS Global Facebook page, and follow us @ABSdairy on Twitter for information pertaining to the 2015 Photo Contest.

Headquartered in DeForest, Wisconsin, ABS Global is the world-leading provider of bovine genetics, reproduction services, technologies and uddercare products. Marketing in more than 80 countries around the globe, ABS has been at the forefront of animal genetics and technology since its founding in 1941. ABS Global is a division of Genus plc.

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Accelerated Genetics Employee Updates

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Topp pictureAccelerated Genetics is pleased to announce the addition of Gregg Topp, Minster, Ohio, to the Region 1-3 sales team. Topp has been an integral part of the Accelerated Genetics family for over 25 years.

Previously, Topp worked within the genetics team as a Sire Analyst. He has been acquiring bulls in all but two years of his entirety with the company. Some of his more notable purchases read like a “Hall of Fame” list of sires such as Manfred, Sailor, Ito, Pyrex, Potter, Man-O-Man, Micah, Contact, Kolton, Grenade, CM, Dom, Bowser, Rest, and Pirate.
Gregg Topp
District Sales Representative

“Topp has a vast knowledge of pedigrees and possesses great rapport and integrity with the herds of which he has worked,” says Cheryl Carr, Regional Sales Manager. “With that said, he is a perfect fit for continuing his successful Accelerated Genetics career in Sales.”

In his new role, Topp will be responsible for developing and maintaining sales in Western and Central Ohio as a District Sales Representative.


Jess Peter pictureAccelerated Genetics is pleased to announce Jessica Peter as Sire Analyst. Peter will be responsible for evaluating, creating and procuring the highest genomic quality young sires and representing Accelerated Genetics at major breed events and industry functions.

Peter is no stranger to the Genetics team. She came to Accelerated Genetics December 2011 as the Genetics Programs Assistant and quickly moved into the Administrator role.

Jess Peter
Sire Analyst

She processed sire contracts and genomic testing of bulls, generated and composed PACE pedigrees, managed/updated the PACE portion of the website and was responsible for ensuring all bulls coming into stud were tested for genetic recessives. She also assisted with picturing cows and Holstein SETS.

“With Jess’ vast experiences already on the Genetics team, she will be a great asset to the sire analyst team,” said Devan Funk, Vice President Genetics.

Accelerated Genetics is a global provider of bovine genetics and research, reproductive services, and solution-based animal health products. With a focus on People, Products and Pride, the Accelerated Genetics vision is to be the producer’s trusted first choice.

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Jetstream Genetics uses Infinium® BovineSNP50 BeadChip-based data to assess the genetic merit of young elite sires, optimize sire selection, and advance genetics for improved herd production.

With their classic black and white coloring, Holstein cattle are the highest milk producers of the dairy industry. Jeff Butler and Roger Turner ofJetstream Genetics have spent their lives driving genetic improvement of the breed. Growing up on Holstein dairy farms 700 miles apart, they first met as competitors in dairy cattle judging shows. The award-winning calves and cattle they showed became valued parents of future offspring. Later, they bought and sold the progeny of those animals as they made their way into the dairy industry, Jeff as co-owner of Butlerview Farms and Roger as Sire Analyst and International Sales Manager at Alta Genetics (1994–2012).

Through the years, they’ve seen a shift from using just phenotypic/ pedigree driven selection towards the addition of genomic information to improve the accuracy of selection. When coupled with reproductive technologies such as in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer, this combination reduces genetic interval and more rapidly advances the Holstein breed genetically. The transition has taken several decades. At the competitions that they attended in the 1980s, their cows were judged solely on conformation traits such as udder shape and dimensions, structure of the skeletalframe, and overall dairy strength or appearance1. As artificial insemination (AI) and embryo transfer (ET) technologies were integrated into the breeding programs of breeders to shorten generation intervals, Holstein cattle breeders found they were breeding unproven dams and sires*, with no guarantee that the results would be positive. Genomic tools, such as the Illumina Bovine SNP50K BeadChip, now enable Holstein farmers to assess cattle through a combined statistical genetic analysis of phenotypic and genotypic data to make more informed breeding decisions.

In 2012, Jeff launched Jetstream Genetics, an AI marketing organization, and hired Roger as Global Sales and Genetic Manager. The company is focused on offering the best sire genetics to the global marketplace. iCommunity spoke with Roger to learn how genetic data from the Illumina Bovine SNP50K BeadChip adds value to their Holstein sire selection and mating programs.

Q: Why did you choose Holstein sire genetics as the product focus of your company?
Roger Turner (RT): Jeff and I grew up on dairy farms and have a combined 60 years of experience raising, breeding, and managing Holstein herds. We know a lot about the breed. We also recognize that as members of the food production service industry, dairy farmers need an efficient product to be successful. The Holstein breed delivers the highest level of milk production of any dairy breed. For that reason, it’s popular in North America and worldwide.

Q: When did genetic selection join phenotype-based decisions in Holstein breeding?
RT: In the 1950s and earlier, breeding decisions were based on estimated breeding values (EBV)† of cattle within the same herd. Progeny testing of bulls began in the 1960s, where data was collected on young sires and their offspring within a herd. In the early 1980s, a complete genetics-based model came into use. It captured ancestor and progeny information across herds, reducing herd-to-herd bias and providing a better view of the presence of detrimental and valuable traits.

Q: Did the use of in vitro fertilization (IVF) contribute to the shift from phenotype- to genotype-based breeding decisions?
RT: It’s been a combination of IVF and genetics that’s empowered the shift to more genotype-based breeding decisions. Together, they enable today’s dairy farmers to obtain hundreds to thousands of calves from an award-winning sire. The two technologies developed along parallel tracks. About the time that progeny testing began to be used, cryogenics and the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze sperm enabled IVF to shift from a local to a more regional distribution model. Although embryo transfer in cattle was demonstrated successfully in the 1950s, it wasn’t until the early 1970s that it became widely used. That was just before genetics- based progeny models began to really take off.

Leveraging the latest advancements in IVF and genetic testing, breeders can now capture more pregnancies by more sires from younger females. Unfertilized ovum can be collected from two-month old heifers or younger, fertilized with young sire semen, and the embryo transferred into a young female for gestation. This shrinks the generation intervalfrom 4.3 years to 2.2 years. Achieving a complete genetic turnover in half the time enables dairy farmers to make huge strides in advancing genetic progress in their herds.

Q: How is Jetstream Genetics enabling Holstein dairy farmers to take full advantage of what IVF offers?
RT: Jetstream Genetics was created with the goal of increasing the use of breed-defining young Holstein sires to improve herds worldwide. The genes for high milk production come through a sire’s paternal and maternal lines. While many market the ovum and embryos of their females, not all dairy farmers are tapping into the earning potential of their sires. Through Jetstream Genetics leased royalty contracts, dairy farmers receive the full value of the high- quality dams they have in their herds. The higher the genetic value and maternal pedigree of the sire, the higher royalty they’llreceive for its semen. They can then reinvest that royalty income into the female nucleus of their herd.

Butlerview Farms already has extensive experience in marketing embryos, females, and bulls from the latest generation of Holstein cows. Providing sire genetics enables us to expand our offering to the other half of the IVF equation. We’re not a “brick and mortar” business. Instead of owning bull housing, we’re partnering with Alta Genetics to leverage their high fertility expertise and logistics experience. With low operating overhead and high-quality sire genetics, we’re able to return high royalty payments to bull owners.

Q: How important are cow family pedigrees to your customers?
RT: Breeders and their clients are really looking for the depth of maternal pedigree. We look at sire stacks—the sire, the maternal grandsire, the maternal great-grandsire —that have had a lot ofsuccess within the industry. The pedigree provides reliability and credibility that a high genomically ranked bull will become a proven sire with
daughters in milk production and classification.

Q: What are the important attributes you look for in selecting Holstein genetic sires?
RT:Conformation, production, health traits, and cow family certainly play a large factor in our selection. This lineage trait information is compiled by trained people using a scoring system that classifies the animals. When you look at our current lineup, you’llsee a number ofsires that possess cow family names that are recognized globally. Families like Regancrest, Missy, and Sonnek. For example, Regancrest S Chassity has strong confirmation, was a 92 points Gold Medal, and was a Dam of Merit for a high-production cow. We have two or three of her sons and several other male descendants in our lineup. Chassity and her offspring package have sold for over $1 million USD in 2009 and have proven to be a great financial investment. Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy was a former #1 productive life cow. Cows with high production lactation months directly impact a dairy farmer’s costs. A bullfrom the Missy cow family can sire several hundred daughters, increasing productive lactation by several months, and positively impacting a farm’s bottom line. Missy now has great, great, great-grandsons that have successfully carried on that productive life trait. Sonnek Damion Charlie is the Dam of one of our outstanding bulls called Golddust. He’s the number 2 type bull in the breed today. He has been extremely popular since his release and basically sells out every month of production. What’s unique about the family is that the Sonnek name (breeding prefix) has been carried under the same ownership for 40 years. Their philosophy of breeding good cows has withstood the test of time. We now have genomics data identifying several tremendous females within the Sonnek family.

Q: How many generations of cow family data do you assemble for each sire sample?
RT: We gather as much generational data from the Holstein Association as we can, often going back 10–15 generations. It’s a comprehensive database that includes production classification and breed award information for all males and females within a cow family. Generation data validates cow family strength, enhancing the reputation of our product. We’re proud of the fact that all of our sires expect one have dams that carry VG (Very Good) or EX (Excellent) classification scores. We know of no other sire genetics organization that offers that level of quality.

Q: How does the genomic data you obtain from BovineHD BeadChip-based tools enhance the value of the pedigree data?
RT: The Dairy Herd Improvement Association (DHIA) and the USDA- AnimalImprovements Programs Laboratory (AIPL) built a statistical algorithm to incorporate genomic information generated with the originalBovineSNP50K, and now the BovineHD BeadChip, into the statistical generational information that’s compiled on these cow families. Moving forward that information will be compiled by the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB). We use the BovineSNP50 BeadChip-based Zoetis HD50K tool to identify known traits, many of which are responsible for the success of certain cow families. Traits such as productive life (PL), somatic cellscore (SCS), daughter pregnancy rate (DPR), and sire calving ease (SCE).

Genetic tools also identify new traits that are increasingly requested by customers, including the gene marker to select for hornless or polled cattle. Polled bulls eliminate the need to put calves through the stressful dehorning process and save farm staff time and money. However, many polled bulls don’t rate as high in production traits and other attributes. Some dairy farmers haven’t been willing to accept the genetic loss that polled bulls offer. We’re pleased to have the #1 polled sire in our lineup, View-Home Powerball P. He’s about 80–90 genomic total performance index (GTPI) points higher than the next polled bull. He’s the highest priced young sire ever in the industry, with his semen selling at $1,500 USD per unit. The average price for Holstein semen is $20–30 USD per unit. He’s attracted a lot of attention and generated many sales in a short time.
Q: Are there any other new markers that represent traits valued by customers?
RT: In addition to all the modern day markers that deliver strong conformation and classification traits, there are several newly identified genetic traits that are attractive to international customers. In certain Europe countries, red and red carrier cattle are valued highly. Red hair is a recessive Holstein trait and these cows are red and white, rather than black and white. Red and red carrier Holsteins offer higher milk production, good somatic cell count, and high conformation scores. In Australia, milk containing A2 beta casein is considered to have health benefits. Beta casein is one ofsix milk proteins and is produced by the CSN2 gene. We can
identify the A2/A2 beta casein CSN2 variant through genetic testing. There are some herds in Australia that are moving to 100% A2/A2, generating a 20% premium based on that milk quality. Including data on that variant enables us to compete effectively in the Australian market.

Q: Do you have data on the impact your sire genetics have had on dairy herds?
RT: The progeny from our bulls are not into milk production yet, so it’s a little early in our lifecycle to look at production levels. We’ve had many repeat customers because we’ve shown them the value of high elite genomic young sires providing a next generation for them. Our early customers have captured revenue from the sale of male and female offspring from our sires. They’re already creating the next generation through embryo transfer and IVF, so we’llsoon have maternal grandsires in the lineage that we’llfollow to track production and genetic traits. We’ll also get some of that information through the CDCB. We remain in constant contact with our customers to receive fertility and calving ease reports. As the animals are registered into the Holstein USA breed database and move into production, we’ll be tracking the daughters and add that information about proven sire status into our reports.

Q: Are there certain reports that must accompany every exported sample?
RT: Holstein USA has been around for 125 years and the integrity of their database is recognized throughout the world. When data becomes available on the offspring from our sire genetics, we can obtain DNA reports from Holstein USA with official 3–5 generation pedigrees to accompany the semen samples we export. It’s part of the protocol that’s put in place within the industry to maintain a high level of integrity. We’re in about 30 and 35 markets internationally. There is a high demand globally for U.S. and North American Holstein genetics. Dairy farmers in the rest of the world have seen the increase in productivity and efficiency achieved here and the reliability that genetic testing provides. By marketing Holstein sire genetics, we’re enabling dairy farmers worldwide to improve their herds and offering U.S. and North American dairy farmers with a revenue stream to enhance their farms.

Q: How have genomics and Illumina Bovine BeadChip-based tools enhanced your business?
RT: We’ve been using Illumina Bovine BeadChips for years at Butlerview Farms and now at Jetstream Genetics. We started with the BovineSNP30K BeadChip, moved up to the BovineSNP50K, and now work with BovineHD (80K) BeadChip-based tools. The data these BeadChips provide add value and accuracy to the reports we provide customers.

Honestly, we couldn’t be in this business without genomics. We’re able to assess the genetic value of an animal when it’s 30–40 days old, which enhances our business
and enables customers to validate the impact of our sire genetics quickly. Genomics also enables us to capture new opportunities through the identification of new trait-linked markers, such as the polled, red and red carrier, and A2/A2 genes. Without the data showing that View-Home Powerball P carries the polled and A2/A2 genes, he would be just another Holstein bull.

Q: Do you need to educate any of your customers on the value of genetics?
RT: As a judge at dairy breed competitions, I’ve meet dairy farmers from over 20 countries and can see that the use and understanding of genomics has grown over the past decade. Yet, the education process is ongoing and a part of every conversation we have with clients. Teaching them about dairy genetics creates value and adds another link to our relationship with dairymen around the world. Jetstream Genetics is unique in that Jeff can provide information on the female side of Holstein breeding. With Butlerview Farms, he’s established an elite ranked female nucleus herd. He’s constantly buying and selling elite females and understands the value genetics brings in supporting those decisions. With Jetstream Genetics offering sire genetics, we can help customers understand how genomics impact both sides of the Holstein reproductive equation.

Q: What are the next steps in your business?
RT: I think the accuracy and acceptance of genomics is growing worldwide, which will enhance our business and enable us to enter new markets. Some countries have taken longer than others to accept genomic young sires into their breeding programs. For example, Poland willfinally be opening its markets for genomic young sires by the end of the year.

After the daughters of our genomic sires are into milk production, we’ll be able to market proven sires as well. The combination of pedigree, lineage trait information, and genomic and proven sire data will enable us to provide comprehensive reports to our worldwide customers.

Courtesy of Jetstream

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1656_1071350579381_9283_n[1]Francis Bilodeau of Victoriaville, Quebec, has been named as an area sales representative for ABS Canada. 

Bilodeau will be covering Quebec in the region known as QCD, which covers the central part of the province. He received a technical degree in animal production from the Institute of Food Technology in La Pocatiere, Quebec. From Bilodeau’s previous experiences of working as a dairy adviser for the Coop des Bois-Francs and independent dairy consultant, he gained a large amount of knowledge and experience which he is eager to share with his customers. While with ABS Canada, Bilodeau will be responsible for direct sales to customers and territory development.

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SelectSires logo
Select Sires had an outstanding classification day in July with 38 new Excellent sires highlighted by 7HO9841 Siemers Shottle HULK-ET being nominated for committee to be raised from Excellent (93). HULK, a DIAMOND SELECTion™ sire and Superior Settler™, combines outstanding Type (+2.90), solid milk production (+1,387) with low Somatic Cell Score (SCS) (2.71).

7HO10524 Roylane Socra ROBUST-ET (VG-88-GM) sons were particularly impressive with 18 achieving scores from Very Good (85) to Excellent (90) including 7HO11351 Seagull-Bay SUPERSIRE-ET (VG-87), 7HO11419 Seagull-Bay HEADLINER-ET (VG-85) and 7HO11700 De-Su Rb MOONRAY 11038-ET (VG-85) who received their first score at under four-years-old.

Two young sons of 7HO10920 Mr Chassity GOLD CHIP-ET (EX-92) also scored exceptionally well at just over two-years-old. HealthMark™ sire 7HO12070 Scottmore MOREGOLD-ET (EX-90) and Showcase Selections™ sire 7HO12042 Sonnek GC CORVETTE-ET (VG-87) are following in their father’s footsteps with high Type genomic evaluations at +3.98 PTAT and +4.17 PTAT, respectively.

Proven sires improve in score
The leading GTPISM Red and White proven sire, 7HO10563 MD-Valleyvue CARSON-RED-ET, was raised to an outstanding Excellent (94). An outcross for many popular black and white bloodlines, he is a fitness trait specialist, Superior Settler and can produce fancy heifers through gender SELECTed™ semen.

Five other proven sires were raised to Excellent (92): 7HO9222 Lincoln-Hill SHOT Laser-ET, 7HO10233 Foxberry Bax MIZZOU-ET, 7HO10700 Vatland MAUSER-ET, 7HO10723 De-Su 527 SPUR-ET and 7HO10811 Regancrest-RS San TIAGO-ET while 7HO10643 Mr BC Dana Pronto DWAYNE-ET was raised to Excellent (91) and 7HO10725 De-Su 538 HOORAY-ET improved to Excellent (90).

Outstanding results for popular Super Samplers™
At three-years and nine-months-old, 7HO11477 De-Su Bkm MCCUTCHEN 1174-ET increased in score to Excellent (92). As a HealthMark sire and Superior Settler, he is known for siring high-Type heifers (+3.72 PTAT) and for his low Calving Ease (7.3%DBH). He is also available in gender SELECTed semen.

Other new Excellent Super Samplers included one of the biggest movers of the day, 7HO11313 Mountfield SSI Dcy MIXER-ET, who was raised six points to Excellent (91). A HealthMark sire, MIXER has a unique sire stack and excellent Sire Conception Rate (SCR) of +3.1. 7HO11163 Tiger-Lily LADD P-RED (EX-91), 7HO11547 Ladys-Manor Man-O-SHAN-ET (EX-90) and 7HO11383 S-S-I Bookem MORGAN-ET (EX-90) were also among the new Excellent sires.

At under three-years-old, 7HO11777 Ronelee SNOWMOBIL-ET (VG-88) and 7HO11852 Ammon-Peachey MANUEL P-ET*RC (VG-88) scored Very Good for the first time. Popular, young Showcase Selections sire, 7HO11703 Mr Apples ARMANI-ET*RC received a score of Very Good (87) during his first classification.

To learn more about these and other Select sires, visit

Based in Plain City, Ohio, Select Sires Inc. is North America’s largest A.I. organization and is comprised of nine farmer-owned and -controlled cooperatives. As the industry leader, it provides highly fertile semen as well as excellence in service and programs to achieve its basic objective of supplying dairy and beef producers with North America’s best genetics at a reasonable price.

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ABS The most influential ABS Global, Inc. Holstein sire of all time, 29HO12209 SHOTTLE EX-96, celebrates his 15th birthday on July 23rd.

“SHOTTLE captivated the dairy and AI industries for more than a decade, with strong characteristics such as semen fertility, production, low somatic cell counts, consistent type and fantastic temperament. These traits assisted him in becoming one of the greatest ‘customer satisfaction’ bulls of all time,” Mark Smith, ABS global production director, explained during a recent birthday celebration for SHOTTLE at ABS Global.

According to Smith, who was responsible for the company’s breeding program in the United Kingdom at the time, SHOTTLE was born at Spot Acre Grange near Stafford, England, the home of the Pickford family and Picston Holsteins. He was the son of dam Condon Aero Sharon EX-91 and sire Carole Prelude Mtoto.

Former Genus ABS sire analyst, Louise Pickford, identified SHOTTLE for the company. He was brought into the Cornerstone progeny testing program, and began his illustrious career after he graduated in May 2004.


For seven straight sire summary releases — January 2008 to January 2010 — SHOTTLE sat at the peak of the Top 100 TPI list. After those seven straight runs, he remained a top 15 sire for the next five sire summaries. In December 2011, SHOTTLE became the 11th ABS sire to achieve “millionaire” status, with one million units of semen sold. When he turned 12, he still out-performed bulls half his age, remaining in the top 25 of the Top 100 TPI list.

Despite his age, SHOTTLE remains in great physical shape and has the same quiet temperament seen in his daughters. This makes him an obvious favorite for the team that has taken care of him for all his years at ABS, says Smith.

“Not only was SHOTTLE popular in the dairy and AI industries, but he received enormous amounts of press coverage from all over the world early on in his career,” says Smith, “In addition to dairy trade publications, stories about SHOTTLE appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines, including the Times of London and Daily Mail. Perhaps the most notable was his feature in Playboy magazine, a feat no other bull at ABS Global has accomplished.”

Over the years, 1.1 million units of SHOTTLE semen have been sold worldwide. Currently in his official Interbull proof, he has 99,954 daughters in 19,000 herds in 22 countries.

Conservatively, those 99,954 SHOTTLE daughters have produced more than five billion pounds of milk – which translates to about 581 million gallons, or 2.25 billion liters. SHOTTLE daughters have contributed to nourishing the world, as their combined lifetime milk production equals more than 115,000 tanker loads, totaling over 9.3 billion cartons of milk!

Even at age 15, SHOTTLE remains relevant, boasting a TPI above +1900. He continues to be a tremendous improver of health traits, and is over 2.0 for type. Today, he still impacts the Holstein USA Top 100 TPI list, with three sons and 14 maternal grandsons listed.

ABS remains the premier source for SHOTTLE influenced genetics, marketing conventional and sexed semen from 17 direct sons and 29 maternal grandsons. With 27 maternal grandsons awaiting proof information, SHOTTLE will continue to influence the industry for years to come.

Headquartered in DeForest, Wisconsin, ABS Global is the world-leading provider of bovine genetics, reproduction services, technologies and uddercare products. Marketing in more than 80 countries around the globe, ABS has been at the forefront of animal genetics and technology since its founding in 1941. ABS Global is a division of Genus plc.

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Semex Releases Breed-Leading Supersire

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

SemexSemex believes that Genetics for Life is about delivering the best possible product to our clients. By genomic testing over 5000 bulls each year, we’re ensuring that only the very best call stud 200 home and are designated a Genomax™ sire.

The Genomax lineup continues to be the strongest in the business and has been anchored by the Genomic Giant himself, 0200HO07450 Amighetti Numero Uno. In the April 2014 genetic evaluation, five of Holstein USA’s top 10 TPI™ Genomic Young Sires belonged to stud code 200. These sires offer maximum genetic gain and profitability to our clients that are putting them to work in their herds.

Joining this elite Genomax group on August 1 in the US is 0200HO010088 Zahbulls Aviator, a high-ranking Supersire from a deep maternal line. His dam is a GP-83 Freddie x VG-86 Larcrest Chenile x EX-90 GMD DOM Oside Champagne x EX-93-3E GMD DOM Juror Chanel. Aviator offers an excellent genetic package with an impressive +2497 GTPI, +0.13 Fat, +6.2 PL, a moderate +1.09 Stature with a +2.65 PTAT.

Ask your Semex representative today about Aviator or any of Semex’s leading genomic young sires in the Genomax lineup today! For additional information on Semex, Genetics for Life, Genomax or any of Semex’s products or services visit

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Sexing Technologies has purchased Taurus-Service Inc. in a deal that will strengthen Sexing Technologies’ developing young sire program while preserving the outstanding genetic services offered by both companies.

The newly established Taurus-ST is a division of Inguran, LLC. and will continue to operate from its existing Mehoopany, Pa., facility. Dick Witter, Taurus-Service Founder, continues to lead Taurus-ST and remains committed to carrying on the company’s rich history of close partnerships with its customers, as it has for more than 40 years.

Sexing Technologies is a world leader in sex-sorted semen and has an evolving young sire program. Taurus-Service has been a well-respected A.I. company with an experienced and professional sales force that will distribute the additional SexedULTRA™ semen products needed to accurately sample Sexing Technologies’ young sires.

SexedULTRA™ semen products are the result of improved biotechnology combined with cutting edge machines to produce sexed semen that can deliver conception rates rivaling those achieved through A.I. using conventional unsexed semen.


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All West Select Sires All-West Select Sires is pleased to announce the addition of Austin Day to the team as a Reproductive Sales Technician. Day, a native of Denair, CA, is a recent graduate of CalPoly with a B.S. degree in dairy science and a minor in ag business. He joins the northern California sales team providing assistance with breeding, heat detection and Select Reproductive Solutions (SRS) work.

Austin DayAustin grew up showing beef from the time he was 13 years old. Good friend and breeder of several Select Sires beef bulls, Todd Fair, got Austin very involved in production agriculture. “Todd helped me pick out project steers each year and really taught me the ropes. He also let me ride along on his sales route for Associated Feeds. It really inspired me to pursue a degree in dairy science after spending time on so many dairies.”

In school, Austin was involved with the CalPoly dairy club, Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity and the Livestock Show Management team. He also helped with the Society for Handicapped Children & Adults, where he volunteered in the adaptive snow ski and water ski programs.

“I’m really looking forward to starting my job with Select Sires. Having worked for other A.I. companies in the past, I enjoy working with producers to advance genetics and help with bull selection. This is one job where you can see the actual results of your decisions when calves hit the ground,” said Austin.

Day started working with the All-West team in June and can be reached at or 209.988.5643.

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ABS As the popularity of the Jersey breed continues to rise, ABS Global, Inc., reached a major milestone of selling one million Jersey units in a fiscal year for the first time. The company’s fiscal year ended in June.

Jerseys are gaining in popularity compared with other breeds because they are smaller and more feed efficient, calve sooner and more often, and have higher levels of fat and protein in their milk. Customers also prize Jerseys because of their genetic capabilities for calving ease, high fertility, and the opportunity to crossbreed in dairy and beef cattle.

Aaron Horst, the ABS Jersey sire analyst, says ABS Jersey bulls are known to customers for their genetic capabilities: “Our customers continue to show their appreciation for genetics that result in high-value milk from low maintenance cows with good udders. Bulls such as 29JE3506 LEGAL, 29JE3576 PREMIER, and 29JE3624 VERNON have been important to our program’s growth. 29JE3866 HARRIS, and 29JE3870 NIKON-P have expanded popularity for our Primetime lineup. We look forward to 29JE3761 VISIONARY and 29JE3762 VOLCANO receiving daughter’s proofs. New 29JE3791 HILARIO sons, such as 29JE3927 WALTER, will continue to provide our customers the Jersey genetics they seek from diverse pedigrees.”

“As the world leader in bovine genetics, ABS is committed to understanding and meeting the needs of our customers and the dairy industry,” says Kris Scott, ABS global dairy brand manager.

“The million-unit milestone is a key indication ABS is aligned with the genetic goals of our customers,” he continues. “We will continue to provide the most sought-after Jersey genetics that meet the needs of our customers today and in the future.”

Headquartered in DeForest, Wisconsin, ABS Global is the world-leading provider of bovine genetics, reproduction services, technologies and uddercare products. Marketing in more than 80 countries around the globe, ABS has been at the forefront of animal genetics and technology since its founding in 1941. ABS Global is a division of Genus plc.

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ABS Nearly thirty professional technicians, sales representatives, human resource professionals, technical service staff, and interns took part in ABS Global’s new employee orientation held June 9 through the 13 in Madison, Wis. Employees from all over the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Mexico were present for the event. Participants learned about ABS Global’s history, sales techniques, communication standards, team building, goal setting, and time management skills.

“This training gives our employees a foundation to better service ABS Global customers. It gave participants a variety of different opportunities, including a visit to an ABS customer farm and the chance to connect with the office staff in DeForest,” Sadie Gunnink, the North America training manager explained, “For our sales team, this was the first step in a comprehensive sales curriculum to ensure success for our staff and their customers.”

Headquartered in DeForest, Wisconsin, ABS Global is the world-leading provider of bovine genetics, reproduction services, technologies and udder care products. Marketing in more than 80 countries around the globe, ABS has been at the forefront of animal genetics and technology since its founding in 1941. ABS Global is a division of Genus plc.

For more information about the career opportunities at ABS Global, please visit:

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New Generation Genetics introduces a brand new sire line-up focused on genomic type, All American winners & strong cow families called “Champions Collection.”  Champions Collection will be elite offerings of unique bulls that combine show winning cow families with elite genomic type while maintaining positive production traits.

Champions Collection will be launched officially in the August 2014 New Generation Genetics sire catalog. The goal is for at least 2 elite bulls per year be qualified and offered through Champions Collection.

Champions Collection was created for all Brown Swiss cattle breeders who breed for elite type from proven cow families while not sacrificing production.

New Generation Genetics Inc. has the largest Brown Swiss young sire sampling program in North America. They offer their customers diverse choices; with major emphasis placed on production, performance, and profit. For further information, email , visit their website at, visit their facebook page at or call 920-568-0554.

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Semex Genetics logoNo matter your management preference, maintaining a healthy herd of profitable and efficient cows is challenging. Semex’s patented Immunity+™ sires have a naturally high immune response, and by using them you can improve your herd’s overall health and longevity.

Immunity+ sires are those possessing an extremely high immune response rate, with only one in 10 bulls qualifying. Based on the extensive research of high immune females by Dr. Bonnie Mallard and her colleagues at the University of Guelph, and by applying genetic transmitting principles that go with a 25% heritable trait, we can estimate that Immunity+ sires’ daughters will have 4-8% less disease incidence.

Recently released Genomax™ sire and the world’s #3 GTPI McCutchen son, 0200HO06639 Stantons Pulsar now adds Immunity+ status to his impressive resume. Already a HealthSmart™ and Robot Ready™ sire, Pulsar’s impressive statistics rank him as the #12 GTPI sire on Holstein USA’s Top 100 Genomic Young Bull listing! With a +2541 GTPI, 816 NM$, +2.3 DPR and +6.2 PL and solid +3.62 PTAT and +3.21 UDC, Pulsar is Semex’s #4 GTPI sire, our #3 GLPI sire (#10 GLPI overall) and the #3 Immunity+ sire in the world!

Ask your Semex representative today about Pulsar or any of Semex’s sires in the Immunity+ lineup today! For additional information on Semex, Genetics for Life, Immunity+, Genomax™ or any of Semex’s products or services visit

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Baker named manager at St. Jacobs Cows, LLC

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

1503928_545769902200553_3685544114989252295_n[1]St. Jacobs Animal Breeding Corp (St. Jacobs ABC) is pleased to announce the addition of a new business, St. Jacobs Cows, LLC. The newly formed business will focus on breeding and development of elite dairy cattle, working closely with St. Jacobs ABC. St. Jacobs Cows, LLC will consist of approximately 60 cows and 60 heifers in a Richford, VT facility leased from Mark and Amanda St. Pierre.

The herd will focus on elite females with the extensive use of ET and IVF to breed exclusive cow families. This will allow for the development of cattle and embryos to offer for sale around the world. The operation will also focus on showcasing daughters of certain St. Jacobs ABC bulls for tours and promotion. St. Jacobs ABC currently sells bovine genetics from their sire program around the world through their sales partners at ABS Global, Inc. The facility will also be a host for future events, and recently kicked off its operations by hosting the Best of Both Worlds Sale on June 25. The Best of Both Worlds Sale featured nearly 200 lots of exceptional Holsteins, selling for an average price of $5,600 with buyers traveling to the sale from all across the US, Canada, and even Mexico.

“The creation of St. Jacobs Cows, LLC will allow us to grow our product lines to provide elite genetics for cattle breeding around the globe,” said St. Jacobs ABC owners, Tim and Sharyn Abbott.  They added, “We are excited to have all of our cattle in one location and look forward to hosting visitors from around the world.”

The operation will be driven by Renee Baker, who will be a managing partner of the facility. Renee is a graduate of the inaugural class of the Vermont State funded 2+2 FARMS scholarship program in 2002, receiving her Associate’s degree from Vermont Tech in 2000, and her Bachelor’s degree from the Universit y of Vermont in 2002. She has worked for top breeding herds in the US and Canada, including Lookout Holsteins and Jerseys in Quebec and Cowtown Holsteins in Vermont. She has worked in animal nutrition and most recently has started her own herd, which will be joining the St. Jacobs herd in Richford. “Renee is one of the top people in the business today. She knows how to care for and manage great cattle and will be a great asset to our business. We look forward to her leadership to develop the herd into one of the finest in the country,” said Tim Abbott.

Located in Franklin, Vermont, St. Jacobs ABC has been in the development of elite dairy genetics since 1958, supplying some of ABS’ most prestigious genetics. Headquartered in DeForest, Wisconsin, ABS Global is the world leader in bovine genetics, reproduction services and technologies. ABS has been at the forefront  of animal genetics and technology since its founding in 1941, and is a division of Genus plc.

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 Genex logoThe Ideal Commercial Cow (ICC$) index, a profit-indicating measure for Holsteins, will be published exclusively by Genex Cooperative, Inc. beginning in August 2014. ICC$ is designed to breed for farm profitability and efficiency, using real-time economic indicators and science-based genetic principles to address the needs of progressive dairy producers. The index incorporates elements from the U.S. national evaluation and other data sources.

In addition to ICC$, Genex will publish five sub-indexes providing dairy producers the opportunity to emphasize genetic selection for specific areas of farm management.

The Production Efficiency (PREF$) sub-index pinpoints genetics resulting in high yielding cows with lower feed costs, at a ratio of 60% total yield and 40% feed efficiency indicators. Emphasis is placed on pounds or kilograms of protein. Use of PREF$ and ICC$ will reverse the trend for taller cows.

The key elements of the Health (HLTH$) sub-index provide opportunity for producers to breed for improved and sustainable health and longevity. High-ranking HLTH$ bulls have daughters with proper body condition, low somatic cell scores and excellent locomotion.

With nine measures of cow and heifer fertility, Fertility and Fitness (FYFT$) will meet the needs of producers looking to emphasize reproductive efficiency. Selection of bulls with high rankings for FYFT$ results in optimal age of first calving, reduced days open and shorter calving intervals.

Milking Ability (MABL$) optimizes farm efficiencies with trouble-free milking cows. Components of MABL$ include mastitis resistance, milking speed and temperament, and udder form and function. Ideal commercial cow udder conformation can be described as strongly attached above the hock with appropriate teat placement and length. Choosing bulls using MABL$ will enhance udder texture and manage the emerging trend of shorter teat length.

Calving Ability (CABL$) focuses on live calves born without difficulty. Select high-ranking CABL$ sires that are also high for ICC$ to use on virgin heifers and give them the best chance to have a successful and profitable first lactation.

ICC$ and the five management sub-indexes provide producers the option to select for greater genetic improvement for fertility traits, body condition, milking efficiency and overall longevity, while continuing genetic progress for yield and udder traits. Furthermore, use of ICC$ will select for improved feed efficiency and better address the alarming trend for increased stature and body size.

Watch the Genex website,, and Genex August sire summary materials for more details on ICC$.

Genex is a subsidiary of Cooperative Resources International (CRI). The CRI mission statement summarizes the goal of CRI: “To provide products and services as effectively as possible to maximize the profitability of members and customers worldwide while maintaining a strong cooperative.”

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Chad Horst Chad Horst of Newmanstown, Pa., has been named the 2014 ABS Global progeny promotions intern. Horst brings a wealth of experience to the ABS Global team from his work with the Pennsylvania State University Dairy Science Club and Pennsylvania Junior Holstein Association. In his role, he will be responsible for tracking and preparing ABS Global progeny for picturing along with helping to coordinate daughter tours.

Headquartered in DeForest, Wisconsin, ABS Global is the world-leading provider of bovine genetics, reproduction services, technologies and uddercare products. Marketing in more than 80 countries around the globe, ABS has been at the forefront of animal genetics and technology since its founding in 1941. ABS Global is a division of Genus plc.

For more information about the internship opportunities at ABS Global, please visit:

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Select Sires logoSelect Sires Inc. welcomes eight interns into their summer internship program. Jacob Ruffing, Mandi Ramsburg, Rachel Friese, Emily Henceroth, Austin Ogarek, Holden Hutchinson, Nicole Steiner and Michael Liszeski will be interning at North America’s largest A.I. organization this summer.

“Both practical work experience within the agricultural industry and networking are extremely important to help college students prepare for full-time employment beyond graduation,” says David Thorbahn, Select Sires president and C.E.O. “That’s why Select Sires offers hands-on internship opportunities to work with trained professionals each year. These internships help to expand knowledge of the industry, while interns contribute to the day-to-day operation of the Select Sires federation.”

Jacob Ruffing has been selected as the 2014 beef intern. Ruffing is from Republic, Ohio and is a senior at The Ohio State University majoring in animal science. Growing up on his family show cattle and seed stock operation and showing cattle and market lambs sparked his interest for the agricultural industry. He is involved in Saddle and Sirloin Club, College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CFAES) Student Council, Animal Science Community Alliance, Ohio State Livestock Judging Team and Farmhouse Fraternity.


Virginia Tech (VT) dairy science graduate, Mandi Ramsburg, is the dairy sire marketing intern. She hails from Walkersville, Md., where her dad milked a small herd of Holsteins and crossbreds. Growing up she competed at the national level with her 4-H dairy bowl and dairy judging teams and was named the high individual at the World Dairy Expo Intercollegiate Dairy Judging Contest last fall. At VT she participated in Dairy Club, Agronomy Club, FFA, Young Farmers, Sigma Alpha Sorority and the Dairy Judging Team.

In first grade, Rachel Friese dressed up as a veterinarian for Halloween and hasn’t changed her mind about her career path since. She is welcomed to Select Sires Inc. as the summer veterinary intern. Friese was raised on a Holstein farm in Wanamingo, Minn., where she showed animals at various shows. In May 2014, Friese graduated from the University of Minnesota in animal science and plans to start their Veterinary Medicine program in the fall. As an undergraduate, Friese was active in Gopher Dairy Club.

Livestock technician intern, Emily Henceroth, earned her associate’s degree in livestock science with a beef specialization at Ohio State’s Agricultural Technical Institute (ATI) in May 2014. Growing up on a small family beef farm in Lisbon, Ohio, she developed her appreciation for the agricultural industry and interest in Select Sires. At ATI, Henceroth was a member of Hoof-N-Hide, Director’s Dozen, Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society and was a student orientation leader.

Hocking College wildlife resource management student, Austin Ogarek, has been selected as the headquarters production department intern. He moved from Grand Rapids, Mich. to his grandparent’s farm in Marysville, Ohio six years ago, where he helped friends get their livestock ready for the fair. At school he is involved in Wildlife Club.

With the aspiration of being a veterinarian one day, Ohio State junior, Holden Hutchinson has been named as the 2014 semen processing and research intern. Hutchinson is studying animal science and is a member of Alpha Zeta Partners Professional Fraternity, Shades of Animal Science, Farmhouse Fraternity and CFAES ambassadors. He was exposed to agriculture through various 4-H programs, while growing up in Urbana, Ohio. Hutchinson found his way to Select Sires after Matt Utt, Ph.D., director of research, gave an influential guest lecture in his freshman honors seminar class.

Nicole Steiner, 2014 corporate communications summer intern, developed her passion for the agricultural industry while growing up on her family dairy farm in Creston, Ohio. Steiner plans to graduate from Ohio State in December with an agricultural communications degree and minors in psychology and economics. She has judged dairy cattle at the national level and is active in Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow, Ohio Union Activities Board (OUAB), Young Life and College Republicans. Select Sires was an interest to her because of their dairy focus and the experience she would gain in design and public relations.

Select Sires Inc. welcomed back previous livestock technician intern, Michael Liszeski, as the veterinarian intern earlier this summer. Liszeski grew up on a small livestock farm in Ostrander, Ohio and will be a junior at the University of Findlay pursuing a degree in animal science and pre-veterinary science. He plays on the club lacrosse team and is a member of the Pre Vet Club and Habitat for Humanity.

Based in Plain City, Ohio, Select Sires Inc. is North America’s largest A.I. organization and is comprised of nine farmer-owned and -controlled cooperatives. As the industry leader, it provides highly fertile semen as well as excellence in service and programs to achieve its basic objective of supplying dairy and beef producers with North America’s best genetics at a reasonable price.

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Summer interns named at ABS Global

Friday, July 11th, 2014

ABS Three interns have been welcomed to the ABS Global family for the summer of 2014. Interns include: Lynn Bartholomew, Michael Ihland, and Carmen Metzger.

Lynn Bartholomew was selected as the advertising and promotions intern for the marketing department. Her responsibilities include managing the ABS Global bull board on the side of Interstate 94, producing advertisements, compiling the ABS Global 2015 calendar, and writing news releases. In the fall, she will be a senior at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.

Michael Ihland has been serving as the livestock handling intern while working with the DeForest Genetic Venture Barn team. His responsibilities focus on collecting semen, handling the bulls during collection, feeding, and bedding. Ihland currently attends the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and will be a junior in the fall.

Carmen Metzger was named the genetic management service (GMS) intern. She is currently a senior at Michigan State University and will graduate in the fall. While at ABS, she is responsible for processing herds for the GMS evaluators.


Pictured from left to right: Carmen Metzger, Michael Ihland, and Lynn Bartholomew.

“These several internship opportunities ABS offers each year give students in the agriculture field a chance to learn and grow in an ever-changing market. At ABS, it is great to have the opportunity to provide these valuable experiences outside of the classroom to better prepare these future leaders of the agriculture industry,” stated Wayne DeBuhr, North America regional dairy brand manager.


Headquartered in DeForest, Wisconsin, ABS Global is the world‐leading provider of bovine genetics, reproduction services, technologies and uddercare products. Marketing in more than 80 countries around the globe, ABS has been at the forefront of animal genetics and technology since its founding in 1941. ABS Global is a division of Genus plc.

For more information about the internship opportunities at ABS Global, please visit:

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breeding to feedingWulf Cattle and Select Sires have teamed up to bring dairy customer-owners Breeding to FeedingSM, which connects beef supply and demand. Through the use of controlled crossbreeding, Wulf Cattle provides a guaranteed market and buy-back program for Wulf Limousin-sired calves. By developing a breeding plan with a Select Sires sales representative, dairies can use Limousin semen from homozygous black and homozygous polled sires on a section of their herd to effectively manage herd size and growth. Wulf Cattle purchases very young calves back from dairies at a predetermined, and often premium, price. Breeding to Feeding was honored with a Dairy Herd Management Innovation Award at the 2013 World Dairy Expo.

Limousin cattle are known for their calving ease, red meat yield and feedlot efficiency, making them a logical choice for a crossbreeding system. All Limousin and Lim-Flex® (Limousin x Angus) sires that enter this program have been hand-picked and are genetically designed to enhance dairy carcass value. Semen from these sires will be produced in Select Sires’ facilities and processed using the highest standards for quality and the most innovative technology available. For calving ease reasons, it is recommended to use Lim-Flex sires on Holstein animals and Limousin sires on Jersey cattle. Contact your local Select Sires sales representative to take advantage of this opportunity to add value to your calves.

Based in Plain City, Ohio, Select Sires Inc., is North America’s largest A.I. organization and is comprised of nine farmer-owned and -controlled cooperatives. As the industry leader, it provides highly fertile semen as well as excellence in service and programs to achieve its basic objective of supplying dairy and beef producers with North America’s best genetics at a reasonable price.

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St. Jacobs Animal Breeding Corp (St. Jacobs ABC) is pleased to announce the addition of Claire Stanley to their team as the Marketing Coordinator. Claire will be responsible for the development of strategic marketing initiatives and will provide support to the St. Jacobs ABC sales process around the world working with the ABS Global, Inc. sales team. In addition, she will work closely with the herds that are on the St. Jacobs ABC sire programs including; the Judge’s Choice Program, the Breeder’s Choice Program, and the Red and White Program. Claire will also play a critical role in the development of St. Jacobs Cows LLC where she will coordinate embryo and female production, as well as heavily contribute to sales and marketing ventures.

St. Jacobs ABC owners, Tim and Sharyn Abbott, stated, “ We have been looking for the right person to join our team at St. Jacobs ABC. Our programs are growing rapidly and one of our key goals is continuing to serve the customer at a high level while growing our business. Claire is the perfect fit for this role in our family owned business.”

Claire was a recipient of the State of Vermont funded 2+2 FARMS scholarship, receiving her associate’s degree in Dairy Herd Management from Vermont Technical College in 2009 and bachelor’s degree from the University of Vermont  in Animal Science in 2011. She was raised on her family’s Jersey Farm, Paul-Lin Dairy, where she was involved in all aspects of the farm. She has worked in member relations with the St. Albans Cooperative Creamery and most recently has been the Genetic Services Technical Specialist at the American Jersey Cattle Association located in Reynoldsburg, OH. Claire will be returning to her native Vermont where she will work out of the St. Jacobs ABC office.

Located in Frankin, Vermont, St. Jacobs ABC has been in the development of elite dairy genetics since 1958. St. Jacobs ABC is the supplier of some of ABS’ most prestigious genetics. Headquartered in DeForest, Wisconsin, ABS Global is the world leader in bovine genetics, reproduction services and technologies. ABS has been at the forefront of animal genetics and technology since its founding in 1941. ABS Global is a division of Genus plc.

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Beat the Heat This Summer

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

It’s no secret that many areas of the United States (especially the tropical, subtropical, and arid zones) experience significant economic losses each year due to stresses suffered by cattle during warm weather. These losses are manifested directly as losses in milk production, weight gain, or indirectly as a result of decreased reproductive performance.

This decrease in reproductive performance is usually expressed as an increase in services/conception, decreased conception rates, increased average days open and decreased pregnancy rates.

Basic Practices

Obviously, the most basic management practice for handling cows in heat stress environments is to provide protection from direct sunlight. Cows should have free access to shaded areas during hot weather. Be it from a grove of trees, shade screens, or a pole barn. Shade, whether natural or artificial, can reduce the heat stress on production.  Cows which are allowed access to shaded areas have been observed to produce 10.7% more milk and had 19.1% higher conception rates than the controls without shade.

Shade is especially important at the feedbunk and watering troughs. Since heat stress reduces feed intake, cows should not be baking in the sun while they try to eat. Also, placing feed and water close to  shade structures will reduce the amount of physical activity required to move between these areas and thus, decrease the potential heat load on the animal.  While any shade would be beneficial, cows which travel some distance from shaded areas to feeding areas may easily become hot enough to lose their appetite before they get there.  Other practices which reduce daily physical activity will also help reduce the potential for heat stress. Designing walkways and loafing areas for proper drainage so cows will not have to trudge through mud and providing effective fly control are a couple of examples.

Crowding should also be avoided. Cows cannot effectively dissipate their own body heat when they are cramped and exposed to the additional body heat of surrounding cows
Decrease the number of cows per milking group to reduce the amount of time spent in hot, crowded allies and holding pens. This may require temporary fencing of additional space or moving a group of dry cows to a new location

Since cows will often decrease feed intake by as much as 25% in heat stress situations, they need to get more energy from the feed they do consume. Therefore, rations fed during periods of heat stress should contain a higher percentage of protein and energy. Also, much of the internal heat produced by animals is a result of digestion of roughage and fiber. Thus, reducing fiber intake will help to relieve the heat load on animals. Both of these strategies may be met by increasing the percentage of concentrates in the diet. Additionally, maintaining feed that is fresh and clean is critical at this point

Programs to Help You Succeed …a customized approach to reproductive management

Estrus Synchronization

The inter-estrus period has not been shown to be significantly affected by periods of high environmental temperature. However, estrus periods of cows experiencing heat stress in the southeastern U.S. have been observed to be shorter in duration and lower in intensity than those of cows in more temperate environments.

Heat stressed cows will be reluctant to spend their energy on mounting and other physical activities. Thus, cows exposed to high environmental temperatures will cycle fairly normally (every 18-24 days); but, due to the shorter duration of the estrus period and the decrease in physical activity (i.e. mounting, walking fences, etc.) it will be much harder to catch these animals in heat.

Heat-stressed cattle appear to respond extremely well to prostaglandin injections. Therefore, estrus synchronization programs could be effectively implemented with other environmental management systems.

A.I. Best During Heat Stress

Bulls are also very susceptible to heat stress. Some bulls exposed to even short periods of thermal stress have significant reductions in semen quality that may last for more than a month. Extended periods of high environmental temperatures may also reduce the quantity of sperm in each ejaculate as well as the bulls sex drive or libido. Bulls at Select Sires are housed in air conditioning or well ventilated barns to minimize effects of heat stress. A.I. during heat stress periods will expose cattle to better quality semen than a bull running with the herd could provide.


Minimizing stress is essential to achieving and maintaining maximum productivity and profitability in any cattle operation (beef or dairy). Every summer, the stress associated with increased environmental temperatures results in decreased performance in herds throughout the United States. Although we cannot change the weather, we can alter our management practices in order to minimize the effects of hot weather on our animals.

“One of the biggest obstacles facing reproductive efficiency is managing summer heat stress.” Bill VandeGraaf All West/Select Sires Select Reproductive Solutions Specialist

Source: All West Select Sires

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CRV sells 50% share of ST Brazil  

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

CRVHerd management organization CRV has sold its 50% share in the joint venture ST Brazil to Sexing Technologies, which now owns 100% of the shares.
CRV will continue to offer high-quality sexed semen in the Brazilian market from both Brazilian bulls as well as from European and American bulls.

CRV offers sexed semen from a wide range of bulls to the Brazilian market. This sexed semen comes from both locally bred bulls and European and American bulls.
Whereas ST Brazil is focusing on the production of sexed semen from local bulls in Brazil, CRV expects the demand for European and American sexed semen in particular to increase over the next few years. On the basis of this expectation CRV has chosen to sell its shares in ST Brazil to Sexing Technologies.

CEO Roald van Noort from CRV: “We have been very pleased with the joint venture with Sexing Technologies, but we want to focus more on investing in breeding (genomics) and management solutions in the Brazilian market.”

The sale of CRV’s shares in ST Brazil will have no consequences for Brazilian CRV customers as CRV will continue to offer sexed semen from local bulls, sexed in the (now) 100%-
ST-owned Brazilian production facilities.

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MISS AMERICA Conquering the Holstein Breed!

Definitely one of the females dominating the headlines of the genomic era, Seagull-Bay MISS AMERICA keeps our attention with her daughter’s exceptional results on the industries top genomic lists. Miss America has 11 of the top 400 genomic females in Canada and 5 in the highly competitive American Top 500! Out of the famous Ammon-Peachey SHAUNA, MISS AMERICA is from the MISSY family, the family that has dominated the female and male genomic lists since the beginnings of genomics. A true heiress highly skilled in transmitting her top genetics to both sexes, over the next few months MISS AMERICA will see a series of her sons monopolizing the highest levels of the breed, the first to be available is: MILESTONE.


MILESTONE: bred to reach the highest summits!
Bred from the most logic of crosses unifying the dominant conformation traits of McCutchen with the high production of his dam, MILESTONE has an elite genomic profile worthy of his pedigree. MILESTONE promises top producing daughters with an outstanding combination of 75lbs of protein and 2228lbs of milk! Add solid conformation (+3.25 GPTAT) to these exceptional production numbers and you get MILESTONE daughters that will be productive for many years.

Like Mother, Like Son!
A prolific donor crowned by the success of her many descendants; MISS AMERICA accumulates success after success since her purchase at the 1st edition of the Genomic Power Sale in 2011 for $165,000. Recently classified VG-86 at 2 years, MISS AMERICA has the conformation sought after by today’s breeders, a supple mammary system that is well attached, a wide, open chest and she moves well on ideal feet & legs.  Armed with a 5 star pedigree and direct genomics that place him with the elite of the breed, MILESTONE is poised to repeat his dam’s success story in herds around the world! Mr America MILESTONE was bred by Tranquillity Farms, from Brownsburg-Chatham, Québec
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CRI logoOver the past 30 months, Genex Cooperative, Inc. has marketed more than 300,000 units of beef semen to dairy herds. The marked increase in sales of beef genetics to dairy herds is attributed to technological advances enabling producers to target matings to a specific purpose as well as tight beef supplies and record low beef cattle numbers.

Realizing an opportunity to capture additional revenue, dairy producers from locations across the U.S. have chosen to breed low genetic merit dairy animals with beef semen and produce high value feeder cattle. At the same time, the breeding strategy is benefitting their dairy herds.

“Strategic incorporation of beef semen into dairies enables producers to expedite genetic progress by simultaneously increasing selection intensity of desired traits and decreasing the generation interval within a herd,” states Colten Green, a Genex Dairy National Account Manager in California. “Some producers are simply placing bias against old cows as potential dams of future replacements, through use of beef semen. Others are also incorporating use of high genetic merit gendered semen on heifers to drastically shift genetic progress within a herd.”

While dairy producers have utilized Simmental, Angus, Gelbvieh and Limousin genetics for the beef x dairy mating, the Limousin cross has proven the most successful to date according to packing industry carcass assessments. The Limousin cross infuses the correct genetics to improve feed efficiencies, carcass quality and capture the most market premiums. Genex was the first artificial insemination organization to pave the way for Breeding to Feeding, a program utilizing Wulf Cattle Limousin genetics on dairy cattle with guaranteed calf buyback from Wulf Cattle. Genex and Wulf Cattle earned a 2013 World Dairy Expo Innovation Award for Breeding to Feeding.


 Limousin picture

“Dairy producers considering a breeding strategy that speeds up genetic advancement in the dairy herd and produces high quality offspring from both dairy and beef matings are encouraged to utilize the Genex Calf Math™ program,” adds Kristi Fiedler, Genex Associate Vice President of U.S. Technical Services. “Calf Math is a calculator that helps dairy producers build breeding strategies that meet their genetic and herd growth goals by showing cost comparisons for semen type, calf value, reproduction and more.”

The online, interactive version of Calf Math is available at For more information, contact your Genex representative or call customer service at 888-333-1783.

Genex is a subsidiary of Cooperative Resources International (CRI). The CRI mission statement summarizes the goal of CRI: “To provide products and services as effectively as possible to maximize the profitability of members and customers worldwide while maintaining a strong cooperative.”

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Rainy weather didn’t dampen the mood during the 14th Alta Advantage Showcase Tour held June 18-20 in central Michigan.

The invitation-only Showcase event brought together 275 progressive dairy producers from 22 different countries. Guests spent three days gaining insight from seven Showcase Tour host herds and sharing management strategies with one another.

The host farms ranged in size from 850-3450 cows and included Simon Dairy in Westphalia, Maple Row Dairy in Saranac, Dutch Meadows Dairy and Rich-Ro South Dairy in St. Johns, Steenblik Dairy in Pewamo, Ber-Lyn Acres in Fowler and Double Eagle Dairy in Middleton.

At each stop, guests explored the entire dairy as they rotated through five different stations ranging in topics from reproductive strategies, to feed and bunker management, nutrition, milk quality, manure and nutrient management, genomics and genetics.

Partnerships make the difference

Each farm’s committed partnership with Alta was a common theme throughout the tour. The Alta team offers expertise in reproduction, genetic planning, efficient heifer rearing, and herd health. The local technician teams also help manage the reproductive program to maximize pregnancy rates and conception rates on several of the host dairies. Michigan Elite Account Manager, Tim Benda is the driving force behind these partnerships and a dynamic part of each on-farm management team.

These loyal partner herds have also reaped the benefits from their Alta Advantage program partnership. They work with their Alta team to customize their own on-farm genetic and reproductive plan using the Alta Genetic Plan and Strategy program. They use the genomic-proven sires to best fit their customized genetic plans in order to maximize genetic progress and drive profit on their dairies.

Sire Performance

A feature at each stop of the tour was a Performance Pen of 25 Alta-sired daughters resulting from the Alta Advantage program. These daughters highlighted the consistency delivered from using genomic-proven sires to fit their own custom-tailored genetic plans.

Nearly 175 daughters were showcased in the seven Performance Pens throughout the tour. Featured sires included Alta’s top new daughter-proven sires like AltaGREATEST, AltaCEASAR, AltaVITTEK, AltaFAIRWAY, AltaROGERS and AltaSAMOA. Guests also had the opportunity to see both first and second lactation daughters by the famous AltaMETEOR, and his full brother, AltaJUPITERAltaMARS, AltaTREASURE, AltaPORTER, AltaMAGNETO, AltaAVALON, AltaMADISON, AltaROLLIN.


The Performance Pen at Dutch Meadows Dairy

A tour to remember

For most tour guests, the Showcase experience spread beyond just the farm tours. Evenings were filled with activities to build new relationships, including a Lansing riverboat cruise the first night, followed by a Showcase banquet the next. The camaraderie among guests not only brought out friendly banter  among countries over World Cup soccer games, but shared thoughts and insight as to different dairy management strategies around the world.

After three days of touring some of the most progressive dairies in the US, guests returned home to countries all over the globe with countless memories of the excellent dairy performance and loyal partnerships showcased throughout the week.


To view tour pictures: Click HERE to check out photo albums from each farm

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