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Canadian Holstein Highlights – April 2019 – “Duke” Claims the Throne for LPI and Pro$

This April release, an updated Holstein Pro$ and LPI formula come into effect. The genetic base for Pro$ was also updated so that the units and scale of expression remain correct over time. This means that there will be an observed average Pro$ decrease of $420 for the top proven Holstein sires due to the genetic base update. Since this is the first genetic base update for Pro$ since it was introduced in 2015, this translates to an annual genetic base of $105 per year. Going forward, at the time of the April evaluation each year, CDN will automatically update the Pro$ formula and apply a genetic base update similar to the process for production traits.

“Duke” Claims the Throne for LPI and Pro$

Leading both the LPI and Pro$ lists this April is newly proven S-S-I Montross Duke-ET, a Montross son out of S-S-I Sprsire Mabel 8828-ET, by Supersire. Duke is also the new #1 sire for Protein and #3 for Fat. In addition to Duke, four other sires are in common among the Top 10 for either LPI or Pro$. Next in line at #2 LPI is the second highest newly proven sire for both indexes, Benner Bardo (Flame son out of Benner Mogul Bobby Sue), who also achieves #6 for Pro$ and #5 for Fat. A third impressive newcomer that ranks among the Top 10 for both national indexes is Ronelee Midnight Detour-ET (#7 Pro$, #9 LPI), a Midnight son out of Ronelee Feeling Fancy-ET by Mogul. Staying firm at #3 LPI is EDG Rubicon-ET, who jumps up from #25 Pro$ to take #2 position this April. Rubicon also reaches #1 Fat to now be tied with Mapel Wood Brewmaster, who is solid this round taking #5 spot for both LPI and Pro$.

Two other newly proven sires penetrate the ranks among the Top 10 LPI this round. Gillette Cleveland (Bombero son out of Clear-Echo Mcutchen 2820-ET) debuts at #6 LPI (#18 Pro$) and Boldi V Aptitude (Davinci son out of Boldi V S G Epic Aster) lands at #8 LPI (#21 Pro$). Aptitude shares Velthuis SG MOM Alesia as maternal granddam with Boldi Andre at #4 LPI and #14 Pro$ (Flame son out of Velthuis Supersonic Alyssa) as well as Boldi V Armour (#13 LPI, #22 Pro$, by Jabir). Previously proven Bovo Bomba (Doorman x Super) gains 226 LPI points and catapults from #54 spot to take #7 LPI this April (#188 Pro$) and maintains his status as the #1 proven sire for Conformation, now at +18. Rounding out the Top 10 LPI list and maintaining this status from December is Gillette Byroad (Shotglass x Windbrook) at #10 LPI (#64 Pro$).

Beyond the previously mentioned sires ranking among the Top 10 for both national indexes, there are five others to achieve Top 10 Pro$ status this round. The breed leader for Pro$ and LPI last December, Mr Mogul Delta 1427-ET, slips to #3 Pro$ and #11 LPI this round. Three sires that achieve Top 10 status for both Pro$ and Protein include Bryceholme Brodie-ET at #4 Pro$ (#5 Protein, #2 Milk, #23 LPI), EDG AltaYura-ET at #9 Pro$ (tied #9 Protein, #102 LPI), and View-Home Day Missouri-ET at #10 Pro$ (#4 Protein, #5 Milk, #75 LPI). Also ranking among the Top 10 Pro$ this round, after taking a jump up in rank from #32 to #8, is Seagull-Bay Silver-ET (Mogul x Snowman), who also ranks #26 for LPI. A final noteworthy newly proven duo, who both tie Dymentholm Mr Apples Avalanche at #2 Conformation this round with +16 are Cedarwal Knox (Anton son out of Wiamy Krystaleen Epic) and Stantons Expander (High Octane son out of Stantons Uno Enya).

Strong Sire Diversity Among Newly Proven Sires

A total of 98 genomic young bulls born since 2013 receive their first official progeny proof this round. This group includes the first crop of proven sons in Canada for several different sires including Montross (7), Deductive (6), Tango (5) and Davinci, Bombero and Balisto each with four sons. Mogul maintains his status of having the most sons among the Top 100 with 11 for LPI and 15 for Pro$.

Outside of the newly proven sires already mentioned, there are seven other newcomers among the Top 35 for LPI and/or Pro$. Claynook Denim, a Flame son out of Claynook Dorinda Snowman, debuts at #12 LPI (#50 Pro$), and is closely followed by Plain-Knoll Dragon-ET (Dictate son out of S-S-I Bookem Modesto7269-ET) at #15 LPI (#27 Pro$). For Pro$, it is Anderstrup Heaven-ET (Balisto son out of Anderstrup Snow Heaven ET), who makes his newly proven debut at #13 Pro$ (#150 LPI) and also takes #7 Protein. Brabantdale Dax-ET, a Davinci son out of TJR McCutchen Dice-ET, arrives with a balanced ranking for both indexes at #22 LPI at #23 Pro$ this round. Croteau A L Ballistic (Balisto son out of Lesperron Uno Dazz) achieves #26 Pro$ and #35 LPI while also taking #4 position for Fat. Progenesis Kane (Bombaro son out of Lookout Pesce Pronde Kreed, by Mogul) lands at #31 Pro$ (#51 LPI), just ahead of his maternal brother by Kingboy, namely Progenesis Kal at #38 Pro$ and #47 LPI. PES009 Battle (Jacey x Uno) also achieves Top 35 status this round with his debut at #31 LPI (#56 Pro$).

Newly Indexed Cow Ranks #1 for GLPI

This April, two newly indexed cows make the headlines by entering the Top 10 for GLPI and/or Pro$. The highest newcomer is Gusnis Duke Becky, who impressively debuts at #1 GLPI (#15 Pro$). Becky is sired by the new #1 bull for LPI and Pro$, S-S-I Montross Duke-ET, and is out of Alphagen Brewmaster Silia. Following Becky as the highest newly indexed cow is Bofran Detour Flavie, who ranks among the Top 10 for both national indexes at #7 GLPI and #9 Pro$. Flavie is also sired by a newly proven bull this round, Ronelee Midnight Detour-ET (#7 Pro$, #9 LPI), and is out of Bofran Pepper Fantastique (tied #10 Fat). The Pro$ list is led by Stantons So Excited- ET, who takes a large leap up from #104 spot in December, landing at #1 for Pro$ while maintaining her position as the breed leader for Fat.

Six previously indexed cows rank among the Top 10 for both GLPI and Pro$. Five of these cows carry the “Stantons” prefix, the highest of which is former #1 GLPI cow Stantons Does Appear- ET, who slips down one position to #2 GLPI (#6 Pro$). Next highest are Stantons Real Dollars- ET at #3 GLPI (#4 Pro$) and Stantons Delta Approved-ET at #3 Pro$ (#5 GLPI), who is a full sister to the aforementioned Stantons Does Appear-ET. Rounding out the “Stantons” cows ranking among the Top 10 for both national indexes are Stantons Bee Desired-ET (#2 Pro$) and Stantons Rubicon Cranking Up (#7 Pro$) and they are tied for #8 GLPI. Full sister to Desired and former #3 Pro$ cow, Stantons Bee Daisy-ET, takes position #10 for Pro$ this April while Stantons Silver Emoticon-ET comes in at #10 GLPI (#14 Pro$). Maternal sisters out of Dudoc McCutchen Rancune P*POC (#11 GLPI, #27 Pro$) are the highest ranking polled animals in the breed. Dudoc Silver Sarcasme*POC ranks #4 for GLPI and #8 Pro$ while Dudoc Missouri Menace P*POR holds the #5 position for Pro$ (#34 GLPI). Lindenright Rubicon Moofia stays strong at #6 LPI (#154 Pro$) and completes the Top 10 GLPI list this April. Other noteworthy newly indexed cows include two that tie for #1 as breed leaders for Conformation at +17. These include Westcoast Orion Aryane 4727, who is a daughter of Progenesis Orion out of MS Apple Aryane-ET and Mosnang Jacoby Legendairy, a Jacoby daughter out of Mosnang AirIntake Lullaby.

“Delta” Continues to Lead for Both Pro$ and LPI – Canadian Genetic Evaluation Highlights 12/18


For the second proof run in a row, Mr Mogul Delta 1427-ET maintains a hold on his position as the breed leader for both Pro$ and LPI (#4 Fat). Of the newly proven bulls this round, two rank among the Top 10 for Pro$. Boldi Accurate, a Vieuxsaule Flame-ET son out of Velthuis Supersonic Alyssa, is the highest newly proven Pro$ sire taking #5 spot (#35 LPI). His full brother, Boldi Andre, is this round’s highest newly proven sire for LPI grabbing #11 position (#61 Pro$). Bryceholme Brodie-ET, a Supersire son out ofMarbri Oman Oman Bea, is the second highest newly proven bull for both Pro$ and LPI,ranking #7 and #18 respectively (#6 Milk, tied #9 Protein).

Pro$ has now been available for over three years. Over time, it has become evident that certain bloodlines are pushing the two top lists to gradually become more diverse. This December, along with #1 sire Delta, only two other proven sires rank among the Top 10 for both national indexes. Ranking #2 for both LPI and Pro$, as well as being tied at #3 for Protein, is the previously proven Glen-D-Haven AltaHotrod (Jerod x AltaIota). Synergy AltaParquet-ET (Numero Uno x Planet) takes a jump up both lists this December, landing at #4 LPI and #6 Pro$.

Other previously proven bulls ranking among the Top 10 for Pro$ this round include Seagull-Bay Sargeant-ET (#3 Pro$, #2 Milk, #107 LPI), Mr Coin Draco 15006-ET (#4 Pro$, #43 LPI), De-Su Mickelson 11598-ET (#8 Pro$, #49 LPI) and View-Home Day Missouri-ET (#9 Pro$, #26 LPI, #2 Protein, #7 Milk). After improving his rank substantially since the August proofs, Boldi V Armour, a maternal brother to the previously mentioned leading newcomers, Accurate and Andre, rounds out the Top 10 Pro$ list in #10 position (#39 LPI).

Following the two breed leaders for LPI this round, Delta and AltaHotrod, is EDG Rubicon (Mogul x Robust) in #3 spot (#25 Pro$), who also stays firm at #2 in the breed for Fat. Three other bulls maintain their elite status on the Top 10 LPI list from last round, namely Comestar Lautrust, at #5 LPI (#28 Pro$), Gillette Byroad (#6 LPI, #78 Pro$) and Mapel Wood Brewmaster (#7 LPI, #24 Pro$), who maintains his position as the breed leader for Fat. Completing the Top 10 LPI list are three sires that improve their rank to secure them a place among the Top 10 this round. These include Lone-Oak-Acres AltaRoble-ET (#8 LPI, #73 Pro$, tied #6 Conformation, Mogul x Observer), Co-op Renegade-ET (#9 LPI, #102 Pro$, McCutchen x G W Atwood) and Regel AltaToprock (#10 LPI, #47 Pro$, Shamrock x Million).

Other noteworthy news this round is the arrival of Bovo Bomba (Doorman x Super) as a newly proven sire that reaches #1 Conformation at +16, to be tied with Velthuis SGC Atmost, as well as the increase of 10 kg for Protein for the polled sire, View-Home Powerball-P-ET (Earnhardt x Robust), to become the new breed leader.

Ample Diversity Among Newly Proven Bulls in the Top 50

Outside of the newly proven sires already mentioned, there are eight other impressive newcomers that make their debut among the Top 50 for Pro$ and/or LPI. One bull manages to reach this status for both national indexes as Bomaz AltaSabre-ET (Jacey x Robust) arrives at #34 LPI and #35 Pro$. Two other sires, both out of dams by Epic, rank well for Pro$ as Boldi V Astrolab (Jabir son out of Boldi V S G Epic Aster) takes #15 Pro$ (#53 LPI) and Seric Rico (Jacey son out of Seric Epic Mayana) enters at #34 Pro$ (#77 LPI). Other sires with an interesting start for Pro$ are Crasdale Blondin BH Mars-ET, who is a Cashcoin son out of Sully Numero Uno Maribel-ET that receives his first official proof at #42 Pro$ (#57 LPI), as well as Mr American Daft Punk-ET (Day x Robust), debuting tied at #44 Pro$ (#88 LPI). Finishing off the newcomers that pentrate the Top 50 LPI list this round are Bacon-Hill Pety Modesty-ET (Pety x Supersire), who is tied at #40 LPI (#81 Pro$) and EDG Saturn Sender 8136-ET (Mogul x Man-O-Man) at #45 LPI (#182 Pro$).

Top GLPI and Pro$ Lists Each Welcome a Newly Indexed Cow

This December release sees one newly indexed cow enter each list of Top 10 Pro$ and Top 10 GLPI, and both are sired by AltaHotrod. Peak Loyal Hrod 60124-ET, who is out of Mapel Wood McCutchen Loyality, debuts at #5 Pro$ (#17 GLPI), while Progenesis Hotrod Mia (dam is Woodcrest Def Manhattan-ET) arrives tied at #9 GLPI (#18 Pro$).

Four previously indexed cows rank among the Top 10 for both GLPI and Pro$. Three of these impressive animals carry the “Stantons” prefix and are sired by “Delta”. Leading the GLPI list again this December is Stantons Does Appear-ET (#1 GLPI, #7 Pro$). Stantons Bee Desired-ET stays firm in her #1 rank again this round for Pro$ in addition to being #2 GLPI (tied #10 Fat). Stantons Delta Approved-ET, full sister to Stantons Does Appear-ET (dam is Stantons Cameo Appearance), holds steady among the Top 10 for each list at #4 Pro$ and #5 GLPI. The fourth cow to penetrate both Top 10 charts is Dudoc Superman Somnanbule, tied at #3 GLPI and #9 Pro$, who’s dam is Dudoc McCutchen Rancune P*POC (#16 GLPI, #44 Pro$).

Three other daughters of Rancune*POC also all manage to maintain their Top 10 status for either index as Dudoc Silver Sarcasme*POC is tied at #3 GLPI (#12 Pro$), Dudoc Boastful Blaspheme takes #8 Pro$ and #9 GLPI, and Dudoc Missouri Menace-P*POR at #8 GLPI and #10 Pro$. Benner Octoberfest Jingko moves up from #4 to #2 Pro$ this round and ranks #14 GLPI. Stantons Bee Daisy-ET, full sister to the previously mentioned Stantons Bee Desired-ET (Delta daughters out of Ri-Val-Re Num Uno Bee- ET), now occupies #3 Pro$ (#13 GLPI), while Silverridge V Sshot Erynne moves up to #6 Pro$ (#20 GLPI) and is tied at #6 for Protein in the breed.

The list of Top 10 GLPI cows is completed by four previously indexed cows including two with very little change from August, namely Stantons Silver Emoticon-ET (#6 GLPI, #16 Pro$) and Stantons Real Dollars-ET (#8 GLPI, #15 Pro$). Two others, however, both daughters of Rubicon, take a jump up the GLPI list this round, namely Lindenright Rubicon Moofia (#7 GLPI from #21, #266 Pro$) and Stantons Rubicon Cranking Up (tied at #9 GLPI from #20, #54 Pro$). A final noteworthy newly indexed cow this round is Lima Biscuit Doorman (Doorman x Lima Biscotti Dempsey), who ties with Brenland Doorman Desirable and Sunnypoint 2024 Lady D as the #1 cow for Conformation at +17.

“Delta” Tops the List for Both Pro$ and LPI – Canadian Genetic Evaluation Highlights 08/18

Mr Mogul Delta 1427

Previously proven in April of this year, Mr Mogul Delta 1427-ET (Mogul son out of Miss OCD Robst Delicious-ET) now takes the #1 place for both Pro$ and LPI (#5 Fat). For newly proven bulls this round, three rank among the Top 10 for Pro$. Glen-D-Haven AltaHotrod (Jerod son out of Glen-D-Haven Iota Bambi-ET) makes an outstanding arrival as the highest newcomer for both Pro$ and LPI, ranking #4 and #3 for these indexes, respectively. Another newly proven bull among the Top 10 for Pro$ is Mr America Surfer-ET, who is a Shan son out of Seagull-Bay Miss America-ET by Robust that comes in at #6 Pro$ (#45 LPI, #3 Fat). EDG AltaYura-ET is the third high-ranking newcomer at #10 Pro$ (#52 LPI) and he is a Cashcoin son out of Sandy-Valley Robust Ruby-ET, making him a maternal brother to EDG Rubicon (#6 LPI from #60 last round, #31 Pro$, #2 Fat). In addition to Delta and AltaHotrod, the only other sire to rank among the Top 10 for both indexes this round is Coyne-Farms Jacey-CRI-ET (#2 Pro$, #9 LPI), who was #1 for Pro$ in April.

No stranger to the Top 10 Pro$ list, Seagull-Bay Sargeant-ET (Freddie x Planet) ranks #3 for both Pro$ and Milk (#126 LPI). Mr Coin Draco 15006-ET catapults from #52 to #5 Pro$ (#37 LPI) and he is a Cashcoin son that is a maternal brother to the breed leader, Delta, as well as Mr Shot Dozer 1491-ET (#20 Pro$, #29 LPI, Shotglass x Robust). Similarly, Lactomont Launch Mogul (dam is Summerliz Man O Man Lausy) also takes a nice jump up the Pro$ list this August landing at #8 (from #29) among the Top 10 Pro$ (#16 LPI). RH Superman-ET and View-Home Day Missouri-ET round out the Top 10 Pro$ list, ranking #7 Pro$ (#63 LPI, #2 Protein) and #9 Pro$ (#28 LPI, #9 Milk, tied #6 Protein), respectively.

After being surpassed by Delta, former #1 LPI, Comestar Lautrust, slips in rank to #2 LPI (#15 Pro$) even with a slight gain in LPI points this August. Sires maintaining their status among the Top 10 LPI, but changing slightly in rank include Mapel Wood Brewmaster (#4 LPI, #12 Pro$, #1 Fat), Larcrest Commander-ET (#5 LPI, #11 Pro$), Westenrade AltaSpring (#7 LPI, #25 Pro$) and Ste Odile Oceanic (#10 LPI, #87 Pro$, tied #5 Conformation). Gillette Byroad completes the Top 10 LPI list this round in #8 position (#52 Pro$), up from #35 LPI in April.

Newly Proven Bulls in the Top 25 and the Influence of Mogul

A total of 110 genomic young bulls born since 2012 receive their first official progeny proof this round. Mogul is the sire of nine of these newcomers and he now has an impressive 20 sons among the Top 100 LPI and 14 among the Top 100 Pro$. McCutchen also has eight newly proven sons while several sires, including Munition, Cashcoin, Enforcer and Shotglass, each have a handful of their first sons achieve proven status this round.

Outside of the newly proven sires already mentioned, there are other noteworthy newcomers among the Top 30 for LPI and/or Pro$. Co-Op UPD Hunter Salvino (Hunter x Massey) debuts at #14 LPI and #22 Pro$, while Co-Op Renegade-ET (McCutchen x G W Atwood) follows right behind at #15 LPI (#92 Pro$). Lindenright Megawatt is one of three newly proven Enforcer sons (dam is Lindenright Bradnick Moovin On) and takes #19 LPI (#122 Pro$). Similarly, Silverridge V East is the highest of five newly proven Munition sons (dam is Vethuis SG Snow Event) at #22 LPI and #55 Pro$. Mr America Chacal-ET is among the first Cashmoney sons proven in Canada arriving at #18 Pro$ (#108 LPI) and is a maternal brother to Surfer. De-Su 12147 Allstar-ET (Balisto x Numero Uno) has a balanced start this round as he takes #27 Pro$ and #30 LPI. Mr Sunview Coin Sunfish-ET*RDC (Cashcoin son out of Dymentholm Sunview Sunday) is also of
interest as he grabs #30 Pro$ and #49 LPI.

Both Top GLPI and Pro$ Lists Welcome Three Newly Indexed Cows

This August three cows enter the Top 10 for GLPI while receiving their first official index, and two previously indexed cows increase in rank to place them among the Top 10. The highest newcomer for GLPI is Wisselview Doorsopen Dixie (dam is Wisselview Enforcer Dixie), who debuts at #7 GLPI (#71 Pro$). Also new this round, Stantons Silver Emoticon-ET (#8 GLPI, #19 Pro$, dam is Stantons Camaro Emulate-ET), joins five other cows carrying the “Stantons” prefix among the Top 10 GLPI. The third newly indexed cow to join this elite group is Claynook Clarissa AltaSpring (dam is Claynook Colita Bombero) at #10 GLPI (#40 Pro$).

The Pro$ list also sees three newly indexed cows enter the Top 10 led by Benner Octoberfest Jingko (dam is Benner Shotglass Javabeans) who makes an impressive start a #4 Pro$ (#16 GLPI). The second newly indexed cow to enter the Top 10 Pro$ list is Dudoc Missouri Menace P*POR at #8 Pro$ and #17 GLPI, making her the highest polled cow for Pro$ and second for GLPI, behind her dam, Dudoc McCutchen Rancune P*POC (tied #11 GLPI, #37 Pro$). Menace*POR is a maternal sister to fellow high ranking cows Dudoc Silver Sarcasme (#3 GLPI up from #15, #5 Pro$) and Dudoc Superman Somnanbule-ET (#5 GLPI, #6 Pro$) as well as the full-sister pair of Dudoc Boastful Blaspheme (#9 Pro$, #15 GLPI) and Dudoc Boastful Baliverne (#13 GLPI, #41 Pro$). Westcoast Spring Babydust 3120 (AltaSpring x AltaJackman) lands at #10 Pro$ and #11 GLPI, making her the third newly indexed cow to penetrate the Top 10 Pro$ list.

All of the remaining cows among the Top 10 lists for GLPI and Pro$ carry the “Stantons” prefix. Stantons Does Appear-ET moves up to take #1 GLPI (#7 Pro$) while her full sister, Stantons Delta Approved-ET, also climbs the ladder to take #4 GLPI (#3 Pro$). Stantons Bee Desired-ET retains her #1 position for Pro$, moves to #2 for GLPI, is tied at #9 Fat and is also tied at #4 Protein, while full sister, Stantons Bee Daisy-ET holds on to #2 Pro$ position (#6 GLPI). Stantons Real Dollars-ET, sired by EDG Rubicon-ET, moves up into the Top 10 to #9 GLPI (#12 Pro$) and is one of two cows, out of six with the “Stantons” prefix among the Top 10 for GLPI and/or Pro$ that are not sired by Delta.


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Canadian Holstein Highlights – April 2018 – Three New Arrivals Among Top 5 Pro$ and Maternal Brothers Move Up to Top LPI List

Pro$ enthusiasts will embrace the results of this April release as three newly proven bulls take centre stage with their arrival among the Top 5 Pro$, while also ranking among the Top 15 for LPI. These interesting newcomers include View-Home Day Missouri-ET (Day x Robust) at #3 Pro$ (#11 LPI, #6 Milk, tied #4 Protein), Mr Mogul Delta 1427-ET (Mogul x Robust) at #4 Pro$ (#7 LPI) and RH Superman-ET (Supersire x Man-O-Man) at #5 Pro$ (#14 LPI, tied #2 Protein). Realizing a Pro$ increase of $204, Coyne-Farms Jacey CRI-ET (AltaIota x Massey) jumps from #6 position to become the new leader at #1 Pro$ (#5 LPI), forcing the previous leader, Seagull- Bay Sargeant-ET (Freddie x Planet) into #2 Pro$ spot (#58 LPI, #1 Milk, tied #7 Protein).

For LPI, Comestar Lautrust regains his #1 LPI status of a year ago (#16 Pro$) and is immediately followed by his maternal brother, Comestar Lineman (#31 Pro$, dam is Comestar Lautamai Man O Man) as well as Larcrest Commander (#10 Pro$, Mogul x Observer), who are tied at #2 LPI this round. Mapel Wood Brewmaster (Garrett x Shottle) also achieves Top 10 status for both indexes, landing at #6 LPI and #8 Pro$ while maintaining his position at #1 Fat.

The Top 10 Pro$ list is rounded off by Co-Op Day Tuffenuff-ET at #6 (#64 LPI, Day x Planet), Bacon-Hill Montross-ET at #7 (#57 LPI, tied #7 Protein, Mogul x Bolton) and Silverridge Album at #9 (#19 LPI, Epic x Man-O-Man). The Top 10 LPI list is completed by Alta Echelon at #4 (#19 Pro$, Robust x Goldwyn), Westenrade AltaSpring at #8 (#21 Pro$, Mogul x Gerard), Ste Odile Oceanic at #9 LPI (#66 Pro$, tied #6 Conformation, Epic x Man-O-Man) and EDG Deman-ET at #10 LPI (#109 Pro$, Mogul x G W Atwood).

A Mix of 12 Interesting Newcomers Hit Top 30 Ranks for LPI and/or Pro$

A total of 114 bulls born in 2012 or 2013 receive their first official domestic LPI this round. On average, the highest of these for either LPI or Pro$ are sons of Supersire (17), Mogul (12) or McCutchen (8) but this round also includes the first group of progeny proven sons for Doorman (7), Mascalese (6), Shan (5) and Shotglass (3). In addition to the group of three newly proven bulls that reach Top 10 status for either Pro$ or LPI, there is another crop of nine newcomers that penetrate the Top 30 list for either index. The highest of these is Alexerin Silverton, who is a Supersire son out of Alexerin OMan 993 that arrives at #11 Pro$ (#303 LPI). He is immediately followed by Mystique Alsace (McCutchen x Gerard) at #12 Pro$ (#40 LPI) while Spruce-Haven Stoic-ET (Epic x Trigger) is not far behind at #14 Pro$ (#27 LPI). For LPI, it is a maternal brother to Doorman by Sympatico, Blondin Integral, that just misses the Top 10 list as he makes his debut at #11 LPI (#151 Pro$). The next highest newly proven sire for LPI is Spruce-Haven AltaOmega (Hill x Man-O-Man) at #16 LPI (#40 Pro$). Four other new arrivals achieve Top 30 status for either Pro$ or LPI including Synergy AltaParquet-ET (Numero Uno x Planet) that does so for both indexes taking #25 LPI and #26 Pro$ positions this round. The other bulls include ELI023 Masterful (Mogul x Snowman) at #22 Pro$ (#42 LPI), Uecker Supersire Josuper-ET (Supersire x Beacon) at #25 Pro$ (#206 LPI), and Lone-Oak-Acres AltaRoble-ET (Mogul x Observer) at #28 LPI (#107 Pro$), who is a full brother to AltaRabo (#12 LPI, #53 Pro$). Another noteworthy newly proven bull this round is Walnutlawn Solomon (Doorman son out of Misty Springs Lavanguard Sue) as he becomes the new breed leader for Conformation at +16.

Five Newly Indexed Cows Land on Top 10 List for Both GLPI and Pro$

A tidal wave of seven incredible young cows receive their first official GLPI this round to flood the lists of Top 10 for GLPI and Pro$. In fact, all of the five new arrivals among Top 10 Pro$ also enter the Top 10 GLPI list this round. These include two sets of newly indexed full sisters from the Stantons herd, all sired by Delta. One set includes a pair of full sisters who climb to the summit of the Pro$ list as Stantons Bee Desired-ET becomes the new #1 Pro$ cow (#3 GLPI, #9 Fat) with Stantons Bee Daisy-ET makes her appearance in #2 Pro$ position (#5 GLPI). A third full sister, Stantons Bee Delta-ET, debuts at #12 Pro$ (#22 GLPI) while their maternal sister by Supershot, namely Stantons Bee Something-ET, maintains a spot on the Top 10 Pro$ by grabbing #8 spot (#137 GLPI). Their well-known dam is Ri-Val-Re Num Uno Bee-ET (#17 Pro$, #79 GLPI), who leads the list of dams of cows on the Top 1000 lists for both Pro$ and GLPI with 18 and 17 respectively. The second pair of full sisters penetrating the top Pro$ list with their first official index are Stantons Delta Approved-ET at #5 Pro$ (#7 GLPI) and Stantons Does Appear-
ET at #7 Pro$ and #2 GLPI (dam is Stantons Cameo Appearance).

The new #1 GLPI cow is Dudoc Superman Somnanbule, who is a newly indexed Superman daughter out of Dudoc McCutchen Rancune P*POC (#14 GLPI, #68 Pro$) that also takes #4 Pro$ spot. A second daughter of Rancune, Dudoc Missouri Malice P*POC also makes an interesting debut at #6 GLPI (#18 Pro$, highest polled cow for both GLPI and Pro$). A third cow with a great start for her first GLPI is Lindenright Superman Moola at #9 GLPI and #23 Pro$ (dam is Lindenright Bradnick Moovin On).

In addition to these outstanding newly indexed cows this round, three others achieve Top 10 status for GLPI and five for Pro$. The previous breed leader for both of these indexes, namely Ri-Val Re Camaro Nady-ET (Camaro x Numero Uno) stays strong and grabs #3 Pro$ and #4 GLPI this round. Two cows make LPI gains to take a spot on the Top 10 GLPI list as View-Home Drman Wsconsin-ET (maternal sister to the newly proven sire, Missouri) moves from #10 to #8 GLPI (#211 Pro$) and Stantons Spring Jenn-ET jumps from #35 position to take #10 GLPI (#83 Pro$). The Top 10 Pro$ list is completed by three cows that all manage to retain this elite status from last round. Two of these are a pair of three-quarter sisters by Supershot, namely Silverridge V Sshot Erynne at #6 Pro$ (#35 GLPI, tied #5 Protein) and Silverridge V Sshot Earring at #10 Pro$ (#109 GLPI, tied #8 Protein). The third is England-Ammon MT Barbara-ET, a Montross daughter out of Richmond-FD S Barbara-ET (maternal sister to Bombero at #20 Pro$ and #23 LPI, leading sire of Top 1000 Pro$ cows), who stays strong moving from #7 to #9 Pro$ (#65

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Canadian Holstein Highlights – December 2017 – Some Reshuffling Among Top 10 Bulls for LPI and Pro$ Including Two New Arrivals

This December release sees two newly proven bulls reach Top 10 status with Co-Op Mogul Lawman-ET (Mogul x Man-O-Man) making his debut at #5 Pro$ and tied at #10 LPI (tied #3 Protein). For Pro$, however, the highest new arrival is Co-Op Day Tuffenuff-ET at #2 Pro$ (#25 LPI, #9 Milk, #8 Protein), who is among the first group of sons of Minnigan-Hills Day-ET proven in Canada this round. Newly proven on the Top 10 LPI list is Comestar Lineman at #9 LPI (#27 Pro$), who is a maternal brother by Mogul of Comestar Lautrust (#3 LPI, #25 Pro$, dam is Comestar Lautamai Man O Man).

Two bulls benefiting from significant LPI gains to climb the rankings are Larcrest Commander-ET (Mogul x Observer), who grabs #1 LPI position (#4 Pro$), and Alta Echelon (Robust x Goldwyn), who climbs from #8 to #2 LPI (#7 Pro$ from #12). Two other bulls jumping in LPI to penetrate the Top 10 list this round are Ste Odile Oceanic (Epic son out of Ste Odile Manoman Model Saphir) at #4 LPI from #12 position (#39 Pro$, tied #9 Conformation) and Gepaquette Ravecut (McCutchen x Observer), who increases from #27 spot to land tied at #10 LPI (#18 Pro$). Four other bulls maintain their status among the Top 10 LPI, including De-Su MG Davinci 11288-ET (Mogul x Watson) at #5 LPI (#11 Pro$), Gen-I-Beq Aikman*RDC (Snowman x AltaBaxter) at #6 LPI (#56 Pro$, tied #9 Fat), Gregori One Direction (Epic x Garrett) at #7 LPI (#10 Pro$) and Mapel Wood Brewmaster (Garrett x Shottle) at #8 LPI (#15 Pro$, #1 Fat).

For the Top 10 Pro$ list, Seagull-Bay Sargeant-ET (Freddie x Planet) stays firm at #1 Pro$ (#45 LPI, #1 Milk, #9 Protein) with Bacon-Hill Montross-ET (Mogul x Bolton) changing little but now taking #3 Pro$ position (#31 LPI, tied #3 Protein). Coyne-Farms Jacey CRI-ET (AltaIota x Massey) climbs from #19 to take #6 Pro$ (#17 LPI). This list is completed by Mr OCD Epic Dragonheart-ET (Epic x Planet) at #8 Pro$ (#12 LPI) and Silverridge Album (Epic x Man-O-Man) taking #9 Pro$ (#13 LPI).

First Proven “Day” Sons Make Their Mark

Of the 127 younger bulls receiving their first official domestic proven status this round, 20 are sons of Mogul, 9 are sons of Epic, 8 are sons of McCutchen with Supersire having the same count but it is the first group of 8 proven sons of Minnigan-Hills Day-ET that truly make an impressive debut, averaging 2140 Pro$ and 2991 LPI. In addition to the #2 Pro$ bull mentioned earlier, namely Co-Op Day Tuffenuff-ET, Day is also the sire of three other high newcomers entering Top 25 rankings for either Pro$ or LPI. These include Woodcrest Naughty By Day-ET (dam is Ri-Val-Re Bookem Nike-ET) at #14 Pro$ (#38 LPI), Speek-NJ Walter Cronkite-ET at #19 Pro$ (#59 LPI, #8 Milk, new #1 Protein, dam is Larcrest Comet-ETS by Planet) and Mystique Acoustique at #23 LPI (#57 Pro$, dam is Mystique Gerard Artiste). A pair of newly proven McCutchen sons also break into the Top 25 ranks as Farnear AltaBingo-ET (dam is Farnear O Banji Bandan-ET) arrives at #17 Pro$ and #24 LPI and Kerndtway Kingpin-ET (dam is Golden- Oaks Obsrvr Dixie-ET) grabs #21 LPI and #31 Pro$. Westenrade AltaSpring (Mogul x Gerard) also penetrates the Top 25 LPI list with his arrival in #16 spot (#46 Pro$).

First “Supershot” Daughters Excel for Pro$

Impressively, the new leader established last round for both GLPI and Pro$, namely Ri-Val-Re Camaro Nady-ET (Camaro x Numero Uno), retains her title as “Queen of the Breed” with slight increases for both national indexes. As the first daughters of Cogent Supershot in Canada enter their first lactation, several show great promise with three reaching Top 5 Pro$ status. The highest of these are three-quarter sisters, Silverridge V Sshot Erynne and Silverridge V Sshot Earring (grand dam is Velthuis SG Snow Event), who debut at #3 Pro$ (#13 GLPI, #4 Milk, tied #2 Protein) and #4 Pro$ (#37 GLPI, tied #4 Protein), respectively. Grabbing #5 Pro$ this round is another Supershot daughter, Stantons Bee Sarah-ET (#144 GLPI), while her dam, Stantons Bee Something-ET stays strong at #2 Pro$ (#36 GLPI).

Two newly indexed cows manage to enter the Top 10 list for both GLPI and Pro$. These include Thurler Commander Chantal at #3 GLPI and #6 Pro$ (daughter of new #1 LPI sire, Commander, out of Aija Supersire Makea), and Dudoc Silver Sarcasme at #4 GLPI and #8 Pro$, who lands just ahead of her dam Dudoc McCutchen Rancune P*POC (#5 GLPI, #45 Pro$, highest polled cow for both indexes). The only other newly indexed cow to reach Top 10 status is Ri-Val-Re Delta Nady-ET, who is a daughter of breed-leading Camaro Nady that arrives at #9 GLPI (#25 Pro$).

Also staying solid among the leaders for GLPI is another Commander daughter, Sunnypoint 2026 Lady C (dam is Crasdale Lady Uno), who keeps her hold on #2 GLPI (#84 Pro$). Stantons Crimson-ET (#6 GLPI, #9 Pro$) and Stantons Crazy 4 Camaro-ET (tied #7 GLPI, #46 Pro$) are full sister Mogul daughters out of Larcrest Crayon-ET that also maintain their elite status. Stantons Pepper Freedah is tied at #7 GLPI (#22 Pro$) this round, while View-Home Drman Wsconsin-ET leaps from #29 to complete the Top 10 GLPI list in #10 position (#185 Pro$). Completing the Top 10 Pro$ list this round are England-Ammon MT Barbara-ET at #7 Pro$ (#50 GLPI) and Gillette Bombero Mango in #10 spot for Pro$ (#69 GLPI).


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Canadian Holstein Highlights – August 2017 – Impressive Invasion of Top 10 Lists for LPI and Pro$

Having three newly proven sires penetrate the Top 10 LPI list represents awesome news from this August release but five newcomers among the Top 10 Pro$ list is simply a colossal invasion! In addition, both lists now have a new leader as Gen-I-Beq Aikman*RDC (Snowman son out of KHW-I Aika Baxter) takes #1 LPI (#26 Pro$, tied #4 Fat) and Seagull-Bay Sargeant-ET (Freddie son out of Ammon-Peachey Shauna-ET by Planet) grabs #1 Pro$ and #1 Milk (#35 LPI, tied #6 Protein). Of the five newly proven sires entering Top 10 Pro$, it is Bacon-Hill Montross-ET (Mogul x Bolton) that takes highest honours at #2 Pro$ (#18 LPI) and is also tied at #3 Protein. Also making a very impressive debut is another Mogul son, Larcrest Commander-ET (dam is Larcrest Calinda-ET by Observer), who takes #4 Pro$ and lands tied at #2 LPI with former breed leader, Comestar Lautrust (#9 Pro$, Sudan x Man-O-Man). Two other newly proven bulls this round achieve Top 10 status for both national indexes, namely De-Su 11228 Topsy-ET (Bookem x Watson, maternal brother to Davinci and full brother of Balisto) at #6 Pro$ and #7 LPI, as well as Gregori One Direction (Epic x Garrett) at #7 Pro$ and #9 LPI. De-Su Mickelson 11598-ET (Supersire x Bookem) also debuts on the Top 10 Pro$ list taking #8 spot and also lands #17 LPI. Among previously proven sires, two manage to stay on the Top 10 list for both LPI and Pro$ this round. Mapel Wood Brewmaster (Garrett x Shottle) takes #4 LPI and #10 Pro$, while staying solid at #1 Fat, and Silverridge Album (Epic x Man-O-Man) now occupies #3 Pro$ and #5 LPI.

Two bulls make significant gains and enter the Top 10 LPI list this round, namely De-Su MG Davinci 11288-ET (maternal brother to Topsy and Balisto) at #6 from #19 LPI (#14 Pro$) and Alta Echelon (Robust x Goldwyn), who catapults from #62 to #8 LPI with an increase of 218 points (#12 Pro$). De-Su Mgl Greenway 11396-ET (Mogul x Planet) slips slightly but lands at #10 LPI (#11 Pro$, tied #6 Protein) and completes this list of elite proven sires. For Pro$, the list of Top 10 is completed by the former breed leader, Mr OCD Epic Dragonheart-ET, who loses ground but stays strong at #5 Pro$ (tied #12 LPI, #7 Milk).

Mogul Reaffirms #1 Ranking Among Sires of Proven Sons by LPI

Now with 28 progeny proven sons in Canada averaging 2897 LPI, Mogul is the highest ranking sire of sons again this round for LPI. Epic follows closely behind for LPI, based on his 35 proven sons, but leads the list for Pro$. Both of these sires continue to produce numerous outstanding newly proven sires this August release along with sons of other well-known sires. In addition to the list of newly proven sires already highlighted, there is a group of six others that penetrate the list of top 25 bulls for LPI or Pro$. The Epic son in this group is Ste Odile Oceanic (dam is the former long-time LPI leading cow Ste Odile Manoman Model Saphir), who debuts at #12 LPI and tied at #5 Conformation with +15 (#48 Pro$). Four of these newcomers are Mogul sons, including EDG Deman-ET at #14 LPI (#107 Pro$), the identical brothers of Delaberge Salt and Delaberge Pepper at #22 LPI (#88 Pro$) and Trustmore Accelerator at #24 LPI and #25 Pro$ (maternal brother to Silverridge Album, dam is Velthuis SG MOM Alicia). EDG Skateboard-ET (Numero Uno x Brigeen Russell) also makes an interesting arrival at #23 Pro$ and #29 LPI.  

Invasion of Elite Genetics Also Hits Top Cow Lists Including a New Queen for Both GLPI and Pro$!

Ri-Val-Re Camaro Nady-ET (Camaro x Numero Uno) makes a grand entrance as the highest newly indexed cow this round with her debut at #1 for both GLPI and Pro$. In fact, both lists of Top 10 GLPI and Pro$ cows experience significant change thanks to the arrival of several outstanding newly indexed cows. For GLPI, Sunnypoint 2026 Lady C (daughter of newly proven Larcrest Commander out of Crasdale Lady Uno) arrives at #2 GLPI (tied #54 Pro$). She is joined by two other newly indexed cows that also penetrate Top 10 GLPI, namely Stantons Pepper Freedah (daughter of newly proven Delaberge Pepper out of Stantons Observer EA Frenzy), who is tied at #6 GLPI (tied #36 Pro$), and OConnors Racer Legendary (Racer x Numero Uno) at #10 GLPI (#23 Pro$). With the great start of Nady and Lady C, the former breed leader, Brabantdale Flame Veracious, is forced into #3 GLPI spot (#10 Pro$) and is followed by Stantons Crimson-ET (Camaro daughter of Larcrest Crayon-ET) who stays firm at #4 GLPI (#6 Pro$). Crimson’s full sister, Stantons Crazy 4 Camaro-ET, is the third cow that maintains her status among Top 10 GLPI cows from last round, now in #8 spot (tied #56 Pro$). Three cows realize gains to enter and complete the Top 10 GLPI list this round, including Progenesis Enforcer Pat-ET (Enforcer x Cameron) at #5 GLPI (from #11, #9 Pro$), Bofran Pepper Fantastique (Pepper x Brewmaster) tied at #6 GLPI (from #54, #25 Pro$, tied #3 Fat) and Boldi V Flame Arcade (Flame x Epic) at #9 GLPI (from #14, #44 Pro$).

For Pro$, five newly indexed cows invade the Top 10 Pro$ list including the four top spots. In addition to the previously mentioned Nady at #1 Pro$, these breed leading stars include Stantons Bee Something-ET (Supershot x Numero Uno) at #2 Pro$ (#44 GLPI), England- Ammon MT Barbara-ET (Montross x Super) at #3 Pro$ (tied #37 GLPI) and Westcoast Montros Amarula 2793 (Montross x Phoenix) at #4 Pro$ (tied #19 GLPI). Beaucoise Commander Palea (Commander x Beacon) also makes an impressive debut as a newly indexed cow this round taking #7 Pro$ (#26 GLPI). Two other cows not previously mentioned are among the Top 10 Pro$ and both maintain this status from last round. These include Gillette Bombero Mango (Bombero x Mogul) at #5 Pro$ (from #9, tied #72 GLPI) and the former Pro$ leader, Stantons Camaro Emulate-ET (Camaro x Numero Uno), who is pushed down into #8 position (#13 GLPI).

Two other newly indexed cows this round achieve outstanding results as Stantons Great M Caption-ET (Capital Gain x Epic) becomes the new #1 for Milk at 3368 kg and Sunnypoint 2024
Lady D (maternal sister to Lady C at #2 GLPI) takes #1 Conformation at +19.

Among polled cows, Dudoc McCutchen Rancune P*POC (McCutchen x Magna*POC*RDC) ranks highest for GLPI at #16 while Boldi V Over All P*POC (Overtime*POC x Epic) is the highest for Pro$ at #100. For red enthusiasts, Showbiz Brewmaster Swan*RDC remains the highest ranking red carrier cow at #23 GLPI and #53 Pro$ while Lesperron Aikman Sofie Red*RW is the highest ranking red cow at #28 GLPI and tied at #73 Pro$.

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Canadian Holstein Highlights – April 2017 – Two New Number Ones in Town

The LPI and Pro$ lists aren’t immune to the new beginnings that spring brings about. Two newly proven sires take the #1 positions for LPI and Pro$ this April. Comestar Lautrust (Sudan x Comestar Lautamai Man O Man) starts his proven career at #1 LPI and #3 Pro$ (tied #4 Milk, tied #5 Protein). For Pro$, it’s Mr OCD Dragonheart-ET (Epic x Planet) who takes the #1 position and is the highest of 20 Genervations Epic sons newly proven this round. Dragonheart also ranks #4 LPI and #3 Milk in the breed.

Three other sires secure positions among the Top 10 for both LPI and Pro$. Leading out this trio at #5 LPI and #5 Pro$ is newly proven De-Su Mgl Greenway 11396-ET (Mogul son out of Sully Planet Montana-ET), who also is tied for #5 Protein. Following closely behind are household name bulls, namely Mountfield SSI Dcy Mogul-ET (#6 for both LPI and Pro$) and the previous breed leader for both indexes, Mapel Wood Brewmaster, who now occupies #7 for both LPI and Pro$ while maintaining his hold on #1 Fat.

Other sires ranking among the Top 10 LPI this round include Gen-I-Beq Aikman*RDC  (Snowman x AltaBaxter), who moves up to #2 LPI (#20 Pro$) from #4 LPI last round, as well as Val-Bisson Doorman, who ranks #3 LPI and is tied at #2 Conformation (#110 Pro$). In addition  to Lautrust and Braveheart, it is impressive to see three other newly proven sires also enter the Top 10 LPI list this round. At #8 LPI is Gil-Gar Mogul Thoreau-ET (Mogul x Domain, #27 Pro$). Following at #9 and #10 LPI respectively are two bulls carrying the Stantons prefix: Stantons Camaro (#19 Pro$, Epic son out of Stantons Freddie Cameo) and Stantons Capital Gain (#17 Pro$, McCutchen son out of Ms Chassity Obs Claire-ET).

No stranger to the Top 10 Pro$ list, Seagull-Bay Sargeant (Freddie son out of Ammon- Peachey Shauna-ET) climbs to #2 Pro$ from #6 position last December (#2 Milk, #51 LPI). Newly proven Gen-I-Beq Aikosnow*RDC is a full brother to Aikman*RDC who debuts at #4 Pro$ (#14 LPI), #3 Fat and is tied at #2 Protein. This #2 rank for Protein is shared with De-Su 1277 Abacus-ET (Sudan x Super), who lands the #8 Pro$ position (#11 LPI) after receiving his first official proof. The Top 10 Pro$ list is completed by Silverridge Album (Epic son out of Velthuis SG MOM Alicia) at #9 (#13 LPI) and De-Su Gillespy-ET at #10 Pro$ (#23 LPI, 7 Milk).

New #1 Conformation Bull

More than 120 genomic young bulls receive their first official progeny proof this April. Outside of those previously mentioned, there are a few other noteworthy newcomers among the Top 25 for either LPI or Pro$. The highest of these for both indexes is Summerliz Living (Epic son out of Summerliz Man O Man Lausya) at #12 Pro$ and tied at #19 LPI, a position shared with another newly proven sire, De-Su MG Davinci 11288-ET (#36 Pro$, Mogul son out of De-Su 199-ET by Watson). Lepacha Manoa, who is an Epic son out of Val-Bisson M O M Mayanne with the same grand-dam as Doorman, enters the scene at #22 LPI and #65 Pro$. Ranking at #22 Pro$ (#82 LPI) is the newly proven Ro-Co AltaEiffel-ET (Snowman x Planet). Although just shy of making the list of Top 25 LPI sires, with his arrival in #26 position (#109 Pro$), Croteau Lesperron Unix (Numero Uno son out of Regan-ALH Domain Daya-ET) draws particular attention this round as he becomes the new breed leader at #1 Conformation with +17.

Three “Camaro” Daughters Achieve Top 10 Status for Both GLPI and Pro$

Similar to the top lists for bulls, a wave of newly indexed cows sweep the highest positions for GLPI and Pro$. In the spotlight for GLPI this round are newcomers Brabantdale Flame Veracious, who is a daughter of Vieuxsaule Flame that takes #1 GLPI spot (#4 Pro$, tied #6 Fat), and Ri-Val-Re Main Electra-ET, a daughter of Stantons Capital Gain, that arrives two LPI points back and grabs #2 spot for both GLPI and Pro$. The new breed leader at #1 Pro$ is Stantons Camaro Emulate-ET (#3 GLPI), who is the highest of three Stantons Camaro daughters that reach the Top 10 list for both GLPI and Pro$. The two others are the newcomer, Stantons Crimson-ET, at #3 Pro$ and #4 GLPI as well as the former #2 GLPI cow, Stantons Camaro Contact-ET, who now takes #5 GLPI and is tied at #10 Pro$ this round. Two more  newly indexed cows with impressive starts are Stantons Crazy 4 Camaro-ET, who is Crimson’s full sister that debuts at #7 GLPI, #19 Pro$ and #4 Fat, as well as Claynook Colita Bombero at #8 GLPI and tied at #10 Pro$.

The previously indexed Gillette Flame Melimelo maintains a stable GLPI but is forced down the list from #6 from #3 position (#81 Pro$) due to the influx of high ranking newly indexed cows this round. Finishing up the Top 10 GLPI are two granddaughters of Calbrett Planet Eve, both sired by Doorman and tied at #9 GLPI, namely Silverridge V Doorman Erupt (#120 Pro$) and Silverridge V Doorman Ensure (#93 Pro$).

For the Top 10 Pro$ this round, the list includes the former leader, Gillette Mogul Carrel, now  at #4 Pro$ (#13 GLPI) as well as Gillette SGO Mogul Merrill, who maintains her rank of #6 Pro$  and takes #15 GLPI. Stantons Gain Tejada, daughter of Stantons Capital Gain, takes a huge leap up the list from #67 to #7 Pro$ this April and also takes #28 GLPI. Finally, two other newly indexed cows make their mark by achieving Top 10 Pro$ status, namely Stantons Junior Event- ET (Main Event x Mogul) at #8 Pro$ (#15 GLPI) and Gillette Bombero Mango at #9 Pro$ (Bombero x Mogul, #70 GLPI).

Lesperron Aikman Sofia Red (Aikman*RDC x Dempsey) creates interest as a newly indexed cow this round that becomes the highest ranking R&W cow for both national indexes, taking #24 GLPI and #36 Pro$. Similarly, another newly indexed cow, IHG Mardi Sens 9017-ET*RDC  (Mardi Gras x Ladd P-Red), makes her mark as the highest ranking polled red carrier with 3130 GLPI and 2121 Pro$.

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Canadian Holstein Highlights – December 2016

The December 2016 release includes the introduction of Metabolic Disease Resistance (MDR) evaluations for the Holstein, Ayrshire and Jersey breeds. In addition, new genetic parameters have been introduced for the fertility and calving traits and the formula for the Daughter Fertility index has been modified. These enhancements will result in somewhat more changes this round for the Daughter Fertility (DF), Calving Ability (CA) and Daughter Calving Ability (DCA) indexes.

First Proven “Epic” Sons Join Top Ranks for LPI and Pro$

Mapel Wood Brewmaster excels for many things, perhaps most of all for consistency as a #1 bull. This December, Brewmaster once again tops both the LPI and Pro$ lists while remaining breed leader at #1 Fat by a considerable margin. Mountfield SSI Dcy Mogul-ET also remains very strong for both indexes at #2 Pro$ and #3 LPI (#7 Fat) and Roylane Boxer Punch 4311-ET climbs the ranks from last round to now be tied at #8 Pro$ and reach #10 LPI. The big news this round, however, is the outstanding success of the first sons of Genervations Epic proven in Canada. In particular, Genervations Big Kahuna (out of Wiamy Kyana Bolton) hits the proven scene at #3 Pro$ and #5 LPI while Boldi VSG AirIntake (out of Velthuis SG MOM Alesia) debuts at #7 LPI and #20 Pro$ and Silverridge Album (out of Velthuis SG MOM Alicia, full sister to Alesia) arrives at #13 Pro$ and #20 LPI. Another impressive newly proven sire this round is Vieuxsaule Flame-ET (Numero Uno son out of Vieuxsaule Freddie Felicia), who lands at #8 LPI and #56 Pro$.

After adding over 700 daughters to his production proof, Val-Bisson Doorman gains over 140 LPI points, which bumps him from #9 to take the #2 LPI position (#79 Pro$) and he also maintains his status as the breed leader at #1 Conformation with +18. Another bull with a similar increase in LPI points, partially due to gains for all major type traits, is Gen-I-Beq Aikman*RDC, therefore jumping from #16 to #4 LPI (#25 Pro$, tied #9 Fat). Rounding out the Top 10 LPI list are Amighetti Numero Uno ET, up from #13 to #6 LPI (#46 Pro$) and AJDH AltaAgency at #9 LPI (#22 Pro$).

Many names familiar to the Top 10 Pro$ appear among this elite group again this December. De-Su AltaGilcrest moves up in rank securing the #4 Pro$ position (#34 LPI, tied #5 Protein), now ahead of Apina AltaEmbassy at #5 Pro$ (#57 LPI). Seagull-Bay Sargeant-ET remains stable and takes #6 Pro$ (#39 LPI, #3 Milk) and is still followed by Minnigan-Hills Day-ET, now at #7 Pro$ (#17 LPI). The Top 10 Pro$ list is completed by De-Su AltaMelhor-ET, who shares #8 position (#19 LPI) and De-Su Gillespy-ET at #10 Pro$ (#21 LPI, #7 Milk).

Variety of Sires of Sons Represented Among Newly Proven Sires

With more than 100 genomic young bulls receiving their first official proof, that are sons from over 25 different sires, this release reflects wide pedigree diversity. Outside of those previously mentioned, which include the three highest newly proven sires for either LPI or Pro$, there are six others of mention for ranking within the Top 40 for either LPI or Pro$. The highest of this group is De-Su 11236 Balisto-ET (Bookem x Watson) at #18 LPI and #24 Pro$ while becoming the new #1 for Protein. Another bull balanced for both indexes is S-S-I Mogul Medway-ET (Mogul x G W Atwood) at #34 Pro$ and #35 LPI, who also takes #2 for Fat. Two newcomers
ranking higher for LPI compared to Pro$ include Champion AltaBookel (Bookem x Man-O-Man) at #30 LPI (#61 Pro$) and Boldi V S G Anton at #36 LPI (tied #94 Pro$, full brother to AirIntake). On the flip side, two new arrivals of interest to Pro$ enthusiasts include another Epic son, Genervations Merger (out of Genervations MOM Lola), at #29 Pro$ (#75 LPI) and Ste Odile Silex (one of the first proven sons of Sudan, dam is Ste Odile Manoman Model Saphir) at #37 Pro$ (#62 LPI).

Four Newly Indexed Cows Penetrate the Top 10 Lists for GLPI and Pro$

Gillette Mogul Carrel manages to fend off the strong competition of an elite group of newly indexed cows this round and achieves the incredible by taking over #1 for both GLPI and Pro$ (tied #9 Fat). Two of these newly indexed cows make an impressive debut as Stantons Camaro Contact-ET takes #2 GLPI and #3 Pro$ while Stantons Camaro Abelynne takes #4 GLPI and shares #7 Pro$. The two other new cows that enter the Top 10 GLPI are Gillette Flame Melimelo (dam is Gillette SCO Mogul Mellow) at #3 GLPI (#41 Pro$) and Croteau Balisto Dazzle (dam is Lesperron Uno Dazz), who is tied at #6 GLPI (#82 Pro$). New Top 10 arrivals ranking high for Pro$ include Stantons Camaro Asyndria at #5 Pro$ (#91 GLPI), who is a full sister to Abelynne (dam is Jolicap Esmeralda Shamrock), and Boldi V Davinci Arianne at #10 Pro$ and #16 GLPI (dam is maternal sister to AirIntake and Anton).

Five other cows complete the Top 10 GLPI list including Stantons Camaro Crystal-ET (full sister to Contact) at #5 GLPI and #15 Pro$, Silverridge V Doorman Ensure (tied #6 GLPI, #85 Pro$), Snowbiz Brewmaster Swan*RDC (#8 GLPI, #17 Pro$), Stantons McCutchen 1174 Agree (#9 GLPI, #54 Pro$) and Silverridge V Doorman Erupt at #10 GLPI (#114 Pro$). Turning to the Top 10 Pro$ list, immediately following Gillette Mogel Carrel is Gillette Epic Jingle (Epic x Shottle) at #2 Pro$ (#71 GLPI). Taking #4 Pro$ is Geranette Alpha Mayflwr Melia (#27 GLPI) while Gillette SGO Mogul Merrill occupies #6 Pro$ this round and #19 GLPI. Two cows complete the Top 10 Pro$ list with Ri-Val-Re Num Uno Bee-ET sharing #7 Pro$ (#36 GLPI) and Silverridge Epic Comet taking the #9 Pro$ position (#21 GLPI).

Also of interest is the arrival of three newly indexed cows this round that end up in a three-way tie at #1 Conformation with +19. These include Dupotier Doorman Diademe, who is also tied at #14 GLPI, Brenland Doorman Desirable, who ranks #20 GLPI and J-A-Telford Atwood Amber.

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Canadian – August 2016 Genetic Evaluations Highlights

Brewmaster: Master of LPI, Pro$ and Fat

Since first proven in April 2015, Mapel Wood Brewmaster has led the breed for both LPI and Fat. He adds to his list of credentials as an elite sire by regaining the #1 position for Pro$ this round. Four other bulls rank among the Top 10 for both LPI and Pro$, including two sires that took a nice jump up in rank for LPI. Mountfield SSI Dcy Mogul-ET (#8 Pro$) and AJDH AltaAgency (#9 Pro$) are the new #2 and #3 bulls for LPI, previously ranking #8 and #10, respectively. Minnigan-Hills Day-ET (#5 LPI, #6 Pro$) and OCD Stargazer-ET (#6 LPI, #4 Pro$) also hold  onto positions among the Top 10 for both national indexes.

After each adding hundreds of new daughters since April for both production and type, Coyne- Farms Dorcy-ET (#4 LPI, #17 Pro$) and De-Su Bkm McCutchen 1174-ET (#7 LPI, #83 Pro$) manage to penetrate the Top 10 LPI list this round. Dymentholm S Sympatico also remains among the Top 10 LPI (#6 LPI, #13 Pro$) along with Val-Bisson Doorman (#9 LPI, #174 Pro$) and Chartoise Smurf (#10 LPI, #12 Pro$), who drops from #1 LPI position last round but remains among the elite Top 10 group.

Looking at the Top 10 Pro$ list, following Brewmaster’s lead is newcomer Sully Munition-ET (Robust x Sully Planet Manitoba-ET) at #2 Pro$ (tied #10 Protein, #21 LPI), who also sires three of the Top 10 cows for Pro$. Apina AltaEmbassy (#3 Pro$, tied #80 LPI) and Seagull-Bay Sargeant-ET (#5 Pro$, #44 LPI) move up in rank for Pro$, allowing them to maintain positions among the Top 10 for this index. The second highest newly proven sire this round is De-Su AltaGilcrest-ET (AltaGreatest x Goldwyn), who debuts at #7 Pro$ and #4 Protein (tied #49 LPI), while Cangen Pinkman stays strong, now at #10 Pro$ and #11 LPI.

Interesting Arrivals Among Breed Leaders for LPI and Pro$

In total, 115 genomic young sires receive their first official progeny proof this August, including four sets of identical brothers. The highest newly proven bull for LPI is Sully McCord 269-ET grabbing #12 position (#15 Pro$), who is sired by Ladys-Manor RD Grafeeti-ET and is  a maternal brother to Munition as the highest newcomer for Pro$ in #2 spot (#21 LPI). A pair of identical brothers are the second highest newcomers for LPI as Gillette Mr Johnson and Gillette January (Snowman sons out of Gillette Goldwyn Jenny) share #17 LPI (#35 Pro$). Roylane Socra Robust ET sires three of the newly proven bulls ranked within the Top 40 LPI, despite not yet having an official proof himself. These include the aforementioned Sully Munition-ET (#21)  as well as De-Su RB Montreal 11043-ET at #26 LPI (#85 Pro$, dam is Sully Planet Montana-ET) and Co-Op Cabriolet-ET at #38 LPI (#41 Pro$, dam is Co-Op Planet Classy-ET). Alna Sevenday makes his debut at #29 LPI and #33 Pro$, making him the highest ranking son of Gerard (dam  is Gen-I-Beq Bolton Season.

In addition to Munition and AltaGilcrest as the highest ranking new arrivals for Pro$, nine other bulls achieve progeny proven status among the Top 35 rankings for Pro$. OCD Snowman Downtown-ET (Snowman x Planet) has an impressive start at #14 Pro$, #2 Protein and #5 Milk (#40 LPI) and is immediately followed by Sully McCord 269-ET at #15 Pro$ (#12 LPI). Taking

#23 Pro$ is Gen-Com Blizzard (Snowman x Shottle, #56 LPI), with two Freddie sons not far behind as Morningview Marcelon CRI-ET and Verkis Chevrolet debut at #28 and #31 Pro$, respectively. Other new arrivals among the Top 35 Pro$ are OConnors Busch (AltaIota out of Gen-I-Beq Shottle Bombi) at #32 Pro$ (#37 LPI) as well as the twins, Gillette Mr Johnson and Gillette January at #35 Pro$ (#17 LPI). A final noteworthy newcomer is Broeks Danton-ET (Snowman x Toystory), who becomes the new #1 Milk bull in the breed.

Three Newly Indexed Cows Enter Top 10 Rankings with Highest New LPI being Polled

The list of Top 10 cows for GLPI and Pro$ both include three new additions, including the polled, Dudoc McCutchen Rancune P (dam is Dudoc Magna Requiem P) who debuts tied at #4 GLPI alongside View-Home McC Found-ET. The next highest newly indexed cows for GLPI are Silverridge V McCut Entranced (McCutchen x Velthuis SG Snow Evening) and Stantons Camaro Crystal-ET (dam is Rockymountain Uno Cheyanne), who rank #6 and #7 GLPI, respectively. Stantons McCutchen 1174 Agree (dam is Stantons Observer Extreme) recaptures the #1 GLPI status she held a year ago, just five points ahead of Gillette Mogul Carrel (dam is Gillette Iota Carmen), who gains 109 points and climbs from #11 to #2 GLPI (tied #9 Fat). Although Snowbiz Brewmaster Swan*RDC experiences little change this round she is forced out of her previous #1 position into #3 GLPI spot. The Top 10 GLPI list is completed by Silverridge V McCut Elicia staying firm in #8 spot, Stantons Mogul Evaporater at #9 (up from #29 last round) and Elicia’s maternal sister, Silverridge V Munition Earwig in #10 GLPI (#8 Milk).

When looking at Pro$, however, it is Silverridge V Munition Earwig that maintains her position as breed leader in #1 position and it’s her full sister, Silverridge V Munition Evalyn, that now occupies #2 Pro$ (tied #9 Protein, #12 GLPI) making her the highest newly indexed cow for  Pro$ this round. The two other newly indexed cows that penetrate the Top 10 Pro$ list are Ste Odile Munition Elsa at #6 Pro$ (#44 GLPI, dam is Ste Odile Snowman Mod Emeraude) and Stantons Anton Classic at #8 Pro$ (#29 GLPI), who is one of 15 daughters of Stantons Freddie Cameo among the Top 1000 cows for Pro$ this round. Gillette Epic Jingle, Ri-Val-Re Num Uno Bee-ET and Gillette Mogul Carrel take positions 5 to 7 for Pro$ this round, in that order. The Top 10 Pro$ list is completed by Bofran Brewmaster Faby, staying firm in #7 position (tied #7 Fat), as well as Silverrridge Epic Comet (#9) and Woodcrest Mogul Anna-ET at #10 Pro$, up from #16 position.

Two other newly indexed cows the become chart toppers are Bluenose Dorcey Detroit (Dorcy x Planet), who reaches #2 Milk this round and Ulmar Doorman Elmie, who becomes tied at #2 Conformation with +18.

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Canadian Holstein Highlights – April 2016

Brewmaster is Edged Out by Smurf at #1 Pro$ and Doorman Debuts at #2 LPI

Highly anticipated Val-Bisson Doorman starts his career as a proven sire in Canada at #2 LPI. For the first time since the release of Pro$ in August 2015, only five of the sires among the Top 10 lists for LPI and Pro$ are in common. What’s more, Doorman, the #2 bull for LPI, ranks #107 for Pro$. How is this possible? Beside the fact that LPI and Pro$ emphasize different traits, the correlation between LPI and Pro$ is 96%. While this seems high for a correlation between indexes, it can lead to substantial re-ranking among sires that are at the very high end. This may seem more noticeable in April compared to past proof releases simply because such a high profile sire like Doorman ranks so differently for the two national indexes.

Continuing his #1 reign for LPI but falling to #2 for Pro$ is Mapel Wood Brewmaster (#1 Fat) followed in rank by the aforementioned Doorman who becomes the new #1 Conformation bull at +19. Chartoise Smurf (#2 Protein) steals the #1 position on the Pro$ list from Brewmaster this round and also ranks well for LPI in #3 spot. No strangers to the Top 10 for either index, Minnigan-Hills Day-ET and OCD Stargazer-ET take spots #4 and #5 for LPI and #5 and #3 for Pro$, respectively. Dymentholm S Sympatico jumps from #25 LPI to land tied at #6 this round as well as #10 Pro$, and is the fifth and final bull to rank among the Top 10 for both indexes.

Rosylane-LLC AltaLeo-ET (tied #6 LPI, #12 Pro$), Mountfield SSI Dcy Mogul-ET (#8 LPI from #16 last round, #13 Pro$) and Amighetti Numero Uno ET (#9 LPI, #28 Pro$) all rank among the new Top 10 LPI. The second highest newly proven bull for both LPI and Pro$, is AJDH AltaAgency (Dorcy x Shottle) taking #10 LPI and #11 Pro$ this April.

The highest newly proven bull for Pro$ is awarded to Apina AltaEmbassy (Freddie x Planet), who ranks #4 Pro$ (#70 LPI). Sandy-Valley Saloon-ET adds nearly 250 daughters to his production proof and 300 classified daughters and, as a result, he increases from #12 to #6 Pro$ (#11 LPI) and becomes the new #1 for Protein. Cangen Pinkman is next in line at #7 Pro$ (#12 LPI), followed by maternal brothers out of Ammon-Peachy Shauna-ET, Seagull-Bay Sargeant-ET (#8 Pro$, #28 LPI) and Seagull-Bay Supersire-ET (#9 Pro$, #27 LPI).

New Breed Leaders for Milk, Conformation and an Abundance of other New Releases

Two newly proven identical brothers become the new breed leaders tied at #1 Milk (#28 Pro$, #45 LPI and #6 Protein). Comestar Lauman and Comestar Lausmart are Snowman sons out of Comestar Lautama Goldwyn. Since identical twins have the exact same DNA profile, these bulls share the same genetic evaluation. The top list for Conformation also sees two newly proven bulls take the top two positions. As previously mentioned, Doorman is the new #1 bull for Conformation at +19 and JK Eder-I Control (Snowman x Bolton, tied at #19 LPI) is the new #2 bull for Conformation at +18. These bulls bump Lirr Drew Dempsey down to #3 Conformation after a solid run at #1 spot.

This April, a total of 123 young sires graduate to proven status and 16 bulls initially proven outside of Canada receive their first official domestic LPI and Pro$. Impressively, 33 of the Top 100 LPI and 28 of the Top 100 Pro$ are newly proven bulls! Other newly proven sires who rank among the Top 25 LPI include: Gen-I-Beq Aikman (Snowman x Baxter, #14 LPI, tied #4 Fat), Sandy-Valley Mr Miami-ET (Bookem x Bolton, #16 LPI) and the aforementioned JK Eder-I Control who is tied with Gillette Jeep (Windbrook x Shottle) at #19 LPI. Other newly proven sires who rank among the Top 25 for Pro$ include Butz-Butler Shotglass-ET (Snowman x Shottle) at #21 Pro$ and De-Su Robust Madrid 1209-ET (Socrates x Planet) right behind at #22 Pro$.

Cows Ranking Among the Top 10 for Both GLPI & Pro$

  • Silverridge V Munition Earwig maintains #1 for Pro$ but drops from her previous top position for GLPI to #4 this round (tied #10 Milk).
  • Snowbiz Brewmaster Swan*RDC is the cow that edges out Earwig, jumping up the list from #4 GLPI to her current #1 position (#5 Pro$, tied #8 Fat ).
  • Silverridge also produces a newly indexed cow that ranks high for both national indexes, namely Silverridge Epic Comet (#4 Pro$ and #10 GLPI), who is an Epic daughter out of JK Eder-I Snowman Cintia (full sister to newly proven Control at #19 LPI).

Newly Indexed Cows

In addition to the previously mentioned Silverridge Epic Comet, five new cows receive their first official index for both GLPI and Pro$ and rank among the Top 10 for either national index. These include three cows carrying the “Gillette” prefix as well as two carrying the “View-Home” prefix.

  • Gillette Epic Jingle (Epic x Shottle) is the highest newly indexed cow for Pro$ in #2 position while Gillette Mogul Carrel (Mogul x AltaIota) debuts at #9 Pro$. Gillette Sleep All Day (Day x Beacon) debuts on the Top GLPI list in #7 spot.
  •  View-Home Drman Wisconsin-ET (Doorman x Robust) and View-Home McC Found-ET(McCutchen x Robust) rank #6 and #9 for GLPI, respectively.

Other Noteworthy Chart Toppers

  • Moving positions but remaining in the Top 10 for GLPI include: Stantons Mccutcheon 1174 Agree (#2 GLPI), Silverridge V Doorman Ensure (#3 GLPI), Stantons Uno Enya (#5 GLPI) and Silverridge V McCut Elicia (#8 GLPI).
  • Changing rank for Pro$ but holding ground in the Top 10 include: Ri-Val-Re Num Uno Bee-ET (#3 Pro$), Stantons Supersire Eleyah (#6 Pro$), Bofran Brewmaster Faby (#7 Pro$, #7 Fat), Stantons Epic Carmel (#8 Pro$) and tied at #10 Pro$, Sully Robust 720-ET and Silverridge V Day Eternal.
  • Alexerin Supersire 1338, daughter of Alexerin OMan 993, is a newly indexed cow this round that lands tied at #2 Protein and at #10 Fat.
  • Walnutlawn Doorman Breanna and Mystique Doorman Cherry are two newly indexed cows this round that are tied amongst the group of seven at #1 Conformation with +18.  The highest ranking genotyped polled cow with an official GLPI is Dudoc Mccutcheon Regret P while the highest for Pro$ is Stantons Oak Bella.

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Canadian Holstein Highlights – December 2015 – Brewmaster Still Leads with Pressure from Impressive Newcomers!

Securing the #1 position for LPI and Pro$ for the second round in a row is Mapel Wood Brewmaster (Garrett x Shottle) with the exact same LPI of 3199 and a Pro$ change of only $67. Brewmaster also maintains his dominance as the #1 bull in the breed for Fat while the breed welcomes several impressive newly proven sires. Ranking #4 for both national indexes, and highest newcomer, is Chartroise Smurf (#9 Milk, tied #9 Protein), who is among the first group of Snowman sons proven in Canada and out of Chartroise- I Planet Safron. A second newly proven sire that penetrates the Top 10 list for both LPI (tied #7) and Pro$ (#8) is Roylane Boxer Punch 4311-ET, who is a Boxer son out of the prolific Seagull-Bay OMan Mirror-ET and is therefore a maternal brother to Roylane Socra Robust-ET. Five other sires rank among the Top 10 for both LPI and Pro$. These include the full brother Freddie sons out of the well-known Ammon-Peachy Shauna-ET, namely Seagull-Bay Shaw-ET (#2 Pro$, #9 LPI, #1 Milk, #1 Protein) and Seagull-Bay Sargeant-ET (#3 Pro$, #10 LPI, #5 Milk). After adding over 130 daughters to his production proof and 120 classified daughters, Minnigan-Hills Day-ET (Super x Bolton) takes a significant jump up for both LPI and Pro$, now ranking #5 (from #27) and #10 (from #30), respectively. OCD Stargazer-ET (Super x Elegant, #6 LPI, #6 Pro$, #4 Milk) and Rosylane-LLC AltaLeo-ET (AltaMeteor x Nifty, tied #7 LPI, #9 Pro$) complete the list bulls ranking in the Top 10 for both national indexes.

Two sires that excel for LPI this round are De-Su McCutchen 1174-ET (Bookem son out of Sully Shottle May-TW) in #2 position (#19 Pro$), and Amighetti Numero Uno ET at #3 LPI (Man-O-Man x Shottle, #11 Pro$). From the other perspective, two sires perform stronger for Pro$ than LPI, including Cangen Pinkman at #4 Pro$ (Super x Baxter, #11 LPI) and the highly anticipated newly proven sire Seagull-Bay Supersire-ET at #7 Pro$ (#21 LPI, tied #6 Protein, #9 Fat), who is a Robust son and maternal brother to Shaw and Sargeant. Among the breed leaders in August, Mountfield SSI Dcy Mogul-ET loses ground and slips from #3 for both LPI and Pro$ to land in #20 and #16 spot this round, respectively.

Other newly proven bulls this round that reach Top 25 status for LPI or Pro$ include Sandy-Valley Saloon-ET at #12 LPI (AltaIota x Planet, #23 Pro$, #3 Protein), De-Su AltaLaker-ET at #13 LPI and #13 Pro$ (Bowser x Planet), Willem’s Hoeve W-H Rup at #12 Pro$ (Super x Goldwyn, #34 LPI), Wargo-Acres Merritte-ET at #17 LPI (Bookem x Bolton, #76 Pro$), Velthuis Alpine at #24 LPI (Snowman x Planet, #46 Pro$) and Dymentholm S Sympatico at #25 LPI (Snowman x Planet, #40 Pro$). This brings a total of eight newly proven bulls entering the Top 25 for LPI and six entering the Top 25 for Pro$.

Newly Indexed Cows from “Silverridge” Prefix Top Charts

Silverridge V Munition Earwig is the highest newly indexed cow, impressively claiming the #1 spot for both GLPI and Pro$ (#9 Milk). Five other cows rank among the Top 10 for GLPI and Pro$ this round. These include newly indexed red-carrier Snowbiz Uno Enya at #6 for both indexes, Ri-Val-Re Num Uno Bee-ET (newly indexed) at #2 Pro$ and #7 GLPI, Sully Numero Uno Maribel-ET (#7 GLPI, #8 Pro$) and Bofran Brewmaster Fab (#3 Pro$, #9 GLPI, #5 Fat).

Two other cows carrying the Silverridge prefix land in the Top 10 for GLPI after attaining official status this round. Silverridge V Doorman Ensure ranks #2 for GLPI (#22 Pro$, tied #8 Conformation), making her the highest GLPI daughter of Val-Bisson Doorman (#2 MACE LPI), while Silverridge V McCut Elicia ranks #5 for GLPI (#29 Pro$, tied #8 Conformation). Ensure, Elicia and the previously mentioned double chart-topper, Earwig, trace back to a common maternal grand dam, Calbrett Planet Eve. At #3 GLPI this round is the previous #1 cow, Stantons McCutchen 1174 Agree, who ranks #13 Pro$. Rounding out this illustrious group for GLPI is the well-known Ste Odile Manoman Model Saphir, who falls from #3 to #9 GLPI (#27 Pro$).

Four cows not yet mentioned rank among the Top 10 Pro$ this round. At #5 Pro$ is Sully Robust 720-ET (#12 GLPI), who is a maternal sister to Maribel (#7 GLPI, #8 Pro$). Newly indexed this round, Stantons Supersire Eleyah, takes #8 Pro$ and is tied at #9 Protein, while her herdmate, Stantons Epic Caramel, follows being tied at #9 Pro$ with another newly indexed cow, Monbriant Shaw Genes (#24 GLPI, tied #6 Protein). Also noteworthy is newly indexed Dudoc McCutchen Regret P, who is the highest ranking polled cow for GLPI tied in #66 position.

Canadian Reports and Lists

Source: CDN

Canadian Holstein Highlights – August 2015

Cheers to Pro$, an updated LPI and to “Brewmaster” topping them both!

For the first time, Canadian producers will be able to use one of two national indexes, each tailored to different goals, to help make their selection decisions. The updated LPI (Lifetime Performance index) was designed to produce a balanced response for Production, Durability and Health & Fertility, with weights of 40%, 40% and 20% on these components, respectively. The new selection index, Pro$, is a tool designed for herds with a main goal of profit from milk sales. Pro$ maximizes genetic response for profitability over several lactations, leading to realized daughter profit on farm. Some bulls will be in common among the top lists for each index, while others may rank better for one index than the other. Of the Top 10 bulls for LPI and the Top 10 for Pro$, there are six in common for this first release of Pro$.

This August, not only does Mapel Wood Brewmaster (Garret son out of Gen-I-Beq Shottle Bombi) hang onto his #1 position for LPI, he also tops the chart for Pro$ and maintains #1 Fat. Two other bulls that rank extremely well for both LPI and Pro$ are Mountfield SSI Dcy Mogul (Dorcy x Marsh) and Amighetti Numero Uno ET (Man-O-Man x Shottle). Both of these bulls tripled the number of classified daughters in their type proofs, and as a result, their Conformation proofs increased significantly since April. Mogul took a jump up four points for Conformation to +12 and takes the #3 position for both LPI and Pro$. Numero Uno gained over 250 LPI points since April, now ranking him #2 for LPI (#4 Pro$). Receiving his first official proof this round as the highest young sire graduate for Pro$ at #2, Seagull-Bay Sargeant-ET (Freddie son out of Ammon-Peachey Shauna-ET, by Planet) also ranks very well for LPI in #6 position (#3 Milk, tied #4 Protein). The final two bulls that rank among the Top 10 for both indexes are De-Su Gillespy-ET (Bolton x Shottle, #6 Pro$, #8 LPI) and De-Su Bkm McCutchen 1174-ET (among the first two Bookem sons proven in Canada, dam is Sully Shottle May-TW), who is the highest newly proven sire for LPI this round at #4, the third highest newcomer for Pro$ in #10 spot and is tied at #7  conformation with +15.

Marbri Facebook (Man-O-Man x Airraid, #5 LPI, #11 Pro$), Pellerat Planet Lego (Planet x Goldwyn, #7 LPI, tied #21 Pro$), OCD Stargazer (Super x Elegant, #9 LPI, tied #13 Pro$) and Sildahl Jett Air-ET (AltaBaxter x BW Marshall, #10 LPI, #18 Pro$) are the remaining sires among the Top 10 LPI this round. Seagull-Bay Shaw-ET (Freddie x Planet, full brother to Sargeant), debuts with his first official proof at #5 Pro$ (#16 LPI, tied #1 Milk, #2 Protein) making him the second highest newcomer for Pro$. Familiar names among the Top 10 for Pro$ include Badger-Bluff Fanny Freddie (O Man x Die Hard, #7 Pro$, tied #42 LPI), Cangen Pinkman (Super x AltaBaxter, #8 Pro$, #19 LPI) and Mainstream Manifold (O Man x BW Marshall, #9 Pro$, #41 LPI). Manifold now has over 8000 daughters in his production proof – more than double the number of daughters of all the other Top 10 Pro$ sires combined!

Dulet Kingdom (AltaIota x Bonair, #13 LPI), Sully Hart Meridian-ET (Domain x Planet, #18 LPI), and Rosy-Lane AltaLeo-ET (AltaMeteor x Nifty, #25 LPI) all fare well on the top list for LPI as newcomers this August. Likewise, De-Su Freddie Denim 646-ET (Freddie x Wizard, #17 Pro$), Stantons Pilgrim (Freddie x Shottle, tied #21 Pro$) and again, Rosy-Lane AltaLeo (tied #21 Pro$), graduate with their first official proof among the Top 25 for Pro$. In general, among the 126 sires to first achieve official proof status this round, 27 land among the Top 100 LPI while 30 penetrate the Top 100 Pro$ list this round.

“Stantons” Cows Lead both GLPI and Pro$ Lists

Impressively, the Top 10 lists for both GLPI and Pro$ are headed by two different cows carrying the “Stantons” prefix. Stantons McCutchen 1174 Agree (dam is Stantons Observer Extreme) comes in at #1 GLPI, making her the highest newly index cow for GLPI this round, and she also debuts at #4 Pro$. Stantons Uno Enya takes the honour of being the first #1 Pro$ cow (dam is Stantons Super Elda), who also takes a big jump up the GLPI list from #24 to #2 position. Two other cows rank among the Top 10 for both GLPI and Pro$ this round, namely Velthuis Supersonic Alyssa (tied for #5 Pro$, tied for #9 GLPI) and Bofran Brewmaster Faby who receives her first official index and takes #9 spot for both GLPI and Pro$.

When looking at the breed leaders of GLPI, Ste Odile Manoman Model Saphir is forced into #3 GLPI position (#30 Pro$) after holding on tight at #1 GLPI for an amazing five consecutive rounds. Snowbiz N Uno Lena (first daughter of Freurehaven FGS Lucy) and Rockymountain Uno Cheyanne (dam is Larcrest Chevelle-ET) each receive their first official indexes this round with an impressive start at #4 (#11 Pro$) and #8 GLPI (#24 Pro$), respectively. Other veteran cows among Top 10 GLPI that maintain this elite status include Maryclerc Snowman Crystal (#5 GLPI, tied #12 Pro$, dam is R-Z Baxter Caramel-ET), Velthuis S G Snow Evening (#6 GLPI, #16 Pro$, dam is Calbrett Planet Eve) and Sully Numero Uno Maribel-ET at #7 GLPI (#21 Pro$), who is a maternal sister to newly proven Sully Hart Meridian-ET at #18 LPI (dam is Sully Planet Manitoba-ET).

For the Top 10 Pro$ list, following Stantons Uno Enya at #1 is Sully Robust 720-ET in #2 spot, who is maternal sister to Maribel and Meridian mentioned above. A maternal sister to Enya, namely Stantons Supersire Envelope, is the highest ranking cow for Pro$ among those reaching official status this round, arriving in #3 position. In addition to Stantons Supersire Envelope and the previously mentioned cows, Stantons McCutchen 1174 Agree (#4 Pro$) and Bofran Brewmaster Faby (#9 Pro$), three other newly indexed cows this round infiltrate the Top 10 Pro$ list, including Silverridge Supersire Elated (tied #5 Pro$), Stantons Mogul Eloise (#7 Pro$, maternal sister to Enya and Envelope), Alexerin Supersire 1343 (#8 Pro$, dam is Alexerin OMan 993), while Snowbiz N Uno Lena (#4 GLPI) just misses the cut at #11 Pro$. The Top 10 Pro$ list is rounded out by a fifth cow with the “Stantons” prefix, namely Stantons Epic Caramel at #10 Pro$ (dam is Stantons Freddie Cameo, tied at #12 Pro$).

Also noteworthy are two cows that reach official status this round and become new breed leaders for Milk and Protein. Domicole CVF Seashell is newly indexed this round at #1 Milk with 3179 kg and is a daughter of Sandy-Valley Saloon-ET out of Domicole Baxter Shellane. Also impressive is the arrival of Alexerin Supersire 1334 as the new breed leader for Protein with 99 kg, who is one of several outstanding daughters of Alexerin OMan 993.

Discovering Genetic Anomalies from Genotyping

Genotyping a single animal has direct advantages in terms of providing a genomic evaluation for genetic selection and mating as well as confirming its parentage for herdbook integrity. Accumulating thousands of genotypes for a population of animals in a breed has become an excellent source for identifying various genetic anomalies, which are usually undesirable. Although the discovery of an undesirable gene in a breed is initially viewed negatively, the new knowledge provides an opportunity to monitor the frequency over time and eventually eradicate it from the active population, especially among A.I. sires.

Haplotypes Impacting Fertility

Due to the growth of genotyping in North America since it began in 2008, the Canadian Dairy Network (CDN) database now includes over 800,000 Holstein genotypes and more than a million across all dairy breeds. This extensive database of DNA profiles allows scientists to follow the transmission of short sections of DNA strands, called haplotypes, from parent to progeny across generations. To date, given the number of genotyped animals in each breed, various “Haplotypes Impacting Fertility” have been identified including five in Holsteins (HH1 to
HH5), two in each of Jersey (JH1 and JH2) and Brown Swiss (BH1 and BH2) and one in Ayrshires (AH1). The impact of these haplotypes in each breed, which generally cause early embryonic death, depends on the frequency of the associated gene in the population and especially the percentage of active A.I. sires that are carriers. Any negative impact of these genetic anomalies can be eliminated by avoiding the mating of carrier sires to carrier heifers and cows, which is best achieved using computerised mating programs offered by A.I.

New Holstein Haplotype Discovered

Very recently, a group of research scientists in Germany discovered a new haplotype in the Holstein breed. Unlike the previously found “Haplotypes Impacting Fertility”, this particular genetic anomaly was found to be associated with calf survival in the first months of life. For calves that inherited the undesirable gene from both parents, it was found that they had an increased incidence of chronic/prolonged diarrhea that was untreatable, as well as other illnesses. Examination of blood samples from affected calves showed a cholesterol deficiency that prevented the normal deposition of fat in body tissues. Over the course of months after birth, the affected calves lost all body reserves and it appears that all eventually died.

In an attempt to identify the specific gene responsible for this newly identified genetic anomaly, the German scientists were successful in showing the inheritance pattern and the gene location being on chromosome 11. While the specific gene has not yet been located, a short series of SNPs, referred to as a haplotype, has been identified that is consistently present in the genotypes of carrier animals. Pedigree analysis of carriers has shown they all trace back to Maughlin Storm, born in 1991, as the oldest common genotyped sire. The popularity of Storm, as well as several of his outstanding sons and grandsons that are carriers, eventually spread the associated gene to many Holstein populations globally, which explains this discovery in Germany. Since the negative impact of this genetic anomaly, namely early calf death, only happens for calves that inherit the gene from both parents (i.e.: two descendants of Storm mated together), it takes multiple generations of breeding to discover.

A Complicating Factor

Unfortunately, without having an exact gene test for this genetic anomaly, determining the carrier status can be complicated for some animals. The haplotype identified in Storm and his carrier descendants also exists in Willowholme Mark Anthony (born in 1975) but he does not carry the specific undesirable gene. The presence of the common haplotype stems from the fact that Mark Anthony’s sire, Fairlea Royal Mark, is also the great maternal grandsire of Storm. It appears that somewhere in the transmission of genes from Fairlea Royal Mark down through the three generations to Storm a form of mutation occurred that caused this genetic anomaly. Without knowing the exact gene, the only tool available for identifying carriers is by using the defined haplotype. This means, however, that animals with both Storm and Mark Anthony in their pedigree may have the defined haplotype but could be falsely identified as a carrier of the responsible gene. Table 1 provides a list of the A.I. sires that are known carriers of this undesirable gene and have more that 5,000 registered daughters born in Canada to date. An animal with any of these sires in its pedigree may also be a carrier and genotyping such animals will help to clarify the carrier status.

Table 1: HCD Carrier Sires with over 5,000 Registered Daughters Born in Canada

Relationship to Maughlin Storm (HOCANM5457798)



Great Grandsons
















* Dudoc Mr Burns carries the haplotype with the undesirable gene from Storm as well as the haplotype sourced through Mark Anthony. Therefore, genotyping his progeny will not lead to conclusive results about the carrier status of the undesirable gene.

Carrier Probability Values

Since the initial discovery of the first “Haplotypes Impacting Fertility” CDN has been calculating and publishing “Carrier Probability” values for every animal in the CDN database. Regardless of the breed, the haplotype Carrier Probability values are displayed on the “Pedigree” link from each animal’s “Genetic Evaluation Summary” page on the CDN web site ( A displayed probability of 99% identifies animals that are expected to be “Carrier” while a value of 1% indicates they have been identified as “Free” based on the haplotype analysis. Animals not genotyped receive an estimated Carrier Probability that can vary from 99% to 1% depending on the probability values for its parents and other relatives.

In North America, this newly discovered haplotype in Holsteins will be labelled as HCD, meaning “Haplotype associated with Cholesterol Deficiency”. CDN has developed methodology for assigning a Carrier Probability value for HCD based on existing genotypes as well as tracking the source of the undesirable haplotype through pedigree analysis. This strategy allows some genotyped animals that have both Storm and Mark Anthony in their pedigree to be properly identified as “Carrier” or “Free” but for other animals, where this distinction in not possible, a Carrier Probability between 99% and 1% will be published by CDN.


In addition to genomic evaluations and integrity of pedigrees, accumulating thousands of genotypes for a given breed results in the discovery of new genetic anomalies. Scientists in Germany recently discovered a new “Haplotype associated with Cholesterol Deficiency” (i.e.:HCD) in Holsteins, which traces back to Maughlin Storm as the oldest genotyped sire of origin. Without the presence of an exact gene test to identify carriers, the current haplotype analysis can result in some animals being falsely labelled as a carrier if they have both Storm and Willowholme Mark Anthony in their pedigree. The methodology used by CDN to calculate the HCD Carrier Probability values (varying from 99% for “Carrier” to 1% for “Free”), reduces this problem by combining the haplotype test with pedigree analysis. Now that this undesirable anomaly is known, an industry effort can easily be made to reduce the frequency that carrier animals are mated together, thereby lowering the frequency that homozygous calves are born and subsequently die within months. The discovery of this genetic condition also demonstrates the value and importance of producers reporting to DHI the date and reason for every animal leaving the herd, including young calves.

April 2015 Canadian Genetic Evaluation Highlights

Five Newly Proven Sires in the Top 10 LPI, including a New #1!

A large number of newly proven bulls enter the scene this April release. Of the Top 10 bulls for LPI, five are new this round. In addition, an amazing 21 of the Top 50 bulls are newcomers, showcasing the high genetic caliber and quick turnover of chart topping sires in this day and age of genomics. Securing #1 LPI and #1 Fat is newly proven Mapel Wood Brewmaster (Garrett son out of Gen-I-Beq Shottle Bombi). Former #5 LPI, Va-Early-Dawn Sudan CRI-ET (Jammer x Sailor), added over 270 daughters to his production proof since December and increased 184 LPI points, moving him to #2 LPI this round. Marbri Facebook (Man-O-Man x Airraid) also added several hundred daughters to his production proof and, although his LPI remained very stable, he slipped from #1 to #3 LPI. Petherton Density (Man-O-Man x Goldwyn) is the second highest new release bull this April, coming in at #4 LPI, who is followed closely at #5 LPI by the December-proven Pellerat Planet Lego (Planet x Goldwyn). Already proven in the United States, De-Su Fork-ET (Bolton x Shottle) comes in at #6 LPI for his first official Canadian proof. De-Su Gillespy-ET (Bolton x Shottle) only loses 12 LPI points but drops in rank from #2 to #7 LPI this round. Also no stranger to the Top LPI list, Mainstream Manifold (O Man x BW Marshall) added over 650 daughters to his production proof since December and gained 38 LPI points, but slipped to #8 position. Mel-Crest AltaRazor (AltaBaxter x Goldwyn) experienced a similar outcome due to the strength of high ranking new arrivals, moving from #3 to #9 LPI while only changing 8 points. Two other bulls with their first official LPI land tied at #10 LPI, namely Cangen Pinkman, who is one of the first Super sons proven in Canada (dam is KHW-I Aikame Baxter) and Mountfield SSI Dcy Mogul-ET (Dorcy x Marsh), who now progeny proven after being a popular genomic young bull with over 1,100 registered daughters already born in Canada.

A Huge Influx of High Ranking Newly Proven sires

This round sees 112 young sires graduate to proven status as well as a first domestic LPI for 17 sires initially progeny proven outside of Canada. Man-O-Man sired 31 of the newly proven bulls in Canada this round, for a current total of 57 sons averaging 2760 LPI, of which 22 are among the Top 100. Charlesdale Superstition-ET (i.e.: Super) had his first wave of 11 newly proven bulls this April, a notable seven of which are among the Top 100 LPI. Schillview Garrett (O Man x Mtoto) had his first three sons receive official proofs in Canada this April, two of which landed in the Top 100, including the previously mentioned new #1 LPI sire, Mapel Wood Brewmaster. Beyond the five new entrants into the Top 10 LPI mentioned previously, the Top 50 LPI list acquires 16 additional newly proven sires, the highest of which is OCD Stargazer-ET (Super x Elegant) who ranks #12 LPI and is tied for #6 Milk. Red-Oak-DB Baxter Bill-ET (AltaBaxter x O Man) is the next highest newcomer at #14 LPI after already reaching proven status in the United States. Following in line are two highly anticipated genomic young bulls that receive their first official progeny proof this round, namely Misty Springs Supersonic (Super x Shottle) at #16 and Amighetti Numero Uno ET (Man-O-Man x Shottle) at #17 LPI. Three additional newcomers reach the Top 25 LPI list, including Cabon Fernand (#19 LPI, Man-O-Man son out of the wellknown French dam, Danoise, by Bolton), Regancrest Beau-ET (#22 LPI, Man-O-Man x Goldwyn) and Dirt-Road Mano Clemente-ET at #24 LPI (Man-O-Man x Goldwyn).

In terms of active sires that realize a significant drop this round, Regancrest-GV S Bradnick-ET (Sanchez x Shottle) loses 271 LPI points due to decreases for both production and type while Uecker Ramos Jock-ET (Ramos x O Man) drops 244 LPI points mainly due to changes in his production proof. On the up side, Gen-I-Beq Lavaman adds over 400 daughters to his production proof since December and boosts 253 LPI points, catapulting him from #79 to #15 LPI this April. Another bull to experience a large change upwards while adding several hundred daughters is Siemers Toy Hero 9710-ET, who climbs to #18 from his December rank of #44 LPI. Glaudale Bruno (Man-O-Man x AltaBaxter) also experiences an interesting gain of 213 LPI points and jumps from #87 to take #27 LPI this round.

Newly Indexed Numero Uno Daughter Ranks Among Top 10 for GLPI

Ste Odile Man-O-Man Model Saphire maintains her position at #1 GLPI for an impressive sixth consecutive proof release. Since debuting with an official index this past December, Sully Robust 720-ET has hung on at #2 GLPI and #1 Protein. One of her maternal sisters, however, is the highest newly indexed cow this April at #10 GLPI, namely Sully Numero Uno Maribel-ET, while another maternal sister, Sully Hartford Snwmn 282-ET, takes #13 GLPI. Ste Odile Sudan Model Venus (daughter of Saphire) increases 103 LPI points to take #3 GLPI, up from #8 last round, and is tied for both #4 Fat and #10 Protein in the breed. Saphire also has two other high ranking daughters, namely Ste Odile Moon Model Luna at #13 GLPI and Ste Odile Chap Model Cassiopee at #14 GLPI, who is the second highest newly indexed cow this round. Maryclerc Snowman Crystal increases 54 LPI points to rank #4 GLPI, up from #12 in December. Velthius Supersonic Alyssa loses 41 LPI points but maintains her rank of #5 GLPI, while Leothe Sudan Differante takes a leap up the list from her previous position at #19 GLPI, landing in #6 position. Ste Odile Manifold Model Jade (maternal sister to Saphire) maintains a stable GLPI but increases from #11 to #8 spot and is tied at #9 Fat. The third Sudan daughter among the Top 10 GLPI is Fleury Sudan Mon BB, who rises 109 LPI points since December, shooting her up the list from position #43 to her current rank of #9 GLPI and #2 Fat.

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Genetic Progress: You’re Making it, but at What Rate?

These days, if you use AI sires as opposed to natural service, it’s practically impossible not to make genetic progress. The bulls offered by AI companies are of such caliber that for the most part, genetic progress heads in one direction – upwards! However, the rate at which a herd makes progress is highly variable.

To reveal the different rates at which herds are making genetic progress, CDN examined a dataset including cows with an official LPI that were born in either 2001, 2006 or 2011. Using these birth years gave the opportunity to analyze the rate of genetic progress in each herd across five and ten year periods. Herds included in the analysis were restricted to those that had at least 10 cows with an official LPI in each of the three birth years. In total, the analysis involved approximately 193,700 cows from nearly 2,500 herds across Canada. The Fast, the Average and the Slow Progressers Herds were grouped into ten groups (i.e.: deciles) based on the annual rate of genetic progress achieved for LPI over the five year period based on cows born in 2011 versus 2006. Annual rates of genetic progress were graphed for this five year period, as well as for the ten year period (i.e.: cows born in 2011 versus 2001), as shown in Figure 1. The average herd has experienced a faster rate of genetic gain over the most recent five year period compared to the ten year period. This is surely, due to genomics to some degree, which has increased the rate of genetic progress in the breed. During the ten year period, the top 10% of herds made around 20 points more progress per year than average herds. During the five year period this doubled, with the herds in the top 10% making 40 LPI points more progress per year compared to herds with the average rate of LPI progress.
Figure 1 Annual Rate of Progress for LPI

Female genomic testing was used twice as much in herds in the top 10% compared to in average herds (12% versus 6%). It’s likely that owners of the top herds genomic tested more animals because they realize the importance of genetic selection and may be involved with marketing genetics. Nonetheless, female genomic testing is a tool used to accelerate genetic progress, and increased uptake by herds in the top 10% speaks to the willingness of these herd owners to seek out and utilize such tools to their advantage.

Figure 2 groups herds the same way as Figure 1, but shows progress for EBV Milk over five and ten year periods. Once again, it is clear that there are certain herds making much faster genetic progress for this trait, and that the annual progress achieved in these herds in the most recent five year period far exceeds that achieved over the ten year period. Also noteworthy is the fact that in both Figures 1 and 2, herds in the bottom deciles made more progress per year for LPI and EBV Milk over the ten year period than the five year period, meaning that the annual rate of progress has been slowing down so these herds are falling more and more behind.
Figure 2 Annual Rate of Progress for EBV Milk for Herds Grouped by LPI Decile

Annual Progress for Key Traits Table 1 shows the annual genetic gain for key traits in an average herd, as well as the average progress per year experienced by herds in the top and bottom 10%. Only LPI and its three components as well as production yields and Conformation are included since rates of genetic progress for functional traits are quite slow in most herds with little difference across herds.
Table 1 Annual Genetic Gain in the Last Five Years

The average herd makes approximately 70 LPI points of progress per year while a herd in the top 10% or bottom 10% would make approximately 40 points more or 40 points less gain per year, respectively. By looking at the LPI components, it is clear that most of the annual rate of gain in LPI comes from progress for Production and Durability. For the Health and Fertility, however, the average herd in Canada has virtually made no genetic progress for this component while the best herds have achieved an average gain of one point per year during the past five years. The poorest herds for rate of progress for LPI actually lost ground for Health and Fertility at an average rate of nearly two points per year.

Genetic progress for production traits is variable from herd to herd, with the average herd gaining 77 kg EBV Milk per year while the top 10% of herds for LPI gain achieve EBV Milk gains of nearly 140 kg EBV Milk. Progress for herds in the bottom 10% is only 19 kg EBV Milk, annually. These extreme genetic differences surely translate into considerable production differences among herds, which translates to poorer profitability.

In terms of Conformation, the average herd makes 0.8 EBV points of progress annually. Interestingly, even herds in the bottom 10% for LPI gain make 0.6 EBV points of progress for Conformation each year. This shows that significant progress is made for Conformation, even if progress for LPI is minimal.   Summary Your herd is almost certainly making genetic progress but there are real and significant differences among herds in the rate at which genetic progress is occurring. Thanks to genomics, genetic progress has sped up in most herds in the past five years, which has contributed to the fact that annual rates of gain have been faster in the most recent five years compared to earlier years. While the average herd has made more progress over the past five years, it is herds in the top 10% that are achieving gains at a much faster rate than others. Herds in the top 10% for LPI gains are likely utilizing all tools available to them to maximize genetic progress, keeping them far ahead of the pack in terms of annual genetic gain.

Holstein Highlights – December 2014 – Canada “Likes” Facebook!

Narrowly missing an official proof in August, Marbri Facebook (Man-O-Man x Airraid) starts his proven career this December at the top of the LPI list. Facebook already has nearly 300 production and 120 classified daughters in his Canadian proof. De-Su Gillespy-ET (Bolton x Shottle) moves up in rank to #2 LPI, while former breed leader, Mel-Crest AltaRazor (AltaBaxter x Goldwyn), falls 76 points landing him at #3 LPI. Previous #2 LPI, Regancrest AltaIota-ET (O Man X Ito), falls 130 points now ranking #16 LPI. Quebec-bred bull from the La Presentation Daurel family, Pellerat Planet Lego (Planet x Goldwyn), follows next in line at #4 LPI making him the second highest newly proven sire this round. Tied at #5 LPI are Mainstream Manifold (O Man x BW Marshall) and VA-Early-Dawn Sudan CRI-ET (Jammer x Sailor). Manifold added over 750 daughters to his production proof and 650 daughters to his type proof since August. As a result, his LPI increased, boosting him up from his previous position at #9. Sudan also took a jump up the list from his former position at #17 LPI, thanks to an extra 100 points gained this round. The final new entrant to debut on the Top 10 LPI list is another Canadian-bred bull, Mapel Wood Boulder (Man-O-Man x Shottle, #7 LPI) from Gen-I-Beq Shottle Bombi. Following next is Lake-Effect AltaCaliber-ET (Goldwyn x Shottle), who also increased roughly 100 points since last round, leading him to a substantial leap from #26 to #8 LPI. Rounding out the Top 10 LPI are well-known sires, Man-O-Man at #9 and Freddie at #10.

A New #1 Conformation Sire in the Top 50 LPI

December sees 97 young sires graduate to proven status as well as a first domestic LPI for 24 sires initially progeny proven outside of Canada. Man-O-Man sired 23 of the newly proven bulls in Canada this round, for a current total of 26 proven sons (averaging 2606 LPI), of which 14 are among the Top 100 LPI. Planet also has a huge influence with 17 of his 57 proven sons occupying positions in the Top 100 LPI. Beyond the three new entrants into the Top 10 LPI mentioned above, the Top 50 acquires seven newly proven sires, the highest of which is Gibbs M-M Denalli-ET (Man-O-Man x Bolton) who ranks #11 LPI. At #21 LPI, Regancrest-GV S Bradnick-ET (Sanchez x Shottle) is the next highest newly proven sire. Bradnick also becomes the new #1 Conformation sire at +20, taking the title from Lirr Drew Dempsey who now ties for second at +19 Conformation with Mr Chassity Gold Chip-ET and another newcomer, Gibbs-I Claynook Dude (Atwood x Bolton, maternal brother to Denalli). Following on the heels of Bradnick are three Man-O-Man sons, namely Welcome Powerbroker-ET (Man-O-Man x Goldwyn) at #23 LPI, Ralma-RH AltaCello-ET (Man-O-Man x Goldwyn) at #24 LPI and Dykster AltaOmis (Man-O-Man x Shottle) at #25 LPI. Other newly proven bulls to penetrate the Top 50 LPI this round include Genervations Energy (Planet x O Man) at #34 LPI and Siemers Toys Hero 9710-ET (Toystory x Durham) at #44 LPI. Another popular genomic young bull of interest that receives his first official proof is Genervations Epic (Superstition x AltaBaxter), landing at #51 LPI with 300 production daughters and 165 classified daughters.

Five Newly Indexed Cows Infiltrate the Top 10 GLPI!

Fending off the strong competition, Ste Odile Manoman Model Saphir hangs on tight to her position at #1 GLPI for the fifth consecutive proof release. The highest newly indexed cow this round is Sully Robust 720-ET (Robust x Planet), who comes in at #2 GLPI and is tied at #1 Protein with Tannahill Man O Man Sandy. Larcrest Cinergy-ET maintains her position at #3 GLPI but falls to #2 Fat, being surpassed by the new breed leader Lindenright Brewmaster Dollars (Brewmaster x Manifold). Following next are two cows carrying the “Velthuis” prefix, namely Velthuis S G Snow Evening at #4 GLPI and Velthuis Supersonic Alyssa at #5 GLPI (dam is Velthuis SG MOM Alesia), making her the second highest newly indexed cow this December. Ste Odile Manoman Mod Plantine (full sister to Saphir) and MS Lookout Pesc Bkm Bria-ET both change rank, but maintain a place among the Top 10 GLPI at #6 and #7, respectively. Two of the three cows that complete the Top 10 GLPI this round carry the “Ste Odile” prefix and are daughters of Saphir (#1 GLPI), leading to an impressive total of four out of the Top 10 GLPI from this herd. Ste Odile Sudan Model Venus ranks #8 GLPI and Ste Odile Moon Model Luna ranks #10 GLPI, both receiving their first official index this December. Lindenright Bradnick Moovin On is also newly indexed this round, arriving at #9 GLPI and becomes new #1 Conformation cow with +21.

Source Canadian Dairy Network

Canadian Holstein Genetic Evaluations Highlights – Shuffling the Deck – AltaRazor Trumps the LPI List!

While no newly proven bulls enter the Top 10 LPI this round, bulls moving up into the Top 10, as well as shuffled rankings, result in new #1 and #2 bulls. Moving up 93 LPI points, Mel-Crest AltaRazor  AltaBaxter x Goldwyn) now leads the breed for LPI and is the #2 ranked bull for Fat. Since his first official proof in Canada last August, Regancrest AltaIota-ET (O Man x Ito) has been no stranger to the Top 5 LPI. This round, while adding over 500 daughters to both his production and type proofs, he ranks the highest he has to date at #2 LPI. The previous LPI leader, Flevo Genetics Snowman (O Man x BW Marshall), dropped slightly falling to #3 position. Maintaining a stable LPI yet descending in rank, De-Su Gillespy-ET (Bolton x Shottle) now sits at #4 LPI and #10 Milk. The well-known bull, Man-O-Man (O Man x AltaAaron), moves slightly back up the list from #8 to #5 LPI. Lirr Drew Dempsey (Goldwyn x Derry) and Sully AltaMeteor (Planet x Shottle) jumped up the list into the Top 10 LPI, positioning themselves at #6 and #7, respectively. Dempsey does so while adding over 500 daughters to his production proof and over 400 to his type proof, for which he maintains his status at #1 Conformation. Sildahl Jett Air-ET (AltaBaxter x BW Marshall) also moves up in rank, now occupying the #8 spot for LPI. With over 5000 milk-recorded and classified daughters in his proof, Mainstream Manifold (O Man X BW Marshall) takes #9 LPI and is tied at #10 Protein. UFM-Dubs AltaEsquire-ET (O Man x AltaSam) completes the Top 10 LPI list this round and is #4 in the breed for Fat.

A Team of New Bulls Wins Their Way into the Top 50 LPI

This round sees 99 young sires graduate to proven status as well as a first official  domestic LPI for 16 bulls first progeny proven outside of Canada. Planet and Million each sired 16 of the newly proven bulls in Canada, and Planet is the most common sire of bulls in the Top 100 LPI with 18 sons. O Man, Goldwyn, Bolton and AltaBaxter each have at least 10 proven sons in this group as well. The Top 50 LPI this round is infiltrated by 16 newly proven sires, the highest of which is Dream-Prairie BG Bruno-ET (Bolton x Goldwyn) at #11 LPI. Identical brothers, Larcrest Chavez-ETS and Larcrest Camelot-ETS (Planet x Ramos) receive the same genetic and genomic evaluations and therefore share #14 LPI position. Following on their heels are new releases Comestar Lemust (#16 LPI, Planet x Bolton) and the uniquely pedigreed Va-Early Dawn Sudan CRI-ET (#17 LPI, Jammer x Sailor). Gen-I-Beq Lavaman (#21 LPI, Man-O-Man x Goldwyn), the French-born bull Duc (#22 LPI, Mr Burns x O Man), Larcrest Contrast-ET (#23 LPI, Alexander x Shottle) and Parile Loto (#25 LPI, Man-O-Man x Goldwyn) complete the list of newly proven bulls in the Top 25 for LPI. Other newly proven bulls to penetrate the Top 50 LPI this round include Da-So-Burn Dane-ET (Man-O-Man x Goldwyn) at #27, Regan-ALH A Denario-ET (Alexander x Goldwyn) at #29, Misty Springs Smokin (Lavanguard x FBI) at #38 and De-Su Phoenix 588-ET (Planet x Bolton) at #39 LPI. Tied at #45 LPI are Gillette Tavares (Planet x Shottle) and the fourth new release carrying the Larcrest prefix from the Cosmopolitan family, Larcrest Casanova-ETS (Goldwyn x Shottle). Benner Jeter (Planet x Goldwyn) finishes off the new releases in the Top 50 LPI at #50. Other noteworthy changes include the drop of Morningview AltaToyota from #4 LPI to #19 and Blondin Careyprice from #14 to #61 LPI.

“Bookem” Daughter Emerges as a New Top 10 GLPI Cow

Without reaching official proof status in Canada, the popular genomic young bull, De-Su 521 Bookem-ET (Planet x Ramos), has a daughter, Ms Lookout Pesc BKM Bria-ET, that penetrates the Top 10 GLPI list at #6 and is the highest newly indexed cow this round. For the fourth consecutive proof release, Ste Odile Manoman Model Saphir leads the breed as the #1 GLPI cow and is #9 Fat. Staying strong at #2 GLPI, now only 20 LPI points behind, is Velthuis S G Snow Evening. Moving up the list this round and landing tied at #3 GLPI are Ste Odile Manoman Mod Platine and Larcrest Cinergy-ET, who is also the new #1 Fat and maternal sister of identical newly proven brothers Chavez and Camelot (#14 LPI). Maryclerc Snowman Crystal drops down a position to #5 GLPI. Beaucoise Iota Ptolome moves up from #11 to #7 GLPI this round while Comestar Lautamisha Snowman, maternal sister to the newly proven Comestar Lemust (#16 LPI), stays firm at #8 GLPI. Sully Hartford Snwmn 282-ET, from the same family as #7 LPI bull AltaMeteor, slips a notch from #8 to #9 GLPI. Finishing off the list is a third cow in the Top 10 GLPI carrying the Ste Odile prefix, namely Ste Odile Manifold Model Jane, who rose 30 points and jumped from #22 to tie at #9 GLPI. In addition to Ms Lookout Pesc BKM Bria-ET at #6 GLPI, three other newly indexed cows this round manage an appearance among the Top 15 cows for GLPI. These include Cleroli Snowman Caramilk (#11 GLPI, full sister to Crystal at #5 GLPI), Stantons Bookem Epidemic (#12 GLPI, daughter of Stantons Manoman Ezra) and OCD Iota Savannah-ET at #14 GLPI, daughter of Ammon-Peachey Shana-ET.

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Source: Canadian Dairy Network

April 2014 Canadian Genetic Evaluation Highlights

There’s a New #1 in Town!

The highly anticipated bull, Flevo Genetics Snowman (O Man x BW Marshall), receives his first official proof in Canada and debuts at the top of the LPI list. De-Su Gillespy-ET (Bolton x Shottle) switches places with Mel-Crest AltaRazor (AltaBaxter x Goldwyn) this round, now sitting in positions #2 and #3 LPI, respectively. Previously #12 LPI, Morningview AltaToyota (Toystory x AltaFinley) takes a jump, landing at #4 LPI, while AltaIota (O Man x Ito) adds over 500 daughters to his production proof and hangs onto his #5 LPI ranking. Another bull adding a significant number of second crop daughters is Mainstream Manifold (O Man x BW Marshall) who adds over 1000 production daughters and climbs from #15 LPI in December to #6 spot this round. The entrance of three bulls new to the Top 10 LPI forced others downward in rank, including Badger-Bluff Fanny Freddie (O Man x Die-Hard) from #6 to #11 LPI, Maple-Downs-I G W Atwood (Goldwyn x Durham) from #7 to #15 LPI and De-Su Authority-ET (Stol Joc x O Man) from #10 to #31 LPI. End-Road O-Man Bronco-ET (O Man x BW Marshall) sits at #7 LPI, UFMDubs AltaEsquire-ET (O Man x AltaSam) at #9 LPI and Sildahl Jett Air-ET (AltaBaxter x BW Marshall) at #10 LPI, all maintaining positions among the Top 10 LPI. Long-Langs Man-O-Man (O Man x AltaAaron) held #1 LPI since December 2012, but falls 360 LPI points landing him at #8 LPI this round. The addition of approximately 200 daughters to his production proof, as well as a new adjustment for non random sire usage, led to this significant change for Man-O-Man. This new adjustment affects all sires with over 30% of their milk-recorded daughters resulting from embryo transfer. Also noteworthy is Lirr Drew Dempsey (Goldwyn x Derry), who adds over 350 daughters to his type proof and as a result moves from #21 to #12 LPI and is the new #1 bull for Conformation.

Click to enlarge

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April Showers the Top LPI List with Interesting Newcomers

This release there are 140 young sire graduates as well as a first official domestic LPI for 15 sires first progeny proven outside of Canada. Among young sire recruits, Shottle remains the most common sire with 22 new sons, while Planet is the sire of 19 new sons. Ashlar, Million and Onward each have at least 10 new sons in this group as well. In December 2013, of 108 newly proven bulls only four penetrated the Top 50 LPI. April 2014 is a different story! This round the Top 50 LPI is infiltrated by 17 newly proven sires. Besides Snowman, the highest of these is Ammon-Peachey AltaCeleb-ET (Planet x Shottle) at #13, who becomes the new highest proven Planet son in Canada. The next highest new release at #14 LPI is Blondin Careyprice (Goldwyn x Shottle). Notorious south of the border, De-Su Observer-ET (Planet x O Man, maternal brother to Author at #31 LPI) receives his first domestic progeny proof securing him a spot at #17 LPI while newcomer Stantons Stanley Cup (Shottle x Convincer) takes #20 LPI. Two Planet sons from illustrious dams, Wabash-Way Excite (Planet x Wabash-Way Emilyann) and Fleury Gen Le Plan (Planet x Calbrett Shottle Lisamaree) debut at #22 and #23 LPI, respectively. Following closely behind at #24 is Fustead AltaStone (Planet x Elegant) who also claims the titles of #1 for both Milk and Protein. Other newly proven sires in the Top 50 LPI include Mr Cougar (#32 LPI, Alexander x Goldwyn), De-Su 541 Bartlett- ET (#32 LPI, Planet x Shottle), De-Su Stratton-ET (#37 LPI, Planet x Shottle), Gepaquette DG Shottbolt (#40 LPI, Shottle x Bolton), genetically identical bulls Larcrest-Caesar-ETS and Larcrest Cheech-ETS (both #41 LPI, Malicieux x Shottle), Dewgood Advance-ET (#44 LPI, Alexander x Goldwyn), Misty Springs Superpower (#47 LPI, Bonair x Misty Springs Shottle Satin) and De Rith AltaShare (#50 LPI, Shottle x Goldwyn).

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An Influx of New Top LPI Cows!

Ste Odile Manoman Model Saphir continues to lead the breed as #1 GLPI for the third consecutive run and is #2 for Fat. April’s highest newly indexed cow is Velthuis S G Snow Evening at #2 GLPI and tied at #2 for Conformation. This recent addition leads Stantons Observer EA Frenzy to step down one position to #3 GLPI. Maryclerc Snowman Crystal makes an entrance at #4 GLPI, while full sister to the #1 GLPI cow, Ste Odile Manoman Mod Platine falls to #5 GLPI. Other newcomers to the list include Robust daughter Larcrest Cinergy-ET at #6 GLPI, Sully Hartford Snwmn 282-ET at #8 GLPI, Comestar Lautamisha Snowman at #9 GLPI and Lookout Pesce SM Elsa finishing off the list at #10 GLPI. R-Z Baxter Caramel-ET rose an impressive 100 GLPI points from a previous rank of #40 and now sits at #7 GLPI. Aside from one Robust daughter, all new Top GLPI cows are sired by Snowman. Combined, three O Man sons sired 35% of the Top 1000 GLPI cows, including Man-O-Man (18.9%), Snowman (9.6%) and AltaIota (6.9%).

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