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Financial Matrix for Profitability (Video) – Canadian Dairy Xpo 2017

In tough times, it may seem impossible to run a profitable dairy. Watch this video as Devin Brennen explains the Financial Matrix for Profitability and how it can help you on your dairy farm.

This video was recorded as part of the Tactical Business Workshop: Dairy Producer during the 2017 Canadian Dairy Xpo.

About the Presenter

Raised on a small mixed farm in Quebec, Devin Brennan, Principal – Ocresco & Associates Inc, studied at MacDonald Campus of McGill University where he received a diploma in agriculture and a BSc in animal science. Worked for ROP federal milk testing, then a large feed company, from there he Switzerland where he pursued post graduate studies in agriculture at the University of Zurich (ETH)while working at the research farm. Return to Canada in 1996, started a dairy nutrition/management consulting company which he managed with his partner until they sold in 2011. He continues to pursue an executive MBA part time, while working as an independent dairy management consultant focusing on financial efficiencies. He continues to work in nutrition with a select group of producers. Dairy consulting work has permitted him to travel internationally as well as working in many of our Canadian provinces.

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