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NAAB Announces Recipient of 2018 Member Director Award

Myron Czech receiving the 2018 NAAB Member Director Award

The 2018 NAAB Member Director Awardee is Myron Czech. Czech has exhibited leadership ability and commitment to the development of the A.I. industry for the past 27 years. He is a founding member of the Minnesota Select Sires Cooperative (1986), having served 26 years as a board member, as a multiple-term President of Minnesota Select Sires, a 15-year board member for Select Sires Inc. spending 9 years as an executive officer presiding over one of the strongest growth periods in company history, and service to other dairy breeding industry organizations as well.

Myron Czech from Little Falls, MN graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1980 and started a career in dairying on his home farm, Pike Hills Dairy, with 23 cows. Myron, with wife Debbie, son Brent and daughter Micki (also U of MN graduates) still actively operate a much larger Pike Hills Dairy operation as he also purchased and expanded two other existing dairy operations in the area called New Heights Dairy. Combined, the Czech family dairy operations total over 3,100 cows. They also operate and manage the crop production for feeding the dairy cows and heifers on over 3,000 acres in central Minnesota.

Along with overseeing these operations, Myron has been very involved in many leadership activities in the community and cattle industry, including: Morrison County DHIA- Board of Directors; Minnesota Holstein Association- Board of Directors and Board Officer and World- Wide Sires Board of Directors, 2013-2016.

Myron was instrumental in the formation and development of Minnesota Select Sires Cooperative Inc. Initially, he was a delegate working with the formation of the cooperative in 1985. In 1989, he was elected by the membership in District 2 to the Board of Directors and served on the Minnesota Select Sires Board until 2016. During that time, he helped lead the cooperative to significant increases in sales growth revenue and market share. Myron also served as a board officer as Vice President from 1996 to 1998 and from 1998 to 2000 he was President of the Board.

In March 2000, Myron Czech was elected to the Select Sires Inc. Board of Directors, serving for 15 years including 2nd and 1st Vice Chairman and then Chairman of the Board of Directors from 2013 to 2016. Myron served on the Farm and Building Committee, the Aggressive Reproductive Technologies Committee, the Pension Committee, and the Finance Committee through his tenure. A major accomplishment was his work on establishing the Aggressive Reproductive Technologies Committee in 2008 to allow Select Sires to embrace genomics and be a leader in the adaptation of genomic technologies for the industry.

During his term as Select Sires, Inc. Chairman, he led the organization through one of the strongest growth periods in its history, growing 2.4 million doses in 3 years. He led the expansion of the organization through the construction of important new facilities and acquisitions. He also presided over the redrafting of Select Sires Bylaws, Articles of lncorporation and Federation Membership Agreements. His work as chairman revolutionized Select Sires’ ability to grow and expand to meet the growing needs of dairy and beef producers worldwide. Out of appreciation and respect, his fellow board members elected him to a non-voting position, “Advisor at Large”, following the conclusion of his term.

For his accomplishments, Myron was chosen as the first recipient of the University of Minnesota, Golden Graduate Award, established to honor alumni for making outstanding contributions to the dairy industry.

Myron’s significant contributions through his service to the dairy industry, Select Sires, and NAAB make him a very worthy recipient of t h e NAAB Member Director Award.


NAAB Announces 2018 Research Award Recipient

Dr. J. Richard Pursley receiving the 2018 NAAB Research Award

The 2018 NAAB Research Award recipient is Dr. Richard Pursley. Dr. Pursley earned a B.S. in Dairy Production and M.S. in Reproductive Physiology from Kansas State University, followed by a Ph.D. in Reproductive Physiology from University of Wisconsin-Madison. During his Ph.D. training, Dr. Pursley co-developed with Dr. Milo Wiltbank what is now the world’s most widely used ovulation synchronization protocol called “Ovsynch”. According to Hoard’s Dairyman, Ovsynch is one of the best and most economical timed AI programs ever developed for the dairy industry. In 2007, the impact of Dr. Pursley’s research and extension programs was recognized as one of four USDA-CSREES projects (selected from 400) with the greatest impact in U.S. agriculture. Dr. Pursley’s seminal 1995 paper on Ovsynch was listed recently as one of the 100 most influential science papers you should read before you die (no. 7 in all reproductive biology). The Ovsynch technology caused a paradigm shift in applied reproductive research in dairy and beef cattle. Since the original paper, a significant number of applied reproductive papers presented each year at the American Dairy Science Association have dealt with Ovsynch technology.

Pursley has dairy farmer “roots” and a long-term commitment to extensive dissemination of the results of his research and extension approaches to the dairy industry that together have improved fertility in dairy cows. His extension presentations and Bovine Reproduction and Education (BRED) programs on dairy cattle reproduction have directly educated over 3000 dairy veterinarians representing an estimated 4,000,000 dairy cows.

Dr. Pursley has also garnered more than $4,000,000 in intramural and extramural grants; an impressive accomplishment. Professor Pursley emphasizes modern and in-depth training for his graduate and undergraduate students and visiting scientists, which is critical for the future development of next generation of animal scientists.

He has numerous publications and has given 349 invited and extension presentations during his 21-year career at Michigan State University, coupled with his extensive record of internal and external service. He has been an external tenure evaluator at various universities, on editorial boards, reviewer for several scientific journals and USDA NIFA proposals and has been involved with various USDA Regional Research Projects. He also continues to serve on numerous Michigan State committees including mentoring young faculty in his Department.

His original research idea was to utilize Ovsynch as a model to better understand the principles of improving fertility of lactating dairy cows. His research established that Ovsynch could be used to control follicle and corpus luteum function to enhance the success of fixed-time AI. His subsequent published work demonstrated that a pre-synchronization program for Ovsynch (G6G), enhanced fertility by controlling follicle age, size and function through the strategic use of GnRH. This research helped “pave the way” to a greater understanding of critical markers for fertility of cattle.

It’s been stated that Dr. Pursley’s discoveries related to timed AI of dairy cattle resulted in the most significant adoption of an applied reproductive technology that enhances AI use in the history of the dairy industry. He has also reached a multitude of followers with an innovative website that put his outreach programs at the leading edge of today’s extension efforts. His nationwide workshops and stimulating website illustrate his ability to reach people in multiple ways. Once one sees his two animated cows “Blaze N Star” talk about reproduction, it is easy to see why his extension innovations have been so successful.

Dr. Pursley’s educational and outreach efforts in Michigan, the U.S. and beyond are remarkable and have reached dairy farmers in almost every region of the world. His train-the-trainer seminars, workshops for veterinarians and consultants and on-line websites have been impactful and effective.

Dr. Richard Pursley is an excellent scientist and has worked in other areas including superovulation, oocyte development, and male and female fertility in cattle. His current work on the role of progesterone in fertility of dairy cattle has contributed to the understanding of how to further improve Ovsynch and manipulate the reproductive cycle to improve conception rates in dairy cattle.

Pursley’s entire life has been focused on the dairy cow. It began with his first 4-H project and continued when he was a dairy farmer. His experience growing up on a farm, owning a farm, and managing his farm instilled an indelible framework for his career. His first-hand experience with the dairy industry ensured he would better understand the significance of the issues linked to it in his 21-year academic career as an Extension Dairy Specialist at Michigan State University. Due to his well-established and instrumental role in developing, improving and explaining how to use Ovsynch technology, critical to the enhancement of AI outcomes, he is very worthy to receive the 2018 NAAB Research Award.


Koepon and CRI combine to form URUS

Two strong organizations – one cooperative and one privately-owned company – have combined to form a new global leader in cattle artificial insemination genetics and farm management information.

Koepon Holding BV and Cooperative Resources International (CRI) announced their intent to merge last December. Now, following due diligence and votes by each organization’s board of directors as well as the member delegates of CRI, the business combination is complete. The newly formed organization is known as URUS.

“While URUS is a new name in the global agriculture industry, its roots run deep,” states Cees Hartmans, CEO. “The companies within the URUS family – AgSource, Alta Genetics, GENEX, Jetstream Genetics, PEAK/GENESIS, SCCL and VAS – have a history of serving dairy and beef producers across the world. Now, as part of this new organization, these companies are even better positioned to meet the future needs of members and clients.”

The formation of URUS, with its size and scale, makes possible a significant increase in investment towards products and services that will benefit producers across the globe.

“The companies of URUS will be leaders in new developments for the cattle industry,” states Hartmans. “Dairy and beef cattle producers are the heart of this organization, and so we want to ensure our members and clients have access to the best products and services at a competitive price. We want to be your partner of choice for cattle genetics, reproduction and farm management information for years to come.

“Together, we can focus on producing high-quality and healthy food while contributing to a sustainable, productive and profitable global dairy and beef industry.”

About URUS
Formed in 2018, URUS ( is a holding company with cooperative and private ownership. URUS has strong roots in the global agriculture industry. This deep history is anchored by the companies that compose Urus: AgSource, Alta Genetics, GENEX, Jetstream Genetics, PEAK/GENESIS, SCCL and VAS. It’s also fueled by a worldwide team of professionals dedicated to providing dairy and beef  producers with genetic and farm management information solutions that improve herd quality and productivity. 

Matthew Steiner Jr Joins International Protein Sires

International Protein Sires (IPS) announces the appointment of Matthew Steiner, Jr., of Orrville, OH, as a Sales Representative responsible for serving customers in Ohio.

Matthew holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Akron. Since 1997, he has held responsibilities on his family’s Pine-Tree Dairy which include coordinating the direction and execution of a multi-breed genetics program, performing heat detection and artificial insemination, training and supervising employees and making daily management decisions.

IPS president, Ron Sersland, comments, “We are very pleased to have Matthew joining the IPS team. Matthew’s extensive on-farm experience, breeding program knowledge of several dairy breeds will be an advantage for IPS and its customers”.

IPS has been in business for more than 25 years. IPS offers Holstein, Red and White, and Jersey sire line ups with a wide range of diversity, including high GTPI, high type, polled, solid production, NM$, A2A2 and strong maternal lines.

For additional information contact International Protein Sires at 1-800-542-7593 or

Semex Giving Away Two Calves Genomically Tested For Immunity At World Dairy Expo

The best giveaway at World Dairy Expo is healthier than ever! Semex is breaking ground once again by giving away two heifers that are genomically tested to be high immune responders.

“We all know that a healthier herd is a more profitable herd,” says Michael Hurst, Semex Director, US Sales & Business Development. “And this year at our tent, we’re actually giving away two high GTPI heifers that have been genomically tested to be more resistant to disease. They’re healthier than other calves and their genomics proves it. We’re the only company that has this test and the only exhibitor at World Dairy Expo that can literally give you a healthier herd…. All you need to do is come and enter!”

Launched in early 2018, Semex’s Elevate™ program is a genomic testing program that is unique in many ways, including that it is the only test that offers an Immunity female test. This means producers no longer have to guess which cows are their healthiest. Instead, Elevate helps tailor their breeding program with both genomic information and Immunity results, making faster genetic progress towards a stronger, more disease resistant herd.

“We used Elevate for our own testing,” says Paul Krueger, VP, Global Key Account & Solutions Strategy. “The results are easy to follow, with a designation of low, medium or high for Immune Response. These heifers were high responders, meaning they’re more resistant to common diseases. Stopping by the Semex Tent at World Dairy Expo and entering to win one of these calves could be just the start of a healthier herd for you with Semex!”

Enter to win one of these calves at the Semex Tent during World Dairy Expo, join us for hospitality from 5:00-7:00 pm on Thursday and Friday nights, with a live calf draw at 6:00 pm both nights. Winners need not be present to win.

Semex International Sales & Support Departments Grow

Semex, the Guelph, Ont., based A.I. company, has announced the appointment of two individuals to key positions within the organization:

  • Matthew McCready has accepted the role of Director, International Sales & Business Development, effective September 10, 2018
  • Peter Van Beek has accepted the role of Key Account Manager, effective September 1, 2018

Reporting to Drew Sloan, Vice-President, International Sales, Matthew McCready will lead Semex’s Asian business unit, providing leadership for the ongoing development of their product portfolio, including both Semex’s genetic products and solutions.

“We look forward to Matt contributing to our growth and profitability in these key markets,” says Sloan. “This market, including China, is key to Semex’s future. Matt’s passion for connecting with clients and global marketing experience make him a valuable asset to our team.”

Most recently McCready was Director of Business Development, Hybrid Turkeys at Hendrix Genetics, leading their global marketing and working closely with global sales directors and region managers. Previous to that, he held several positions at PepsiCo Canada. A graduate of the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Commerce, Agriculture Business degree, McCready comes from an agricultural background.

Reporting to Paul Krueger, Vice-President, Global Key Account & Solutions Strategy, Peter Van Beek will be the lead key account management resource for all of Semex’s European sales teams. Van Beek will have a hands-on role in Semex’s key account strategies and will serve as Semex’s technical expert, working closing with their sales teams to provide clients with custom solutions.

Van Beek is excited to return to the A.I. business after managing a portfolio of calf milk replacers for Nukamel. Previous to that, he was an International Sales Manager and International Elite Account Manager at Alta, working in Europe and the Middle East, as well as a Business Development Manager at AI Total. Van Beek completed his Bachelor of Animal Sciences & Aquaculture and his Master of Animal Sciences degrees at Wageningen University in The Netherlands. He played an active role on his family’s Mts. Van Beek-Goos dairy, and earlier completed an internship within Semex’s genetics department.

“We’re extremely fortunate to have Peter join our team,” says Krueger. “He will work side-by-side with our team and their clients, finding the solution that best fits their needs. His experience, knowledge and enthusiasm make him the right fit to help lead us into the future.”

Leading Jersey Genetics at IPS

International Protein Sires (IPS) has bolstered their sire lineup with an expanded offering of high quality Jerseys. The August sire summaries reveal substantial genetic gains. “We are excited with the recent proofs on our genomic proven Jersey sires. Our primary goal at IPS is fulfilling the dairy farmer’s objectives; bulls that transmit profitable performance along with durable confirmation. The continual fortification of the IPS Jersey lineup clearly meets these objectives,” stated Ron Sersland, President and CEO of IPS.

One of the IPS headliners is 566JE106 PHAROAH-P with a JPI rating of +126 and ranked #14 among polled Jersey sires. At +557 lbs. milk, PHAROAH-P excels in health traits at +5.3 productive life, +3.4 LIV and +3.0 DPR. His type profile indicates exceptional fore udders with high rear udders. PHAROAH’s solid genetic inheritance has created great interest. Note; PHAROAH is A2A2 along with being rated 456231 aAa.

566JE105 PARAGUAY(6)’s JPI index is +172. This breed pacesetter is exceptional for production at +1,085 lbs. milk, +62 lbs. fat (+.05%) and +49 lbs. protein (+.05%). Conformation traits are equally good; +1.56 type and +23.8 GJUI. And, productive life is rated +4.2. PARAGUAY is sired by Stevens(5) from a VG-85 Formidable, backed by multiply generations of solid type with superior performance and high components.

566JE107 BANDIT is a breed leader at +172JPI. He’s a component specialist at 61 lbs. fat (+.16%) and +0.08% protein. Performance is also noteworthy; +611 lbs. milk, +550 NM$ and +587 CM$. Expect average size daughters with steep foot angle and sound udders. BANDIT is a Disco daughter from an VG-86 Volcano daughter from an EX-90 Rebel daughter. And, his next dam is a Very Good Lemvig daughter.

566JE104 QUATRO is a breed leader for udders at +34.3 GJUI with strong linear traits to support this rating. QUATRO’s breed index is +124 JPI along with being A2A2. Health traits are commendable at +2.9 productive life, +1.2 LIV and +0.9 DPR. QUATRO is sired by Kwynn from a VG-86 Lexicon daughter. And, his pedigree is loaded with high components from superior performance.

As a major player in the A.I. industry, International Protein Sires offers a formidable Jersey sire lineup. IPS semen is available through company employees or a growing network of independent distributors worldwide. Located in Rock Springs, Wisconsin, you may learn more about IPS through their website, or by calling toll free: 1.800.542.7593

GENEX employees recognized for dedication to members, co-op

Nine awards were recently presented to GENEX employees at the cattle genetics cooperative’s Dairy National Marketing and Sales Conference in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

“These employees are leaders in what they do and deserve to be recognized for their hard work,” states Roy Wilson, senior vice president of dairy marketing, sales and product development. “Their dedication to GENEX and the producers they serve is what makes GENEX a leader in the industry. These awards truly were well deserved.”

The Kevin Boyle Leadership award went to value-added programs manager Joe Binversie, of Shawano. He earned the award for demonstrating vision, devotion and pride for the cooperative while managing the cooperative’s array of producer-focused programs such as the Calf MathSM and Sort-GateSM programs.

National account manager & consultant Allison Wood, of Fair Haven, Vermont, received the Outstanding Strategic Dairy Employee award for her outstanding consultation work with members and customers.

A.I. training instructor manager Carlos Marin, of Freedom, Wisconsin, was named the Outstanding Sales Support Employee. He was recognized for his unwavering leadership and support to GENEX Dairy field service staff.

The Outstanding Product Development Employee award was presented to dairy data manager Sami Gangl, of Shawano, for her commitment to quality cattle genetics data analysis.

The Outstanding Sales Manager award went to Briana Schumacher, dairy area sales manager. Schumacher, who serves producers in the northwest U.S., stands out as a devoted leader not only to her local team but the entire cooperative.

In addition to these awards, four Mission Awards were presented to employees for earning top sales in the respective categories.

Territory sales manager Hannah Wasley, of Boardman, Oregon, received both the Total Income Growth and Total Semen Growth Mission Awards.

A team of field employees – Mauricio Garcia, Juan Venegas, Luis Uribe, Ruben Ruiz, Pedro Bellido and Enrique Morales – who serve dairy producers in northern Texas were recognized with the Total Service Growth Mission Award.

Lastly, the Total Herd Care Line Growth Mission Award was presented to John Field, territory sales manager, of Canyon, Texas.

Select Sires’ Jersey Lineup Meets Genetic Demands

The Jersey sire lineup at Select Sires continues to offer customer-owners a diverse selection of proven and genomic young sires that excel in total performance, type and fertility.

Proven Sire Lineup
Select Sires is home to nine active proven sires at or above +100 GJPI. Ranking No. 3 in the breed for GJPI is customer-satisfaction sire, 7JE5004 CHROME (+193). Also ranking well are 7JE1331 VARICK (+157), new graduate 7JE1477 JX SAINT {4} (+152), 7JE5011 MEGAPOWER (+126) and 7JE1344 MATT (+108).

MEGAPOWER (+115), JX SAINT {4} (+114) and CHROME (+114) lead Select’s daughter-proven lineup for Combined Fat and Protein (CFP) values. Leading Select’s Cheese Merit (CM$) lineup is CHROME (+593), JX SAINT {4} (+541) and VARICK (+522).

With eight of the top 25 active proven sires for PTA Type, Select Sires offers more elite Type sires than any other lineup in the industry. As the breed’s No. 1 sire, CHROME is +2.6 PTAT and +30.9 Jersey Udder Index(JUI&tade;). Following CHROME in second, third and fourth ranking for Type is 7JE1354 TEXAS (+2.5), 7JE1294 BARNABAS (+2.4) and 7JE1219 OLIVER-P (+2.3). For those focused on JUI values, Select offers eight proven sires at or above +20.0 JUI, including TEXAS (+32.7 JUI), CHROME and 7JE1088 COLTON (+25.4).

Select Sires continues to put an emphasis on high Sire Conception Rate (SCR) values and this can be seen throughout the Jersey sire lineup. TEXAS leads the industry as the No. 1 ranked sire for SCR at +3.8. Also ranking very well among the industry’s best are 7JE1332 RENO (+2.2), MATT (+1.9) and BARNABAS (+1.3). In total, Select’s lineup includes eight proven sires with positive SCR values.

Genomic Young Sire Lineup
Elite JPI and high SCR values combine for standouts like 7JE1642 UR KYRIE (+198 GJPI, +2.2 SCR), 7JE5069 CHEDDAR (+187 GJPI, +0.2 SCR) and 7JE1606 JX SHOCK {5} (+185 GJPI, +5.0 SCR). The strength in young sire SCR values is unmatched. Nine of the breed’s top 10 young sires for SCR are available from Select Sires. Topping this listing is JX SHOCK {5}, followed by 7JE1503 JX RONALDINHO {3} (+4.5 SCR), 7JE1602 JX FIGO {3} (+3.8) and 7JE1598 JX CHAUNCY {6} (+3.1).

Select continues to be the source for elite production and components. UR KYRIE boasts +1,848 Milk with +144 CFP and is +674 CM$. CHEDDAR transmits +1,455 Milk with +147 CFP and is +660 CM$.

7JE1528 DISCO’s data shows his ability to improve fitness traits as the breed’s leader for Productive Life (PL) (+7.2), extremely low Somatic Cell Score (SCS) (+2.73) and positive values for Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) (+1.8), Heifer Conception Rate (HCR) (+2.8) and Cow Conception Rate (CCR) (+2.1).

Leading Select Sires’ genomic young sire PTAT listing, and ranking No. 4 in the breed, is 7JE1638 RESPECT (+2.4). RESPECT is a Kwynn son from Select’s partnership with Jerseyland Sires. Also ranking well for PTAT is UR KYRIE (+2.4) and Showcase Selections sire 7JE5032 VICTORIOUS (+2.0).

To view Select Sires’ complete Jersey sire lineup, visit or contact your local Select Sires sales representative.

Based in Plain City, Ohio, Select Sires Inc., is North America’s largest A.I. organization and is comprised of nine farmer-owned and -controlled cooperatives. As the industry leader, it provides highly fertile semen as well as excellence in service and programs to achieve its basic objective of supplying dairy and beef producers with North America’s best genetics at a reasonable price.

GENEX offers udder edema lotion and spray to soothe cow’s udders

Producers can maintain optimal cow udder health with UdderLife™ Mint-eez™ udder edema lotion and spray, a new herd care product from GENEX.

The product’s blend of natural plaint oils – mentha arvenis (mint), calendula oil and tea tree oil – has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties that work to increase blood flow in the udder. This allows the udder to better fight infections. It also works as an analgesic to soothe and soften the udder.

“UdderLife™ Mint-eez™ udder edema lotion and spray are safe and completely natural herbal products,” states Bob East, senior manager of herd care line. “This product can help reduce udder edema that can damage mammary supportive ligaments and shorten milk longevity. It allows for better milk letdown and easier milking unit attachment.”

UdderLife™ Mint-eez™ udder edema lotion and spray is available in a blue spray, blue lotion, yellow spray or white lotion. The lotions are available in 1000 mL bottles, with six bottles per case. The sprays are available in six 500 mL bottles per case, 1 gallon, 5 gallon or 15 gallon options. The blue spray maintains a bright blue color on the udder while the yellow spray dries clear. Additionally, the yellow spray and white lotion do not contain artificial dyes.

To purchase UdderLife™ Mint-eez™ udder edema lotion and spray or for more information about GENEX products, visit


Source: Hoards

NAAB to Hold 72nd Annual Convention and 27th Biennial Technical Conference

The National Association of Animal Breeders (NAAB) will hold its Annual Convention and Biennial Technical Conference on September 19-21, 2018 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The host hotel will be the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center located just across from the Austin Straubel International Airport.

The NAAB 72nd Annual Business meeting will be held Wednesday afternoon, September 19th and will include reports from the NAAB Chairman of the Board, Chuck Sattler, Select Sires, Inc.; Certified Semen Services Chairman, Dr. Charles Brown, Alta Genetics as well as NAAB President, Jay Weiker. Keith Heikes, CRI, as a member of the Nominating Committee will report on candidates for the NAAB Board of Directors. NAAB voting delegates will elect four directors. Paul Hunt, Alta Genetics and Roy Wilson, GENEX, have completed unexpired terms and will be eligible for a full three-year term. Chris England, Select Sires, is completing the unexpired term due to the resignation of Ryan Weigel and will be eligible for a full three-year term. Chuck Sattler has served his two full terms and is no longer eligible for re-election. Delegates will also review the finances of the Association and act on any resolutions brought before the Convention.

The Laboratory/Semen Quality Workshop will run concurrently with the Annual Meeting on Wednesday afternoon at 1:00 p.m., September 19th.

The 27th Technical Conference on Artificial Insemination and Reproduction will begin Thursday morning, September 20th. The conference will feature speakers and topics in the field of artificial insemination, reproduction science and genetics. It will include academic researchers as well as industry technical personnel involved in semen production, sire management and sire health. They will discuss and review scientific developments and important technical issues relevant to the AI industry. The Student Posters will be available for review during breaks and Happy Hour. The students will be available to discuss their projects. This is an excellent opportunity to see on-going research related to the AI Industry.

We encourage all registrants to view the industry specific vendor exhibits and their many products. Representatives will be available for conversation throughout the three days during the coffee breaks and Happy Hour.

Thursday, September 20th, a special Awards Luncheon will feature this year’s recipients of the NAAB Research, Distinguished Service and Member Association Director Awards.

Following the Awards Luncheon, the Technical Conference will continue with Breakout Sessions for lab and barn personnel. Friday, September 21st, the Technical Conference will resume at 8:00 a.m. and include several other speakers with current topics of interest. Pam Jahnke, the Fabulous Farm Babe, will be speaking at 11:00 a.m. Friday on “The Grand Canyon-That’s Nothing Compared to the Farmer/Consumer Great Divide”.

For registration information please contact Jani Carlon, NAAB, 8413 Excelsior Dr. Suite 140, Madison, WI 53717. Tel: 608-827-0277; Email:; or visit our website and click on “What’s New” or “27th TECHNICAL CONFERENCE” to access information and the links to hotel and registration forms.


New Generation Genetics Bulls Lead the Way Following the Genetic Evaluations in August

Following the release of the August 2018 genetic evaluations, bulls from New Generation Genetics proven and genomic bulls ranked at or near the top for Milk, Components, Type, Udder Composite, Mobility, Fertility, DPR, Productive Life, NM$, PPR, & Profit.

54BS509 Shiloh Brookings CADENCE ET *TM continues to shine as the #1 PPR proven bull and #1 for Protein. His proof is +1.1 type +1.11 UDC 184 PPR +1368m +53f -.01% +51p +.02% +2.1 Productive Life 2.81 SCS $442 NM$ +1.3 SCR and great calving ease at 4.5%.

54BS539 Jo-Dee Nemo RICHARD *TM from the Champions Collection Sire as a proven sire is #3 Type. Richard’s proof is at +1093m, +1.01 UDC,+1.4 PL and +1.2 Type. Watch for his standout daughters at the shows this fall as they have proven to be leaders of the pack this spring and summer!

54BS482 Voelkers TD CARTER *TM continues to add more new daughters and is the #1 Proven Type plus being the #5 Proven Milk bull. Carter’s type proof continues at +1.4 type, +1.11 UDC, +0.7 Mobility, +0.75 FU, +1.1 UD +1.1 RUW and +1.0 RUH. Carter’s production proof increased to +1210m +36f +28p and 105 PPR.

54BS543 Swistzer Tals Cdnc DANE ET *TM graduates into our proven lineup with exciting numbers as the #4 milk and #7 PPR proven bull. His production numbers are at +1218 milk, +40f, +39p with a 142 PPR. He is +0.8 Type with a +0.43 UDC.

54BS548 Brown Heaven WINNING FORMULA ET *TM graduates into our proven lineup and is a Champions Collection bull with sexed semen available. His type is +0.6 with an +1.02 UDC.

54BS578 Hilltop Acres D DEFENDER ET *TM is a new addition to our Genomic Gem lineup and is the #4 Type genomic bull at +1.3 type. In addition to type, he has a +1.29 UDC. DEFENDER comes on strong with +1065 milk, +39f, +40p, $387 NM$ and a 5.5% CE.

The CHAMPIONS COLLECTION elite sire lineup includes 54BS539 RICHARD, 54BS581 RASTA, 54BS568 FAST & FURIOUS, 54BS521 KINGSMAN, 54BS548 WINNING FORMULA and 54BS567 WATCHOUT.

New Generation Genetics offers the most comprehensive Brown Swiss Sires portfolio in the U.S. For further information call 920-568-0554, visit our Facebook page, email or visit

GENEX now markets ReMOOV™ horn paste

GENEX now offers ReMOOV™ horn paste for safe, efficient horn bud removal in calves.

ReMOOV™ horn paste is an accurate, easy-to-use caustic paste that inhibits horn growth before it starts. The product contains a mixture of calcium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide in an aqueous glycerine gel and comes in a unique syringe with a special tip enabling precise application to the horn bud. Additionally, the syringe features a dial that measures out the appropriate amount of paste needed for each horn button. 

“Not only does the syringe make this product easy to administer but it is also less painful to the animal, less stressful for the animal and the handler, and there is no bad burning smell like there is with hot irons,” states Bob East, senior manager of the herd care product line. 

ReMOOV™ horn paste comes in a 1.6 oz syringe that can disbud approximately 24 animals, with six syringes per box.


Select Sires Offers Industry’s Most Complete Proven Holstein Lineup

With industry-leading GTPI®, elite new graduates and high-ranking Net Merit (NM$) sires, the August 2018 sire summary results show Select Sires’ continued commitment to meet the genetic demands of customer-owners. The daughter-proven offering continues to strengthen, lead multiple indexes and add genetic diversity to the lineup.

Seventeen of the industry’s top-50 GTPI sires carry Select Sires’ 07 stud code, with 7HO12266 YODER (+2730) ranking No. 6 and 7HO13250 JEDI (+2729) No. 7. Eight of Select Sires’ nine new graduates are over +2500 GTPI, including: 250HO13267 DUKE (+2710), 7HO12602 HANG-TIME (+2631), 7HO12449 MARTY (+2595), 7HO12601 FRANCHISE (+2566) and 7HO12569 HEISENBERG (+2564).

Once again, Select Sires dominates Holstein Association’s 97 percent Reliability listing with more high-ranking sires than any other stud. YODER, 7HO11621 MAYFLOWER (+2599) and 7HO12165 MONTROSS (+2597) rank among the top-five sires for GTPI on the high reliability sire list.

YODER (+904), 7HO11985 TETRIS (+841) and 7HO11351 SUPERSIRE (+841) rank among the breed’s top-10 proven sires for NM$. In total, Select Sires’ lineup offers 25 daughter-proven sires over +720 NM$. New graduates DUKE (+831), MARTY (+759), HANG-TIME (+752) and 7HO13251 JETT (+732) are among this impressive grouping.

If production traits are the focus, MONTROSS (+2,773M), MAYFLOWER (+2,627M) and 7HO12418 SPARK (+2,574M) continue to show their strength with extreme milk yield numbers. Leading Combined Fat and Protein (CFP) pounds is DUKE (+192), 7HO12255 PETERPAN (+179), MARTY (+172) and 7HO12256 MAGUIRE (+169).

Healthy Herd, Healthy Profits
Improve the health of your herd and turn up profits by adding the Dairy Wellness Profit Index® (DWP$®) to your selection criteria. Select Sires’ quality and quantity of DWP$ leaders is unmatched. Ranking No. 2 in the breed is new graduate 7HO12556 PAGEONE (+1,043 DWP$), a Jacey son from Bacon-Hill Mogul Paige-ET (EX-90-EX-MS-DOM). Also ranking extremely well for DWP$ is TETRIS (+981), 7HO13195 PROFIT (+973), 7HO11708 ROOKIE (+921) and 7HO11833 RENNIE (+890). Offering mega production values combined with elite DWP$ are MAYFLOWER (+870) and SPARK (+848).

Using a combination of the Wellness Trait Index® (WT$®) and Calf Wellness Index (CW$) through CLARIFIDE® Plus genomic testing, Select Sires identifies sires excelling in these traits as WellnessPRO® sires. In addition to WellnessPRO leaders like PAGEONE, PROFIT and ROOKIE, Select has stamped 7HO11169 PETRONE (+778 DWP$, +48 CW$, +164 WT$) and 7HO12472 ALCO (+755 DWP$, +14 CW$, +151 WT$) with WellnessPRO logos.

Fertility Leaders
For the best selection of sires that excel in both conventional and sexed-semen fertility, customer-owners can depend on Select Sires. There are 27 sires in Select’s lineup at or above +1.5 SCR, ensuring a highly fertile sire for any dairy producer’s genetic goals. YODER (+2.8 SCR), JEDI (+2.2), 7HO12600 MODESTY (+2.2) and DUKE (+2.1) represent an incredibly elite selection of sires above +800 NM$ and +2600 GTPI coupled with elite SCR values. Also leading the proven lineup with chart-topping SCR values are 250HO1131 SALT (+2.9), 7HO12248 SUPERIOR (+2.7), 7HO10506 G W ATWOOD (+2.7), 7HO12115 DECEIVER (+2.6) and 7HO12095 MALLINGER (+2.4).

The Elite Sexed Fertility designation was introduced in April and identifies sires with the highest fertility sex-sorted semen. High-ranking sires like YODER, MODESTY, PROFIT, 7HO11383 MORGAN and SUPERSIRE are among the extensive offering of sires that carry this designation. New graduates HEISENBERG and 7HO12587 DIAMONDBACK also qualify to join this innovative lineup.

Topping Type
With G W ATWOOD (+3.64 PTAT, +2.52 UDC, +2.67 FLC) and 7HO11596 DEFIANT (+3.55 PTAT, +2.48 UDC, +1.62 FLC) leading the charge, Select Sires continues to be an unrivaled source for elite Type. DIAMONDBACK (+3.22 PTAT, +2.74 UDC, +2.27 FLC) makes his debut to the proven lineup as No. 17 among the breed’s top Type sires. Backed by seven generations of Excellent cows, this Doorman son traces back to the one and only Apple family and has already sired numerous All-Americans. Also adding value and strength to Select’s esteemed Showcase Selections lineup are 7HO12353 BEEMER (+3.35 PTAT) and 7HO12042 CORVETTE (+2.80 PTAT).

In addition to the Showcase Selections lineup, Select Sires is the source for well-balanced sires that improve the next generation’s functional Type traits. New graduate 7HO12351 CARNEY is a 7HO11547 SHAN son that improves overall health and fitness traits with elite +3.04 PTAT and +3.64 UDC. 7HO12198 KINGBOY continues to excel in this area, at +3.13 PTAT and +2.57 UDC while maintaining high production and component yields. For those looking for superior Red genetics, 7HO12344 RAGER-Red is the complete package—extreme GTPI (+2578), high PTAT (+2.45), coupled with favorable wellness and production trait values.

The strength, quality and diversity of Select Sires’ daughter-proven lineup is a testament to Select Sires’ commitment to the cooperative’s customer-owners. To view Select Sires’ complete Holstein lineup, visit or contact your local Select Sires sales representative.

Based in Plain City, Ohio, Select Sires Inc., is North America’s largest A.I. organization and is comprised of nine farmer-owned and -controlled cooperatives. As the industry leader, it provides highly fertile semen as well as excellence in service and programs to achieve its basic objective of supplying dairy and beef producers with North America’s best genetics at a reasonable price.

Leum Joins Semex as Jersey Product Development Lead

Semex is pleased to announce that Jacob Leum has joined the Semex Team as the Jersey Product Development Lead effective August 1.

Reporting to Jay Shannon, Director, Genetic Programs & Solutions, Jacob will implement and monitor Semex’s Jersey product strategy, aligning with changing international market demands. Additionally, he will work with the Product Development Team to develop longterm relationships with genetic suppliers globally, coordinate Semex’s internal female program and provide integral product support to foster sales worldwide.

“Jacob brings both the knowledge and passion for the Jersey breed we’ve been looking for,” says Shannon. “We’re excited to have him join our Product Development Team and lead our growing Jersey product lineup. As Semex’s global client base continues to grow, so does the demand for more great Jersey bulls. Jacob is the ideal candidate to meet this growth and propel our 200JE lineup further!”


Most recently, Jacob was the US and Canadian Business Development Manager for Evolution International, a French AI company. In this role, he developed the organization’s first North American sales network, built relationships with associations, finalized research partnerships and developed key infrastructure for additional employees. Previous to that, he was Accelerated Genetics’ Jersey Marketing Specialist, linking the marketing, sales and genetics teams to maximize communication flow and effectiveness. A lifetime Jersey enthusiast, Jacob grew up on his family’s Jersey farm before receiving his animal science degree with an emphasis in dairy and minor in political science from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.


Jessica Peter to Coordinate Ayrshire Sire Development at Select Sires

Beginning August 1, 2018, Jessica Peter will assume the responsibilities of Ayrshire sire development within Select Sires’ industry-leading sire department. In accordance with Select Sires’ mission statement, Peter will coordinate and develop Ayrshire genetics that enhance the productivity and profitability of Ayrshire producers world-wide. 


“As an owner and breeder of Ayrshire cattle, Jessica has a personal passion for the future of the Ayrshire breed. Her past experiences in sire acquisition will be a tremendous benefit to her new role,” explains Jeff Ziegler, vice president of dairy cattle breeding at Select Sires. “Passion is synonymous with the entire Select Sires sire development team—making Jessica an exceptional fit.”

Peter joined the Select Sires team following the 2017 merger with Accelerated Genetics. In her six years with Accelerated Genetics, she worked exclusively in sire development and marketing. At the start of her career, she processed sire contracts and genomic samples and later coordinated and attended SETS and cattle picturing. In late 2014, Peter transitioned to a sire analyst role and procured Ayrshire, Holstein, Brown Swiss and Milking Shorthorn sires.

In addition to her new leadership role in Ayrshire sire development, Peter will continue in her current capacity, working with industry data as coordinator of dairy development programs at Select Sires. Peter is a 2011 graduate of Iowa State University with a bachelor of science degree in agricultural studies.


GENEX Releases Dairy Bull Search App

Searching and sorting dairy bulls from across the industry just got easier with the release of a new app from GENEX. The GENEX Dairy Bull Search app – available for iOS, Android and Windows devices – includes genetic and pedigree data on over 40,000 bulls.

The app enables producers to search for Holstein, Jersey, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Ayrshire or Milking Shorthorn bulls by entering their short name, NAAB code or registration number.

“The app also allows users to filter active bulls by genetic criteria to generate a list of sires that meets the dairy’s breeding objectives,” explains Joe Binversie, GENEX Value Added Programs Manager. “This list can then be downloaded as a Microsoft Excel or CSV file which users can save to their device or send via email or text message. It makes bull searching and sorting quick and easy.”


New Employees Gather at Select Sires for Orientation and Training

Thirty-nine new employees and summer interns participated in Select Sires’ orientation program held July 10 and July 11. Employees and interns from eight member cooperatives, Select Sires GenerVations, World Wide Sires and Select Sires Inc. gathered at the Select Sires headquarters in Plain City, Ohio. Following the two-day orientation, many of the attendees participated in an additional two days of extensive sales training.

“As our organization continues to grow, Select Sires is privileged to add professional, knowledgeable and passionate individuals to our sales and service force,” says Lyle Kruse, vice president of U.S. market development for Select Sires. “Our orientation program provides new employees and student interns an opportunity to visit our facilities and network with colleagues from across North America.”
Select Sires’ orientation program highlights the cooperative’s unique history and provides a comprehensive overview of the current programs and services. Presentations delivered by industry experts include: Select Reproductive Solutions® (SRS®), Select Mating Service® (SMS®), Program for Genetic AdvancementTM (PGATM), StrataGEN®, Aggressive Reproductive TechnologiesTM (ARTTM), CowManager®, Breeding to FeedingSM and Program for Fertility AdvancementTM (PFATM). New employees receive training on the topics of bull care and semen collection, semen quality and fertility, genetic evaluations, dairy and beef sire programs, herd management solutions and Select Sires’ gender SELECTedTM semen process. Participants also tour the facilities in Plain City and preview a selection of bulls on parade. 
Orientation participants included: All West/Select Sires: Amber LaSalle, Turlock, Calif.; COBA/Select Sires: Kate Sherman, Columbus, Ohio, Garrett Steinberger, College Station, Texas, Collin Berg, Bellville, Ohio, Nate Leland, Cardington, Ohio, Luke Hilton, East Rochester, Ohio and Nathaniel Kinney, Shreve, Ohio; East Central/Select Sires: Julie Anderson, Viroqua, Wis., Chloe Vosters, Freedom, Wis., Scott Casto, South Vienna, Ohio and Slade Norton, Darlington, Wis.; Minnesota/Select Sires: Jennifer Huhe, Cresco, Iowa; NorthStar Cooperative: Bailey Larson, Alma Center, Wis., Tori Matz, Oshkosh, Wis., Rachael Raddatz, Krakow, Wis., Deanna Kronk, Goshen, Ind. and Peter VanderHoff, Hillsdale, Mich.; Prairie State/Select Sires: Royce Demmer, Peosta, Iowa; Southeast/Select Sires: Henry Mitchell, York, S.C.; Select Sires GenerVations: Martin Rypma, Abbotsford, BC; Select Sires Inc.: Lauren Hendel, Caledonia, Minn., Keith Green, Lancaster, Ohio, Jordan Siemers, Hilliard, Ohio, Matthew Snyder, Plain City, Ohio, MaryKate Harrod, Flat Rock, Ind., Meghann Winters, Old Washington, Ohio, Jordan Ziegler, Irwin, Ohio; Select Sire Power: Erin Norris, Westhampton, Mass., Madison Risley, Addison, N.Y., Teddy Dedominicis, Oneonta, N.Y., Christian Harvey, Cleveland, N.Y., Liette Viens, Enosburg Falls, Vt., Laura Ritchey, Martinsburg, Pa., Lee Burgard, Clymer, N.Y. and Ridge Irvin, Concord, Pa.; World Wide Sires: Marco Falk, Germany, Mareike Henkelmann, Germany, Marc Waldner, Germany and Emil Bælum, Denmark.

Gudex and Ludeman take top honors at East Central/Select Sires employee awards banquet

East Central/Select Sires, based in Waupun, Wis., held their annual employee awards banquet on Saturday, June 25, 2016, at the Crowne Plaza, Madison. Eric Gudex, Oakfield, was named member service representative (MSR) of the year, with Mohammed Touir, Madison, as runner-up. Jay Ludeman, Lake Mills, was awarded area sales manager (ASM) of the year, with Brad Fossum, Lodi, recognized as runner-up.

The honorable outstanding-effort awards were presented to Norm Bradley, Fort Atkinson, MSR; Aaron McMillan, Oshkosh, relief MSR; Duey Vande Zande, Waupun, inventory and warehouse manager; and Bill Langel, McFarland, Select Mating Service evaluator.

“It is enjoyable to work with such an outstanding group of employees at East Central/Select Sires,” commented Al Deming, East Central/Select Sires general manager. “Our dedicated staff has never been stronger than it is today.”

Outstanding achievement awards were presented to MSRs as follows. Eric Gudex, Oakfield, was honored for area total service volume, area direct-herd and insemination/direct-herd unit volume, area total unit volume, SMS volume, and area contribution; Katherin Parsons, Portage, personal total service volume; Nick Fischer, Germantown, personal total service percent increase; and Mohammed Touir, Madison, area total service percent increase and area direct-herd and insemination/direct-herd unit percent increase. Gary Fredrick, Mayville, was honored for area total unit percent increase and Howie Minnema, Fond du Lac, for accounts receivable. Rod Alton, Monroe, was recognized for personal diversified product dollar volume; Nick Fischer and Gene Hetebrueg, for personal diversified product dollar percent increase; Kevin Farnsworth, Deerfield, for semen blend, and Norm Bradley for semen blend percent increase.

One MSR/MSR team in each region was recognized for top honors: Eric Gudex, region A; Dave Hahn, Fond du Lac, and Casey Degnitz, Fredonia, region B; Mohammed Touir, Madison, region C; Jeremy Konen, Mazomanie, region D; Matt Staner, Potosi, region E; Joel Franke, Hillsboro, region F; and Katherin Parsons, large herd specialist.

Individual ASM awards were bestowed upon four employees. Kevin Cox, Sparta, was honored for area diversified product dollar percent increase. Eric Westphal, Byron, was recognized for personal total unit volume, Select Mating Service volume, and area diversified product dollar volume. Brad Fossum took home awards for personal total unit percent increase, area direct-herd unit volume, area total unit volume, and accounts receivable. The final awards in this category went to Jay Ludeman for area direct-herd unit percent increase and area total unit percent increase.

East Central/Select Sires has consistent longevity among our employee staff, and several were honored for their years of service at the banquet: Duey Vande Zande and Al Deming, Waupun, 40 years; Tom Wendt, Beaver Dam, 35 years; Dale Griebenow, Watertown, 20 years; Deb Hoekstra, Waupun, Jenny Hintz, Sparta, and Roger Belling, Fond du Lac, 15 years; Casey Degnitz, Aaron McMillan, Don Bahr, Platteville, and Dennis Meyer, Waupun, 10 years; and Scott Nelson, South Wayne, Matt Staner, and Jonathan Westphal, Eldorado, five years.

In addition to Frank Blahnik, Cuba City, being recognized for exceeding 100,000 first services, 28 MSR employees were awarded for achieving additional milestones in lifetime first services. Winners included: Eric Gudex, 90,000 first services; Aaron McMillan, 90,000; Jeremy Konen, 80,000; Roger Belling, 70,000; Dan Potterton, Mineral Point, 70,000; Sandy Hoppmann, Wilton, 60,000; Joel Franke, 60,000; Casey Degnitz, 60,000; Katherin Parsons, 40,000; Matt Staner, 40,000; Jonathan Westphal, 40,000; Bill Daentl, Portage, 35,000; Eric Bierman, Livingston, 35,000; Ken Nehls, Horicon, 35,000; and John Hulbert, Monticello, 35,000. The list went on to include Mohammed Touir, 30,000; Shannon Sauer, Berlin, 30,000; Gary Fredrick, 30,000; Wayne Dieter, Platteville, 30,000; Travis Hartman, Ripon, 20,000; Cory Gabor, Westfield, 20,000; Dennis Gunst, Hartford, 20,000; Julie Retzlaff, Elroy, 20,000; Chris Danielewicz, Fond du Lac, 20,000; Gary DeJager, Waupun, 10,000; Nick Fischer, 10,000; Gary Genz, Waupun, 10,000; and Gene Hetebrueg, 10,000.

Bree Muilenburg recognized as CowManager Specialist of the Year

Bree Muilenburg of NorthStar Cooperative was honored at the 2018 Select Reproductive Solutions® (SRS®) Conference as the CowManager® Specialist of the Year. The annual conference was held in Battle Creek, Mich., June 4 to June 7.


“In her first year as an activity system specialist, Bree sold, installed and serviced the most CowManager systems in the United States. Not only is Bree outgoing, but she is dedicated to the success of her customers and extremely well-informed on the latest CowManager developments,” says Dr. Ray Nebel, vice president of technical service programs for Select Sires.

Muilenburg was raised on a Christmas tree farm in Stanton, Mich. and graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor of science degree in animal science. Her responsibilities at NorthStar Cooperative include milk sample collections and management of on-farm records for 15 dairy farms, in addition to sales and tech support for CowManager systems throughout the state of Michigan.

“Bree’s efforts have positioned her as the go-to person in Michigan for CowManager support. She effectively demonstrates and explains how to use the system most efficiently and details how herds can go beyond just heat detection to incorporate health and rumination monitoring. Bree takes great pride in making the system simple and easy-to-use for the producer,” says Mark Adam, general manager, NorthStar Cooperative.


Select Sires’ Communications Department Receives Multiple Awards at Cooperative Communicators Association Conference

Select Sires’ Communications Department was recognized at the 2018 Cooperative Communicators Association (CCA) Institute, held in Fort Worth, Texas June 3 through June 5.

CCA is an organization of more than 300 professionals who communicate for cooperatives across the country. Through conferences and webinars, the organization provides extended learning and networking opportunities for professional development. The annual institute offers members an opportunity to showcase their work in a competitive setting. Divisions include all facets of communications work from writing and photography to videography, layout and design.

In the miscellaneous promotional category, Select Sires’ Communications Department was awarded second place for their creative window displays at the 2017 World Dairy Expo. An advertisement titled “King of DPR” placed third in the print advertising category. Leslie Maurice, Select Sires communications specialist, earned third place in the smartphone photography category for her photo entitled “Pure Joy.”

“I continue to be impressed by the creativity, professionalism and effectiveness of Select Sires’ communications team,” says Shirley Kaltenbach, director of communications for Select Sires Inc. “To be recognized nationwide and among industry experts for superior materials and messaging is an honor. This team exhibits tremendous passion for Select Sires and an unwavering ambition to support our brand.”

Based in Plain City, Ohio, Select Sires Inc., is North America’s largest A.I. organization and is comprised of nine farmer-owned and -controlled cooperatives. As the industry leader, it provides highly fertile semen as well as excellence in service and programs to achieve its basic objective of supplying dairy and beef producers with North America’s best genetics at a reasonable price.

Melanie Herman Receives SRS Specialist of the Year Award

Melanie Herman of St. Cloud, Florida was named Select Sires’ Select Reproductive Solutions®(SRS®) Specialist of the Year at the 2018 SRS Conference. The conference was held in Battle Creek, Mich., from June 4 to June 7. 

“Melanie is ambitious and proactive. She is a leader in the SRS community in providing solutions to alleviate heat stress in herds. Her first-hand experience working with dairies in Florida made for a valuable presentation at this year’s conference,” says Dr. Ray Nebel, vice president of technical service programs, Select Sires. “She has also advanced her skillset by taking formal Spanish-language classes to better communicate with the growing Hispanic dairy workforce.”

Herman is a graduate of the University of Florida and has a bachelor of science degree in animal sciences. From May 2004 to December 2015, she worked as a relief A.I. technician, AntelBio laboratory supervisor, SRS specialist, A.I. trainer, SRS coordinator and account team leader at NorthStar Cooperative in Michigan. In January 2016, she joined the Select Sire Power team in Florida. Her current responsibilities include SRS, conducting Select Mating Service® (SMS®) consultations, and A.I. training.

“Her enthusiasm is contagious and she attacks every opportunity with a passion that is second to none. Melanie’s ability to analyze situations and prepare solutions is incredible. She continues to push herself and find ways to be better prepared to serve her customers-owners and help them achieve success,” says Dave Whitlock, regional marketing manager, Select Sire Power.

Select Reproductive Solutions Specialists Engage in Training

More than 75 Select Reproductive Solutions® (SRS®) specialists from each of Select Sires’ nine member organizations, Select Sires GenerVations and World Wide Sires, as well as Select Sires staff and guests, gathered for Select’s annual SRS Conference held June 4 through June 7 in Battle Creek, Mich. The four-day conference was hosted by NorthStar Cooperative and incorporated both classroom-style learning opportunities and on-farm training.

“Largely due to the addition of field staff from Accelerated Genetics, the 2018 conference boasted the largest attendance in the last 15 years,” says Dr. Ray Nebel, vice president of technical service programs for Select Sires. “The speakers were outstanding industry leaders and spoke on topics ranging from dairying in the future and feed efficiency to robotic solutions.” 

This annual conference encourages collaboration, brainstorming and skill development across the Select Sires federation, strengthening the services provided to customer-owners. Attendees engaged with industry experts, including: Dr. Jack Britt, Dr. Michael VandeHaar, Dr. Nancy Charlton, Dr. Dan Weigel and Dr. Matt Utt. Curtis Horsens of Horsens Homestead Dairy in Cecil, Wis. gave an outstanding presentation on the genetic and reproductive management program implemented in their herd. A highlight among the discussions was the latest developments regarding CowManager® and its success in herds nationwide.

Specialists visited three impressive dairies, Cary Dairy, Hollo Farms, and Preston Dairy, and performed evaluations in teams of four, similar in concept to the North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge. Fifteen four-member teams participated in the contest. The PCDART winning team leader was Adam Hahlen of COBA/Select Sires and the DairyComp winning team leader was Greg Collins of All West/Select Sires. 


Bob Sabo recognized as 2018 Genetic Consultant of the Year

Select Sires honors Bob Sabo of Green Bay, Wis. with the 2018 Select Mating Service® (SMS®) genetic consultant of the year award. Sabo was recognized at the 2018 SMS Conference among more than 115 genetic consultants and support staff from the United States, Canada and Brazil. The event was hosted by Select Sires MidAmerica, Inc. and held in Boise, Idaho from May 7 through May 11.

This national award is presented annually to a genetic consultant who exemplifies the qualities that make SMS known throughout the world as the premier mating program in the industry. The recipient must have multiple years of superior service, a history of high-quality evaluations and the ability to build and maintain successful relationships with dairy producers.

Bob Sabo’s accomplishments and sheer passion make him a deserving recipient of this distinguished award. In August of 1994, he began his career as an SMS genetic consultant at NorthStar Cooperative. Through the years, he has developed strong relationships with customer-owners, enhancing herd genetics and becoming a trusted advisor. His commitment to customer-owner success is demonstrated in detailed SMS reports that he prepares for herds. He has been an asset to the entire Select Sires federation and sire development through his work with the Program for Genetic AdvancementTM (PGATM) and assisting Holstein classifiers with SETS. Sabo also serves on the selection committee for Select Sires’ Showcase SelectionsTM lineup.

“He understands the producers’ mentality and places himself in their shoes. Producers work with Bob as a partner in their breeding program. They appreciate his candidness and insights,” says Mark Adam, general manager, NorthStar Cooperative.

For much of his career, Sabo operated his family dairy, Sabo Farm. He developed an outstanding herd of registered Holsteins that have been recognized nationwide for high Breed Age Average (BAA) and has received honors throughout his home state and at nationally-ranked shows like World Dairy Expo and the North American International Livestock Exposition.

Now in its 45th year, SMS added more animals (more than 3.3 million) to the program than any year in its history. SMS genetic consultants continue to help dairy producers control genetic recessives, haplotypes, inbreeding levels and provide a means to create custom selection indexes based on customer goals.

Over the course of three days, attendees of the SMS conference engaged in continuing education sessions and viewed progeny of Select Sires’ current lineup and potential graduates throughout the state of Idaho. Select Sires thanks the following herds for their hospitality: DeGroot Dairy, Snake River Dairy, Desert Ridge Dairy, Vis-Sir Dairy, Gerald Withers Dairy, Davis Dairy, Crosswinds Farm, Kowz R Us, Snake River Holsteins, Box Canyon Dairy, Double A Dairy, and Si Ellen Farms.


Select Sires Introduces Fertility Insights with CowManager

Select Sires is proud to partner with CowManager®, the leading cow monitoring company, to introduce Fertility Insights. New data integration capabilities within the CowManager system accelerate cow fertility insights and have been designed to collect, manage and process the enormous amount of data being created 24/7 about a cow’s fertility status.

With the average herd size increasing, producers are facing more challenges detecting cows in heat and identifying sick cows quickly. Accurate cow health information is essential to their success. CowManager monitors each cow’s condition with great precision, enabling producers to give their cows the attention they need. To provide producers with the most accurate information about a cow’s fertility status, CowManager has created a smart algorithm, which continuously combines fertility data from various management systems that are available worldwide. The data from CowManager’s ear sensors is combined with cow events and alert intervals to create a new set of alerts in the system called, Fertility Insights.

Data is synched continuously and can be configured specifically for every business. Combining cow data gives clear answers about the fertility status of a cow. Is she cycling or cystic? What is her heat interval? Was the insemination successful? Is she still pregnant or has she aborted? Is her uterus clean after calving? All this data can be downloaded in reports, which are easy to use for reproductive management and veterinary checks. A quick overview of all cow data enables producers to make faster and more accurate decisions. It will support producers in selecting for insemination, minimizing pregnancy checks and stress, and save management time.

The pie chart in Figure 1 is based on lactating cows only. The combination of heat detection with Fertility Insights provides producers a total overview of their herd’s reproduction status. For example, the 14 percent fertility issues are being picked up based on a couple of Fertility Insight statuses. It shows that CowManager detects every cow’s fertility status; even when a cow is not coming into heat or when she has aborted.

Koen van Meurs, head of research and development at CowManager, explains, “CowManager is continuously developing ways to improve support systems for producers to enable them to make better business decisions. We listen to the wishes of modern producers who need innovative solutions and insights to overcome the challenges they are faced with. In our 8-week update cycle, we deploy as many requests as possible. Fertility Insights has been available since our last global update in June. Customers already using the fertility module [within the CowManager system] now have access to Fertility Insights. With Fertility Insights, CowManager supports producers in a very practical way, day by day.”

CowManager is distributed by Select Sires Inc. in North America, Select Sires GenerVations in Canada and World Wide Sires in Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. Ask your representative for more information, or visit our CowManager page here.

Based in Plain City, Ohio, Select Sires Inc. is North America’s largest A.I. organization and is comprised of nine farmer-owned and-controlled cooperatives. As the industry leader, it provides highly fertile semen as well as excellence in service and programs to achieve its basic objective of supplying dairy and beef producers with North America’s best genetics at a reasonable price.

Select Sires Inc. Introduces Summer Interns

Select Sires Inc. is pleased to welcome 13 interns to their summer internship program. Thomas Allen, Saul Boysel, Sydney Good, Matthew Hall, MaryKate Harrod, Lauren Hendel, Kennedy Horn, Sarah Lehner, Max McCoy, Samantha Oftedahl, Jacob Rigsby, Matthew Snyder and Meghann Winters will be spending their summer interning at North America’s largest A.I. organization.

“Both practical work experience within the agricultural industry and networking are extremely important to help college students prepare for full-time employment beyond graduation,” says David Thorbahn, Select Sires president and C.E.O. “That’s why Select Sires offers hands-on internship opportunities to work with trained professionals each year. This program helps to expand knowledge of the industry, while allowing interns to contribute to the day-to-day operation of the Select Sires federation.”

Thomas Allen, Matthew Hall, Kennedy Horn and Sarah Lehner are serving as livestock technicians this summer. Allen, hailing from Urbana, Ohio, currently attends Miami University. Hall of Powell, Ohio, currently attends The Ohio State University. Horn, of Plain City, Ohio, currently attends Wilmington College, where she studies animal science with a minor in biology. Lehner of Delaware, Ohio, is currently an animal sciences student at The Ohio State University.

Returning interns who are serving as livestock technicians this summer are Saul Boysel, Sydney Good and Jacob Rigsby. Boysel, of Zanesfield, Ohio, is set to earn his degree in agriculture business from Wilmington College in 2019. Good, a native of Marysville, Ohio, currently attends Columbus State Community College with plans to transfer to The Ohio State University to major in animal sciences. Rigsby, of Marysville, Ohio, currently attends Heidelberg University. During their internship, livestock technicians will assist with semen collection, livestock care, barn upkeep and assist the veterinarians when needed.

MaryKate Harrod of Flat Rock, Indiana, joins Select Sires as the semen processing and research intern. She attends Purdue University and will earn her animal sciences degree in May 2019. Harrod will assist with evaluation and initial processing of semen within the laboratory, in addition to various projects involving processing and cryopreservation. She will also complete an independent project focused on extender artifacts and their impact on flow cytometry.

Lauren Hendel of Caledonia, Minnesota, returns to Select Sires this summer, where she will serve as the dairy sire marketing intern. She is set to graduate from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities in May 2019. There, she studies animal science – dairy production and agricultural and food business management. Lauren will assist with facilitating all dairy cattle photography in North America, organizing and conducting dairy cattle tours, among other responsibilities within the marketing department.

Max McCoy, a native of Ravenswood, West Virginia, joins Select Sires as the veterinary intern. McCoy graduated from West Virginia University in 2016 with a degree in animal and nutritional science. He will be entering his third year as a student at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. This summer, McCoy will assist with daily veterinary duties to provide for the health and welfare of livestock in order to collect quality semen product.

Samantha Oftedahl joins the Select Sires team in Westby, Wisconsin this summer as the laboratory intern. Oftedahl hails from Westby, Wisconsin and currently attends the University of Wisconsin – Platteville, where she will earn her agribusiness degree in 2019. This summer, Oftedahl will assist with daily operations of the lab, initial processing of semen, data entry and extending product life.

Matthew Snyder of Plain City, Ohio, joins Select Sires as the business analysis intern. He currently attends Miami University where he studies mathematics and statistics. Snyder will become familiarized with the organizational structure of Select Sires and its federated cooperatives while learning how each department contributes to Select Sires’ brand promise, Your Success, Our Passion. Snyder will gain working knowledge as he rotates through each department at Select Sires.

Meghann Winters, from Old Washington, Ohio, is serving as Select Sires’ corporate communications intern. She is currently a student at The Ohio State University, where she will earn her degree in agricultural communication with a minor in agribusiness in 2019. This summer, she will design the 2019 breeding calendar and promote Select Sires as a member of the communications department.


Semex’s Elevate™ Program Delivers Female Immunity+ Test

Five years after the introduction of Immunity+®, the revolutionary, award-winning genetic technology that was developed by Dr Bonnie Mallard at the University of Guelph, Semex is taking the next step and bringing it to clients worldwide. With the Elevate program, Semex is now offering a genomic test that ranks and selects cows based on their genetic merit along with their Immunity+ genomic test results!

Immunity+ results speak for themselves with results achieved on large commercial herds comprised of 35,000 cows and 75,000 heifers being analysed for disease reduction. It was found that Immunity+ sired animals had anywhere from 2%-20% less disease, depending on which disease was analysed. The most significant reductions in this dataset were found in the traits with the biggest economic impacts, including a 20% reduction in cow mortality among the Immunity+ sired animals. Dairy producers worldwide have seen healthier herds as a result of using Immunity+ sires, resulting in less treatment costs, less drug and antibiotic use and less time spent dealing with sick cows. The introduction of Elevate only speeds up the process.

“With Elevate and its Immunity+ genomic test, producers no longer have to guess which cows are their healthiest,” says Gordon Miller, Semex Sr. Vice President, Sales & Business Development. “Instead, they’re able to tailor their breeding program with both genomic information as well as Immunity+ results categorized as high, average or low health. They’re able to make faster genetic progress towards a stronger, more disease resistant herd, reducing losses and drug use. Immunity+ heritability is 30%, similar to that of milk production. We’re excited for herd health gains that can be made by both identifying female health and utilizing Immunity+ sires!”

Currently available in Canada, the US, Germany and the UK, Elevate and its Immunity+ genomic test supplies Semex clients with the same information as other commercially available genomic tests, with exclusive Immunity+ results at a competitive price.

“Elevate is the only program that makes genomic testing completely seamless,” explains Paul Krueger VP, Global Key Account & Solutions Strategy. “We’ve taken feedback from our clients in the field and simplified the process. Semex’s App collects and identifies the genomic samples and minimizes labor and time invested. There’s no paperwork involved and no hair to pull. The information is automated between the Semex App, the Elevate test as well as SemexWorks™ and OptiMate™, our sire selection and mating programs. All our clients need to do is take an ear tissue sample and ship it to the lab. The rest of the process is seamless.”

Miller adds that Elevate and the Immunity+ test is yet another example of Semex delivering practical solutions to farmers, widening the gap between those simply selling genetics, and those offering the technological advancements needed on today’s farms.

New Zealand’s top bull breeders celebrated at annual awards

Some of the country’s top bull breeders came together in Hamilton last week (23 May) to celebrate their contribution to the New Zealand dairy industry.

The elite group of farmers were invited to attend LIC’s prestigious Breeders’ Day event after supplying a bull calf to the farmer-owned co-operative which went on to form part of their elite teams of artificial breeding bulls last Spring, called Premier Sires. 

The Premier Sires teams are responsible for up to 80 per cent of dairy cows being milked on New Zealand dairy farms.

LIC Board chair and Nelson dairy farmer, Murray King, said the breeders are an integral part of LIC and the event recognises their special partnership. 

“LIC is immensely proud of our partnership with these farmers, and the value it delivers – not just this year, but for years to come, on the average Kiwi dairy farm, to the industry and the New Zealand economy.

“It’s always an honour to celebrate this elite group and acknowledge the pinnacle they have achieved in breeding a bull good enough to sire future generations of dairy cows.” 

When the bull calves were purchased by LIC, they entered the co-op’s Sire Proving Scheme to see if they have what it takes to become a Premier Sire – a process which can take up to four years.  Only the very best are chosen. Since its inception 57 years ago, close to 10,500 bulls have graduated from the scheme and received the Premier Sires title. 

“This robust scheme gives farmers the confidence that their herd replacements will be better than their mothers – more efficient, more fertile, more productive and more profitable.

“There are many things that LIC does which embody what it means to be a co-operative – to work closely with and for our farmers – and there’s no better example than Sire Proving and the Premier Sires team of bulls.  By pooling information from the national herd LIC is able to select potential sires which in turn benefit the full membership.

“We don’t prescribe what is right for individual farmers.  We provide choice so they can select the breeding programme best for their herd and business. The breeders of these bulls, and the elite cow families they have bred over the years, are a crucial part of that,” said Murray King.

Two of the industry’s most exceptional bulls were also recognised at the event and inducted into LIC’s prestigious Hall of Fame – the highest acknowledgement a bull can receive, to celebrate the significant value he has delivered to the industry.

Lynbrook Terrific (Jersey bull, bred by Steve and Nina Ireland from Temuka) and Priests Solaris (KiwiCross bull, bred by Rowan Priest from Te Aroha) are the 55th and 56th animals to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. 

Terrific and Solaris have produced more than 140,000 daughters for the national dairy herd combined, as well as many sons and grandsons for the artificial breeding (AB) industry.

The Hall of Fame is exclusively reserved for animals whose achievements have had, and will continue to have, a profound influence on the profitability of New Zealand’s dairy farmers and in-turn, the economy. 

A bull’s influence can be measured by number of inseminations, daughters milking in dairy herds around the country and/or sons which have also gone on to sire future generations of dairy cows. 

Lynbrook Terrific ET S3J

  • Born in 2008, on Steve and Nina Ireland’s Temuka farm
  • Sired by Fernaig Admiral SJ3
  • Debuted on the Premier Sires team in 2010
  • 200,000 inseminations
  • 38,000 daughters, 13,500 have been herd tested 
  • 57 sons entered sire proving, with an outstanding graduation rate
  • Current BW204
  • 55th inductee, 26th Jersey


Priests Solaris

  • Born in 2007, bred by Rowan Priest
  • Sired by Ingrams Ramrod
  • Debuted on the Premier Sires team in 2009
  • 550,000 inseminations
  • 105,000 daughters, 47,000 have been herd tested
  • Current BW181
  • 56th  inductee, 3rd KiwiCross


Source: LIC

Recombinetics and Semex Form Alliance to Improve Animal Well-being

Precision Breeding Partnership to Eliminate the Need to Dehorn Cattle 

Recombinetics has formed an alliance with Semex, a Canadian-based, farmer-owned cattle genetics organization, to implement a precision breeding program that improves animal health and well-being through hornless dairy cattle genetics.

The dehorning of calves is a routine procedure, designed to prevent injuries both to other animals and to handlers. This is uncomfortable for animals and is an unpleasant task for farm personnel. By using precision breeding technology, polled genetics can be reliably introduced into elite dairy lines, eliminating the need to dehorn calves.

Dairy farmers prefer hornless (polled) cattle, but traditional breeding for this trait, more commonly found in certain breeds of beef cattle, is inefficient and reduces productivity. The alliance’s objective is to seamlessly integrate the polled trait into high-merit dairy genetics through precision breeding.

The project is being led by Tad Sonstegard, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer of Acceligen, Recombinetics’ agriculture division. Sonstegard states, “The polled trait has been part of bovine genetics for more than 1,000 years, and it has been conventionally bred and selected for in some cattle breeds, but not in most high-merit dairy breeds. We have proven we can safely introduce the polled trait into any breed of horned dairy cattle with complete precision. This new partnership will provide unique opportunities for dairy farmers and artificial insemination companies to introduce polled genetics without losing genetic diversity or production potential.”

Precision breeding uses gene editing to make small adjustments to the genome of an animal to delete, repair, or replace individual elements of DNA. In this case, the cell’s natural repair function is used to replace the horned gene with a naturally occurring polled gene. The result is dairy calves that are born naturally hornless, providing a direct benefit to the animals’ well-being and health.

Francois-Xavier Grand, Corporate Veterinarian for Semex says, “By eliminating the need to dehorn, we eliminate the stress and health concerns associated with the procedure. This benefits the cattle, the farmers and consumers who value animal health and well-being.”

This alliance will begin with a multi-year implementation and regulatory process that will include government regulators, food processors, retailers and other stakeholders.

“The partnership is another example of Recombinetics working with industry leaders to provide solutions that improve animal health and well-being. Recombinetics has a proven track record of delivering science-based solutions across many species for animal and aquaculture health. By partnering with an industry leader like Semex, we’re able to provide a solution that benefits dairy farmers and meets the customer’s desire to buy food from animals raised in a safe and healthy manner,” said Recombinetics’ Chief Commercial and Scientific Officer, Dr. Mitchell Abrahamsen.

“Semex has a long tradition of delivering world-class genetics and reproductive solutions for our customers around the world. We are pleased to be working with Recombinetics to further develop innovative solutions that best serve the needs of farmers while addressing a long-time welfare issue in the dairy industry,” said Dr. Michael Lohuis, Vice President of Research & Innovation at Semex.

$300 bonus per cow from proven bulls

USING HIGH genetic merit bulls can improve gross margin per cow, with new research showing the top 25% of cows averaged a $300 margin over feed and herd costs annually, compared with cows in the bottom 25% of the herd.

These results, gathered through research as part of the Improving Herds program, were shared by Data Gene Genetic Evaluation Manager Michelle Axford at the Genetics Australia open day last month.

Ms Axford said dairy farmers often question her on whether choosing higher genetic merit bulls, as ranked in Australian Breeding Values, has a commercial result on farm.

“I’m often asked: Does this stuff work? Does it make a difference?” she said.

One of the goals of the Improving Herds program is to evaluate the contribution of genetics to herd profit.

The basis of the project is the Balanced Performance Index.

“BPI is the one we focussed on most for this project,” Ms Axford said. “BPI is half production but the other traits that contribute to profit are fertility, cows that last a long time, have low cell counts, and are easy to work with.”

Data for the project was collated from 27 focus farms located around the country — incorporating different regions and different sizes.

They collected herd records, detailed financial data and genomically tested heifers, which enabled them to compare the high and low BPI cows within a herd.

“What we found was across all animals, there’s a wide range in gross margin of those animals. Some lost as much as $1290 because essentially they didn’t get past the first gate. We invested money to rear that animal but they only lasted in the dairy for a short time.

“At the other end, cows were generating gross margin of over $2000 per year.”

On average the top 25 per cent of cows produced $300 per cow more than the bottom 25 per cent. This was the margin over feed and herd costs each year.

To get the $300 figure, income was derived from milk income, calf income and cull income, minus rearing cost, feed cost, mastitis cost, repro cost and herd cost.

Toby and Nick Leppin, from Bena, South Gippsland, are one of the Improving Herds focus farms.

“In their case, their top 25 per cent of animals produce a lot more milk. To do that they need more feed, so there are higher feed costs, but the gap between income generated minus feed costs in their case was a $268 margin over feed cost per cow per year.

“The high BPI cows generated more fat, more protein, and lasted 10 months longer in the herd.”

Ms Axford said the research was backed up several other studies, including– Feeding the Genes, which measured 500 herds across five different feeding systems.

“In all five feeding systems, those high BPI cows produced more and lasted longer.”

The Improving Herds program is funded by the Gardiner Foundation, the Victorian Government, Dairy Australia, Data Gene, Holstein Australia and the National Herd Improvement Association of Australia.


The Rumours are True – There is a NEW AI Stud in Town!

799 – THE NEW STUD IN TOWN! Yes, the rumours are true. We have separated from Cogent/ST to create our own independent AI company.

We want to thank Cogent & ST for their work together with us.

Stud code 799 will now be home to BLONDIN SIRES INC!

This means our bulls will be available through a number of different distributors around the world. As we create new distribution agreements we will be sure to keep you updated on who is carrying our bulls in your country.

If you have an interest to distribute our bulls, please send Dann Brady an email at We would love to discuss things further.

Finally, we cannot thank everyone enough for all the help and support of our bulls for the last 2 years. Calves by Capture, Chill, Army and soon Unstopabull-Red are being born across the country and around the world.

The passion you the breeders have shown us for Bringing Back the Art of Breeding has been tremendous! Thank you.

#1 Conformation Sire, Walnutlawn Solomon, Dies

Semex regrets to announce the passing of 0200HO10146 Walnutlawn Solomon. Solomon was a young star in the Semex stables, ranking as Canada’s #1 Conformation Sire at +16 and the #2 PTAT Sire in the US at +3.70 in April 2018. With tens of thousands of doses sold globally and breeders worldwide appreciating his high type and eye-catching daughters, Solomon’s impact will be seen for years through his striking daughters in the show ring and on farm. The Doorman son comes form a family line tracing back to Splendor. Solomon daughters have been dominant at shows around the world. Unfortunately, very limited semen remains.

“Solomon was an exceptional sire,” says Brad Sayles, Semex Chief Operating Officer. “He was a stand-out bull, and we’re pleased to see his daughters dominating show rings worldwide for their owners already this show season. Unfortunately, we have very limited semen available as he was always highly demanded globally.” 

Genetics Australia Celebrates 60 Years

Genetics Australia Current Chairman since 2016 Trevor Henry, Tinamba Vic, Peter Stewart, Chairman 1993 -1997, Stratford, Vic, John Harlock, Chairman 1998-2006, Warrnambool, Vic, Colin Gardner Chairman 2007-2010, Longwarry North, Vic and Ross Gordon, Chairman 2011 – 2015, Cohuna, Vic.

Industry representatives have gathered to celebrate Genetics Australia’s contribution to genetic improvement in Australian herds over the past 60 years.

More than 100 industry leaders, shareholders, breeders, farmers and international guests attended a celebration dinner on April 18, with a further 100 people attending an open day at Genetics Australia’s headquarters in Bacchus Marsh the following day.

Australia’s leading dairy breeding organisation started in 1958 as Victorian Artificial Breeders.

Current Chairman Trevor Henry, was joined at the dinner by Peter Stewart, Chairman 1993 -1997, John Harlock, Chairman 1998-2006, Colin Gardner Chairman 2007-2010, and Ross Gordon, Chairman 2011 – 2015, to cut a celebratory cake.

Mr Henry said the vision and foresight of Genetics Australia’s forefathers to create the organisation had been fantastic for Australian farmers.

“It was a time when this was new technology but our founders had faith in the technology and took a leap of courage,” Mr Henry said.

He added that Genetics Australia had continued to grow and innovate and be a vehicle for change and progress.

Dairy Australia Managing Director Ian Halliday said the cooperative had remained true to its mission and its owners – Australian farmers – for six decades.

“Genetics Australia has continually worked with industry and adopted science and acted in the global market to bring the products that it thought to be best for farmers,” Mr Halliday said. 

“The entire breeding industry in Australia has relied on Genetics Australia in some shape or form – as a distributor of new products, as a source of specialised merchandise, as a key partner, as an entity that has driven elite performance in the whole market.”

Mr Halliday added that Genetics Australia had worked with elite breeders and breed societies to improve breeds and strive towards their definition of an “ideal cow”- one that is suited to Australian conditions and Australian dairy farming systems. 

“The prize of getting genetic and herd improvement right is vital to the profitability of Australian dairy farmers.”

Auctioneer Brian Leslie recounted some of the impressive Genetics Australia bulls that have serviced the industry across the years.

“Genetics Australia has bought great genetics at a reasonable price to the industry,” Mr Leslie said. “They proved and continually searched for the best bulls and made them available for farmers. Their staff and their bulls have improved the profitability of all dairy farmers.”

Select Sires’ Young Sire Offering Dominates the Industry

The April sire summaries reveal that Select Sires’ Super Samplerlineup once again dominates the industry with availability of elite GTPI® and high Net Merit Dollar (NM$) genomic young sires.

There are 30 Select Sires Super Samplers and GenerVations young sires that rank among the Top 100 GTPI Active Holstein Genomic Young Sires. If it is Net Merit you seek, Select Sires has you covered there too; with 97 Active Holstein Genomic Young Sires greater than +$800 NM$. Twenty-eight rank among the top 100 for NM$ with an average Net Merit value greater than +$888!

Topping the list of high GTPI Super Samplers at Select Sires is 507HO13740 ROLAN at +2824. A 7HO12600 MODESTY son, he is the No. 3 GTPI sire on Holstein Association USA’s young sire ranking list with semen available. To call ROLAN balanced would be an understatement. At +$957 NM$, he ranks among Select Sires’ top three genomic young sires. Add to that a Dairy Wellness Profit Index (DWP$) of +$1,071, Wellness Trait Index (WT$) of +$111 and fantastic type indexes (+2.29 PTAT, +2.57 UDC, +1.85 FLC) and you have the complete package!

ROLAN’s full brother, 507HO13715 RAPTOR, is another well-balanced bull with high NM$ (+$934) and GTPI (+2766) values. In addition, he excels for DWP$ (+$1,025) and WT$ (+$106), indicating that he can produce healthier cattle that are long-lived (+7.6 PL). If it’s your desire to boost milk yield and components within your herd, 7HO12788 FRAZZLED offers +2,549 Milk, +77 Protein, and +103 Fat and is the breed’s best for DWP$ (+$1,180) and WT$ (+$107). He ranks No. 2 in the prestigious Select Sires genomic young sire lineup for NM$ at +$959. Additionally, both RAPTOR and FRAZZLED earn Select Sires’ WellnessPROand FeedPRO® designations and are available in gender SELECTed semen.

Wellness and Fitness Specialists
Lessen the risk of costly health incidents by selecting sires that carry Select Sires’ WellnessPROdesignation. With the introduction of the Calf Wellness Index (CW$) by Zoetis in March, Select Sires modified the criteria for a sire to earn the WellnessPRO designation to include a combination of WT$ and CW$.

7HO12556 PAGEONE firmly holds the breed’s No. 1 spot for WT$ at +$231 and is an impressive +$59 for CW$. This Jacey son from a 7HO11314 MOGUL dam offers commercial appeal at +1,326 Milk and 2.58 Somatic Cell Score (SCS) from petite-stature offspring (-.23 Stature). PAGEONE is available in gender SELECTed semen and is perfect not only for the heifer pens (4.6% CE), but for use in any mating where managers are anxious to return their fresh cows back into production quickly with as little trouble as possible after calving.

Exciting fitness trait sires include: 7HO13731 FLYER, 7HO13398 SUPERFLY and 507HO13737 EINSTEIN. Ranking No. 3 in Select’s genomic lineup for Daughter Pregnancy Rate (+3.6 DPR), FLYER will also lower Somatic Cell Score (SCS) (2.49) and notch up the Productive Life (+7.7 PL) of his offspring. SUPERFLY is a Supershot son from a Galaxy dam, offering a bit of a different pedigree for Select Sires’ bloodlines. He is positive for DPR (+3.0), Heifer Conception Rate (+1.7 HCR) and Cow Conception Rate (+4.8 CCR). A check can also be made beside his name for heifer matings. At +5.9% CE, he is a Select Sires CalvingPRO and he is available in gender SELECTed semen.

Ranked among Holstein Association’s top 20 for GTPI, and No. 2 at Select Sires, 507HO13737 EINSTEIN descends from a very different sire stack on the maternal side of his pedigree (MODESTY x LUCID x LEXOR). Another Select Sires WellnessPRO sire, EINSTEIN is +$1,082 DWP$, among the top 10 in the breed, and +$188 WT$. EINSTEIN can boost milk solids (+131 CFP) and components percentages (+.06% P, +.10% F) and is Select Sires’ best for the CDCB’s new Mastitis STA at +2.9. Look for EINSTEIN to improve udder traits (+2.59 UDC), especially fore udder attachment (+3.21) and rear udder height (+3.44) and width (+3.16).

Focusing on Fertility
7HO12954 ATLAS-RED, a 7HO12388 DESIRED son jumps to the top of the young sire lineup for Sire Conception Rate (SCR) at +4.3. In addition, there are 16 sires in Select’s genomic young sire lineup at +3.0 or greater for SCR and 12 of these sires are also greater than +2500 GTPI. If you want high-fertility, high-performing sires, check out 7HO12998 THONMAKER (+2781 GTPI, +3.1 SCR), 7HO12978 HOUSE (+2781 GTPI, +3.2 SCR) and 7HO13504 JAGUAR (+2749 GTPI, +3.0 SCR). If your preference is for high-fertility sires that excel for Net Merit, Select Sires offers 10 Super Samplers and one GenerVations young sire at or over +850 NM$ and +2.0 SCR.

Select Sires continues to innovate the use of data to benefit customer-owners and is the first and only A.I. organization to identify their highest performing sires for sex-sorted semen in both 2M and 4M products. In March, Select Sires introduced a new designation for sires achieving high fertility in sex-sorted semen to provide a useful tool to help breeders maximize success with sex-sorted semen and enhance the return on their semen investment. The Elite Sexed Fertility designation is based on Select’s Combined Fertility Index (CFI), which combines information from several large-scale sire fertility analysis systems. New data will be reviewed monthly to track performance and new sires may earn the designation between sire summaries. In April, six young sires qualified for this designation, including 507HO12837 ZAMBONI, 507HO12897 SAMURI, 507HO13276 BOWEN, 507HO13328 YALE, 507HO13373 FLAGSHIP and 509HO12742 FOXHOLE. For the most up-to-date listing of designees, visit the Select Sires website.

Type Standouts
7HO12922 DELIGHT tops Select Sires’ Type rankings at +4.25, followed closely by 7HO13730 UNDENIED at +4.24. DELIGHT is a 7HO11596 DEFIANT son from the famous Barbie cow family. He is an udder improvement specialist, ranking extremely well for fore udder attachment (+4.59), udder cleft (+3.28), udder depth (+3.82), all contributing to a superior Udder Composite (+3.13). Both DELIGHT and UNDENIED rank in the top five young sires within the Holstein breed.

Select Sires’ Showcase Selections™ lineup is packed with ultra-strong genomic young sires, including 7HO13839 TATOO (+3.97 PTAT, +3.63 UDC, +$178 WT$), 7HO12773 KENOSHA (+3.55 PTAT, +3.00 UDC, +2.00 FLC) and GenerVations sires 250HO12961 DOC (+3.97 PTAT, +2.83 UDC, +2.07 FLC) and 250HO12589 JACOBY (+3.87 PTAT, +3.12 UDC).

To view Select Sires’ complete young sire lineup, please visit or contact your local Select Sires sales representative.

Based in Plain City, Ohio, Select Sires Inc., is North America’s largest A.I. organization and is comprised of nine farmer-owned and -controlled cooperatives. As the industry leader, it provides highly fertile semen as well as excellence in service and programs to achieve its basic objective of supplying dairy and beef producers with North America’s best genetics at a reasonable price.

Select Sires’ Daughter-Proven Lineup Focuses on Customer Profitability

Select Sires’ daughter-proven Holstein lineup is packed with high-ranking sires from every genetic standpoint. As is the tradition, Select Sires offers balanced sires with exceptional pedigrees. Whether the breeding focus is Net Merit (NM$), production, type or fertility, Select Sires has a sire for every desire.

7HO12266 YODER (+2690 GTPI®) and 7HO12165 MONTROSS (+2641) maintained their top-10 spots on Holstein Association USA’s Top 100 TPI List. YODER and MONTROSS are true customer-satisfaction specialists, siring hard-working, functionally appealing daughters with fantastic production.

For producers honing in on the value of NM$, Select Sires presents an exceptionally strong lineup; with 20 active proven sires greater than +$700 for NM$. Topping this list is recent graduate 7HO12600 MODESTY at +$927 NM$. YODER (+$863), 7HO11351 SUPERSIRE (+$827), 7HO13250 JEDI (+$825) and 7HO12450 AMBITION (+$823) follow MODESTY’s lead and rank among the breed’s top 10 for NM$.

If increasing the profitability of your herd is important, then Select Sires is the clear choice. With 17 of the top 50 daughter-proven sires for NM$, Select Sires is the leader. No other A.I. source comes close. When the Accelerated Genetics product line is added, the selection of elite NM$ sires climbs to 21 of the top-50.

Select Sires offers the largest selection of sires to boost milk production with seven sires transmitting over +2,000M including new daughter-proven graduates JEDI (+2,480M) and 7HO12387 MADRON (+2,056M).

MONTROSS leads Select’s lineup as the No. 1 Milk (+2,910) and No. 1 Protein (+85) sire. 7HO11621 MAYFLOWER ranks second for both listings at +2,732 Milk and +84 Protein. 7HO12256 MAGUIRE and YODER lead the charge for Fat at +116 and +107, respectively.

Select Sires also offers the most proven sires at or above 120 pounds of combined Fat and Protein (CFP) with 27 sires. This is almost double the next source and is led by MAGUIRE (+177 CFP), MONTROSS (+165 CFP), SUPERSIRE (+164) and YODER (+160).

Fitness and Wellness Leaders

December graduate, 7HO12357 PENLEY, leads Select Sires’ list of sires bred to help you improve the wellness traits within your herd. Earning Select’s WellnessPRO™ designation he is an impressive +$194 for Zoetis’ Wellness Trait Index® (WT$®) and +$769 for Dairy Wellness Profit Index® (DWP$®), +2.8 for CDCB’s new Mastitis trait, and is Select Sires’ best for Somatic Cell Score (SCS) at 2.32.

Other daughter-proven Select sires earning the WellnessPRO designation include 7HO11833 RENNIE, 7HO11708 ROOKIE, 7HO11169 PETRONE, 7HO10920 GOLD CHIP, 7HO12111 DRAGONHEART and new graduates 7HO12472 ALCO and 7HO12533 HOTSHOT.

With the April summaries, Zoetis introduced the Calf Wellness Index™ (CW$™), which places economic weights on calf wellness traits directly estimating potential genetic profit contributions of calf livability, respiratory disease and scours for an individual animal. Three Select sires rank among the top-10 for CW$ with PETRONE (+51 CW$) garnering the top spot and 7HO12344 RAGER-RED (+35 CW$) and PENLEY (+27) following close behind.

Fertility Frontrunners

Select Sires continues to focus on delivering a superior fertility product to your door every time. Dedication to this mission has led to the broadest and best genetic selection of sires that excel in fertility for both conventional and gender SELECTed™ semen. A look at the daughter-proven lineup reveals five sires over +2500 GTPI with SCRs greater than +1.7: YODER (+2690 GTPI, +2.8 SCR), 7HO11985 TETRIS (+2526 GTPI, +2.2 SCR), JEDI (+2716 GTPI, +2.1 SCR), MODESTY (+2748 GTPI, +2.1 SCR) and MAGUIRE (+2553 GTPI, + 1.9 SCR) make up this elite group.

Select Sires continues to innovate the use of data to benefit customer-owners and is the first and only A.I. organization to identify their highest performing sires for sex-sorted semen in both 2M and 4M products. In March, Select Sires announced a new designation for sires achieving high fertility in sex-sorted semen to provide a useful tool to help breeders maximize success with sex-sorted semen and enhance the return on their semen investment. The Elite Sexed Fertility™ designation is based on Select’s Combined Fertility Index™ (CFI™), which combines information from several large-scale sire fertility analysis systems. New data will be reviewed monthly to track performance and new sires may earn the designation between sire summaries. In April, eight daughter-proven Holsteins qualified for the designation, including 507HO11351 SUPERSIRE, 507HO11383 MORGAN, 507HO12115 DECEIVER, 507HO12195 BUTLER, 507HO12248 SUPERIOR, 507HO12266 YODER and 507HO12353 BEEMER. From the GenerVations product line, 550HO1131 SALT earns the designation. To learn more and to view the most current list of Elite Sexed Fertility sires, visit Select Sires’ website at

Elite Type

Select Sires continues to be the world’s source for elite Type, offering five of the top 15 active proven sires for PTAT in 7HO10506 G W ATWOOD (+3.62), 7HO11596 DEFIANT (+3.47), 7HO12395 SATURN (+3.39), BEEMER (+3.36) and 7HO12198 KINGBOY (+3.21). If your desire is to enter the winner’s circle, check out Select Sires growing and exciting Showcase Selections lineup™.

To view Select Sires’ complete Holstein lineup, visit or contact your local Select Sires sales representative.

Based in Plain City, Ohio, Select Sires Inc., is North America’s largest A.I. organization and is comprised of nine farmer-owned and -controlled cooperatives. As the industry leader, it provides highly fertile semen as well as excellence in service and programs to achieve its basic objective of supplying dairy and beef producers with North America’s best genetics at a reasonable price.

1000th Gillette Windbrook Daughter Classified EX In Canada

On April 10th Gillette Windbrook (Ex-97-Extra) had his 1000th daughter classify Excellent. Royolait Yasmine Windbrook (Ex-90) reached that milestone for him. Yasmine is bred and owned by Ferme Royolait Inc., Ange Gardien, Que., and is a third generation Excellent or Very Good. Windbrook now EX-90-4YR is Windbrook’s 1000 EX classified daughter. Pictured Yasmine’s owner Maxime Roy with Holstein Canada Classifier Remi Bernier. “Windbrook”, who is an “FBI” son from Gillette Blitz 2nd Wind (VG-88-72*), was bred by Ferme Gillette Inc., Embrun, Ont., and T-Wave Holsteins, Hokkaido, Japan, and spent his years in A.I. service at Semex. “Windbrook” joins an elite group of bulls in Canada who have sired 1000 Excellent daughters or more. They include Braedale Goldwyn who is at 3311 Excellent daughters, Picston Shottle-ET at 1057 Excellents, and Comestar Outside at 1005 Excellent daughters.

Genetics Australia buys NZ business Genetic Enterprises

BREEDING co-operative Genetics Australia has bought a New Zealand business in a bid to expand its international footprint.

Genetics Australia today announced it has purchased the independently owned and operated artificial insemination company Genetic Enterprises at Cambridge in New Zealand’s north island.

Genetics Australia chief executive Anthony Shelly said it was the first time the co-operative had purchased an overseas business and the New Zealand market was important for Genetics Australia’s “overall export strategy”.

In a statement, Genetics Australia said the purchase of Genetic Enterprises meant New Zealand dairy farmers would continue to have access to a “wide-range of leading Australian dairy sires as well as a select group of genetics sourced from the northern hemisphere”.

Mr Shelly said bulls that have been most popular across the Tasman Sea include those “that offer a combination of medium stature, A2, high milk solids (and) outcross bloodlines”.

“The specific bulls include Medallion, with great conformation, excellent udder, A2 and Jersey sire Aussie Gold who offers great body traits, excellent udders and is also polled,” he said.

The purchase of Genetic Enterprises was finalised this month.

Genetic Enterprises service all of New Zealand “albeit their current footprint is relatively small, at Genetics Australia we see this as part of the opportunity to grow,” Mr Shelly said.

Genetics Australia chairman Trevor Henry said the co-operative was excited about investing in the New Zealand breeding industry.

“The purchase is part of our export strategy identified by the board to grow the co-operative and this opportunity came at just the right time for us. Australia has for many years been a net importer of genetics from many countries, including New Zealand and while we have been steadily growing our sales in New Zealand through Genetic Enterprises for the past three years this move gives us the chance to be a greater part of a large dairy industry very close to our shores,” he said.

“We are confident that with the emphasis we have placed in Australia for decades on breeding a moderate size cow with the will and functionality to milk for numerous lactations, our genetics can make a positive contribution to the national dairy herd in New Zealand. In Australia every decision we make is in the best interests of our shareholder members and we are committed to delivering the type of genetics New Zealand farmers demand into the future.”

Genetic Enterprises principal Allen Donald said the business was established 18 years ago after he saw a need for broader range of genetics to be made available to New Zealand producers.

Genetic Enterprises services dairy and beef clients as well as “a range of other species”, according to Mr Donald.

“We first introduced semen from Genetics Australia bulls a little over three years ago and the early reports on daughters of several of the bulls is most pleasing and demand had grown year-on-year,” he said.

“The Australian national breeding index, the BPI (balanced performance index) incorporates traits focused on producing a profitable dairy cow and was established based on both science and on what farmers wanted to see in a good dairy cow.”

Genetics Australia also sells semen to South Africa. It has been one of its strongest export markets for more than 10 years, according to Mr Shelly.

“The more recent growth has been in Latin American countries such as Chile, Costa Rica (and) Uruguay,” he said.

“China is also developing as nice market with strong interest in both dairy and beef genetics.”

Genetics Australia will also celebrate its 60th anniversary this year. It was first established as Victorian Artificial Breeders Cooperative in 1958.


Source: The Weekly Times

WestGen invests in Beef Sector Partnering with Bow Valley Genetics

WestGen, Canada’s longest serving Artificial Insemination (AI) company, located in Abbotsford, BC, is pleased to announce it is in the final stages of completing the purchase of a 50% stake in Bow Valley Genetics based in Brooks, AB. It sets the stage for strategic cooperation between the two companies to advance the genetic improvement options and their adoption by the beef sector in western Canada.

Bow Valley Genetics provides a strong, client centered approach to the genetic advancement for beef producers. Individualized treatment of donor females and bulls has built their reputation, fostering rapid growth in the Custom Semen Collection, Embryo Transfer (ET) and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) services for the beef industry.
Investment in their business by WestGen represents a significant move by the western Canadian producer-owned and directed AI company into the Beef market with a presence in the Prairies and is a clear signal of the company’s
intention to grow its Beef footprint in western Canada.

The two companies already collaborate on providing an IVF solution to owners of some of Canada’s most sought-after beef genetics. “Bow Valley Genetics, a founding XL Vets Canada member, is well known for its high standards of animal care and embryo and semen production”, states Chris Parry, WestGen CEO. “We see a great deal of potential for collaboration between the two companies and expect the synergies will add significant value for the beef producers across western Canada”.

“This is a good fit for both companies and it is expected to help our business with plans for future growth”, states Rob Stables, Owner and President of Bow Valley Genetics. “A reputation within the industry for high-quality care of the resident sires and donor cows coupled with Bow Valley’s commitment to fostering strong relationships with producers is a perfect fit with WestGen” adds Dennis Serhienko, WestGen Beef Program Manager. Set in the heart of Canada’s beef industry, the deal set to be finalized April 30th, 2018; is expected to quickly lead to Bow Valley’s Brooks, Alberta location to also become WestGen’s headquarters for its beef genetics activities.

New highest available RZG bull in the World

The #1 RZG bull: Veelhorst DG CASINO has semen available. Casino is the highest available RZG bull in the World with RZG 168, which he combines with a high American index, a very attractive pedigree and index profile. Casino has a Bookem-free pedigree, sired by DG Charley from a Mardi Gras x Planet x Snowman (Broeks Betty), he has a huge production index (DE +1956 Milk / positive components / RZM 152), >120 RZE, high fitness traits, milkability (RZD 112) and an excellent udder health (RZS 119). Casino is available in Germany through the Vost and is international available through GGI.

Introducing Elite Sexed Fertility at Select Sires

Select Sires continues its commitment to customer-owner success with the introduction of the Elite Sexed Fertility product line. Beginning this April, the cooperative will identify sires with superior fertility sex-sorted semen using an Elite Sexed Fertility designation.

Data analysis and implementation
Select Sires has collaborated extensively in research efforts, leading to improvements in fertility potential of sex-sorted semen, including gender SELECTed SexedULTRA 2M and gender SELECTed SexedULTRA 4M. However, research trials and field fertility data clearly and repeatedly confirm that some sires achieve much greater conception rates than others, irrespective of sperm dosage. Simply stated, a sire’s fertility advantage can outweigh any sperm dose advantage.

Select Sires constantly monitors the success of both conventional and sex-sorted semen products through in-house fertility analysis systems. Fertility of conventional and sex-sorted semen are independent traits with very poor correlation. A bull that exhibits above average fertility with conventional semen is not guaranteed to exhibit above average fertility with sex-sorted semen. “Select Sires’ research and field fertility data both lead us to believe that identifying sires of both 2M and 4M dosages that excel at achieving pregnancies is beneficial for our customer-owners,” explains Mel DeJarnette, Select Sires’ vice president of research and quality control. “Although there have been many advances in sex-sorting technology through the years, it remains a very expensive and inefficient process. The added cost and reduced supply created by processing at four million sperm per dose does not appear to be consistently and repeatedly offering our cooperative’s customer-owners a return on the added investment.”

Designation details and qualifications
This new Elite Sexed Fertility designation is in addition to Select Sires’ Superior Settler and Fertility PRO designations. Customer-owners use designations as a tool in making breeding decisions to fit their genetic and reproductive goals.

The Elite Sexed Fertility designation will identify gender SELECTed sires with above average conception rates through sire fertility analysis. Selection criteria will be based on Composite Fertility Index (CFI) data. CFI combines information from several large-scale sire fertility analysis systems including Select Sires’ Relative Breeding Efficiency (RBE), which includes an 18-month rolling database in excess of two million services. A large number of services adds power and reliability to estimates, while restricting data to the most recent 18 months allows for greater sensitivity to detect changes in sire fertility over time.

Only the latest CFI data will be used in identifying sires and, therefore, updates will occur monthly. Only active sires shown to have superior fertility in sexed semen use with a minimum of 500 services will qualify for the designation. Sires of all breeds in both SexedULTRA 2M and SexedULTRA 4M product lines will be eligible for an Elite Sexed Fertility designation.

With over 11,000 services, 507HO12195 BUTLER earns the designation as one of Select Sires’ best Elite Sexed Fertility sires. Additional Holstein leaders in this new product line include 507HO12266 YODER and 507HO11351 SUPERSIRE. Leading the Jersey breed, exceeding 16,000 services, 507JE5020 STRIKER earns the designation, along with 507JE1528 DISCO.

Ensuring the best return on investment
This new designation comes to Select Sires as result of extensive data analysis and the cooperative is excited to offer customer-owners another tool to enhance genetic and reproductive success. In its true cooperative form, Select Sires believes in developing and offering product lines that ensure the best return on investment for dairy producers.

“Select Sires continues to innovate the use of data to benefit customer-owners as the first and only A.I. organization to identify our highest performing sires for sexed semen in both 2M and 4M products. The addition of the Elite Sexed Fertility designation will be a useful new tool to help dairymen maximize their success with gender SELECTed semen,” explains Lyle Kruse vice president of U.S. market development for Select Sires.

Based in Plain City, Ohio, Select Sires Inc., is North America’s largest A.I. organization and is comprised of nine farmer-owned and -controlled cooperatives. As the industry leader, it provides highly fertile semen as well as excellence in service and programs to achieve its basic objective of supplying dairy and beef producers with North America’s best genetics at a reasonable price.


Elite Sexed Fertility, Superior Settler Fertility PRO and gender SELECTed are trademarks of Select Sires Inc. SexedULTRA and SexedULTRA 4M are trademarks of Inguran LLC. gender SELECTed™ semen processed by Sexing Technologies for Select Sires shall be used only for the single insemination of one female bovine during natural ovulation with the intent to produce single offspring unless specifically approved on an individual customer basis by Sexing Technologies in writing. This semen is produced using the proprietary technology of XY LLC and Inguran LLC, as partially represented by U.S. Patents: 6372422, 7094527, 7208265, 7371517, 6357307, 7723116, 7758811 and 7799569. Patents pending in U.S. and foreign markets. XY® is a trademark of XY LLC. All gender SELECTed semen is processed using SexedULTRA technology.

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