Join Dr. Tom Lawlor, Executive Director of Research and Development for Holstein USA as he debunks the many myths about crossbreeding and provides an alternative genetic strategy that not only provides maximum genetic gain but does so while maintaining purebred status. This presentation was part of the 2016 Holstein World Conference held in Argentina.

About the presenter

Dr. Tom Lawlor is the Executive Director for Research and Development for the Holstein Association of America. Dr. Lawlor has been with the Association for the past 30 years and has led the Research and Development department for much of this time. In addition to his involvement with research, he plays a key role in performing genetic evaluations, working with dairy geneticists, collaborating on international projects and educating members about Holstein genetics. Dr. Lawlor holds a Bachelor of Science in animal science from the University of Massachusetts, a Master of Science in animal breeding and genetics from Montana State University, and a doctorate in animal breeding and genetics from Cornell University.