Introducing BullvineTV – The Dairy Breeding Industry Now Has Its Own Channel

Already the most read daily digital dairy publication in the world, is now adding BullvineTV to its portfolio.

Always looking for new and different ways to bring you that latest news, events and perspective on the dairy industry, BullvineTV will focus on providing thoughtful and unique content that will make you laugh but also make you stop and think.

Considered by many to be their morning shot of “RedBull” has lived up to its promise to not be just another event reporting magazine.  Now with the introduction of BullvineTV we are taking dairy media to a whole new level.

Our inaugural shows include:

August 2014 Genetic Evaluations

The Top 10 Pick Up Lines Uttered at World Dairy Expo

Hey PETA – You Don’t Know Jack!

The Bullvine Bottom Line

We are something different, something real. We’re what’s been missing for real dairy breeders. With the introduction of BullvineTV we are again giving insight and hosting lively debate about the people, products and services that are revolutionizing the dairy breeding industry.

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