2015 Breeders Choice Awards – Tanbark Trail Edition Nominations

It is that time of year again, time to decide just who was the best of the best in the 2015 Breeder’s Choice Awards – Tanbark Trail Edition. With so many of the top animals in North America not going head to head at both the Royal and World Dairy Expo and with very different results at both shows, this years competition is going to be very close. So make your vote count.

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Spring Heifer Calf

Winter Heifer Calf

Fall Heifer Calf

Summer Yearling Heifer

Spring Yearling Heifer

Winter Yearling Heifer

Milking Yearling

Junior 2 Year Old

Senior 2 Year Old

Junior 3 Year Olds

Senior 3 Year Olds

4 Year Olds

5 year old

Mature Cow

Production Cow


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